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Watching From The Shadows

My name is Jack, for the most part I’m just a regular guy, regular job, regular apartment, regular friends but I’m also a Voyeur, but I wasn’t so much interested in going out to the nude beaches, or the girl that flashes her tits at parties, or catching a peek at a guy’s dick in a bathroom… I’m the kind of Voyeur that likes to catch couples going at it, watching unaware people having sex catching them doing something I wasn’t supposed to see made me so hot and horny. Living in the city made feeding my fetish both easy and difficult; easy because there were always someone somewhere that had a thing for doing it outdoors, and hard because it was a big city and I’m only one man.
I was horny and having a rather boring Friday night at home so I decided would go out and hunt for a couple to watch on this cool breezeless night.
Now like any kind of hunter I didn’t always find what I was looking for there would be nights I went out and didn’t find anything at all but tonight was one of those lucky nights that I would find some people to spy on, I could just feel it.

I decided to start in the Crescent Heights district of the city, it was close to my house and I knew there were a lot of secluded alleys that people sometimes used, but after an hour of walking around and finding no one I knew I had to change my strategy a little this time headed over to Monolith Park; the largest urban park in the city, during the day it was a beautiful lush and green oasis in a concrete desert, but at night the park was a haven for the homeless, d**ggies, and people having sex. It took me a while to get there but when I did I wasted no time starting my search.

I must have been searching the dimly lit park for an hour or so and I was ready to give up and consider the night a bust and just go home until I finally found what I was looking for. While I was walking around the far side of the tennis courts I saw three men, the dim orange park light was enough for me to still see that their pants were lowered and they were all rubbing and touching on each other. This was just what I was looking for; I ducked down and moved slowly around the chain link fence that encased the tennis courts staying as quiet as I could and stayed in the shadows so I wouldn’t be seen as I moved around to get a better view staying out of the light.
I was close enough now to see them clearly and hear their whispers, I got hard as I stood up and listened to them complimenting the size and shape of one another’s dicks, they were all stroking each others dick until one of them dropped to his knees and begun sucking on the other two men.
I could hear the low slurping sounds the guy down on his knees made as he took care of the two men in front of him but what excited me even more was when the two standing men started kissing. This was a perfect sight, two men kissing passionately on a moonlit tennis court while their dicks shared the mouth of another man; my dick was going crazy pulsing around in my pants like a beating heart as I watched them. I couldn’t stand it anymore and slowly unzipped my zipper and let my stiff dick breath, “goddamn you sure know how to suck a cock” one of the men said between kisses not even trying to keep his voice down, I reach down and grabbed my dick and looked down when I felt that a large drop of precum had welled up on the tip and I started stroking. I looked back over and noticed that there was only one man standing upright the other two were knelling down in front sucking on his dick and the other knelling behind him with his face buried in the standing man’s ass.

(Holy shit this is hot) I thought watching them engaged in their secret night meeting, I was pacing myself stroking slowly trying not to peak to soon, “you ready?” one man questioned, “as I’ll ever be…” replied another, that’s when the all stood and lined up real close to each other ass to dick, the man in front hissed in both pleasure and pain as a warm and freshly sucked dick slipped inside him, (yes!) I wanted to shout seeing the moment of penetration but held it in not wanting to be seen or heard by the men unwittingly performing for me, the man at the end of the line slowly inched closer, “unghh” the man in the middle groaned letting the man at the end enter him.

The three men had me at the peak of excitement as I watched them locked together like a train, my dick felt like a warm stone in my hand it was more than ready to burst but I wasn’t in the mood to cum just yet I wanted to stay and watch the rest of the show. The man in the middle seemed to be doing most of the work thrusting his hips back and forth fucking the man in front and working his ass on the dick of the man at the end, but they all seemed to be really enjoying it. The man on the end leaned forward and started nibbling and licking on the ear and neck of the man in the middle, the guy up front looked as if he was going to fall over, as if the only thing holding him up were the man in the middle’s hands around his waist, “Ah fuck!” the man in front squealed followed quickly by a “Shhhh!” from the other two as they all stopped what they were doing and started looking around checking to see if they had been heard but never breaking away from one another. I froze right where I was praying that they wouldn’t see me standing there just out of the light with my hard dick in my hand but thankfully I went unnoticed in their scan of the area and they started up again.

I was stroking my dick like I had just discovered masturbation watching the man in the middle reach around and start stroking the dick of the man in front of the line, I found myself unable to look away from the scene in front of me, my eyes glued to the man at the end ramming his dick in and out of the man in the middle making rather loud smacking sounds, I have to admit his boldness in this situation was almost as exciting to me as watching them here like this, I mean it was as if he wanted to get caught, though it could just have been him trying to get his nut.

I was ready to explode and by the looks of things so were the three men, the man in front jacking his own dick hard and fast, the man in the middle seemed the same but the look on his face was pure bliss being in the man in front while the man at the end slam fucked his ass. Now I cant be sure that this is how it happened, or if this is just the way I saw it happen but they each came one after the other starting with man up front jerking his till he started Cumming then let his dick go letting the cum dribble out as the man in the middle continued to fuck, then the man in the middle slowed to a stop and lingered inside him for a moment before pushing the front man away and a large amount of white fluid fell between the two of them making a thick splashing sound when it hit the ground, the last man pulled himself out of the middle man and with a few stroked started shooting his load turning in different directions getting it everywhere like a dog marking his territory.

I don’t normally do this but the show they gave was just so damn good I had to show my appreciation but applause wasn’t what I had in mind when I finally stepped into the light still jacking my dick and tapped at the fence and they all turned and looked at me just as I released shooting my hot white cream through the fence and onto the court.
The three men all looked at me puzzled not knowing who I was or that I had been watching them from the start, “that was so fucking hot” I said shaking my dick out then putting it back in my pants before walking off headed for home.

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