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How my wife made me into a cuckold......

My wife’s friends often ask her how I came to accept my place as a “cuckold”. Were we “always this way”. Was this something we “negotiated”? Are we “role playing”? Most of them are intrigued by our relationship and want their husbands to “move towards” this position in marriage. My wife usually says “it is just something we like”, but doesn’t tell the real truth of how this came to be. Because the real reason is that I was f***ed into being a cuckold against my will. It happened because of deep disappointment in our relationship, the v******e she inflicted upon me, and her threats to ruin me professionally and financially.

We were married a little over five years, and things were fine in my opinion, but somewhat routine. She was a stay-at-home housewife, and I usually worked late at the office. Despite the boredom of my domestic routine, I still had some fun in life. On weekends I met my friends to play golf, or go to Vegas on occaisin. We sometimes got together at a local strip joint to smoke cigars and ogle the ladies. My wife seemed to be doing ok as well. She had her friends, and seemed content enough. But I noticed that she bitched sometimes about me “not listening” or taking her out. I figured all women do this, so who cares?

I came home one Monday evening, poured myself a bourbon, and flipped on the football game. I also opened up my laptop, and during commercial breaks, I checked on my stocks, some weekend scores, and the news. My wife was in the kitchen making dinner, and rattling on about some bullshit that happened during her day. At first I answered “yes” on occasion to be nice, but as I was checking out the Vegas line on the game I was watching. I was winning my bet and I got a little horny. I then went to xhamster and opened up a video of a hot young thing getting a DP. I forgot all about the game and whatever the hell my wife was talking about. Man that hippie girl could take it! Two redneck guys were really pumping hard into her, while another guy was getting his dick in front of her face for some sucking, when all of a sudden.... “WHAM”.

My wife was standing directly in front of me and had struck me hard across the face, slapping my head to the side and knocking my laptop onto the floor. She started screaming at me, “You come home, ignore me, then expect me to make you dinner while you watch football and porn??? You fuckin’ bastard!”. She then hit me on the other side of the face knocking my to the side, then punched me hard in the stomach. As I crumpled down off the couch she hit her palm against my right temple, and I fell to the ground and blacked out. When I came to, she was sitting on my face reverse cowgirl, with her dress hiked up. She pressed her bare crotch hard against my nose and mouth. I couldn’t breathe or call for help. She kept saying over and over again, “you bastard, I have had it with you. I have tried to be a good wife and all you have done is ignore me. I hate you!”. I couldn’t breath and started to get desperate, I struggled but her thighs gripped my head, and she held down my body so I couldn’t twist away. After a while, I felt the wrinkles of her asshole pushed onto my lips. This wasn’t an accident- she commanded “lick it! You’re an asshole and you should love it”. I started to give her analingus, and she eased up a bit. I could breathe now through my nose. But if I slowed or stopped the licking she pressed down and cut off my air. My formerly sweet wife was smothering me. “Good boy” she said. “Now, let me tell you something. You are not my husband anymore. I would divorce you, but you still offer two things that I value. First, your paycheck. You will continue to work to support me. Second, I will get some satisfactions seeing you suffer from now on. You ignored me for so long, and I cried and cried during the day. You were so caught up in your goddamn career, friends, sports and drinking that you didn’t notice. The only women you cared about were those dirty whore sluts you looked at on the internet. Well, if you like sluts, you are lucky. You’re dear wife is going to be the biggest slut you ever saw. The only person that I won’t be fucking is you!”.

She eased up on my a bit face, and I managed to weakly say, “bitch, you won’t get away with this. I’m going to divorce you tomorrow. I’m going to call my lawyer.......”

She cut off my air with a hard sit on my face, then said, “Listen cuckold, remember last Halloween when I dressed you up at night as a “sissy”. You enjoyed wearing my panties and bra? Remember? I had a video camera on in the corner of the bedroom. That nice little one you bought me for my birthday. If you try to legally divorce me, I will email that video to your boss, and coworkers and post it on the internet under your name so everyone can search for it.. I’m sure your career will go real well after that! I will also send it to your mother. She should see what a pretty boy she raised. And, just for fun, I might go to the cops and claim you beat me. You know how bruised up I get when I work in the garden. I have taken plenty of pictures of my wounds. You may even go to jail.” She laughed softly. And.... if you ever call me a bad name again, I WILL CUT IT OFF!!!” She then hammer-punched my balls. I screamed in pain and tried to sit up. She pushed my hips down to the floor. “The best thing for you to do is just accept your new position”, she said calmly, almost sympathetically. “You may even like it. You get to watch me have sex with whoever I like. It will be the best porno movie you ever saw. And you really have no choice. Otherwise, I will take your car, house, then crush your career after I find another man who will take over the payments. At your age, nobody will hire you at your salary again. Do you want to live under a bridge? Hope you find a warm cardboard box. Now lick!”.

She adjusted her hips a bit so I could breath again, and I felt her wrinkled puckered asshole against my lips. There was a tone in her voice that made it clear she was very serious. She was willing to hurt me physically and emotionally and destroy me financially. But strangely, instead of anger, I felt very submissive. I was a battered husband who couldn’t leave my abuser out of fear and from a sick emotional bond that only victims in a relationship understand.

“Yes ma’am” was all that I said and continued licking her asshole, obediently....

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