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Visting after work

It was going to be a hot summers day when I left for work so I decided to not bother taking a coat, as I was about to leave work to go home the wife called and asked if i would call in her Aunties to collect something for her i said that wouldnt be a problem,as really I fancied her Aunt like hell but would never say that to the wife.

As I left the heavens opened up and down came the rain I arrived at her Aunts and parked up and run the 50yrds to her house i was drenched,I knocked on the door and she let me in, she handed me a towel to dry myself of and told me to sit down and make myself at home,jenny was 44 but didnt look it very fit and gorgous looking shapely body and always dressed sexy.

As we sat chatting she suggested I take of the wet clothes and put on a dressing gown whilst she chucked them in the dryer for a while,I went up stairs and got the dressing gown it was her ex husbands and handed her my clothes we started to flirt and she kissed me on the cheek saying i wasnt safe as she had not had sex in months and was dying for a big cock o fil her wet pussy.

I said well you never know what would happen if you ask politely. We laughed and then she said well would you fill my pussy please now ive asked nicely carole (that my wife) has told me that your cock is massive. I blushed and said but your caroles Auntie and couldnt she said I am but Im also a women that needs fucking hard.

She came towards me and undone my gown she rubbed her hands on my chest and said my muscled body has made her pussy soaking wet and pulled my hand up her short skirt to feel her wet panties. As we kissed she grabbed my cock and gaspped at the size she licked her lips and said thats just right.

As she led me upstairs she started to strip she was down to a little pair of pink panties as we got in the bedroom and my cockwas rigid she knelt down and slowly slid her mouth onto my cock, I had to admit it was fantastic and was so turned on she rubbed my cock and sucked it and I cum in her mouth and down her throat, she got up and removed her panties lay on the edge of the bed and opened her legs so I could eat her smooth pussy.

I knelt down and started to nibble and lick her pussy lips as she moaned and begged for more, she was very vocal that turned me on more I darted my tounge in her slit it tasted good all the jucies running down my chin I reasched upto feel her 38DD tits with huge hard nipples she grabbed hy head and pushed her pussy into my face and orgasmed like mad.

She said she needed it badlyu and I had to do her before I left as it wasnt fair to leave a horny women in that state, she lay on the bed legs wide open and my now hard cock slid into her easy,I could feel the muscles tighten around my shaft and I moved slowly she said Carole was right it is huge and was glad to get it in her as well as we fucked for what seemed ages we tried out all different stuff 69,doggy,wheelbarrow,missionary,and a few others before we both cum at the same time,she was soaking wet and said it was like being fucked by a flag pole,I got dressed and delibertly left what I came for to return for seconds.

When I got home the wife was on the phone to her aunt to remind me I had left the parcel at her place. After tea I went back round and got in the door pushed her over the table and fucked her from behind and then up the ass I left her gassping with pleasure and begging for me to go back at the weekend for a allday fuck I said I will try and went home, that night I fucked the wife twice and also got a bj cumming down her throat,that weekend I stayed ather Aunties and had all weekend sex telling the wife I was working away and had to stay in a hotel i still fuck the aunt when I can and get the odd bj if I pop in for 20mins on the way home from work

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