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Best friend

Me and my best friend Tom have been friends since the 4th grade, we are 17 now. Never really thought of him in a gay way until about two years ago. As all guys do we played around and showed each other our dicks in like a disgusting way to try to make the other guy react. But I started to like it. We sl**p together during sl**povers, and sometimes we fake cuddle and I love the way his arms feel around me and sometimes I feel his big dick on my back and butt. He is quite hairy which is another fantasy for me.

So one day we were laying down watching a movie and we started fake cuddling and I was enjoying I decided to make a move. I slid my hand down the blankets on the outside of his shorts, and touched his dick, which to my suprise it was getting hard, he didn't move me away or flinch so I kept rubbing it and he kept enjoying so I kept going and then I went inside his shorts and grabbed his hairy semi-hard cock and by this time he had caught on and was grabbing around on my big ass and started rubbing my hard dick, we started kissing. Then I started kissing down his neck all the way down his legs. We then switched positions so I was on my knees with him sitting on the bed. I was kissing down his legs and got down to his thick meat which I pounced on like a predator, sucking his 7in hairy dick with everything I had. Putting it deeper and deeper in my mouth and twirling my tongue around the head, then just sucking on the head trying to drain the cum from his thick juicy balls. I started licking his shaft from balls to tip enjoying every second of it, I started deepthroating it until I started tasting his precum which tasted so sweet. He kept moaning and moaning "stand up" he told me. I stood up and he did too he picked me up and threw me on the bed and ripped my shorts off and licked my ass it sent a tingling feeling all up my spine. Then he fingered my ass with 2 fingers then 3, then he probed his fat throbbing dick in my ass easy at first tip in then out then in then out a couple more times then without warning shoved all of his meat in my ass untill his balls were bouncing off my ass I let out a huge scream of excitement. And he was
was pulling my hair and spanking my ass, we switched positions so he was on bottom and I was riding his massive meat, and taking it all in my tight virgin ass, while I was kissing on his neck and chest, we were both moaning in pleasure when he asked me if I wanted to take it in my mouth, I flipped up and got on my knees ready for all his spunk. He was jerking his meat when I went from licking his balls to ripping his cock awh from him and stroking and sucking his sweet cock untill he exploded in my mouth and all over my face stream after stream of hot salty jizz I was loving every second of it, he licked what was left off my face and kissed and cumswapped me. "My turn" he said to my suprise. He got on all fours on the bed and stuck his sweet hairy ass up and I licked and ate his ass with everything in me while I was stroking his dick, he was moaning and yelling, I then slid all of meat into his slippery ass. I started pounding his ass faster and faster we switched positions so he was on the floor feet in the air resting on my shoulders drilling his tight hole, soon enough I let my load go with a deep thrust into his warm wet asshole. Stream after stream and flipped over and let it all fall out into my mouth. We laid there on the floor cuddling untill we fell asl**p. I will never forget that night.

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