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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

Our first floor apartment windows are at ground level. Coming home last night, I noticed our bedroom curtains were bleached out by the sun and almost transparent. To my delight, my beautiful wife was sitting on the bed reading with her back to the window completely naked. I pulled over and parked to enjoy the view and noticed six jr. high aged boys also enjoying the show from our neighbor’s porch across the street.

This was too good to pass up. I went home and made my way to the bedroom. I turned on another light at the head of the bed, and slowly turned her toward the soft light and the window. With her full breasts and beautiful pink nipples now fully exposed to the neighbor boys, I started into heavy foreplay from behind.

After a few minutes, she was very turned on. I laid her back and lifted and spread her legs wide open exposing her glistening lips to all the boys.

I heard them whistle and cheer as I spread her lips exposing her moist throbbing clit and vagina. She asked if anyone could see in, I assured her they couldn’t.

She moaned sweetly as I knelt beside her taking her nipple into my mouth and stroking her swollen clit.

She shuddered as my finger slid in and out of her moist vagina. After slowly working back and forth between her vagina and clit I felt her hips sink into the bed and she began thrusting into a massive orgasm. I made sure the boys had an unobstructed view of her beautiful breasts, her rock hard nipples making perfect circles with every explosive thrust. What a performance! Her orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds followed by several intense afterglow thrusts as I continued stroking her exposed clit.

Finally she could take it no more. She went limp and stretched out crossing her beautiful long legs. Her perky nipples slowly relaxed as she lay there in the soft glow of the light fully exposed to those six, now completely silent boys across the street. They had probably never seen a naked woman in the flesh, much less a gorgeous one having an intense orgasm right before their eyes! Some of the luckiest boys in town. Wouldn’t it be great to listen in on their conversation after I turned out the lights.

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