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Lean Mean Sally

I'm a single, attractive 26 year old female who is attracted to both males and females. Last, week my company sent me to Boston to meet with a prospective new client and his secretary turned out to be a fellow high school graduate. I didn't recognize Sally at first. Besides the eight-year gap, she had lost a tremendous amount of weight and undergone a complete makeover. It was hard to believe that she was the same chubby girl I'd teased back in twelfth grade gym class. I would have thought that she'd want nothing to do with me, but just the opposite seemed to be true. Not only did she give me a big hug, she even invited me to her house for dinner. I would have declined except that my old school chum had been transformed from a mousey-haired, rotund slob into a beautiful blonde bombshell, and I wanted to find out more. Well, I found out all night! Following a scrumptious gourmet meal, Sally invited me to join her in the hot tub. Since I hadn't brought a swimsuit along and Sally didn't have an extra pair (yeah right) she suggested that we both bathe in the nude.

"You wouldn't feel comfortable if I wasn't naked, too" she giggled as she started stripping off her clothes. "Besides, I normally lounge around butt naked anyway. Now that I'm slimmer I'm much more at ease with my body than before."

I could understand why, Sally had a figure that any man or woman could appreciate--large round breasts, lush hips, sinewy well-formed thighs--just the kind of voluptuous babe that I'm attracted to. Sally was checking me out also; while we were chatting she kept staring at my upturned C-sized boobs and long willowy legs. I don't know what made me apologize for my rude behavior in high school. Maybe it was the three glasses of wine I'd had or maybe it was my intense desire to tweak Sally's puffy pink nipples, which floated enticingly above the swirling water.

"There's no need for that" she purred, lightly running her fingertips along my bare shoulder. "To be honest, I've always had a crush on you. I guess even back then I was bi and didn't realize it. I hope my little confession doesn't embarrass you."

In response, I gently tugged her closer and slithered my tongue into her partially open mouth. Sally didn't resist, withing seconds we were French kissing passionately, and gliding our hands over each others' smooth wet flesh. Our arousal was so mutual that we became fiercely competitive. One minute I'd be nursing lustfully on her bobbling milk bags while groping her succulent buttocks, and the next she's have her face wedged deep in my cleavage as she caressed my clean shaven pussy.

Eventually, I maneuvered Sally up onto the deck, splayed her shapely gams, and hunkered down to nuzzle her thick forest of brown pubic fur. When I wormed two fingers into her gash, and swept my tongue across her swollen clit, Sally went totally insane. Grabbing hold of my short, dark curls, she humped her velvety loins at my searching lips like she was making up for lost time. The bitch nearly drowned me in cunt syrup! By the time she slapped her trembling thighs against my bobbing head and screamed in ecstasy, I was practically u*********s! Luckily, Sally let me catch my breath before reversing our positions and chowing down on mt agitated snatch. Her oral technique was magical. Utilizing both her tongue and teeth, she made me explode twice! I quickly understood why she had refrained from incorporating and finger action; Sally had something much larger and harder in mind for my insatiable snatch--a two foot long, double headed dildo that she hauled out from beneath a pile of folded towels. The mere sight of the thing got my juices flowing again in a hurry, but Sally decided to be a tease. First, she crouched beside me and slowly dragged that toy over my tits and belly, then sucked one of the bulbous knobs down her throat while rubbing the other across my pulsating pearl. By the time Sally locked my heels around her waist I was going insane with lust. She then impaled both of our pussies simultaneously and threw her hips into motion. God, that woman could fuck! Pinning my knees back, she brutally hammered my defenseless love tunnel through a series of explosive orgasms that made me dizzy before finally hitting her peak and collapsing in my arms.

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