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Masturbation club - new endeavor my first

I have written several stories about my interest in going bi and I advertised on CL for a masturbation type encounter. I receive many responses, but one gentlemen (around 60) reached out to me after I posted a hot cock picture on the site. His name was Rob (not really) and he was interested in mutual jerk off and asked if I would mind joining a party for him and his male partner. I elected to meet him at a diner and he expressed his willingness to pursue the opportunity and asked if I would mind joining a jerk off club. He noticed my pictures on CL and asked if they were mine and I acknowledged they were. He indicated he was gay as was his partner. They hosted a party monthly for close associates. He seemed very genuine and professional and upon our departure, he picked up the tab and asked me to walk to his car for his contact info. He got in and showed me his cock.....a nice 6 inch thick dick with a cock ring already attached around his balls and, he was enticing me and I got in and showed mine. It was all natural as I was excited.....We touched for a few moments and off I went with his info

The "club" ....something he and his partner hosted every month or sounded like that it would be a great way to adopt to a new life style. He seemed to take a liking to me, so I thought it might be great to pursuit. I guess I made the grade as I was invited for the weekend....a few rules however, no fucking with the guys, no oral, and no drinking. I was ok with the rules but a drink was in order before I got there!

I arrived the party and was pre-informed that I could be comfortable as I wanted....many of the guys there were regulars and experienced. I was told that I needed to strip down but needed some revealing underwear as a minimum. I chose a woman's see through panty and it made me horny as the night went on.... There were about ten guys there mostly in their late forties to late fifties. Nothing unusual, but in decent shape and friendly.I saw many cocks, mostly bigger with cut and uncut. I was nervous but as the evening went one I noticed the party began at 7 pm sharp. There was wine and beer for drinks and most guys stripped entirely upon arrival. Myself and another guy were in briefs and panties.

The rules were no hole play, and everyone was pretty compliant. Every guy started stroking and I saw lots of hot erect cocks being jerked. Guys would play with their own and then be helped by other willing hands. After about 20 minutes, things worked up with guys moaning with pleasure. I watch and touched myself and one of the regular came to me and started stroking the outside of my silky panties. I finally pulled then down to reveal 2 cock rings, which were keeping my erect cock very thick. I started finally stroking my own and at the request of a few others, felt some very hard meat in my hands. It was incredible to feel other hard shafts in my own palms.

It was about 30 minutes of play before I heard the first cum shouts......guys were cumming on each other's cocks or into a community cum bowl..... a small container to collect sperm. I also saw a "cum glass" passed around....that is a 3-4 inch drinking glass that a few guys came into that was inverted ad slid over two guys touching cocks.....both of them fucking the glass.

This was a great night and I will report further events in time.....

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