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Hairy Women Are Beautiful Too...

I have been living with 'my' ladies for a few months now and life for a guy who loves hairy women like I do, this really is heaven.
These women could in no way be described as beautiful in the usual sense but to me they really are beautiful in their own way and it's all down to the fact that they do not shave and that not shaving doesn't bother them at all, and it shows in their general demeanour, they do not give give a damn about what other people think of them.
They continue to wear very sexy clothes eg; nearly see through low cut tops and micro miniskirts and high heeled slip on sandals but NO UNDERWEAR, EVER...
This style of dress is not restricted to the summer months either, for instance today it is pouring rain and very, very cold outside and we are all going out shopping and EVERY female nipple in my company is solid due mainly to the cold but also due to the fact that I had really twisted and pulled EVERY nipple as hard as I could when we were leaving the house on our way out to our Chevy day van/bus.
The twins were really wet at the tops of their thighs as they had just been to the toilet and some pee had sprayed on to their legs and it was actually still dripping from their pubic hair due to my NO WIPING rule, their mum had a load of my cum up inside her arse, as I had fucked her really hard for 15 minutes or more just before we left, and to keep my cum up there, there was a one foot long, six inches around, butt plug up her arse.
Linzi jumped into the car and did not do anything to give away the fact that she had a huge butt plug up her arse, but simply lifted her skirt up at the back so that her bare arse was on the seat as she sat down (quite f***efully too) as did the rest of them so that their bare, wet and very hairy pussies were on the seats, lovely...
When we got to town we all got out, but as I had parked at the farthest away parking bay from the main door of the Mall, the girls clothes got soaked right through.
Indeed the clothes were so wet that they now had become COMPLETELY see-through but none of the girls said a word and we all walked (still in the pissing rain) to the shops.
When we got into the Mall I took the girls to a cafe for our lunch, I went and sat down at a table and the girls brought the 5 lunches over and I could plainly see the water running off their hair and down on to their tops & skirts then down their very hairy legs and on to their bare but sandalled feet too but they all just lifted their skirts up at the back and sat down.
The twins asked if they could go to the toilet and I said yes but just not yet, so we all carried on eating but half an hour later the twins asked again, and again I said NO and I also told them that they can only go to the loo when they look as if they are at least six months pregnant.
They did not ask again, we finished our shopping and drove home, when we were in the house the twins came to me and said our swollen bellies make us look as if we are pregnant and we are getting bad stomach cramps from holding in the pee, and I just said that they looked absolutely beautiful as they are and that they could go to the toilet, but not until they get out of bed THE NEXT DAY!
The end of another good day...

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