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Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy / Chapter #1

Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy

It was a nice warm and sunny Sunday. The girls were gone for the week to visit friends and Bear was away at work, Bert thought that maybe she would go and get her swimsuit on and go sit outside by pool and try to work on her tan.
Bert got on her swimsuit, grabbed a big tall glass, her beach towel, a big glass of ice tea, her new nook, her sunscreen and stepped outside and headed for the lounge chair by the pool.
Before sitting down, Bert took a good sized amount of sunscreen and began to rub it all over her body, making sure that she did not miss a single spot. With that done, Bert sat down and made herself comfortable and began to read.
After about an hour or an hour and a half, Bert heard the gate to the backyard open which startled her. Into the yard walked a very handsome young man, probably in his mid-thirties. His body was slim and yet somewhat muscular and very tan. His hair was blonde and his eyes were a very beautiful blue. The greatest feature though was the fact that he was wearing a very white Speedo swimsuit, a swimsuit that definitely showed off the outline of his manhood. Trying not to stare, Bert guessed that his manhood had to be about 8 or 9 inches in length with a good size girth.
The young man, upon seeing Bert by the pool, walked over to introduce himself to her.
“Hi, my name is Bill. I believe it was your husband who hired me to take care of your pool while he is out of town”
“Uh, yeah, my, my name is Bert” she stammered while trying to introduce herself. “Yeah, uh, just uh, do whatever it is you have to do. I, uh, I hope it won’t bother you if I just sit here and read while you are working.”
“No, no mam, it won’t bother me, it won’t bother me at all” Bill replied.
“Well, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask” Bert offered.
“Thank you” Bill said as he turned back toward the pool to start his work.
Bert couldn’t help but stare at the firm round cheeks of the young man’s ass. “Oh my” she thought to herself. Her imagination was going wild with sexual thoughts. Normally, she wasn’t like this but the fact that she was feeling horny and then to have the pool man here was just driving her to distraction.
As for the pool man, he knew that he was a good looking man and he loved driving women crazy, especially the older ones. Bill would stand up and stretch, pushing his hips forward, making sure that the ladies were getting a good view of what he was hiding in his Speedo.
Bert had to get away from this guy before she did something that she might regret later, so she got up and went into the house to fix herself a glass of ice tea. She was hoping that something cold would take her mind off of the pool man.
As Bert got out of her lounge chair, she hollered over to Bill, “Bill, I am headed in to get a glass of iced tea. Would you like a glass?”
“Yes, please” he replied.
“Why did I ask him” Bert thought to herself. “I wanted to get away from him, not to have to talk with him again” she thought to herself as she fixed two tall glasses of iced tea.
Just as Bert was about to walk back outside, Bill appeared at the kitchen door.
Bert was somewhat taken aback when she saw him. Not wanting to be rude, she invited him into the air conditioning. As they made small talk Bert found it hard not to stare at the outline of his long and thick manhood that was clearly defined by his tight swimsuit. Just the thought of having his cock was making her soak the crotch of her swimsuit and her wetness was driving her crazy. “So Bill, are you done for the day?” she asked him.
“Yes, I think I am done for the day. Everything seems to be fine” Bill replied.
Bert had never been so sexually forward before but this young man had not only pushed her to the edge but over it as well.
“Well” Bert started as she took his glass of ice tea from his hands and placed them on her breasts. “How about these? Do these seem fine to you?” she asked with a grin on her face.
“Oh yes” Bill replied “they seem to be very fine” as he began to gently squeeze her big mounds of flesh.
“Mmmmmmm” Bert groaned as she pulled the straps of her swimsuit off of her shoulders and pulled her top down, exposing her large ample breasts.
Bill gently squeezed her titties, rolling her hardening nipples between his fingers. “Oh yeah, you have some great titties” he said.
“Mmmmmmm, I’m glad you like them” Bert panted.
Leaning forward, Bill opened his mouth and began to lick and suck on the older woman’s nipples. With each lick and suck her nipples became longer and more painfully harder.
Bert placed her hand behind the young man’s head and held him close to her chest. “Oh my gawd” Bert groaned loudly as the young man pleasured her nipples. Bert could feel the lips of her pussy begin to get puffy, her clit beginning to get bigger and starting to throb and her juices beginning to soak the crotch of her swimsuit. It had been so long since she had been with anyone that her body was working overtime.
Reaching over, the young man placed his hand between the woman’s legs.
Bert slowly tilted her head back and spread her legs when she felt the young man’s wondering hand.
“Ahhhhhhhhh” Bert moaned when the young man’s fingers began to massage her hardening clit through the fabric of her swimsuit.
Bill removed his lips from the woman’s nipples and stood up and then leaned forward to give Bert a deep and passionate kiss. As Bill slid his tongue between her lips, Bert wrapped her lips tightly around his tongue and began to suck it as if it were a cock and she sucked long and hard.
Bill managed to pull the swimsuit fabric to one side and slipped first one finger and then two into the woman’s pussy. He was surprised to find out just how wet she was. She was so wet, he had no trouble sliding his fingers deep inside her.
“Mmmmmm, that’s it Honey” she groaned loudly when she felt his fingers begin to massage her hard throbbing clit. “Oh, oh my gawd, yes, yes” Bert said panting as she ground her pussy against his invading fingers. “Oh, oh my gawd. Oh my gawd Honey, I’m going to cum. Oh, oh, OH MY GGGAAAWWWDDD, I’M CCCUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGGG. OH MY GAWD YES” Bert screamed as her body shook violently. She wrapped her arms tightly around the young man so as to stop herself from falling over she was cumming so hard. Bert placed her mouth over the young man’s and slid her tongue deep inside. She tongued his mouth with great passion.
After a minute a two, she managed to push herself away from him and told him “You have to go”
“Are you sure you want me to?” he asked with a slight grin.
“Oh yeah, I am very sure. You have definitely got to go” For she knew that if he stayed any longer, she may go too far in their meeting.
Bert pushed the young man away and pulled up her swimsuit and as she did, she got a glimpse of the young man’s hard cock within his Speedo swim trunks. She knew that if he didn’t leave now, she was going to want what he had to offer.
With some disappointment and not wanting to anger the older woman, Bill turned and went into the backyard, got his tolls of his trade and left.


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