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The Infusion (the story of how my tribe lives)

I live in a tribe of 75 people. The oldest of the men is called The Chief, and the woman chosen in The Infusion is called The Mother. Sure, our tribe could be bigger, but The Chief, and all the Chiefs before him have agreed that this size is best. How do we keep our tribe so small? We have only one baby a year.

Three weeks before The Infusion, the women of our tribe insert their name into a drawing to be the chosen one. This is usually a time of much excitement and hope for the women of our tribe, older and younger. During this time the women frequently rub themselves and each other, and their moans of pleasure can be heard throughout camp. Last year during this time, I was walking home from a hunt- and spotted three girls just outside of camp. One of the girl was lying on her back with her legs spread. One of her friends was sitting between her legs, and the other was holding her head while gently stroking one of her nipples. I overheard the girl between her legs, "Now that you're dripping wet, I'm going to finger you".
She slipped her fingers into the girls wet pussy. Our tribe is very open, so they didn't mind me watching, the girl fingering her smiled up at me.
"Want to help?" She asked in an expectant tone.
I dropped to a knee. I spit on my finger and began rubbing her already swollen clit. The girl supporting her head grabbed both of her puffy nipples. She thrusted her hips upward as her friend began to fuck her deep with two fingers. I could hear her fingers sloshing in and out of her friend's wet vagina. As she came, I kept swirling my fingers on her clit until she finished. The pulsing clit made my dick fill up a bit. The girl looked exhausted. I got up and went on my way.

I personally don't get excited about The Infusion like some men do, but it is required that none of us ejaculate the entire year, leading up to the day of The Infusion. The Chief, and the Chiefs before him agree that the man must save his sperm and cannot risk losing the strongest one. After a man reaches a certain age, he may have sex with one of the older women of the tribe who are past their c***d baring age. This is a great honor for both the man and the woman and is recognition for achieving great age.

The day of The Infusion is intense. You are woken by drums beating loudly as everyone gathers in the meeting area of the camp. A giant pillow made from furs and feathers is in the center. Once we have all gathered, silence awaits a speech from The Chief with The Mother of the previous year by his side. The Chief tells us history that we have all heard before. I don't think anyone hears this as there is a noticeable excitement in the audience. The Infusion is here.

After The Chief tells some history, the drawing of the name happens. All the women have perky ears and sit at full attention until the moment the name is announced. You can usually see most women rubbing their clitoris through their garb before the announcement is made. As The Chief announces the new chosen Mother, a cry of excitement comes from a the crowd. As this years Mother steps forward, I am awestruck by her. They say when one is chosen, she shines brighter after that day. The girl is 19 years old. She has brunette hair to her mid back. Immediately upon being called, she removed her shirt. Her breasts bounced as she took it off, revealing nipples that were already hard. She removed her undergarb, and presented herself to The Chief. He motions for her to turn around. As she is turning I saw her perfect ass. While she had her back to us, I looked between her legs and could see her pussy lips. When she turned back around and faced the crowd again I got a better look at her hairless vagina. My penis began to get hard with anticipation. I looked around and already saw the others rubbing themselves. I started to do the same, and felt something I hadn't felt all year.

The girl lay on the large pillow and gently rubbed her pussy. I could see it glimmering from 10 yards away with her sweet nectar leaking out of it. The men then got in line by age, youngest first, as we had for hundreds of years. The youngest of us was in front rubbing his penis furiously. He was having trouble getting it up probably because he was nervous.. It was his first Infusion. The Mother, laying on her back with her legs wide open, motioned with her finger for him to come forward. He walked to the base of her, but she kept motioning him forward, towards her. When he was close enough, she took his soft cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Since it was soft, she put the all of it in her mouth, and f***ed his balls in too. She stuck her tongue out and I could see it massaging beneath his sack. This girl was chosen.

As he began to fuck her throat, his cock was clearly hard enough to stick inside her, so that is what she guided him to do. He slid his hard, but small, cock inside her. He came almost immediately. As he pulled out she stuck her legs up, as to make sure none came out. The next in line stepped up and was already hard like the rest of us from watching her throat get fucked. I was next.

After he shot his load inside her, I made eye contact with her. I looked at her beautiful breasts, her long brunette hair, her beautiful stomach, her long legs, her puffy pussy begging to be fucked. I climbed on top and slowly slid my cock inside her. The feeling was overhwhelming. This was my fifth Infusion, but this was something different. Her vagina gripped around my cock so tight, yet it slid in and out so easily. Her pussy tightened around my swollen dick and I felt it pull, begging for my if it was trying to suck the cum out of me. People yelling, her moaning, my heart thumping, and my cock swelling up as I prepared to cum. She screamed and I could feel her vaginal walls contracting around my cock. Over and over it tightened and loosened, then quickly tightened again like a pulse. I couldn't take it any longer, and shot my load deep inside her. With each pulse of my orgasm I felt more hot load spewing deep inside her.

....To be continued if you guys like this?....

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