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New morning

so i am lying there the sun breaks thru the curtains.i need a drink well we all do

i definately need rehydration.i have just remembered licking out this beautiful

cunt before during and after.

my head hurts and i dont need jesus.its strange my cock is still so up and my

recollections of the night before are still hazey.i move up and see her face.

fuck me its my and fuck me wow rigid cock is still twitching.

ive fucked her all night long.i look at her seemingly contented face .so i guess

ive done something right??

her face and glow looks like ive done me and her proud.i pull back the

sheets,crusty and stained with the previous nights work what the hell?

a rigid cock and a great pussy who needs an invite??

well seemingly i do.she has no recollection of the previous nights fucking.well

to be honest mine is sketchy to say the least.i just know that the major has

been busy (lol)

i kiss her .wow its so good and then the tongues twirrl.well girls and guys u

know how good that feels.its so auntie the one ive always wanted to fuck

and kiss and be right here right now kissing her wanting her feeling her tits.

sucking her nipples and feeling her cunt juices ooze for me for me !!!! wow and

wow again.i am one fucking lucky nephew???

well yes i am.

she smiles at me(only us guys who know)well we do know dont we??

she pulls me up and kisses me again and again and again .she swaps tongues and

and reaches down for my cock.she wants some more and more .

i feel her breasts. i still need some i go down on her. i feel her

juices from her pussy but i need more.well ive fucked her and now i want to

taste her that so strange??

she strokes my hair as i drink her.i love her not only rejuvinates me

but its what we have stored and tasted.

wow and aunts juices in me and crusted on me.she pulls me up by my ears

guys u know what i mean??!!

she smiles and her lips are ready for me.she kisses me and reaches down for my

raging cock.she is more than ready for me.i can feel her wettness .maybe its me

or her but i know how now she reacts.well what the hell??20 years is nothing??

what would everyone think??who gives a fuck ?? cock and wet pussy i need she

needs she has has me so what does another day matter.she knows what she wants.

i know what she needs and she has my cock edging to her wet juicey cunt.

if only i knew this day or two would have happened.i would have saved all those

days weeks months years of masturbation thinking wishing hopping that one day

one day id actually get to fuck my beautiful gorgeous feel her to kiss

her to play with her? to get her to play with and to get her to suck me cum in her to fuck her to feel her as she orgasmed(trust me i know she

did several times).just to be there holding her kissing her loving her.

it was all so surreal.dreams or what??

if only we could all experience what ive felt and was truely life and

mind changing.its what every man teenager should experience.aunty loves nephews.

and certainly nephews love to fuck gorgeous aunties.

well i digress this boy loved his auntie and she loved him more than u know !!!

her pussy juices were so sweet.even our crusted cum on her pubic hair tasted

sweet.after all it was the remnents of the day before.

well where was i ?? oh yes i remember now(lol).guys whatever you need and feel

you have an aunty like mine .she will treat you well and she will fuck u better

than u can ever EVER EVER me i was that GUY.

her lips were like sugar and her pussy lips were the honey trap.i knew she was

ready for me.not only because i could smell her juices but also i could feel

her heat.and i could hear her groans.i loved kissing her.her mouth was so

inviting.but her cunt was too.i could feel her waiting for was like the

venus fly trap wanting you urging u waiting for you to pollenate the flower!!

i wanted to enjoy the experience feelings from the previous night were

a bit sketchy to say the least.i wanted now to savor every last moment of

pleasure.i wanted to love her, want her, enjoy her and have her enjoy me .and

remember me.not just a quick one never to be thought of but her NEPHEW that

would always treasure the moment and be able to recount it.(if needs be).

she was so sweet and beautiful.i feel honoured and chosen.what more can i say.

we are talking about 30 years ago now but it is still so vivid and i live it in

my mind and enjoy the memories as if it was yesterday

if only.still where was i (lol)

oh yes .she was pulling me up(right)we both needed a drink.but first my cock was

in need of pussy lips needed kissing.well whats the point of sex

without the kissing?she opened her lips and i kissed her .her pussy lips opened

and welcomed my cock was hard really hard from the moment i awoke.why

wouldnt it slid straight into her.perfect fit.i swear she moaned as it

opened her up.i felt her nails dig into me.i looked her in the eyes and she was

pleading me to thrust deeper and deeper into her.

her hands were on my ass.i could feel her nails digging in to me.i could see her

face as she wanted more and more.i wanted her more and more too.

my kisses and our tongues moving faster and faster. her nails pulling my ass

closer and deeper.her finger eventually slipping into my ass.forcing me ever

deeper into her and me enjoying the pleasure.if i thought just kissing her was

pleasurable what the fuck was all this.deep sex deep kisses and now my love for

her fingering my ass so i can deeper fuck wow .what infinite pleasure do

i have.cuming in her in her mouth and on her face ,tits. it was a truelly a

fucking fucking much so that i can still wank myself off in

wonderment.its just a shame i cant still fuck her now.

but hey guys if you ever get the chance and have what ive had and the glint in

her eyes when she sees me and still the kisses and touching is still there.go

for it all.aunty sex is worth it.especially if she looked like mine .

but then again we all dont have great looking aunties

and maybe i was lucky that she wanted me and have great sex.i am glad i didnt

disappoint her.the trouble is now i compare her to my lovers.which isnt fair is


enjoy xxxx

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