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Anything! part 1

I woke up with a serious erection. My parents had gone away for a vacation with my little s****r and I had the house all to myself for a few days. Since I got home from college I’ve been looking forward to some alone time. There is little privacy in dorms and It gets old quick. I hopped in the shower made my breakfast and watched some day time TV, but I had a hard on the entire morning. My mind wondered to devious thoughts, when I decided to watch some porn. Surfing net led me to a clip of a cd in a cheerleader outfit jerking off. The clip gave me an idea. My s****r was a cheerleader and we are not that far off in size. I went to her room and dug out her cheerleader outfit and disrobed. Standing naked in her room with the outfit laid out on the bed I started to try it on for fit. First the panties, aside from my stiffing cock being a little out of place not a bad fit. Then the skirt, again a decent fit. I tried the top, it was a bit tight but I could get into it. I thought to myself I hope I don’t stretch it. Lastly I rolled up the white knee high sox. I went to the mirror and checked out what I looked like. I was shocked, if I had long hair and a little make up I might be passable. I thought to myself “what the hell, I might as well go all the way” with that I took out her makeup and tried my best to mimic what my mother and s****r do daily. Again I went to the mirror. Amazing for a first timer, I stood there checking myself out, sticking my hips out and checking out my ass.
Suddenly I heard a knock at the front door and then the door opening. A voice from the hall said “Jimmy you home? The door was open. I need to borrow your dad’s leaf blower. He said to come and get it anytime. Are you in your room?”
I heard Mr. Robinson walking down the hall towards my s****r’s room and mine. I panicked and froze. I didn’t know what to do. Then at that moment he was there in the door way.
“Oh, Jenny. I thought Jimmy was home. “
I had nowhere to hide. I had to turn and face Mr. Robinson. I was mortified. I turned and stammered” ahh, it’s not. It’s not what. Ahhh”
He said “holy shit jimmy! I thought you were Jenny. Ahhh what is going on here? “
I was completely humiliated. I said” Mr. Robinson, it’s not what it looks like”
He said” well, Jimmy its cool. I know a few gay people. Ahh, I guess I’ll be going. “
I said” wait. Ah this isn’t what you think it is I was just goofing around. I didn’t do anything “
Mr. Robinson’s face started to change and he said” well, like I said I’m cool with it. When your dad gets home I’ll have to talk to him.”
He turned and started for the door. I panicked; I couldn’t let my f****y know what I did. I jumped in his path blocking his way to the door.
I said” you don’t understand. I was just goofing around. Wait don’t go. Don’t.”
Mr. Robinsons face had gone from shock to a slight evil smile.
He said” well jimmy I have to tell your parents, they have a right to know what you’re doing when your home alone. Not to mention your s****r.”
Then I said the words that would haunt me. I said “wait, I’ll do anything just don’t say anything”
“Well jimmy anything?”
“Yes Mr. Robinson anything”
I felt his hands on my shoulder pushing me down. I dropped to my knee in front of him with his crotch directly in front of my face.
Mr. Robinson looked down at me and said “anything jimmy”
I knew what he had in mind, and I could see his cock growing behind his jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Cock was straining against the material of his briefs.
Then he said” go ahead Jimmy, anything. I’d hate to have to break your parent’s heart. You did say anything.”
I knew what I had to do, I freed his cock from its restraint and it pointed right at my mouth.
“That’s it Jimmy go ahead”
I grabbed its base and slid his member into my mouth. I used my free hand to work his enormous balls from his underwear and cup them.
He began to moan in pleasure. “mmmmm yeah. Suck that cock you slut”
My saliva began to lube up his man meat and make my work a little easier. I noticed my cock was rock hard against the material of my s****r’s panties. I was enjoying this, in fact, I was loving it and I started to show by picking up the pace of my cock sucking. I squeezed his balls then felt his hands on the back of my head.
“Yeah, suck that cock! You’re such a little slut. Look at you. Sucking cock in your s****r’s clothes. Mmmm suck that cock.”
I was a slut. He was right. I was loving this and my cock was showing it. I reached down and freed it from my panties. He pressed my head all way down his cock. I could feel his head against the back of my throat.
“Yeah, slut. Take that cock. You’re such a good slut!”
I started back on his ball and I could feel them start to tighten. He pulled my head off his cock by my hair. A long stream of his cum exploded on my face. A big gob on my eye lid. Then another on the side of my nose and cheek then another on my upper lip and chin.

“uuuugggh!” was all I heard.
Then I let go of his cock and balls. He took his cock head and rubbed it around my lips as I looked up at him. He looked down and said.
“That’s a good whore. You liked that didn’t you? Look at yourself! Covered in cum in your s****rs cheer outfit and on your knees”
He was right. I was completely humiliated. I did love it. It was the best feeling I ever had. I loved being treated like a little bitch and being made to suck big cock.
Mr. Robinson said” listen, go get yourself cleaned up and come over my house in an hour.”
I replied”why”
Mr. Robinson looked down at me and said “anything, you said you would do anything”
I replied “yeah, but I just sucked you off”
“That’s right jimmy you did, but it’s going to take more than that if you don’t want your f****y to find out. Come over in an hour and wear the outfit or I’m going to call you parents”
I realized he wasn’t done with me. I affirmed to him” ok, I’ll do it, just don’t say anything”

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