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Take the long way home (for women)

We were driving home from a night out. We had been to a show and had a nice meal too with a bottle of wine. We were dressed smartly; you had a knee length dress that showed your sexy figure off well. You had been teasing me all night. Under the table, you took my hand and ran it up your leg, up to your thigh and let me feel the lacy top of your stockings. Then you took me further, made me stroke around your smooth pussy, and showed me how wet you already were. I decided that it was time to go home.

As we drove home, you teased me more. You lifted your dress and spread your legs a little, stroking your pussy and moaning softly, looking at me. You were enjoying the thrill maybe being caught, as truck drivers went by, looking down into our car to see you playing. I couldn't take any more teasing. I turned off at the next exit, down onto quite, dark country lanes.

I pulled into a quiet car park. We were the only car there. I climbed out of the car, walked around through the headlights and to your door. I pull you from the car and sit you on the side of he bonnet. I look at you in the eyes, then kiss you softly. I slowly kiss down your neck to your dress straps, kissing your shoulders as I slide each strap off. Your dress falls to your waist and I gently tease your hard nipples with my hands. I look into your eyes again and loosen my tie. I slip it from my neck and over your eyes to blindfold you. Now you can see nothing. I lay you back gently onto the bonnet. You wait for me to touch you again, your skin is more sensitive because you cannot see me. You begin to feel teased, that I am not touching you, but then you feel my warm lips on your neck. I kiss down your body, gently flicking your nipples with my hot tongue. I continue down, your skin is tingling. I kiss your thighs and gently open your legs. You can feel my breath on your wet lips. You feel my hot tongue lick slowly up each side of your moist pussy. Finally I slide me tongue between your lips, slowly up, and flick your clit with a quick flick of my tongue tip. You arch your back a little and moan softly. I lick you again, and again. Then I draw circles around your clit, and trace out your name with the tip of my tongue. You are close to cumming and ask me not to stop. But just as you are about to cum, I take my tongue away. You are ready to burst. You are about to shout at me when you feel the tip of my hard cock press against your pussy lips. This is a better present. Your pussy is so wet from me teasing you that the head slides in easily. At first it is just the head, but slowly, with each stroke, I go deeper and deeper. With a final push you feel this hot hard cock deep inside of you, so deep it makes you cry out. But this cock doesn't feel like mine, it's too long and too thick. You pull my tie from your eyes and see a tall, muscular stranger between your legs. You look at him, then inside the car. You see me sat there, just watching you, my eyes looking into your eyes. I look back to the stranger and nod. He beings to fuck you, slow at first but getting faster. He pulls himself into you. You have never felt a cock as good as this. You look at me, I am still staring at you being fucked by this stranger on the bonnet of our car. Thats when you see a head bob up from my lap. The a head rises, and you see a woman, stroking my cock with her hand as she looks at you being fucked by her man. She turns her head and swallows my cock again. You look back to me, we are looking straight into each others eyes. I can tell how much you are enjoying this new, thick, hot cock. You feel your climax approaching, building in your toes and slowly spreading up your legs. Just as you feel you are about to cum, he stops again.

He lifts you from the bonnet, carries you to the front of the car and bends you over to face me. As you look at me sat in the car, I nod again, and the stranger slides his cock into your dripping pussy. He fucks you hard, deeper than before. Its so much for you but its so nice you don't want it to stop. You can feel his cock tickling your g-spot. This is so good it makes your legs weak. He keeps fucking you hard, all the time you have to look at me, getting my cock sucked and looking back at you. Your climax begins to build again. it starts in your toes and builds up, reaching up your thighs. You can't take much more, you're ready to burst. Just as you are about to explode, the stranger stops. You are desperate to cum, so you push back on his huge cock as he just stands there. My eyes are fixed on you as you push yourself back hard onto his hard cock. With just a few strokes you feel it, his cock begin to throb. That's why he stopped, he was about to cum. His cock throbs faster and he grabs your hips, pulling himself deep into your soaking wet pussy. You can feel as he cums inside of you, pulse after pulse of hot, thick cum filling your pussy. There is so much cock in you that his cum begins to flow out. It's too much for you, Just as he cums, your pussy explodes, drenching his cock. Your legs bend but he has you held at the hips. Your pussy lips clamp on his huge cock, rippling to drain every last drop of his sticky hot cum. Your body is in spasm, you feel a little dizzy as the release you finally get spreads all around your body. It seems to go on forever. My eyes are wide as I watch you filled with cum. I am so turned on by it that I cum too. The woman lifts her head as she feels my cock pulse and looks out at you, stroking my cock with her hand. I explode too, cum shoots from me in hot creamy jets. It splashes her face, her clothes and runs down from my twitching cock to run over her hand. She licks me clean, gets out of the car and back into her own car, parked in the darkness. The strangers cock finally stops twitching and your pussy relaxes just enough for him to pull out, pull his clothes back on, and go back to the car too.

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