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Becoming His Slave

At Marks apartment I played video games with him while we smoked a joint and drank beer. Mark has a very strong personality and typically we end up doing what he wants to do. I often find myself in the kitchen making him a sandwich or fetching another beer for him.

After a game, Mark put in a movie to watch. It was a porn movie with a dominant man and his submissive girl. During the movie Mark turned on the couch and stretched his legs out over my lap.

"Rub my feet." Mark said.

"What?" I replied.

"You heard me. 'Rub my feet.'" he repeated. "It's the least you can do. You come over smoke my weed, eat my food, drink my beer. You can at least rub my feet when they're tired."

My head was already light and drifting from being high. I heard myself say 'alright' and the next thing I knew I was rubbing Marks feet. He laid back against the arm of the couch and enjoyed the attention his feet received.

"Legs too." he said, appearing more focused on the movie than my massaging his feet.

I complied and massaged his legs. I noticed the bulge in his pants. In fact I couldn't help but stare at the bulge in his shorts. I massaged up his leg to his thighs and his cock pulsed. The fabric of his pants rising and falling as his cock strained against it.

The first part of the movie ended and now it shows a guy and girl getting it on. The girl was actually sitting on the guys face, smothering him under her ass. I was transfixed. Then she turned around and shoved her cock into his face. He began to suck off the woman who had just smothered him.

"That would feel good right now." Mark said. "I could go for a blow-job."

"Yeah." I absently said.

Mark paused the movie at a close up of the guy with the cock in his mouth.

"I've heard guys give the best head." he stood up and removed his shorts as he spoke. "Let's see if you can give me a better blow-job than I get from Beth." Standing in front of me he straddled my legs, his erection hovering in my face. "We both know you've been staring at my cock. Go ahead and play with it."

I cupped his balls with my hand and closed my other hand around his cock. I started to bend my head to his cock and just before I took him in my mouth, I paused. With his cock right in my face I was inhaling his musk. Watching his cock throb and pulse as my hand fondled his balls. I slid my fist up and down, feeling the hardness of his cock.

"Suck it! Suck my cock!"

Something inside me took over. Perhaps it was the times I had sucked my cousins when we were k**s. Or the time I sucked my friend in high school after we shared out dirty dreams. Putting my mouth to his cock I closed my lips around his smooth head. The salty taste of his pre-emission filled my mouth instantly and I started to suck. Mark pushed forward, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. After a few stroked he pulled out and held his cock up.

"Suck my balls." he said. I moved my face to his crotch and started to kiss his balls, tasting and smelling his musk. The salty sweat of his balls filled my mouth. sucking his balls in my mouth I swirled them with my tongue. Rolling them around my warm mouth. Pulling gently as I draw away from his groin. Releasing his soft balls, I licked and kissed them.

Mark was moaning and rocking his hips as I worked his balls. Then I slide up his cock licking and kissing as I went. I held his cock up and kissed the glistening head. The salty pre-cum touching my lips. Lick it off my mouth is filled with the salty warmth and I want more. I hold his cock up and lick around the smooth purple head, getting more of his pre-cum as I lick and kiss. While kissing his head, Mark thrusts his hips forward. His cock slips easily between my moist lips and into my mouth. I start sucking instantly. Before long I am bobbing my head up and down his shaft. Mark is thrusting in and out with my movements.

I feel his balls tighten and before I realize it he is erupting in my mouth. I pull away from his cock while he is cumming, splashing his cum against my face.

"Not bad, bitch. Next time, though, you'll swallow Masters cum. Got it."

"Yes sir." I reply.

Mark sent me to the bathroom to wash my face and get a warm cloth for his cock and balls. When I return I hold the cloth out to him.

"You're the one who spilled the cum, bitch, you clean it. And You better be gentle with my cock and balls." He tells me.

I kneel beside the couch and wash his abdomen, cock and balls with the warm cloth. Mark becomes erect again while I am doing this. He also tells me he knew I would agree to his terms. Mark noticed my weakness a long time ago when we were high. He saw me watching his crotch and his b*****rs crotch. At one point he said he had asked me about it and I blushed, but didn't deny it.

"Just look at what you're doing now, Bitch." he finished. "Playing with my cock, while yours is stiff as a board against your shorts."

He was right, I was absentmindedly stroking his cock with long, slow, soft strokes. My erection was pushing hard against my pants, trying to get free.

Mark turned and stood straddling my knees. His cock hung in my face. Putting a hand behind my head he moved his cock to my mouth.

He said. "Be my slave. Suck Masters cock."

I accepted his hardness into my mouth and sucked as he pushed farther and farther in. When he hit the back of my throat he held himself in place for a moment. I started to gag on his cock and he withdrew to just the head in my mouth. Again he pushed in, pushing farther this time, holding till I gagged, then pulling out. Mark repeated this each thrust going farther into my throat than the one before. Before long his whole cock was stretching my throat and lips and my nose pushed against his abdomen. I cough and gag around his cock. He smiles and holds himself inside me for a few moments. He pulls out and as I am gasping he quickly shoves himself back down my throat.

"Mmmm, yeah. Suck it down like a good slave. You'll soon be deep throating like a pro."

He moves forward to straddle my hips, pushing his cock down into my mouth now. My head is tipped back, Marks fists hold me tight by the hair behind my ears, as he tips me to face the ceiling. I watch as he lowers his body down until he is nearly sitting on my face, his cock deep in my sore hot throat. Pulling out of my throat, Mark let's me gasp a breath before pushing himself down into my throat again. I feel my throat expanding as his cock f***es itself down my gullet. I cough and gag, spit flowing from my mouth down my cheeks and neck. Mark pulls himself out of my mouth, laughing.

He spins me around and pushes my head back onto the cushion of the couch. Putting a foot by my head, he squats over my face. Aiming his cock into my mouth Master again descends, forcing his cock into my throat. I raise a hand to his hip to slow his descent, but he grabs my wrist and pushes my arm over my head. His weight presses down on my mouth. I breath raggedly through my nose as I cough and spit around his cock. When he pulls up a trail of saliva connects his cock with my mouth. And again he descends, forcing his cock deep into my throat. And again I cough and sputter. My vision blurs as I suffocate under him. Just as my eyes are starting to roll up into my skull and I feel myself slipping out of reality, Mark stands up.

Mark turns and lowers his ass on my face. He sits for a few moments smothering me with his ass. When he lifts he bends forward and points his cock down at my mouth. I reach up and hold his hips, guiding him as he descends and I again take him in my mouth. When he settles down this time I am inhaling the odor of his anus as his cock ravages my throat. I am sure I will not be able to speak for days after this, my throat hurts so much. Master Mark humps my face grinding his crotch into me. He pulls out, pushes deep, fucking me hard and fast. Master's cock taking my throat, making me his pussy. I realized I was already thinking of him as Master as he fucked me.

With a deep thrust and a shudder on my face his hot cum erupts down my throat. Some splashes back into my mouth and over my tongue. Mark rests his weight, spent from his fucking, on my face. I am sealed beneath him, struggling again for air. Just before I black out he slides forward and sits on my collar bone and neck. His weight still restricting my breathing, but allowing it. I pant and gasp under him.

"Say thank you Master." He commands.

"Thank you Master." I roughly manage, my voice sounding very raspy and hoarse.

Mark remains on my neck for a while before standing up. I slide down so I am sitting on my ass behind him. He remains standing with his ass in my face.

"What a little slut bitch you are." he says. "Worship my ass and tell me you're my bitch."

"I'm your bitch." I say to his ass between kisses.

"I can't hear you."

"I'm your bitch." I say louder as I continue kissing and licking his ass. My tongue traveling along the cleft of his cheeks.


"I'm your bitch, Master." I say almost yelling into his ass. My arousal driving me on and on to be his slave in the hopes of some release. "I'm your cock sucking bitch, Master."

Mark bends over. "Eat it bitch. get your tongue in my ass. Show me your new place in life."

I kiss his ass hole rimming it with my tongue. "My place is at your ass." Kiss, lick. "eating your ass." My tongue presses against his ass and I gently suck at his bitter hole. I push my tongue harder and gain purchase into his dank, bitter, earthy chute. My tongue plunges in the depths of his ass.

Master moans softly. "And don't forget it, Bitch."

Mark allows me to eat his ass for a few minutes, then he sits down and orders me between his legs.

"For the rest of the day, you'll either by eating my cock or my ass, bitch. And with every time I cum in your mouth your slavery to me gets deeper and deeper. Understand?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you Sir." I reply as I close my lips around his cock. I start gently sucking his thick long cock.

This time I spend a long time sucking his cock. Mark plays a video game while I suck him. As I am sucking him I am telling myself to tell him this is only for today. I won't suck him off any old time he wants. In the end he does cum in my mouth and I swallow it all. As I swallow I can almost feel myself slipping under his control. Master sends me home before his girlfriend returns home.

"I'll call you when I need you're service again." he says as I leave.

I wanted to say 'I don't think so.' but my mouth responds, "As you wish, Master."

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