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Exposed on day out pt2

As we walked back along the wooded path i could'nt resist having a look and feel of her pussy,it was very wet and two of my fingers fell into her opening,i gave her a quick finger fuck and we continued to the car park.

Arriving at the carpark the coach was parked along side my car and there were only a couple of cars on the other side.I ushered Sue between the car and the bus opened the rear door and positioned her head down ass up leaning on the back seat.I needed to fuck that wet pussy,pulling her skirt up over her bum i slid my cock up and down her wet clit teasing her,she started to wiggle her ass and push back eager for me to enter her.I pushed deep into her,she was very wet and i pushed to the hilt into her warmth until i met the coolness of her bum cheeks press against me.Working up a fast pace slapping against her in the excitement Sue let out a yell with each thrust,i looked around to make sure we wern't attracting any attention.Her bum flesh rippled up as i slamed into her,i slipped my hands up under her blouse groping her tits as i continued at pace.

I could feel my orgasm rising and grabbed her hips for more purchase,i pushed in deep holding her back onto me as i flooded her with my cum.Sue tried to move but i held her there while my excitement subsided before pulling out of her.
Sue pulled some tissues from her bag passing me a couple,i wiped my dick and moved aside the door.Sue stood facing the bus and hooked up her skirt to mop her pussy,her lips slightly parted i could see my sperm filling the crevice between them,she took her panties from her bag and sat on the edge of the back seat,legs out her skirt around her waist as she untangled her pants,readying to slip them on.Suddenly she let out a gasp i looked to the front and back of the bus nothing,whats up i said as she pulled her skirt down,up there she said,i looked up to see the coach driver was at one of the windows looking straight down on her.He must of had a perfect view of our fuck session and Sue's spread pussy as she mopped it up.

We just smiled at the balding middle aged driver,he smiled back and we made a hastie exit.Our day out had turned out better than i could have wished,she had been exposed to three strangers.We continued to Monmouth before returning home after a great day out.

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