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Milf and her favorite young man

as Peggy enjoyed more and more encounters with Beau, she would fall deeper and deeper emotionally in love with him. We went out on the boat ne evening and as dusk hit, I dropped the anchor and the three of us went out onto the roof of the cabin to lie nude together. Peg was in the middle with beau and I on either side. she kissed me and thanked me again as usual and then she turned to kiss beau. he turned her on so quick that she was in heat and sucking his cock in minutes. she loved his big old cock and he loved having her suck him. Beau looked at me dreamily and we exchanged a few grins and then I rubbed his head and said thanks man. He said no, Thank you guys. You 2 are tremendous. Beau took no time in cumming and now that he had gotten that hair trigger thing over with he wanted to fuck her. so as their was still some light, he began to mount her and I watched from between tehir legs. his cock and balls were gorgeous as he drove into her. I will always cherish that sight. I have seen him fucking her so many times from that angle and today I reached up and felt his balls as they were banging against her ass. He turned and asked what are you doing> that is gonna make me cum too quickly. I asked if that was a problem. He said it might be for her. I asked Peggy if I should stop feeling his balls as he may cum to quickly. She said no, as a matter of act why not suck on them. Beau looked at her and said are you serious? she said yeah does that turn you on like it does me? He said I am not sure. She said then relax and let him suck your balls and we'll see/ She sucked his ear lobe and he relaxed and then I spread his legs to allow me access. I licked his balls and then his asshole and just kept licking long slow paths from his asshole to his balls and eventually I was licking his cock too as he was driving it in and out of her pussy. I was getting really into the licking of his cock when he pulled back real far and slid out and I popped it into my mouth for a few sucks. he pulled out of me and pushed it back in her pussy and as he drove in deep, I licked his asshole and penetrated it with my tongue a bit and he shot a load into her. she had her legs wrapped around his ass and was having an orgasm and the 2 of them came together. as she looked at me I was beginning to lick around the base of his cock eating some of the dripping cum from around her pussy and his cock. I cam real hard and we passed out to awakened as we heard a boat approach us. I got a blanket and threw it over them and then started the engine. this woke them up and they got dressed and pulled up the anchor and we drove off. After that they went below as I drove the boat back to dock. I turned on the light and lifted the hatch cover to allow me to watch his fuck the shit out of her again.

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