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Carpenter Part 2

I knew I was in trouble after he told me of the viagra! Ken fucked me me every position possible. After pinning my legs back several times and squatting over me, Ken rolled me on my side and placed one leg on his shoulder and straddled my other leg! I rolled my hips into his every stroke as he shoved deeper and harder with each stroke inside me! "Fuck me hard" I begged! I found out very quickly he was not all the way in yet! As he plunged every inch of his thick black cock inside me I felt a very sharp pain as he hit bottom. Ken held that position for several seconds as I began to scream....jabbing hard deep inside me! "Your going to take all this dick bitch!" Ken demanded. I attempted to roll my hips forward to stop some of the pain but Ken pulled me against him and shoved harder inside me! "You want this dick?" He asked. Before I could think I answered "Pound my pussy.....fuck me like a slut!" I begged! That was all it took, I was being pounded as hard as he could! Ken was now grunting loudly with every stroke deep inside me. My pussy opened up and took in every inch he had. Within seconds I was beginning to climax......"Oh shit fuck me harder I'm cumming" I begged! All I remember was a very intense orgasm as I soaked him and the mattress with my juices! When I came to Ken was still fucking me hard and I could hear the sucking sound of my wet stretched out pussy every time he pulled out! I looked down and saw his frothy white covered black cock pounding in and out of my swollen pussy! "I'm going to nut..Elaine!" Ken yelled! I reached back and grabbed his hips pulling him deep inside me as I felt him dump several loads of cum deep inside me! He collapsed on top of me as his spent cock slipped out of my well used kitty! Within a few seconds I felt his cum running out of me and down my thighs! Ken went and showered and I cleaned up and finished our meeting! He has since fucked me several times and each time leaves me very satisfied. The twist to this meeting was later that night when hubby and I were lying in bed talking about how many times Ken unloaded inside me, he commented about the spermacide and how it was put to the test today! I looked at him and asked "What do you mean?" "You never used any when you went into the bathroom?" he replied. So the conversation began......I thought he was shooting blanks! I was now informed that those were live loads! It just happened to be the second day of my fertility cycle! We talked awhile longer and the more I thought about it I was instantly wet! I asked hubby "Is it to late to call Ken?" I want a threesome tonight! Hubby tried and was unable to get ahold of him! He fucked me hard and filled me then got out my huge black toy and finished me off! It was a good day!

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