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Stacie and I...

Stacie, was a health science major that , lived off campus. I would glimpse her in the campus library once and a while. She was 5'10' tall and about 135lbs, her skin was a paper sack tan, with shoulder length hair. Her eyes could focus some where pass where you stood, which made her come off as fake.

As I was leaving the library one dreary evening, I saw her sitting in her car crying uncontrollable. At first I walked by, but I stopped and turned and tapped at her window. She recovered and looked at me, she lowered her window a little and said 'I'm alright.'

I shook my head and said 'I'm David, you seem to be in great distress, can I get campus security for you.' She looked shocked and exited her car quickly 'David, is it. You live on campus?' I answered 'Yes, Grants Hall 4th floor.'

She popped her trunk grabbed a bag and took my arm saying 'come let's go there, we need to talk.' We walked in silence to Grants Hall, we entered through the side door and climbed the stairs to my dorm room.

Inside Stacie looked around and sat at the desk, 'David,' she said I need your help. First I need to be able to stay here till Monday, Second I need 900.00 dollars. Thirdly I want you to keep my secret and tell no one we had this conversation or that I am here.'

I looked at her incredulously and asked 'where do you think I can get nine hundred dollars .' She stood and started to remove her clothes saying 'I know about your side business and what a little freak you are, I need your help for this week end and you can get the money from the ATM while I am here.'

I was transfixed, one of the most beautiful girls in the school was in my dorm stripping down to bra and panties telling me she knows I make money by having sex with guys.

Stacie moves to my bed and slides under the covers, she starts to move than toss her panties at me saying 'well come on man get undressed and climb in bed.'
Star struck I am, I turn off the light, only the moon light illuminates the room. I get in bed and look At Stacie, she removes her bra and throws it across the room and snuggles up close to me. She lowers her hand and grips my rock hard penis and slowly stokes it.

I start to speak, she presses her lips to mine and whispers 'it's after nine, and this is mine.' Stacie crawls over me and positions my penis at the entrance of her Virginia. Slowly she lowers her body down, breathing deeply as each inch of my stiff penis slips into her moist cunny hole.

Once she has half of my tool in her body she lowers her lips to mine and kisses me deeply. She brings her hands up and grips my shoulders and seats the rest of my throbbing penis deep into her cunt.

She gasps as she grinds her crotch against mine growling she says 'yeeessss, it's good and hard, now fuck me, please, I need you to fuck me...' I rolled us over till I was on top and begin to ram into Stacie with all my might.

With each thrust of my body, she met with an equal upward thrust, just as I was about to wane, Stacie gripped my arms and looked panicky. Suddenly her body started to convulse violently, she bit into my shoulder and gripped me with her arms, hands, legs and feet. I felt her virginal muscles grip and milk my penis like little fingers.

Stacie dropped back to the bed her virginal muscle continued to milk my penis as she had one climax after another. Panting Stacie continued to thrust her crotch up to me as she drifted off into u*********sness.

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