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We love Extreme Fisting...

When I first met the girl whom would later become my wife, she was hell bent on finding out all my sexual secrets and making them come true and I knew it could almost be anything after some of the stories she told me about her ex.
However, it wasn't until months into our relationship that she began to tell me about some of her fantasies which I was more than happy to satisfy an her fantasies tended to the more violent side: choking, bruising, punching, gagging, tying up, humiliation and torture...then there was fisting.
Now up to that point I've attempted but never actually fisted a woman and I always backed out once I reached the widest part of my hand, but with my wife I knew she wouldn't mind the pain. The first time I fisted her was after a long fuck and she was so turned on that my hand actually just slid right in.
This was amazing since it took so long for me to be able to just fit my whole cock inside her and later on I wouldn't give her as much foreplay for her pussy to open that wide and so I would have to repeatedly punch her pussy until my fist finally went in.
One of the more aggressive times fisting her was when she was on top riding my dick with her asshole and she just leaned back and begged me to shove my fist into her pussy. Her pussy was tighter than usual with my dick in her ass and add to that the angle and it was harder than usual to get my entire first into her pussy. For the next 20 minutes my wife created a river of cum. Then my hand started getting tired so I pulled my hand out and we just stopped there.
On days where I feel like being extra aggressive, I'll actually fist her pussy and then pull my hand half way out and open it up, from there I'd proceed to shove my cock in my hand in her pussy and then try to fit my hand as deep into her pussy as I can, from there I'll start jacking off while my hand and my dick are in her pussy, it can get rough and it's even tighter than her ass this way, then I'll keep jacking off until I finally cum all over her cervix she loves this and can't believe she can fit so much up her pussy.
We've stuck many things up her pussy and I've even dp'ed her with two bottles while I shoved my entire dick down her throat. I had a clamp on one nipple, was sucking on the other, rubbing her clit with one hand and choking her with the other, making her throat even tighter for my dick. This went on until I came so hard that a lot of the cum came back out of her throat and she could taste it. This got her off so hard that she sprayed the wall with her cum. Right after that she had to take a long nap.
I tried to fit both my hands in her but couldn't get past the thickest part of my hands, maybe one day i'll get there.

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