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Finally losing my Virginity at 25 years of age.

My first “attempt” at losing my virginity was a nightmare, which, looking back, I can now smile about.

I was a late starter in life due to having epilepsy when I was younger and it didn’t stop until just before I reached 22. Thus girls were frightened off and I was low on confidence.

Anyhow, when I was 24 I had tired of the fun taken out of me due to still being a virgin and after talking this over with my mate, he offered his girlfriend as a virgin-buster. Yeah, you heard right. He offered her to me so I could lose my virginity.

She was pleasant enough, not very bright (which is probably why she agreed to help in the way she did) and seemed to be the answer to my prayers. Mmmmm, well, if only it was that easy, lol.

Before she arrived I was crapping myself as didn’t know what to expect or even what to do, yes, really. Anyhow, fortunately in those days, at the age I was, my eyes only had to see titties and old willy was up and at attention (oh god, those were the days lol).

Well, it was all very mechanical and when she laid back and I attempted to rest myself on top of her, she suddenly asked if I’d like to have k**s one day. God almighty, I lost my hard on immediately, as if old willy had ears of his own. My mate assured me she was on the pill, but her asking that got me worried.

She said sorry and was “just making conversation”. Well, slowly willy came up again and this time, almost rubbing against her pussy, she said “IF I did get pregnant, you wouldn’t leave me, would you?”. Well, as you can imagine, my erection went Southwards faster than speedy Gonzales and refused to come up again that night.

I learnt from above that I needed to be patient and it will happen when it’s ready to happen. I just hoped that it wouldn’t take long to be ready, ha ha.

The following year, aged 25, I had a bike accident where I broke my left leg spirally. I was hobbling down to the shops on my crutches and bumped into an old school mate. Turns out that his f****y lived two streets down from me. What a coincidence and what a small world, seeing as we hadn’t seen each other since primary school.

Anyhow, he invited me back to catch up with his younger b*****r and Mum (who I recalled as being quite fit when I was a k**, lol) to go over old times etc. Anyhow, when I was invited in, there she was, Kathy and even more hot than 15 or so years ago, even if she was 50 now.

She explained that her Hubby had passed away a few years earlier due to cancer and commented on how much I had grown. I thought, but so has her Son, but then her Son wasn’t potential “male crumpet” and I noted straight away how she kept admiring me and giving me the eye. I kept putting such thoughts down to “wishful thinking” on my part and tried to ignore it.

Over the next X weeks she popped round regularly, usually on the grounds to pick up any shopping I needed, but as soon as I went from a full plaster on my leg to a half plaster, she started inviting me round to join her and the f****y for Sunday dinners.

This went on for a few weeks and I swear she was forever looking me over, but still felt it was wrong of me to think “that way” and thus suppressed my desire for her titties and mmmmmm, by telling myself to show her some respect for the help she’d given.

Anyway, some weeks later I went round and the k**s weren’t there. She said they were visiting their Aunty. It gave me a chance to thank her face to face for the support she’d given me (not to mention the hard-on’s and other naughty thoughts, lol), but she suddenly shocked me by saying that’s she’d purposely arranged for us to be alone as she couldn’t hold back her desires for me any longer.

I almost choked internally in anticipation, as she revealed how she wanted my body and she wanted me to explore hers and make her feel like a real woman again. Frigging hell, out of the blue I was being slowly seduced by the woman of my lustful dreams and I was like putty in her hands as I couldn’t believe it.

She started stroking me and removing my clothes. I sorta returned the favour, but was slow in my actions coz my hands were tingling as they felt her skin and especially as her dressed dropped and she was in her all black bra and panties. Oh fuck I wanted her and didn’t she just know it.

She teasingly dropped her bra and her breasts, although a little saggy, looked to be gagging for my hands and mouth. I just squeezing them, gently at first and then more firmly as her nips began to rise and her breathing became more deeper and noisy.

At this point she undressed me fully and I stand there with a cock dying to do what it was invented to do, but she was not going to be rushed and thank god for that. She taught me the value and erotic intimacy of foreplay and how it raised one’s mmmm to an even higher level and I’m not just talking about my dick here, lol.

She ordered and instructed me to have my way with her and to touch her up and feel her all over. Jeepers creepers, my cock was aching by now. It was rock solid and needed relieving. When she finally said “give it to me” I was desperate to oblige. She spoke in a dirty but arousing way that made me want more.

However….. I literally CUM inside within 0.00001 milliseconds and holy shit did it feel good. I paused in total satisfaction, but then looked in her eyes with a feeling of guilt, as I felt I had not taken into account her needs and release etc. I said I was sorry, but she just said “don’t be, I consider it a compliment”. And that just made me feel relaxed and able to enjoy my dick swishing around inside her and the feeling of my seed running down her thighs and……. Heaven!

We saw each other for a few months and she taught me things and always encouraged me to do what was in my mind and body, not what I thought that others would do under the circumstances. She was a mature, experienced and one fucking hot woman that I was really lucky to have lost my virginity to and I feel I have kept a lot of her ways and especially when it comes to hopefully ensuring that when making love or having sex, it’s ALWAYS a lot more than just penetration!

The End...... for now? ;-)

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