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Mature slut

It was a Friday night in Hong Kong and my friends birthday so a few of my room mates were having a few drinks to celebrate. I wasn't going to go out but I easily cave to a little bit of pressure I joined in on the drinking.

As the night progressed I found myself to be very d***k in central at a bar where I meet a very good looking mature lady with very large and nice tits. As I was dancing with her I was soon informed of her husband watching me trying to dance and feel up his wife. Not long after getting a few sneaky boob grabs and kisses while the husband essential watching the wife started to see what my intentions where and introduced me to her friend Elizabeth.

Elizabeth being a 35 year old bigger lady from England on holiday with big tits, big stomach and big ass I was a very happy guy. As I danced and made out with her we found our way to a booth near the back of the club and proceeded to make out it soon lead to her hand rubbing the top of my cock through my pants, then a whisper in my ear saying I want to fuck you tonight. With a hand on my now growing cock and a sexy large girl that wants to fuck this is turning out to be a good night and I'm very glad I ended up coming out.

As we swap details about where each other lives we soon come to the conclusion that we can't go back to either off our houses and with some encouragement from my friends saying how I have to fuck this chick I start getting creative. I lead her down a small ally way that leads to another club, it's nice and dark and not a lot if people come down there so we start to make out and feel each other up but she doesn't like doing this in public so we climb around to behind a shop still in full view off people walking past but puts her mind at ease. By now I am rock hard as I feel her tits and slowly release her DD sized tits and start sucking her nipples she starts letting out small moans but keeps stopping me saying that this is naughty and people can see us, but as her hand never left my cock I knew she was into it and pushed on saying its okay. Back down to her tits I go licking sucking and lightly biting her nipples she was so hornet that she forgot where we were and started moaning loudly. She looks at me and says fuck it I'm never going to see these people again referring to the 4 guys watching us and slowly kisses her way down my body and undoes my pants to release my rock hard 8 inch cock almost hitting her in the face. She takes one look then looks at me and takes a good 5 inches down her throat it was an amazing blow job taking almost all off it then licking the shaft and teasing the head and sucking on my balls.

After 5-10 minutes of her sucking my cock I needed to fuck her so I bring her up and let her know, but not here as the crowed of 7-10 guys watching is starting to creat a bit of attention so I take her down the street the entire time she keeps telling me how she has never does this sort of thing but is loving being my little well large slut. Knowing this as we find a more secluded alleyway that she now loves to fuck in public I start talking dirty to her, calling her my slut. I make her strip in front of me showing of all her curves then grab her hair pulling it hard forcing her face back to my cock, she was loving it so knowing this I turn her around f***e her up against a wall a stick dick straight in her hairy pussy with no pre play telling her to take it like the slur she is.

I am really fucking her hard from behind slapping her ass pulling her hair and calling her a fucking slut as she taking it like a real whore as I reach around and grab her throat I start pulling her up and choking her, this only makes her more wild as she starts screaming I'm cuming, I'm cuming. So one hand around her throat and the other one slapping her huge jiggling ass she screams pushes back cums with her pussy tightening up around my click and juices flowing from her hairy pussy.

I'm not done yet, you like that slut and start spitting on her ass and fingering around the outside getting it nice and wet. I'm going to fuck you in the ass as I slip a finger in. Still panting from just cuming she doesn't say no so I press the head off my cock against her ass, it's so tight it takes a bit but I push harder and my heap slides in with a scream off pain from her mouth, she can only handle this for a short time before the pain is to much.

As I still haven't blown my load and this 35 year old slut can barely stand after being fucked choked and her ass stuffed I turn her to her front pit her in here knees right in front of my cock and calling her a dirty slut balls slapping her in the face I finish myself off and cum all over her face looking down to find her fingering her pussy.

We get dressed walk from the ally way onto the street and she tells me she has never been treated like that before but she loved it and will now make her boyfriend back in England treat her like a slut and if not him find guys and show them her new love for fucking in ally ways. So as we go our separate ways her braless because I said sluts don't wear bras and left it in the ally way both happy and now a mature who found her new fetish off being treated like a slut.

I hope someone else finds Elizabeth out in town and has the pleasure of taking her to an ally way and fucking her like crazy because I know I enjoyed it. Innocent lady turned into a slut.

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