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Another porn shop visit

i was walking back to the booths to check out some movies and as i am walking towards the man sitting in a chair outside the booths in the hall. he looks at me.. we make eye contact and he looks down at my crotch area and pulls his tooth pic out of his mouth and says need any help with that.. then looks me in the eyes waiting for an answer.. as i stop infront of him to answer him he puts his hand out under my balls and raises his hand and closes his hand around my balls and gives a good squeeze.. i am not shure what to say .. and even though this is only seconds it seems like hours .. and all i can think to say is what you got in mind and as i am saying this i give my hips a circular motion grind towards his face.. and as i am doing this i am thinking ... what the hell is going on and what am i getting my self into... he starts to stand and kinda pulls and lifts me towards him as we go into a booth next to where he is sitting... the door is closed and locked behind me and i feel the trapped feeling.. this guy is much bigger than me and i noticed in the hall while he was sitting that his skin tight shorts had a good sized bulge between his very thick thighs.. but as the guy was starting to stand i started to notice how big he was ... all this is going pretty fast and i am starting to think i may be in trouble and at the same moment i am thinking all this i feel his other hand behind me pulling me towards him as he sits down. .. he lets go of my balls and now both his hands are behind me feeling my ass.. i am only wearing a very old worn very thin pair of bright yellow sweatpants and nothing underneath them...... so i can feel his hands like i am almost naked and it feels great getting my ass squeezed ... and before i can get a deep breath my pants are down near my feet and i am feeling this big black mans unshaven face being pressed against my belly and being pulled in tight with the grip this guy has on my ass i cant fall back and some how i end up with my hands on both sides of his head and i feel like a rag doll as he is both squeezing my ass and turning me on like crazy.. he is getting me so horny i am forgetting how scarred i was and just not wanting him to stop his unshaven face on my belly feels scrachy and very errotic .. and him not letting go of my ass as he sucks and licks his way down my dick and my balls between my thighs and then he sucks my dick into his mouth and feeling him suck me deep into his mouth as he pulls my ass open wide and presses his finger into my tight hole just about had me blowing my load then and there.. it is all i can do to breath and not pass out.. before i know it he has spit my dick out and has spun me around and i feel him pressing his face between my ass cheeks and his scratchy face feels both good and rough.. till his tongue hit my hole ...... and wow what a feeling.. this guy has a tongue that is not only fat but feels so long that i would have sworn his finger was about half way in my ass.. this guy is driving me wild and i just luv getting my ass eaten.. but i have never had a tongue this deep in my ass.. wow what a feeling this is and after what felt like 15 minutes of his ass eating and ball pulling i would have done any thing he wanted.. i was pushing back on his face and pulling my ass wide open with both my hands.. he pulls his face back and turns me around and sits me on his one leg as he pulls my face towards his and stuffs that tongue into my mouth and i feel like he is fucking my face with his tongue and i now am close enough to touch his dick for the first time and i can feel nice big semi hard dick in those tight shorts.. and as i play with his dick i feel him starting to stand and never stopping his deep tongue probing of my mouth he starts to work his shorts down and i can now feel his naked dick.. and i now have my hand around a very fat getting longer bbc... all i can think about at this moment is how great all this feels and how can i get him to let me play with his dick.. i try and pull my face back and i guess he gets the hint and i can now kiss my way down his neck chest stomach and now to my prize wow what a nice prize it is uncut and very fat i start sucking and trying to deep throat that fat thing and pulling down on his balls at the same time he has his finger in my ass and is pushing his finger in and out of my ass and has put some lube in my ass and pulls me up and turns me around pushes me forward some and then pulls me back and down on his dick he is holding my up with both hands under my ass and slowly letting my body weight carry me down on his fat dick little up then some more back down then some up then down each time a little deeper till i feel my legs on top of his thighs and i do the grind thing with my ass trying to get him as deep as i can in me.. then he slowly lifts me up and eases me down.. this goes on till i am getting loose enough to be able to get droped onto his dick then lifted and droped again and again till he blows a load deep into my ass... then he pulls me tight and grinds up into my ass as deep as he can and starts to stand and puts me on all fours and then grabs my hips and starts to fuck this white boy deep and long strokes and tells me not to move cuz he is gunna bust another nut and i start talking to him telling him how much i luv his load and how good it feels and never stop fucking me and i cant remember all the things i said.. .. after this time he calasped on top of me and i can feel all his goo deep in my ass and he is kissing my neck driving me wild again and i start lifting my ass up and he starts telling me i am a real ho and seems like i cant get enough.. to this i say he is right and if he keeps sucking my neck like that he will drive me crazy.. and he proceds to leave marks all over my neck and back and starts getting hard again and ends up fucking my ass again while i am getting driven crazy with him sucking my neck and ears.. i know i liked it and he was telling me later that the more he sucked my neck and fucked me the more i was squeezing his dick and i even had the biggest cum from just getting fucked .. did not even have to touch my dick... needless to say i did leave there full of cumm and cumm down my legs.. and his phone number .. telling my to call him when my ass needed more breeding...

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