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Mistress Lynsea

Olivia quickly pulled out of me and quickly laid on the floor and Mistress moved over so she was standing above Olivia's face and she slowly lowered herself down and Olivia stuck her tongue out eagerly awaiting her Mistresses pussy. As soon as Mistress was sitting on Olivia's face, Olivia started licking as fast as she could but Mistress told her to slow down and to make sure she cleaned every last drop of my cum from her pussy so Olivia did as she was told and she slowed down her licking and explored every inch of her Mistresses pussy making sure she got all my cum. Mistress was sitting on Olivia's face looking down her body and she called me over and ordered me to sit on Olivia's Strap-on facing her and then to lean back and to put my arms behind me to stop me from falling to far back, then she leaned towards me and as I was slowly riding Olivia's strap-on She started to suck my cock taking my full length deep down her throat and her tongue expertly teased my cock making me want to cum but every time I was about to climax she would stop and wait before starting again and she was driving me crazy but soon she was starting to reach her climax as Olivia kept licking and sucking on her pussy and she our Mistress was cumming and cumming hard and she started squirting her cum into Olivia's mouth as I shot my load into Mistresses mouth and she swallowed every last drop.
She got up and led us both down to her sex chamber and we were both amazed at all the things she had down there and we both could not wait to try them all out. Mistress grabbed Olivia's hand and led her over to a Y shaped bench and she ordered Olivia to lay face down on the bench and as Olivia laid down Mistress started to tie her down starting with her arms that Mistress stretched out above Olivia's head, then Mistress moved down to Olivia's legs and stretched them out on to each of the V shaped bits on the bench and tied each one down just at the back of the knee and then she pulled the lower part of Olivia's legs back up until her heels were resting on Olivia's ass and then Mistress tied them in place. Olivia looked a bit uncomfortable in that position but she new not to complain.
Mistress then walked over to a bench on side of the room and grabbed a ball gag and she handed it to me and told me to put it on Olivia and then to come back and give her a hand to move something, so I walked over to Olivia who had already opened her mouth ready and I place the ball into her mouth and fastened the straps round the back of her head and then went back to help Mistress carry a fucking machine over to Olivia and place it in between her open legs. Mistress then went and chose a 9 inch long thick black dildo and a 7 inch one that she then placed on the end of the machine and moved it forward so the tip of the bigger dildo was pressing against Olivia's pussy and the other was pressing against her ass. Mistress then added some lube and slowly eased the two dildo's inside Olivia and then turned the machine on and the two dildo started moving back and forth inside Olivia and she soon started moaning with pleasure as the full lengths of the dildo's disappeared deep inside her and then were pulled back out before penetrating her again and once Olivia had started to get used the them Mistress turned the speed up and this drove Olivia crazy. Mistress then left Olivia and came over to me and took me over to a set of straps that were hanging from the roof and she then lifted my hands above my head and fastened then in place.
Then she grabbed my hips and pulled them back so I was slightly bent over and then she spread my legs so they were level with two rings that were bolted to the ground and she tied my ankles to the rings and she stepped back and admired me spread out in front of her and she walked over to the bench and chose a new strap-on to use and also picked up a riding crop and she walked back over to me and whipped the riding crop across my ass a few times before forcing her strap-on deep inside me and it stretched my tight hole beyond it's limits and it felt great and she fucked me hard while gently whipping me with her riding crop. I looked over at Olivia who was facing us and the look on her face was just amazing, I don't know how many times she had cum but it was a hell of a lot and her face was turning very red and her whole body was drenched all over and there was a puddle below her pussy from all the times she had squirted and her body was shaking uncontrollably. I could soon fell myself starting to cum and I begged Mistress to let me and she said I could and she continued to fuck me hard until I shot my load on to the floor and she pulled her strap-on out of my used hole and walked over to Olivia who had just squirted one more time and Mistress turned off the machine and she untied Olivia before coming back over to me and untying me and we both helped carry Olivia back upstairs to Mistresses room where we laid her on the bed and Mistress Moved up the bed and swung her leg over Olivia's face and slowly lowered herself down and she told Olivia to start licking her ass and Olivia did as she was told and started licking her Mistresses ass.
Mistress then told me to lay on top of Olivia and to start fucking her pussy and not to pull out unless told to and while I am fucking her I had to lick Mistresses pussy at the same time.
It did not take long for mistress to have her first orgasm and that was closely followed by a second and then a third and then she squirted into my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could but quite a lot went all over me and Olivia. Soon Olivia and I were both starting to cum and Mistress ordered me to cum inside her so I did as I was told and I could feel Olivia's body shaking below me as her orgasm took over her.
We all laid on the bed for a while and talked about what we had done and Mistress liked to hear what we liked and did not like but then there was nothing that we did not like so she was pleased. We all slept on the same bed together that night as tomorrow meant more training for Olivia and I and we both could not wait.

To be continued

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