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My husband, Jim, had prostrate cancer about nine years
ago and had his prostrate removed. Prior to that we had
sex on a very frequent basis - I love sex and all that
that implies. Jim loved doing just about anything
sexual as do I. I had been introduced to anal sex years
ago and I still love having a hard cock in my asshole.
Jim also introduced me to other kinky things a man and
a woman can do for each other.

I loved having sex with him and was willing to try
anything he wanted. Our rule was that you had to try
something three times before you could really say you
"...didn't like it..." Well, I have to admit that it
usually only took two times before I absolutely loved
whatever he wanted to do.

But, after the surgery Jim just couldn't get a hard on
- oh I could suck him and he would feel like he was
cumming and he could eat my pussy until I came but
there was no way he could fuck me. We lived like that
for about a year and then we sat down and had a serious
talk about our sex life. I told him how much I missed
sex and how I was almost going crazy. I told him that I
needed to feel a hard cock between my lips, my tits, my
legs and my ass cheeks. I did tell him that I loved him
very much and, even now, I still love him very much.

He said he understood my needs and he proposed a
possible solution. He suggested that I start dating
other men, women and couples - yes, I am bi. The one
major condition he placed on my dating was that I had
to do was tell him, in great detail, what my date(s)
and I had done.

This gave me the best of both worlds – I had a loving
husband and I was able to once again have sex. Once I
had his "okay" to date, I started chatting on the net
and met a few guys and couples that way. The problem I
often encountered with the on-line crowd was that they
lied – they lied about their age, their looks, their
ability, they lied just about everything and that
became a real chore. I would be all excited about my
upcoming date only to be bitterly disappointed.

To be honest, it almost turned me off to doing any kind
of dating. But then I found out a couple of places
about a two hours drive from my home where I could go
and have "fun." There are number of guys, gals and
couples that I see regularly but a lot of my dates are
just "one nighters." I have tried dogging with Jim
along and these have been fun also.

As you might have guessed, my hubby likes to watch
other men and women fucking me. To be honest, I like
being watched, I have been an exhibitionist for most of
my life. And, finally, I do have three guys here
locally - we live in a really small town out on the
west coast - whom I see frequently. In keeping with our
agreement, I always tell Jim what I had done – even if
he had been with me. Whenever I would tell him about my
date, he will eat my pussy, which is often cum filled –
yes he is bi also, and then I would suck his cock until
he "came."

It was one of my regular local guys that inadvertently
created the situation I ended up in with my son, Chris.

One evening, about seven years ago when he was 17,
Chris was supposed to spend the night with some friends
of his. I had arranged for Mike, one of my regulars
here locally, to come over for some sex. What we didn't
know was that Chris' friend had come down sick so the
party was cancelled. To avoid getting sick, Chris had
decided to come home. He came in the garage door and
simply didn't hear him. He managed to walk to the
f****y room where Jim, Mike and I were. The sight that
greeted Chris was me, completely naked, down on the
floor on my hands and knees on a blanket with Mike
fucking me hard in the ass. I am fairly verbal when I
am having sex.

I KNOW I was telling Mike to fuck my ass hard, to drive
his cock deep into my ass, to fill my ass with his cum,
that kind of thing. What I didn't know was that Chris
was watching the whole thing. Jim was lying on the
floor near my ass stroking his cock watching while Mike
shoved his cock in and out of my asshole. At one point,
I happened to look over to where Chris was standing and
a look of shock must have registered on my face.

I started to say something when Chris put his finger to
his lips to shush me. I didn't know what to do and,
since neither Mike nor Jim had seen Chris, Mike
continued to fuck my ass. I knew there was nothing I
could ever say or do that would let me deny what I was
doing so I just went along with it. I closed my eyes
and went back to enjoying the ass fucking I was getting
from Mike. Eventually he shot his load into my asshole
and I did cum. I have to admit that I came both from
the ass fucking and the knowledge that my husband and
son had been my audience.

After a couple of moments, Mike composed himself,
kissed me and thanked me for the great sex (his words,
not mine). He got dressed and left. He had no sooner
walked out of the house when Chris walked into the
f****y room. The look of shock on Jim's face must have
mirrored my earlier shock. Both of us were completely
naked. And then, Chris appeared in the doorway. I was
sitting on a blanket on the floor, my legs crossed, my
cunt fully visible and I made no attempt to cover up.
After all, Chris had just seen everything. Before Jim
could speak, I managed to tell him that Chris had been
home for at least 30 minutes and had seen everything.

Jim had started to try to cover up but he figured that
would be a waste of time and just kind of accepted that
Chris had seen it all. I couldn't help but notice that
Chris was staring at my tits and my pussy. It was
obvious that Chris was trying to figure out what was
going on. He had just seen another man fucking me while
Jim lay there obviously enjoying what was going on. I
knew we would have to explain things so Chris could
understand. So, I told Chris we would explain but first
asked him to get us a beer.

When he walked back into the room, I was still sitting
there in the same position, legs crossed, pussy wide
open and tits uncovered. He sat down and asked us what
was going on. Jim then told Chris about the prostrate
surgery and the fact that he couldn't fuck me. He also
told him that the two of us had agreed that I could
date other men for the sex. We hadn't told Chris yet
that I was bi - he would find that out later on.

We told Chris that I had sexual needs that Jim could
not satisfy and that was the prime reason for my dates.
We made it very clear to Chris that Jim and I loved one
another and the reason for the dates was purely for
sex. Then Chris asked how many men had fucked me. I
told him I didn't have a real count but probably over
one hundred since I had started dating. Chris seemed a
little shocked by that number but said nothing.

At that point I couldn't help but notice that Chris had
a bulge in his pants so I asked him, "Are you turned on
looking at your mom's naked body?"

Chris nodded.

I looked at Jim, and then kind of nodded towards Chris,
and Jim knew what I was asking. He thought for a moment
and then nodded his agreement. I looked back at Chris
and said, "Would you like me to suck your cock?"

The look on Chris' face was priceless even as he was
nodding yes.

"But," I said, "before we do anything, we have to
talk!" I took a swallow of my beer. "If you and I have
any kind of sex and someone was to find out, it could
land me and your dad in jail. You know that right?"

Chris nodded.

"Now then, unless your dad disagrees, I will do
anything you want just as long as you never, ever,
under any circumstances, tell anyone what we are doing?
Is that clear?"

Chris said he understood and he would never say
anything. I turned to look at Jim, "Is that okay with

Jim said, "Absolutely, but Chris, like your mom said,
you can't say a word to anyone, do you really
understand that? You can't brag about it, you can't
talk about it, you can't keep a diary, and you can't
email anyone ever. It has to be an absolute secret
between the three of us, okay?"

Again Chris said he was willing to keep his mouth shut.

"Well," I said, "if you want me to suck you off, you
have to get naked like us!"

Chris was out of his clothes so fast it almost made my
head spin. When his cock - about 8 inches of hard hot
meat - sprang free of his shorts, I almost melted. He
sat back down in the chair. I got on my hands and
knees, crawled over to him and then slowly, sensuously
held his cock in my hands. I looked up at him and he
was staring at me, watching me closely. I tilted my
head forward, opened my lips and then took his cock
into my mouth.

I could hardly believe that I was sucking my own son's
cock. The thought of that made my pussy dripping wet.
As I started to suck Chris' cock it made me even
hotter. Jim had to move to another chair to see
everything. Soon, my head was bobbing up and down on
Chris' cock, I was fondling his balls and I could tell
he was getting ready to cum.

I stopped sucking for just a moment and told him, "Cum
in momma's mouth, I want to taste your cum!" As I went
back to sucking his dick, he put his hands on either
side of my head and began to fuck me in the mouth. Very
quickly he started grunting and thrusting and then
said, "Oh god, mom, I am cumming!"

I moved so that just the head of his dick was between
my lips and I felt the first spurt of his cum. I sucked
and swallowed and stroked his cock until he was
completely dry. As I took my mouth off his cock, I
moved and then licked his cock from his balls back to
the top of his dick. Then I swirled the tip of my
tongue all around the mushroom head of his dick.

I looked up at him, "Did you like that?" I asked him.

He could only say, "God yes, that was so good, I didn't
know that was possible!"

"Well, I loved it too," I told him, "but you have to
remember not a word of this to anyone, right?"

He nodded his head and said, "I swear I will never tell
anyone anything.

I moved closer to Chris, still with my legs spread
wide. Even though he had just cum, it was apparent that
he was getting ready for more. I moved a hand into his
lap and began to stroke his semi hard cock. "So you
liked the blow job I just gave you?" Chris grinned and
said it was the best one he had ever gotten. I had to
smile at him and asked, "How many girls have sucked you

He kind of blushed and said, "Just a couple!"

I straightened a little, thrusting my chest out towards
him. "Do you like my tits?" Chris was emboldened and
reached down to cup my tits and feel my nipples which
sent an electric shock throughout my body. I told him
to come sit with me on the floor. I laid back and had
him move so I could still stroke his dick. He went back
to fondling my tits. Jim moved so he was sitting on my
other side, I felt his hand between my legs and spread
them so he could finger my pussy.

"Are you looking forward to fucking your mom?" he

You have to tell me which 17 year old boy would not
look forward to fucking a woman. The fact that in this
case the woman was his mom, didn't seem to bother Chris
at all. He grinned again and said, "Yeah, I would love
to fuck mom!"

His cock was hard by now and I asked, "Like right now?"
He moved quickly so he was kneeling between my legs,
Jim moved his hand out of the way, and, as Chris leaned
forward, I reached down and guided his dick into my
cunt. I swear he had no sooner entered me than I came
for the first time. Because he had cum just a couple of
moments before he was able to fuck me for what seemed
like an eternity.

I had to get him to slow down a little and just enjoy
the sensations. He slowly stroked his hot meat in and
out of my pussy. I lifted my legs so my knees were
almost on my chest and he could drive his cock in
deeper. Jim moved around so he was kneeling near my
head and he helped me hold my legs up high. This also
gave him an excellent view of Chris' cock sliding in
and out of my cunt.

With each inward thrust, my tits would jiggle and I
swear my nipples got harder each time. While he was
fucking me, I reached between my legs with one hand to
play with my clit and with my other hand to fondle
Jim's cock. The mother-con fucking went on for about
fifteen minutes.

I came three more times before I felt Chris really
driving his dick into my pussy and then, after he had
shoved it in as deep as he could, I felt the spurts of
his cum. His load wasn't as big as his first one but I
still felt it flood my cunt. After he finished cumming,
he was still over me when he leaned over, said he loved
me and then kissed me full on the mouth using his
tongue. I had to kiss him back with the same level of

He rolled off me and lay down beside me. He was very
surprised when Jim moved to lay between my legs and
began eating my cum filled pussy. I looked at Chris and
said, "Yes, honey, your dad is bi and loves the taste
of cum!" Jim licked my cunt for a few more minutes,
almost bringing me off again. He stood up and then sat
down in a chair.

Chris moved to sit on the floor near me. "Honey," I
said, "you are a very good fuck. I loved the feeling of
your cock in my cunt and I have a feeling it won't be
the last time. Am I right?"

He replied, "Mom, if I could get hard again, I would
fuck you again right now!"

As I had guessed, it would be only the first of many,
many times over the years when I would make my body
available to my loving son.

know that a lot of people consider what I do – with
my son and with others – as not being "normal". But you
have to ask yourself what is "normal"? It is "normal"
for a Navy pilot to land his or her airplane on a
rolling, pitching carrier deck at night. That is
definitely not normal for the rest of us. It is
"normal" for a NASCAR drive to blast around a race
track at 150 mph. This is also definitely not normal
for the rest of us. And it is normal for a school
teacher to contend with a classroom full of 25
students. Again, this is not normal for most of us. I
would think that defining "normal" would have to
include things we learned and accepted as c***dren. So,
what is normal for you may well not be normal for me.

For both Jim and I, "normal" includes i****t. That is,
having sex with a member of our immediate families. Jim
was involved with his mom from about age 13 and with
both his dad and mom shortly after he turned 18. So for
him, it was perfectly "normal" to have some kind of sex
with his mom and to later have sex with his dad and mom
together. As far as his mom and dad are concerned, it
was "normal" for her to date other men and "normal" for
his dad to hear about her exploits. Again, this is
definitely not "normal" for most folks but for them it
was acceptable behavior.

My definition of "normal" sexual behavior must include
my dad and mom. Let me try to explain.

Mom and I had a discussion about 25 years ago about
what Daddy and I had been doing and continued to do for
quite a few years. I had to ask her why she was willing
to let Daddy fuck me. She told me that she absolutely
hated sex and anything to do with sex. Nothing bad or
traumatic had happened to her as a c***d that colored
her thinking. She said it was just the idea of some guy
– in this case it was Daddy – sticking his dick inside
her. And that meant anywhere inside her. She knew she
would have to consummate her marriage and probably have
to have sex with Daddy more than once.

By her calculations, the two of them had fucked not
more than twelve or fifteen times in their 50 plus
years of marriage. And three of those fucks had
resulted in two sons and one daughter – me! She tried
to understand my perspective and to deal with the fact
that I simply loved sex. I tried to explain to her how
it made me feel, how it excited me, and how much I
enjoyed it but I honestly don't think she had a clue.
As it turned out, her attitude towards sex was
fortuitous for me and Daddy.

Mom knew Daddy had visited whores on more than one
occasion. She didn't like the idea but she accepted
that Daddy had "needs" and the whores fulfilled that
need for him. The biggest thing she didn't like, and I
am not making this up, was that it cost money. Each
time Daddy fucked a whore, he obviously had to pay for
it and this drove Mom crazy. So, when she found out
that I might be a willing participant in satisfying
Daddy's "needs" and that it would not cost anything,
she was all for it.

The way it all came about started shortly after my 13th
birthday. When the two of them were alone one evening,
Daddy commented to Mom that I was turning into a very
pretty young woman. He told her how I had a nice butt
and that he was sure I would develop some nice big
tits. She was a little shaken by these revelations and
told me that she thought on it long and hard. It was
several weeks later when they talked again and she
asked Daddy if he was "interested" in me. She said
Daddy looked quite shocked at the question but, after
she pressured him, he had to admit that he was.

She laid out some ground rules for him – he couldn't
fuck me until I was on the pill, he had to be gentle
and caring, he could not f***e me to do things, rules
like that – and told him if he didn't abide by the
rules she would turn him into the cops. And, knowing my
Mom, she would have. She also told him that he was to
keep her informed about what he and I were doing. With
Mom's permission to pursue me, Daddy set about
satisfying his "interests."

The middle and high schools I attended were within two
blocks of my home. Normally, k**s were not allowed to
leave the buildings at any time. In October of my
eighth grade, Daddy went to the principal and explained
to him that he, Daddy, worked nights, slept during the
day and really had little chance to see his "little"

He told the principal that lunch would be a great time
if I could come home. The principal agreed that it
would be okay for me to come home for lunch so that
Daddy and I could spend some quality time (I don't
think that term was used back then but you understand
what I mean). Daddy was a great cook – almost a chef
and he really helped to develop my love of good food.

Daddy told me and Mom one evening that beginning on
Monday of the next week; I could come home for lunch if
I wanted to. Now, if you have ever eaten cafeteria food
you know you would have jumped at the chance to have a
home cooked meal. So I was more than willing to agree.
At the time, I did not have any idea what else Daddy
had planned. For the first three or four weeks, I would
go home, have lunch and chat with Daddy. He showed me
how to cook and I learned a lot at his elbow. Things
were going along very normally (there is that word

Then, on a Friday – I remember the day of the week very
well – I walked in the door and Daddy was standing in
the hallway with a towel wrapped around his waist. He
told me he was running a little late and had just
gotten out of the shower as he hurried into his room to
put on some clothes. This "running late" happened
several more times over the coming weeks. Then, Daddy
took things to his next level.

I came home, he was in his towel and, instead of going
to put on some clothes, he asked if I was okay with him
just wearing a towel. Now, I have to admit, that I was
interested in sex and had read any stuff I could find
in the library. A lot of the books – especially the
anatomy type books – I couldn't check out but no one
could stop me from reading them and looking at the
pictures as long as I was in the library. So, the idea
that Daddy had nothing on under the towel was very
intriguing to me. I told him I was okay with it.

Well, he bustled around the kitchen just wearing his
towel and fixing my lunch. This "towel" routine went on
for several weeks. I didn't know it at the time, but
Daddy later admitted that taking his time getting me
used to things was most enjoyable. I also have to admit
that I made many, albeit unsuccessful, attempts to see
what was under the towel.

Daddy must have noticed my attempts because he soon
moved things to the next level. We were in the kitchen,
he was wearing his towel and facing me and "whoops" the
towel accidentally fell off revealing his cock to me.
He made all kinds of apologies and hurriedly wrapped
the towel around his waist. I know I stared at his cock
and just couldn't take my eyes off him. As you might
have guessed, the "accidental" towel drops happened
several more times over the next two or three weeks.

Then, one day, we were in the kitchen, he had his hands
full of our plates of lunch, the towel fell off and he
stood there completely naked. I remember it like it was
yesterday; he looked at me and said, "Honey, I guess
you have seen me naked so I hope it won't bother you
too much if I simply leave the towel off. Would that be
okay?" I nodded my approval and could not take my eyes
off the first male cock I had seen for more than a
glimpse. We ate lunch and I have to confess that I
dropped my napkin once or twice so I would have to bend
over to pick it up and I could see Daddy's cock. I
swear he seemed to spread his legs wide to let me see
as much as possible. I went back to school feeling all
tingly inside. I got yelled at by a couple of teachers
for "daydreaming" – if they had only known what I was
daydreaming about.

I came home from school the next day, hoping all the
way, that Daddy would be naked again. I went into the
house and he called to me from the kitchen. I walked in
and yes, indeed, he was completely naked. He looked at
me and simply asked, "Okay?" I told him, "Daddy, I like
seeing you this way, yes, it is okay with me!" He
continued serving me lunch, completely nude, for the
next couple of weeks. He never touched me, his cock
never touched me – and I did want to have that happen
very badly, and he never asked to see me naked.

We usually talked about "normal" things – how my day
was going, what I had for homework, and how band was
going – I played the clarinet at the time. After the
nudity started though, he began to broach other
subjects. He wanted to know if I had seen any boys
naked – no I hadn't, or if I had seen any of my
girlfriends naked – yes I had, or if I had told anyone
about him being naked in front of me – no I hadn't.
Several times he made the point that I could tell no
one, not even my best friend that he was going around
naked in front of me. I was smart enough to know that
he could get into serious trouble for doing that and
besides, I wanted him to continue. He had no way of
knowing but I was already trying to figure out how to
be naked in front of him but hadn't yet hatched a plan.

As you might have surmised, things slowly progressed.
He accidentally brushed his cock against my arm, or
bent over the table to serve me something with his cock
inches from my face and hands, or gave me a hug before
going back to school. He was taking his time and gently
leading me to where he wanted me to go. I finally came
up with a scheme that would allow me to get at least
partially nude in front of him. He was standing at the
stove, looking at me and I "accidentally" spilled some
of my milk into my lap. He grabbed for a towel when I
stood up and simply pulled my little dress up over my
head. It was a little yellow summer dress with blue
flowers on it.

At that time I had only little "bumps" for tits so all
I was wearing under the dress were my panties. And my
panties had a wet spot from the milk. He handed me the
towel, I dabbed at the wetness and then said, "I guess
I better chance my underwear." I turned away from him,
the washer/dryer was in the next room, and I slipped my
panties down my legs, threw them on the washer and
walked away from him to my room to get dry clothes. It
is impossible to describe how excited I was at what I
had just done. I dressed, went back into the kitchen,
finished my lunch and went back to school.

That night, when Mom came home and saw the wet dress
and panties, she asked what had happened. I told her,
but not the part about being naked in front of Daddy,
and all she said was that I needed to be more careful
since she didn't have time to do a lot more laundry.
Years later she confessed that Daddy had related what
had happened and Mom, for her part, was trying to help
things alone.

I was emboldened by the fact that Daddy had not made a
fuss about what had happened but I wanted it to happen
again. And Mom had given me the perfect excuse to put
my little plan into action. So, the very next day, when
I got home from school, I was determined to do it
again. Daddy was in the kitchen, naked as usual, when I
walked into the house. I went to the kitchen and told
Daddy that Mom had been upset about the wet dress and
panties. I told him I didn't want to cause her any more
work and, if it was okay with him, I would take my
clothes off and eat naked.

Would it surprise you to know that Daddy told me that
would be perfectly okay with him? So, I stood facing
him, kicked off my shoes, lifted my dress over my head
and then slipped my panties off. I looked at Daddy and
said, "Is this okay?" I recall that all he did was nod
his head vigorously. It is hard to describe how I felt,
standing there, completely naked in front of a man for
my very first time. I could tell you that I was
excited, I was happy, and I was turned on but these
would be inadequate descriptors. It was a delicious
feeling and the look on my Daddy's face made it even

And that became our routine for a couple of more weeks.
I would go home, Daddy would be naked in the kitchen
and I would strip naked as soon as I walked into the
house. Daddy always made sure the curtains were closed
because, obviously, we didn't want anyone peeking in on
us. And, I might add, both of us frequently dropped our
forks or napkins or whatever so we could look at each
other under the table. Like Daddy had done for me, when
he would bend over, I would spread my legs for him. The
end of the school year was coming up soon and, as I
recall, I had about a week more to go before summer

Daddy had been enjoying looking at my nudity but hadn't
really tried anything else up to that point. So, being
the mischievous little girl I was, one day, after we
had eaten and I was about to get dressed, I went up to
him and gave him a big hug. I could feel his pubic hair
tickling my waist and at least part of his cock pressed
against my stomach. I held the hug far longer than I
really needed to because I was enjoying it so much. I
broke the embrace, got dressed and returned to school.

The next day, I did the same thing only this time I
swear I felt Daddy's cock twitch against my skin. I had
a notion, I guess more an inkling, of what was
happening but, having never fully experience a man
getting a hard on, I wasn't sure. When I did it again,
the next day, Daddy put his arms around me, slid them
down to the small of my back and pulled me tight
against his body. This time there was no doubt in my
mind, his cock was reacting. We did this each day for
the rest of the week and I was thoroughly enjoying what
I was doing to Daddy's dick.

Finally, school was out for the summer and I was to be
home with Daddy virtually all day long. That first
Monday I slept a little late, getting up only after I
was sure Mom had left for work. I got up, brushed my
teeth and took care of all my other necessities and
then went back to my room. I was debating whether or
not to get dressed when Daddy called me from the
kitchen to come to breakfast. I slipped out of my room,
completely naked, and peeked around the corner of the
kitchen to see if Daddy was naked too.

Imagine my relief at seeing his naked butt at the
stove. I walked up behind him, put my arms around his
waist and gave him a hug telling him that I loved him.
My hands were slightly below his waist line and I am
sure, although I couldn't really see, that they brushed
against the top of his pubic hair. I went, sat down and
he served me breakfast. I loved watching his cock
swinging back and for between his legs, the mushroom
head, his balls…everything about him excited me.

We finished eating and I asked him what we were going
to do for the rest of the day. He grinned at me and
said, "Anything you want, honey, anything at all!" I
stared at him for a moment and said, "Can I touch your
thingee?" No, I hadn't yet mastered the right words. He
looked at me, grasped his cock in his hand and said,
"You want to touch this?" I nodded, he walked over to
me, stood by the table and I reached for his cock.

His dick was so warm when I first touched him, he was
soft and this, for me, was very enlightening. As I
touched him, he began telling me what to do, how to
hold it, then rubbing my fingers around the head, and
then touching his balls. The more I touched him, the
more it excited him and I watched in amazement as his
cock hardened in my hand. He coached me along, telling
me this was normal for a guy, I saw some precum on the
head of his cock and he told me to touch it. I did and
he explained that it was a lubricant so a man could
stick his dick inside a woman more easily. I asked him
if he was going to stick his dick in me and he told me
that it would be sometime before that happened.

As I was stroking him, he started breathing faster, and
kind of thrusting his cock into my hands. I wasn't sure
what was happening and stopped because I thought I
might be hurting him. He looked down at me and said,
"Honey, don't stop, keep rubbing me like that, it feels
really good!" He told me to continue stroking with one
hand and with my other hand to feel and pull on his
balls. I would become a virtual expert eventually but
that day I think I pulled too hard or squeezed too hard
because he flinched a couple of times.

That didn't stop him, after several minutes he began to
thrust harder, told me not to stop and that he was
going to cum. I was shocked when he shoved his cock
forward, then grunted and a long stream of white fluid
erupted from the end of his dick. The first shot went
almost all across the table while the remaining ones
slowed down and just dribbled over my hand. It took a
few moments for him to catch his breath during which
his cock was wilting. I took my hand away and he looked
at me and said, "That was wonderful honey, I hope you
liked it!" I nodded as he took a napkin and cleaned the
"mess" up. We went into the living room, sat on the
couch and he spent the next few minutes explaining to
me what I had done for him.

He told me how much he liked it and he hoped I would do
it again for him. Still naïve about things, I remember
asking him, "Right now?" He laughed and said it would
take a little time for him to be able to do that again
so I had to give him a little rest period. Then he told
me he could use his hands on me to make me feel good. I
told him I was glad and I would do whatever he wanted.
So, he had me slide my butt down to the edge of the
sofa, put my feet up on the coffee table and spread my
legs wide for him. He turned sideways on the couch so
he was facing me, asked me to hold onto his cock with
one of my hands and then I felt his hand brush against
my pussy. He licked his fingers a couple of times and I
could tell that he did that to make it easier to finger
me. He parted my pussy lips and I jumped when his
finger tip moved over my little clit.

It was obvious that I was getting excited because I
could feel my pussy getting wet. As he sat there,
rubbing my clit with his fingers he continued his
explanation of the "facts of life." While he fondled my
pussy he also explained or told me the words to use –
like pussy or cunt instead of vagina, cock or prick or
dick instead of penis, and ass or asshole instead of
butt. When he said the word ass, I felt his finger slip
down between my ass cheeks and the tip touched my
asshole. Again, I jumped because that had never been
done to me and I really liked it.

As he was touching and talking, I could feel his cock
getting hard in my hand so I began to stroke his dick
like I had done just a little bit ago. After about ten
minutes of touching me he said there was something else
he could do that he thought I would like. I said,
"Whatever you want to do Daddy!" He bent forward,
twisted slightly and moved his head between my legs. I
could feel his warm breath flowing over my pussy – I
later learned he blew a couple of breaths over me to
get me more excited. And then I felt the tip of his
tongue brush my clit. I tried hard not to flinch but I
know I jumped a little.

He said, "Honey, its okay, you are going to love what I
am going to do!" With that, he used his entire mouth to
attack my pussy. His tongue would drag up and down
between my pussy lips, he would use the tip of his
tongue to tickle my clit, and then he tried to f***e
his tongue inside my pussy. Then he moved his lips back
to my clit, held my clit with his lips and used the tip
of his tongue all around. He also worked a hand around
my legs and I felt his finger tip pressing on my pussy.
I was so turned on that I was squirming and wiggling
and trying to press my clit deeper into his mouth. All
I can clearly remember when my first orgasm hit me was
saying, "Oh my god daddy, Oh my god daddy!" again and

He licked and sucked me through another orgasm and then
slowed his assault on my clit and cunt. He kissed me
between the legs, kissed the inside of both of my
thighs, then moved to kiss my belly button and then
gently sucked on each of my little nipples. I gathered
myself, caught my breath and then turned, leaned over
Daddy's body and hugged him. I could feel his hard cock
pressing against my titties. I worked a hand between us
and managed to wrap my fingers around his dick.

I lay like that for just a moment and thought to
myself, "What the heck, maybe I can use my mouth on his
cock!" I lifted my head slightly, had to turn a bit,
and then used the tip of my tongue to rub the head of
his dick. Talk about an electric shock. He jumped so
hard, his cock slid out of my hand and brushed along my
cheek. "Did I hurt you Daddy?" I asked him. "Oh no,
honey, I just wasn't expecting that!" Without saying
another word, I again leaned forward, grasped his cock
and began licking the head with my tongue.

He told me to open my mouth and put my lips around the
head of his dick. I did as he wanted and managed to get
just the head of his cock into my mouth. I was able to
taste the saltiness of his precum but I decided it
wasn't a bad taste at all. I still had my hand on his
cock and I felt his hand cover mine and begin to move
up and down. It didn't take me long to figure things
out so I was soon moving my hand by myself and reveling
in what was going on. He then whispered that if I
wanted to, I could take more of his cock into my mouth
and bob my head up and down a little.

Well, the first few times, I tried to take too much
into my mouth and almost gagged. He told me to just
take a little until I got used to it. I got to the
point where I could take a couple of inches of his cock
without gagging. Then he told me to hold my lips around
the head of his dick and just suck it. I must have been
doing it right because he suddenly started to gasp and
say, "Honey, I am cumming!" He told me to lift my head
off his cock, wrapped his hand around mine and began
using my hand to finish jacking him off.

My head was still near his lap as he began to shoot. He
didn't cum as much as he did the first time but still
had enough f***e on the first stream to cause a little
blob to land on my cheek. I stroked him until no more
came out of the end of his cock and then released his
dick. I hadn't moved my head so the odor of his cum was
very strong and I found that it wasn't at all
unpleasant. I move my hand and used a finger to wipe
the little dollop of cum off my check. I was going to
wipe it on a Kleenex and Daddy said, "Why don't you
taste it?"

I looked inquisitively at him and decide to myself, why
not? So, I touched the cum with the tip of my tongue.
There just wasn't enough there to really taste it. My
other hand was covered in his cum and I brought my hand
to my mouth and tasted his cum. It tasted salty of
course but I didn't think, and still to this day don't
think, it tasted bad. I licked my hand several more
times much to the pleasure of my dad. He smiled at me
and said, "Someday you might be able to swallow that
right out of my cock!" My face must have revealed that
I didn't have a clue about what he meant and he
explained that if I had left my mouth on his cock he
would have cum in my mouth and I could have swallowed
it. I was very intrigued by that and said, "Next time,
Daddy, I will try it next time!"

He hugged me and I hugged him back, feeling the
stickiness of his cum on my body. Daddy then went on to
explain that if I was going to let him cum in my mouth,
that when I knew he was ready to cum, I should move my
head back so only the head of his cock was in my mouth
and move the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth.
"That way," he said, "the first shot of cum, which is
the one that women usually gag on, will hit the bottom
of your tongue. After that, it doesn't come out as hard
and you can suck the rest of it. Does that make sense?"
I wasn't fully sure what he meant, but I had a good
idea. I nodded and told him I would try that the next
time for him.

We spent the next several hours relaxing. We both took
a shower – I watched him. I was enthralled watching him
wash his cock and balls. It was very interesting to see
him soap up his cock, stroke it several times and then
rinse the soap off. When I got in for my shower, he had
me turn sideways in the tub so he could see me wash my
little titties and my pussy. Then he asked me to turn
around so he could watch me wash my ass. While I was
rinsing he said, "You have such a cute little ass, I
would like to kiss it all over!" The idea of Daddy
kissing my ass was, for me at least, interesting. After
our showers, we went into the kitchen, he made lunch,
we talked – he again reminded me of the need for
secrecy – and ate. I cleaned up the dishes and then we
both went back to the living room.

As we sat down, I looked at him and said, "Daddy, were
you serious about wanting to kiss my ass?" "Honey," he
said, "I would love to kiss you there!" "Okay, would
you?" He nodded, had me kneel on the couch, he knelt
behind me and then began to kiss my butt. He kissed all
around my ass cheeks, even sucking on them to give me
little "hickies" on each cheek. As he was kissing, I
could feel his hand between my legs exploring my pussy.

I felt myself getting wet and hot like I had earlier.
As I was kneeling there enjoying what he was doing, I
felt his tongue part the cheeks of my ass and the tip
of his tongue rub over my asshole. Oh it felt so good,
I didn't want him to stop. Luckily for me he didn't
want to stop. Soon he was trying to f***e the tip of
his tongue into my asshole, he had to tell me to relax
a little, and then I felt him penetrate my ass.

He had slipped a finger into my cunt but not going in
too far because I was still a virgin. Between what he
was doing to my asshole and what he was doing to my
pussy, I felt another orgasm coming on and almost
screamed when it hit me. I quivered and shook and my
asshole clenched and my pussy pulled hard on his
finger. God, did that feel wonderful. I wish that
feeling could have continued forever but of course, it
didn't. I finally had to pull off his tongue and finger
and rolled over to lay on the couch with my legs spread
wide for him.

He told me later that he was sorely tempted to mount me
right then and fuck me. Thankfully, he managed to
restrain himself otherwise I might have gotten pregnant
and that was something neither of us ever wanted to
happen. He did stroke the insides of my thighs,
occasionally brushing over my pussy, and slowly, ever
so slowly, let me come down off my sexual high. I
looked up at him and said, "Daddy, I loved what you did
to me. Do you want me to do the same thing for you?"
"Honey," he replied, "I would love to have you do that
for me but I only want you to do what you want to do!"
"Okay, I want to!"

Daddy moved around, knelt on the couch, leaned his
shoulders and head on the back and then reached behind
himself to pull his ass cheeks apart. I knelt on the
floor, reached one hand between his legs and grasped
his cock. Very tentatively I leaned forward and just
used the tip of my tongue to touch his asshole. It had
a slight earthy scent, again not unpleasant, and I
marveled at the firmness.

I soon had his asshole soaked and was able to get just
a little bit of my tongue up his ass. While I was
working on his ass, I was also stroking his cock. I
felt him getting hard and wondered if he was going to
cum again. After several moments, he said, "That's
enough, honey, it felt really good but I can't hold
this position for too long." I backed away, released
his cock, he turned around and sat down. I got up on
the couch and sat beside him.

His cock was still hard and I could see it twitching.
He explained that it twitched like that in time with
the beat of his heart. Over the next fifteen minutes or
so, I would reach over, stroke him for a moment and
then just watch it twitch. I was fascinated by the

By this time it was getting late and Mom would be home
soon so he told me to go get dressed and he would start
dinner after he got dressed. Mom came home about a half
hour later and we ate dinner. What I did not know at
the time was that Daddy had talked with Mom, as she
wanted, and had told her all we had done. He tried to
convince her that I had enjoyed all of his
ministrations and that he had not f***ed me to do
anything at all. I think she believed him but still
wanted to hear me say it.

We were sitting watching television. She got up and
turned down the volume, this was the days before remote
controls existed. Mom sat down in her chair, looked at
me and said, "Daddy tells me that the two of you were
naked all day!" I must have looked so shocked; I mean I
did not know that Mom knew anything at all about what
we were doing.

She continued, all the while looking at me, "Don't
worry, Jill, I have known about you and Dad all along
and it is okay. I just want to make sure you want to do
this of your own free will. Do you?" I sat in stunned
silence for a moment or two and then said, "Yes, momma,
I liked everything he did. You are not mad are you?"
She laughed and said, "No, honey, I just want to make
sure that you like what Dad is doing with you. You are
fine, don't worry about it at all!" Nothing further was
said about the subject but it was clear to me that more
"stuff" was going to happen between Daddy and I.

I went to bed about an hour later and masturbated –
trying to do the same things Daddy had done. After I
came, I fell to sl**p and slept quite soundly that

The next morning, Daddy woke me up with a cup of hot
chocolate. He was naked as was I. I looked at my clock
and realized that Mom probably hadn't left for work
yet. He had me get up and sit on the foot of the bed.
The bedroom door was wide open. He stood in front of me
and asked, "Would you suck on my cock the way you did
yesterday?" I mouthed the words, "What about Mom?" He
said "Don't worry, it is okay."

So, I reached up, grasped his cock and put the tip into
my mouth. He wasn't fully hard yet so I set about
getting him hard. As I was sucking his dick, I caught
some movement out of the corner of my eye, turned my
head slightly but kept the head of his dick in my mouth
and saw Mom standing in the doorway. I tried to smile
and she smiled back. Daddy was looking at her too. She
looked at him and said, "You guys have fun, see you
after work!" She turned and walked out the door.

And we did have fun that day and for many more days but
those will have to be stories for the future.

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