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Meeting a Milf in Hotel

A few years ago I arranged to meet up with a sexy mature milf, in town on business with some time to spare.
We'd swapped numbers, and arranged a time for me to arrive at her hotel. I called from outside and spoke to her to find out her room number. by now I was getting really excited aboout the idea, it was the first time I'd met someone just for a naughty no strings encounder.
I went into the hotel, past reception and headed along to her room, my heart was pounding, with excited nervous energy, looking forward to what was about to happen.
I knocked on the door, and it slowly opened, and standing there was just what I was hoping for. She was around 50, short blonde hair, wearing a tight business jacket, white blouse, showing off a nice big cleavage, a knee length skirt, black nylons and high heels.
we said hello, made some small talk, I was wearing a suit myself as she'd asked me to. She told me she liked looking at all the young men in her office, expecially their crotches, and had always wanted to grab a hold and feel thier cocks through their trousers. I said she could do that now it she liked, no problem with me, and she reached forward and grabbed me, giving my cock a nice squeeze.
I took that as my queue, and moved forward to kiss her, putting my arms inside her jacket, and around her back.
I reached down and started to unzip her skirt, and slid it down to reveal she was wearing stockings and suspenders as I'd been hpong for. she stepped out of her skirt as I started took her jacket and blouse off, to reveal a loveley big pair of tits. I couldn't help but have a lick and suck on her nipples, which started to harden in my mouth.
She said it was time for me to get naked, and I had my clothes off pretty quickly, I was getting very horny now and desperate to get my cock inside her.
once i was naked, and she had only her stockings Suspenders and heels on we moved over to the bed and lay down kissing and touching each others bodies.
I was aching to fuck her at this point, my cock was hard as it's ever been, and I wanted to be inside her desperately, I was so excited when she told me she wanted to get fucked now that I didn't speak, I just rolled her onto her back and pushed my cock deep inside her wet pussy.
We were both moaning and groaning as I slowly fucked her. we'd only met 5 minutes ago and we we already having sex, unbelievable.
we kept going and I started speeding up, fucking this sexy stocking clad milf harder and harder. her legs wrapped around my back, and in the air so I could push myself deeper inside her. her nails scratching down my back.
after 15 minutes of intense fucking I was ready to cum, and my sexy milf encouraged me, telling me to fuck her harder and cum inside her.
I looked into her eyes, and with one last thrust I started cumming deep inside this strangers pussy, as she pulled me closer and deeper inside.
That wasn't the last time we met, I knew that I wanted to try some more things with her, but that was another time, as she had a meeting to go to.

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