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Brad and I ...pt2

After Bra had left, I filled the tub with warm water and slid down into it. My butt hole was swollen and painful to the touch, the tissue had traces of bl**d. After I had bath, I dried off and went into my folks room to find something to soothe my aching bung hole.

I found some petroleum jelly and smeared a generous amount in and around my tender puckering bung hole. A glance in the mirror told me that it was a bright reddish color and hurt like hell.

It was late Wednesday as my folks and I was eating dinner, I was told 'Brad wants you to came over and help him clear out his garage and attic. He asked of it would be alright if you spent Friday and Saturday night at his house. We told him it would be great for you to get out of the house and be with someone we trust.'

I thought "what a strange thing, if they only knew as how much of a pervert Brad is."

That Friday came and Brad arrived and we went to his house. As we rode along in his car, neither of us spoke. Once we arrived, Brad showed me the garage and asked me to get started in there.

It was full of old tires and cans that Brad wanted to get out by the curve, I worked till it was duck, I went in to the house and called 'Mister Brad, are you in here." A voice came from the back of the house 'Yes David, lock the doors and come on back, I'm in the last room pn the left.'

I locked the back door and checked the front door, I made my way towards the back room and was met by Brad. He had changed clothes and had on a pair of shorts that highlighted his muscular calves and thighs.

He tossed me a towel and face clothe and asked me to use the shower on the right to get cleaned up for the night. I was beginning to have seconds thoughts as Brad walked away. I could see the print of his penis and it was nearly stiff then.

I showered and exited the shower to find a tube of lube and a note {David, apply a generous amount of this into you anus. You will find a white t-shirt and a pajama skirt to sl**p in. Please put the on and come back to my room.}

I did as requested and walked slowly to the back room, once there I knocked at the door and heard Brad say 'you don't have to knock sweetie, just come in.' I entered and turned my back to the room as I closed the door.

When I turned back around, Brad was laying on the bed watching a porn movie and stroking his huge penis. He smiled at me and said 'yes, you look just fine. Now climb your sweet ass up here and start sucking my dick.'

I walked over to the bed and stood by the bedside, Brad reached out and seized my wrist and pulled me up on the bed. 'You know why you are here, we are going to start where we left off at your house. Only we don't have to hurry, I can take my time and enjoy that little tight tender boi pussy of yours till I'm satisfied.

I told him 'Mister Brad, I don't know if I can handle you. My bung hole is too sore to have you enter it with such a big thing.' Brad pulled me across him and was on top of me kiss/sucking my neck and upper chest. He mumbled 'don't you worry about me hurting your little tight ass. I'm going to take my time and see to it that we fuck slow and easy all night long.

Brad lifted my t-shirt and continued to kiss and suck my neck and nipples till I started to respond. My hand were cradling his head as he sucked gently but urgently on my nipples.

Brad kissed and sucked his way down my body till he found my semi hard penis. Slowly he sucked it into his mouth, for some reason, even though I was turned on by this, my cock went limp. It was like a soft tube of meat in his mouth as he sucked it.

Brad raised his face and said 'see you're nothing but my little fuck toy now, all you will want is for me to fuck you. I looked down at him as he lifted my legs and worked his way back up my body.

Once his face was over mine, he kissed my lips and positioned his rock hard monster of a penis at my anal entrance. I whispered 'Mister Brad, please don't hurt me.' He kissed my lips and smiled saying 'take a deep breath and hold it, I'm only gonna put the head in you till you loosen up.'

I braced my self as Brad pressed against my outer anal sphincter muscle ring, I gasped as Brad's huge penile glans parted my anal muscle ring, once his prominent penile ridge slid into my anus I gripped his shoulders and held him tightly.

Brad held his penis just inside my anus allowing me to relax, slowly Brad started to work his huge penis back and forth. Gasping, I pleaded, 'Mister Brad...please go're too hard...please go slow.' Brad kissed my pleading lips and reassured me 'I'm not going to hurt you, I'm gonna fuck you right.'

'HHHHMMMMM,HHHUUUUHHH,OOOOOHHH,' I moaned as my tender little butt hole snugged around Brad's huge penis. My inner anal sphincter muscle ring resisted his onslaught, only to be burst open by a violent thrust of Brad's hips.

'OOOOOHHHHHH,SSSHHHHHIIITTT,' I cried out as I gently bit into Brad's shoulder, Brad kissed my ear and whispered soothingly into my ear 'shhhh,it's in now, come on put your legs around me and fuck back.'

I painfully I gasp 'I...I...can''re way too hard.' Brad kissed my ear and snuggled down holding me closer to him. His hands cupped under my shoulders holding me to his body as he slowly grind his massive penis into my neither region.

Brad whispered 'come on David, don't fight me, relax and enjoy my dick, just like you did last Saturday. Come on fuck me like I'm fucking you, throw that pussy back to me, come on.'

My butt hole was screaming in agonizing pain as Brad slid his enormously huge penis back and forth in my butt. I had looped my feet across his calve trying to keep him from going further up into my bung. My head was arched back, till the top of my head was pressed into the mattress.

Brad took this opportunity lavish kisses upon my neck and suck my ear lobes. Brad and I was embraced like that for nearly 90 minutes before Brad said to me 'damn David, I got bust a load in your ass now, you're just so damn good.'

Brad thrust his penis deep into my rectum and slid his hands under my buttocks. He lifted me off the bed and grind deep into my rectum and unloaded a huge stream of baby making fluid. With each throbbed of his penis, a stream of semen would skeet bout and strike the back of my rectum.

Brad's penis did not diminish in girth, even though he had shot a huge load, his penis was still hard and throbbed violently. Brad laid on top of me panting for air as he rested. My legs were still over his calves and my hands were holding the back of his shoulders as Brad slowly started to grind into me again.

Brad raised up and looked down at me and said 'now that your boi cunt is well lubed, we can really start fucking.' Brad shifted his arms, he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and pushed my knees back into my shoulders.

I pleaded 'Mister Brad, please, you're going to rip me apart like this, let me put my legs down.' Brad smiled wickedly at me and said 'you're right, I'm going to loosen this pussy up. It's too damn tight to have been fucked by all those little boys.'

Brad started out by grinding his penis all the way into my bowels and than he started to ram back and forth into me like a mad man. I cried out in painful panic 'OH SHIT MISTER BRAD, YOU'RE BUSTING MY ASS UP.' Brad seemed to get embolden by my anguish cry.

For nearly 15 minutes Brad roughly attacked my bung till he shot another load of semen deep into my rectum. Bra role off of me, both of us covered in sweat, my anal opening leaking his substance back out.

Brad kissed my lips and whispered 'go into the bath and clean yourself up, we've just getting started. He wasn't lying either, the rest of Friday night Brad would assault my bung when ever he wanted to. He would fill my butt with his bay making juices and role off and take a nap, I would use that time to ease into the toilet and clean my self up.

Some time I would just be drifting off and Brad would wake up and want to have sex again. The next morning I awoke to find myself alone in the house. Brad was gone and left no note. I went to the shower and cleaned myself, made breakfast and went back to bed.

I was so exhausted from last night sex session that I soon drifted off into a very deep nap. I awoke with some one adjusting my legs and body, it was Brad, but he wasn't alone. I looked up to see another young man about my same age, he was as naked as a new born baby, not one strain of hair on his body. I was some what groggily as I focused on what the young boy was doing.

He was stroking his penis as he looked at me, Brad said 'glad that you are woke David, this here is my cousin Joseph, he ain't had the chance to fuck some good tight boi pussy. So I invited him to come over and get a little piece.

Before I could protest, Joseph jumped on my back and rammed his penis up my butt. Joseph wasn't all that big, but he made up for it in enthusiastic sex, he was slamming in to me so hard I good only grip the sheets and cry as he pounded my tenderly sore bung hole.

After about 20 minutes Joseph, shot his load os fluid up in my butt, as he pulled out, Brad turned me back over and climbed up between my legs and re-entered my sloppy bung hole. Brad's penis and my butt hole filled with his cousins fluid, made all types of obscene wet slurping sounds.

Brad rode me for an hour before he shot his load into my anus, once he was satisfied, Brad pulled from my anus and turned me over to me stomach. He walked around and lifted my face and said 'suck this dick like a lollipop, hurry up you've got two to service, so get busy.'

I was now openly crying as Brad held my face and made me suck his penis, Brad shot another load all over my face and told Joseph, 'your turn, make that bitch suck you good, We ain't no where near being finished. You're having fun aren't you.' Joseph looked at Brad laughing and said 'I get to fuck a good piece of ass and get my dick sucked, what you think.'

Brad and I ...pt2

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