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Chapter 1

The Farm itself was set on a high ridge with sweeping
views of the Connecticut River Valley in New Hampshire
and Vermont. It was among the oldest farms in town,
dating from 1790 and it originally had a farmhouse and
barns with all the associated outbuildings. Today just
the farmhouse and a large barn survived with a few
other small building s**ttered across the hundred

In the late 1980s it had been bought by a group of
eight Dartmouth graduates and, while it was not quite a
commune, they had tried their version of a better
lifestyle. The others had dropped out over the years
and finally the Kellys and the McColls had bought the
remaining interest in the property and fixed up the
farmhouse for the Kellys and converted the barn into a
comfortable house for the McColls. After sixteen years
there it felt like home.

Jennifer Kelly was working in the garden on a hot July
day. At 37 she was a beautiful woman. Very petite at
only 4' 11" and less than a hundred pounds she still
turned heads when she walked down the street. With
short black hair and green eyes she was in great shape.
All of the original group had all been trust fund
babies and Jennifer came from a well to do f****y. She
didn't have to work, her husband Tom was a successful
attorney in Hanover, so she spent her days taking care
of their two c***dren; Sean fifteen years old and Molly
13 years old. To keep busy she coached the local
running and skiing clubs.

She was wearing a loose fitting pair of shorts and a
sports bra although she hardly needed the bra. Even
after two c***dren her boobs had never gotten any
bigger then 32A. Coaching and the work on the farm kept
her figure trim and her breasts had no sag at all. When
excited, and that was often, her nipples grew to over
an inch and a half and stood far off her chest. Right
now, they were poking out the cups of her sports bra
and it was all her son Sean's fault.

The original group had been a pretty wild bunch. They
had partied hard, swapped partners, had threesomes and
foursomes and fucked far into the night. Jennifer had
been one of the wildest, bouncing herself to orgasm
after orgasm on top of one cock or another. Even after
she became pregnant with Sean and later Molly she
fucked the others, both male and female, just for the
joy of it.

As they became older most of the others had gotten less
sexually active, but Jennifer and Tom never got tired
of each other and Jennifer still searched out the
occasional strange cock for a thrill. She loved to
watch others have sex and usually rubbed herself off
while watching if Tom wasn't around. And that was why
she was working in the garden today in a highly aroused
state; yesterday she had come across her son Sean and
his girlfriend Heather fucking in the orchard above the

She had gone up to the springhouse to check the water
supply and on her way back to the farmhouse some
movement in the field under the trees had caught her
eye. When she had gone to check it she found it was
Sean and his big-titted, long legged girlfriend in the
middle of a wild fuck. They had not seen her as she
came up on them and she stopped dead in her tracks
stunned by the beauty of what she was watching.
Heather, who was sixteen with long blonde hair, was on
her hands and knees with her big 36D tits hanging below
her and jiggling every time Sean rammed his cock into
her. Her long legs hiked her ass into the air and
offered a perfect angle for Sean to fuck his cock deep
into her.

"FUCK ME, FUCK MY HOT CUNT!" Heather screamed as Sean
pounded her.

As interested as Jennifer was in Heather's body, and
she was very interested, she was more excited seeing
her son. Athletic and muscular with very little body
hair he sported a thick eight inch cock that he
obviously knew how to use.

"He takes after Tom in that regard," Jennifer thought,
"and at fifteen, he's still a growing boy. He might be
bigger than Tom when he's all done growing." Without
consciously thinking about it, one hand went under her
loose tee shirt and teased her right nipple while the
other hand dipped down the front of her running shorts
and slipped inside her panties.

Sean was slamming into the screaming and sweating girl
below him. He threw his head back and out of the corner
of his eye he caught sight of his mother watching them.
He was startled, but he was way to far gone to stop.
Then he noticed that his mother was finger fucking
herself while watching them. He looked up to her face
and saw she was panting. Their eyes locked together and
he said loud enough for Jennifer to hear, "Jesus,
you're hot."

Heather, who had no idea they were being watched,
thought this last comment was directed towards her. She
was very close to cumming and shouted, "YES I'M A HOT
all over Sean's cock. A few more strokes and Sean was
shooting his cum deep into Heather's pussy while
looking at his mother.

Jennifer came with a soft high pitched whine that
Heather never heard over her own screams. Sean watched
his mother shake and close her eyes. While Heather was
still finishing cumming, his mother looked deep into
Sean's eyes, took her fingers from her wet pussy and
licked them. She smiled at Sean, stuck out her tongue
at him and quietly slipped away on shaky legs.

"God," she thought, "that's the best orgasm I've has in
months." She felt no guilt or shame for getting herself
off while watching her son and his girlfriend. After
twenty years of sexual freedom with Tom, the i****t
taboo was not particularly strongly felt by her.

While she had not had any overtly sexual thought about
either of her c***dren, she recognized them as being
beautiful and very mature for their ages. Around the
house, nudity was no big thing between them and they
all still took saunas together in the winter and skinny
dipped in the river in the summer. "Sean didn't seem to
mind, if anything, he got even more excited knowing I
was watching." remembering the look that passed between
them as they all came.

She walked down to the farmhouse with jumbled thoughts
of Sean's big cock plowing into his girlfriend and of
Heather's big boobs swaying every time he bottomed out.

Chapter 2

Jennifer didn't have a chance to talk to Sean until
that night, and then only for a minute. He came in
after Tom and Molly got home and were in and out of the
kitchen as she was cooking. A quick look passed between
them and Sean smiled broadly at his mother. After
dinner Tom and Molly went into the living room and
Jennifer was working at the sink. Sean came up behind
her and said quietly "Sorry about that, I didn't think
anyone was around."

"Don't be sorry, honey. I invaded your privacy and
besides, you looked like you were having fun. I assume
she's on the Pill."

"Since she was f******n. Did you enjoy the view?" he
asked with a grin.

Jennifer evaded a direct answer. "She's a cheerleader
isn't she?" Jennifer already know Heather was a
cheerleader and that Sean had been seeing her for a few

"Yeah, but don't avoid the question; Did you enjoy
watching?" he said, still grinning. He was making his
mother squirm.

"I don't think you should be asking your mother,
questions like that." Jennifer said, but she was
smiling too.

"You seemed pretty excited out there," Sean moved up
behind her and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "You
looked so hot fingering yourself."

He reached around and brushed his hands up her sides.
"I think you were really turned on." Sean thought his
mother was beautiful and had taken full advantage of
checking her out in the sauna and while swimming. He
found her small, tight body very sexy and had wondered
what she was like in bed. He had heard his mother and
father going at it a number of times and knew that
Jennifer was very loud and vocal during sex. He had
kept all this as a fantasy until today and decided to
go for broke.

"Sean you better stop... Oh!" Jennifer moaned as her
son gently caressed her nipples. She thought, "This is
so wrong," but was dazed with the sudden erotic surge
through her body.

"I don't think you mean that. I hope you don't mean
that. You think that's what you should say, but your
body says something else. I have to go and meet
Heather, I'll be back late." He grinned again as he
headed out the door leaving her shaking at the sink.

Jennifer was very turned on. She looked around to make
sure she was alone and slipped her hand down her
shorts. She found her clit and it was wet and
throbbing. Just a few flicks of her finger and she was
cumming, gripping the counter for support. She always
got very wet when she came, in fact she squirted when
she came when she was very aroused.

Her panties were soaked and the front of her shorts had
a damp patch visible. Her thoughts were a jumble again,
"I better go change. Oh my god, I just came from my son
fondling me, but damn he was good. I'm still horny, Tom
better be ready tonight." She went upstairs to change
before Tom or Molly noticed.

That night Jennifer all but attacked her husband. They
had been fucking for twenty years, but Tom still found
her exciting. He loved her small body with the nipples
that stuck out and inch and a half when she was excited
and she was the first female he has ever met who
ejaculated when she came. Tonight she was even more
vocal then usual.

"Oh, Tommy, fuck my hot cunt!" she moaned as she
bounced up and down on his big cock. She shook with her
third orgasm and collapsed on his chest. He moved her
onto her hands and knees and slid into her hot pussy.
"Fuck, your hot tonight Jenny, even more then usual."
He started to pound her hard as he neared his peak.
"What got you so... OH FUCK! I'm cumming!" he moaned as
he started to shoot into his wife's hot pussy.

They both lay panting on the king sized bed. Tom was
6'1", more than a foot taller then his wife and had a
large cock. People who had seen Tom's cock wondered how
she could take it, but she loved it, it filled her
completely. He thought the difference in their heights
added to their enjoyment in bed. He liked to walk
around with her impaled on his cock. Tonight they had
worn each other out. The bed was a mess, with his cum
and her ejaculate pooling beneath them.

"Something happen today that got you so turned on? I'm
not complaining, mind you," he laughed. Jennifer
thought a minute before telling Tom what she had seen.
She was very graphic in describing their son's big cock
and how Heather's boobs had swung as she was being
pounded. She felt her husband's hard-on returning.

"So the thought of her sixteen year old tits quivering
as she got fucked turns you on" Jennifer smiled.

"I think about as much as seeing you son's big cock at
work," he said. "I think you liked watching him fuck
his hot little girlfriend. I think watching his cock
disappear in and out of her hot pussy turned you on."

Jennifer could not deny it. She was getting excited
again. She reached down for her husband's cock and
starting to slowly jack him said "What really got me
going was he came up behind me after dinner. We were
talking about it and he reached around and started to
fondle my nipples. After he left for his date with
Heather, I had to get myself off."

Tom was a little surprised by the boldness of his son's
actions but not shocked. And he was definitely not
surprised by his wife's response, well knowing her high
sex drive and lack of inhibitions.

"So what are you going to do about it?" he asked as she
started licking and sucking his lengthening cock again.

Jennifer raised her lips from him and said "I don't
know, I really don't know." Then she got back to the
work at hand.

Chapter 3

Sean had gotten home late after his date with his big-
titted girlfriend. He and Heather had fucked twice and
when he got home he fell exhausted into bed. Now he
watched from the second floor window as his mother
worked in the garden below. He could see her nipples
poking out the front of her skimpy sports bra.

"Jesus, they must be over an inch long!" he thought. "I
wonder what's got her so excited?" The sight of his
mother in the morning light made his cock start to
lengthen and grow. He reached into his boxers and
started to stroke his cock.

Out of the corner of her eye Jennifer caught movement
in the second floor window at the end of the upstairs
hallway. The only other person home was her son, so she
knew she was being watched by him. She had been on fire
since watching him yesterday in the orchard with his
girlfriend. Her session last night with her husband had
only heightened her arousal. She didn't know where this
sudden fascination with her son's big cock came from,
but she knew she had to have another look. She decided
to tease him and give him a little show.

The tiny housewife checked to make sure she could not
be seen from the road and then stretched and slid out
of her sports bra. She was naked except for her shorts.
Her nipples poked out into the warm sunshine and she
trembled with the thrill of exposing herself.

Jennifer didn't want her son to know she knew she was
being watched, at least not yet. She worked topless in
the garden for a few more minutes while her son beat
off to her sexy body. She finished up and went over to
the garden hose to wash off and cool down. When she
sprayed herself with the cool water, her nipples became
harder and the jogging shorts became all but invisible,
showing off every curve. She hadn't worn panties and
her pussy was clearly visible through the thin

Sean watched this incredibly sexy show not knowing it
was for his benefit. When his mother stepped under the
water and he could see her, for all intents and
purposes naked in the late morning sunshine, he started
stroking his hard cock faster. Suddenly, she looked
right up at the window and winked and smiled. Sean had
started to shoot a huge load of thick white cum when
she stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. He closed
his eyes and thought he would never stop shooting.
Finally the last of his cum dribbled down his fingers
and he opened his eyes again. His mother was no longer
out in the garden.

"Oh honey, what a mess you've made!" Sean's head
snapped around to the head of the stairs where his
mothers head was now just visible with a big smile on
her face. She was still naked except for her shorts and
drops of water hung on her incredible nipples. She was
panting and her face was flushed.

"I'll have to clean that up." She said as she walked
towards him.

Chapter 4

After her little show in the garden, Jennifer had snuck
quietly back into the house through side door. She
heard her son groan upstairs as he came and she quickly
went up towards the sound. She poked her head up over
the last step just in time to see the last few spurts
of his cum dribble down his fist. His underwear was
pooled around his feet and his eight inch cock stood
straight out. His huge load of sperm coated his hand
and chest. Some had shot up to just under his chin.

Jennifer's cunt was on fire. Seeing her son standing
there naked and covered in his own cum was the most
erotic sight she had ever seen. She walked over to him
licking her lips.

Sean stood, unable to speak or move as his mother
pulled his head down to her lips and leaned into his
ear. "Just relax, honey, mommy will take care of this."
she whispered. Jennifer gave her son a deep French-
kiss, slipping her small tongue into his mouth. She
broke the kiss and started licking down his body
sucking up all his sperm as she went along. She
squatted when she reached his big cock which had never
gone soft.

"It's such a big cock baby, almost as big as your
father's. No wonder you're so popular." With that,
Jennifer started to lick and suck his cock with
practiced ease.

"Jesus mom, that feels fantastic. I can't believe I'm
getting blown by my own mother!" Sean started to rock
his hips back and forth.

Jennifer popped her mouth off her son's dick and asked
seriously, "Sweetie do you want me to stop? I know this
must be overwhelming for you, I just can't help myself,
but I'll stop if you want me to."

Sean looked down at his sexy, petite mother. She had
his come smeared all over her face and was running her
hand up and down his cock waiting for an answer. "Don't
stop. Don't ever stop. You are the sexiest woman I know
and I've wanted this for a long time, I just thought
you'd freak out. It makes me hot to think I'm actually
going to get to fuck my mother."

With that, Sean pulled her to her feet and turned her
around. He gripped her shorts in his powerful hands and
tore them in two and threw them to the floor. He stared
in awe at her small tight butt He bent her over and
with her hands bracing her on the windowsill started to
slide his cock into her.

Jennifer screamed as an intense orgasm ripped through
her as her son's cock slid into her tight cunt. She was
used to her husband's big dick, and Sean's was about
the same size, but the excitement of fucking her son
made her pussy even more sensitive then normal. She
shook, sweat dripped from her body, her eyes were filed
with tears and suddenly her body went limp.

Sean had a firm grip on her hips as he slid into her.
He held her up as she gasped for breath and regained
her strength. "Now fuck me Sean, fuck mommy as hard as
you can. Fuck me like a cheap slut and shoot your baby
making sperm deep into my pussy!"

"Jesus, where did that come from?" she thought.
Jennifer had been on the pill for years and there was
no possibility of her becoming pregnant. It must be a
deep seated desire for another c***d that she and Tom
had never had. And Sean would make beautiful babies.
Jennifer was too far gone to worry about it any more.

Sean's eyes had gone wide when his mother said that. He
just assumed she was on the Pill or something else. He
was also too far gone to care and started to slam his
big cock in and out of his mother. They made a loud
smacking sound every time they slammed together.

Jennifer started to scream. "Fuck me, fuck my slutty
hot pussy! Shove that big, beautiful cock way into
mommy's cunt. Oh god! Oh god! OH GAWD!!" She started to
spasm and came in a screaming rush. Her moisture soaked
both their groins and she kept shaking and squirting
around his prick.

Sean slammed into her one more time and then fired his
cum deep into her pussy. His cum and her moisture mixed
into a sticky liquid that ran down their thighs. Sean
supported his mother as they slid down to the floor and
embraced. Sean played with one of his mother's
distended nipples and they kissed as the sun came
through the window and glowed on their naked bodies.

Chapter 5

At about the same time down in Hanover, Meg Tracy
walked through the door that led to the stairs to the
second floor office of Kelly & McColl. Meg was the 19
year old intern at the law office that summer. She
would start her sophomore year at Dartmouth that autumn
and was beautiful in a girl-next-door way. 5'6" with
long blond hair and 36C breasts she had an innocent
looking face with blue eyes.

Meg had gone back to her apartment for lunch, but had
forgot her keys and pocketbook at the office and had
gone back to get them. The office door was locked, but
luckily she had her key card in her pocket. She swiped
it through the reader and let herself into the office.
A muffled shriek from one of the offices caught her
attention and she went to check it.

As she looked through the door into the office she
gasped. There was Siobhan McColl bent at the waist over
a desk. Her red hair hung down over her face and her
jacket and blouse were pulled aside, along with her
transparent bra to bare her 36D breasts as they swung
back and forth from the fucking she was getting. Meg
noticed Siobhan's tiny button-like nipples were hard as
pebbles and that her breasts were so big they grazed
the desk with each thrust from her lover.

The reason her cries had been muffled was because her
black panties were stuffed in her mouth to try and cut
down the noise of her steady cries. Siobhan wore black
thigh highs and her skirt was flipped up over her tight
ass and her black fuck me pumps had her at just the
proper height for her lover.

Tom Kelly had been Siobhan's lover for many years,
since they were all living at the farm after college.
Jennifer joined them for an occasional threesome, but
usually it was Tom and Siobhan, especially since her
husband had died in a car accident a few years before.
Tom loved to fuck Siobhan, she was a wild partner and
at 5'7" with red hair and blue eyes and her big boobs,
she was so different then Jennifer. There was even some
question if Tom was actually the father of Siobhan's 12
year old daughter Elle.

They all lived happily at the farm and were really like
one big f****y anyway. Tom and Siobhan had opened their
law office ten years ago and many late afternoons and
lunch times could find them as Meg had discovered them,
fucking for all they were worth.

Meg's gasp caught Tom's attention. He looked over at
the pretty nineteen year old and smiled. "We have an
audience." he said to his panting lover. Siobhan looked
over at Meg with glazed eyes. Her face was red and
sweating and her black panties were clenched between
her red lips.

Siobhan thought she had picked up certain signals from
Meg and thought, "What the Hell? You never know unless
you ask." Reaching up to remove the panties from her
mouth she said, "Care to join us baby?" as Tom kept
plowing into her.

Meg had had a long and varied sex life for a nineteen
year old. Her first sexual experience was sex with her
older b*****r who she seduced when she was twelve. She
had her first bi-sexual affair when she was f******n
with her volleyball coach and this past semester had
had a torrid affair with her female roommate at
Dartmouth. She didn't need to be asked twice. She
quickly stripped out of her dress and underwear and
crawled up on the desk in front of Siobhan.

"God sweetie, your pussy is beautiful!" Siobhan moaned,
looking at the young, shaved cunt just inches from her
mouth. She lowered her lips to the girl's naked, wet
sex and ran her tongue up and down the lips before
sucking the small clit into her mouth.

Meg whimpered as Siobhan expertly ate her out. Siobhan
alternated licking and sucking and started to run a
finger along the inside front wall of Meg's sex. All
the while, Siobhan kept getting pounded by Tom's big

Meg looked down to where Tom's cock joined with
Siobhan's wet pussy and admired the sight of the big
organ. Meg was a size queen and the biggest she ever
had was almost ten inches long but she licked her lips
seeing the beautiful cock at work. Suddenly Siobhan
arched her back and screamed in orgasm into Meg's wet
pussy. The vibrations made Meg cum with a squeal too.
Both women quivered and sighed as they came. Meanwhile,
Tom kept pounding into Siobhan.

"Wanna try some?" Siobhan weakly asked Meg.

"I'd love to!" Meg moaned as she and Siobhan switched
places and she got on her back on the big desk.

Tom slid his big dick into Meg's well lubricated cunt
and started to fuck her with the same rhythm he had
been using on Siobhan. Meg started to whine and turned
her head from side to side. Meg slipped into one of her
favorite fantasies.

"Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me with that big cock! Fuck your
little girl! Make me cum like the little slut I am!"
screamed Meg. While she had been fucking her b*****r
for seven years, she had never had sex with her father,
a successful banker. She had always looked at his
handsome face and body with longing, but had always
stopped, so far, at the fantasy. She thought "That
might change when I go home for a few days next week."

Both Tom and Siobhan were startled when Meg started
crying out and both thought of their daughters, twelve
year old Elle McColl and thirteen year old Molly Kelly.
It was too much for Tom, and he reared back and yelled
as he shot stream after stream of hot, white sperm into
the teenager's pussy. Meg's eyes rolled back into her
head as she came a second time.

"I think you fucked her u*********s," laughed Siobhan
and started to lick and suck on the girls nipples.

Chapter 6

Thirteen year old Molly Kelly had been out for a run.
She was just slightly taller then her mother at five
feet even and was a little stunner with black hair and
green eyes. She had a tight runner's body but already
had bigger boobs than her mother at 34B. Molly was a
top runner in her age group. She had been training for
a race the next day in Vermont and her parents were
going to take her and Elle McColl and stay overnight at
a friends cabin after the race.

Molly came into the big old farmhouse through the back
door and sat down in the kitchen to take off her
sneakers. She was going to take a shower and then go
into town with Elle on their bikes. Because it was a
hot day, and because she was just running the back
roads and trails, all she had worn was an old sports
bra that was a size too small and a pair of tight
running shorts. As she got a drink of water from the
kitchen sink, she heard groans from upstairs.

Growing up with her parents, sex had been no mystery
and she thought "Oh, oh Daddy must have gotten home
early!" She figured they were having an afternoon
quickie when they thought no one was around. "I'll just
go grab a shower and sneak out"

Molly stopped in shock at the top of the stairs. Down
at the other end of the hall, by the back windows, her
naked mother was on her hands and knees moaning and
taking it from behind. He partner, who obviously was
not her father, had his back to Molly and she could not
see who it was. Molly could see his hips slamming into
her mother and heard the slap of his groin against her

Molly cast an appreciative glance at her mother's body.
She had been fooling around with her boyfriend Tim for
the last year. They had progressed to mutual oral sex
and Molly had sucked off his five inch cock many times.
They had not had sex yet, but the teenager knew it was
just a matter of time.

She also had checked out her girlfriends in the showers
at school and while swimming and thought the female
body was beautiful. She had secretly watched her
parents have sex a number of times and had taken to
masturbating when she watched and listened to them. But
this was the hottest thing the thirteen year old had
ever seen.

Molly slipped her small hand down the front of her
tight shorts and into her panties. She found her clit
and started to rub and massage it. It was a large clit
for a girl her age and size and stuck out beyond her
pussy lips when she was excited. Careful to keep just
out of sight, she started to pant and her knees got

The couple at the end of the hall were reaching a
climax to their love making. Her mother started to
scream and Molly noticed the tattered shorts laying
next to her. "They must have been really hot for each
other." she thought. Just then, her mother's partner
let out a yell and pulled out his cock from the tight
confines of Jennifer's cunt. He started to shoot his
sperm up Jennifer's back and then Molly saw who it was.

"Holy shit, it's Sean! Sean's fucking mommy!" she
thought. The realization that her b*****r was screwing
her mother and the stimulation of her own sex was too
much and she came, drenching her hand and it ran down
the inside of her thighs. She had whimpered when she
came, but they rutting couple never heard her over
their own cries. Molly snuck into her own room,
stripped off her running clothes and lay naked on the
bed breathing hard and reaching for her pussy again.

Molly was impressed with the size of Sean's cock. She
had seen her dad's and Sean was just as big. "No wonder
Heather hangs around so much. She's been getting banged
by that huge dick." she thought. She knew Heather and
Sean had been having sex for awhile, she had found a
pair of Heather's panties in the barn one day after
they had been in there and she figured they had been up
in the hayloft.

The frenzied teenager pumped two fingers in and out of
her wet pussy and brushed up against her big clit. She
came with a loud cry and felt drained. She fell asl**p
dreaming of her big b*****r's cock pounding into her
mother's hot body.

Chapter 7

Sean and Jennifer never heard Molly during their second
fuck. After resting a few minutes and catching their
breaths, Sean had flipped his mother up on her hands
and knees. Without saying a word, he slid his cock into
her and started to thrust in and out.

They didn't last long and Sean shot another big load up
Jennifer's back as Molly looked on. The lovers were
exhausted and sank back against the wall. Jennifer
looked around at the torn and discarded clothes and the
puddles of sperm and started to laugh.

"Honey, that was incredible, I still have a big mess to
clean up. I forgot how much young studs like you can

Sean kissed his mother and said, "I hope you don't have
any guilt or regrets. That was the hottest sex I've
ever had."

Sean pulled his mother up to her feet. His big cock was
level with her tits and she cleaned the last of his
come off his cock and onto her long nipples. "Hotter
than Heather?" she asked coyly.

"Damn, I'm supposed to meet her at two. I better get
cleaned up and 'recharge' for a few minutes." He kissed
his mother again as her walked to the bathroom to take
a shower.

Jennifer watched him walk down the hallway. She didn't
know what had suddenly come over her, but she knew they
would do it again. She would tell Tom tonight about the
day's activities; she knew it would excite him. After
all, he had egged her on last night, all but daring
her. She picked up her sweaty and torn clothes and
headed down to the laundry room. As she walked across
the kitchen, she tripped over Molly's running shoes.
She looked at them thoughtfully.

Molly, after recovering from her self induced orgasms,
cleaned up and went to meet up with Elle to bike into
town. Her head was spinning as she replayed the
afternoon's events in her mind. Her big clit throbbed
for release and her nipples were rock hard. She finally
heard Elle ask for the third time "Molly, why are you
such a space-shot today?"

Elle was twelve years old, six months younger then
Molly. She was a pretty girl with blonde hair and blue
eyes. She was Molly's height with a slim, boyish build.
She hadn't started to fill out yet and envied Molly her
curves. She wore braces and was almost painfully shy
around strangers.

Molly looked at Elle. Should she tell her the truth?
She decided. "Elle, stop for a minute and let's talk."
The girls pulled off onto the side of the road and sat
on the edge of a stream while Molly told Elle about her
discovery that afternoon.

Elle listened with fascination to Molly's story. She
did not have much sexual experience, just some
masturbation and watching some porn DVDs she had found
in her mother's room. She thought Jennifer was
beautiful and Sean was hot and as Molly described what
she saw, Elle started to get excited.

Molly was describing Sean's big cock and as she did the
memory started her big clit throbbing again. Without
realizing it, her hand slipped down her shorts and she
began to play with her pussy, stroking her clit and
then slipping two fingers into her sopping cunt. When
she got to the part about Sean pulling out and cumming
all over her mother's back she came too and let out a
high pitched squeal.

Elle watched her beautiful best friend cum and was
overcome with lust. She moved over to the quivering
teenager and started to French-kiss her. She had seen
this in one of the DVDs and the scene had excited her.
Then she reached down and took Molly's hand from her
damp panties and shorts and started to suck the wetness
from her fingers.

Molly was so caught up in the memory of watching her
mother and b*****r she had not realized she was
fingering herself until she started to cum. She was so
caught up in the sensations, she forgot all about Elle
until the twelve year old started to french her. Molly
was startled but still high from her orgasm and excited
by the hot kiss. She returned it and reached under
Elle's shirt to play with her breasts. Her hands ran up
the young girl's boyish flat chest until they found the
puffy bumps of her nipples and started to lightly rub
and caress them.

Elle had never had anyone else but herself touch her
nipples and became aroused. "Oh Molly, that feels so
good! You looked so awesome making yourself cum! Your
face was so beautiful! Don't stop, please don't stop!"
Elle had become alarmed when Molly removed her hands.

"Just let me get this shirt off you." Molly said as she
slid the tee shirt up the other girl's chest. Elle's
nipple came into view, two hard pink bumps on a flat
chest. Molly bent down and took one in her mouth as she
guided Elle's hand to her own boobs.

Elle and Molly stripped each other. When Elle's almost
bald pussy came into view, Molly licked her lips and
went down on the writhing girl. Elle came with a short
moan almost immediately pushing her slim hips up in the
air and driving her pussy further onto Molly's tongue.
She lay panting for a minute before she was up and
kissing Molly on the lips. Elle kissed her way down
Molly's body, admiring and worshipping her tits with
her tongue. Then she licked down to her pussy.

Elle was fascinated by Molly's clit. She had seen
pictures of other girls and had seen the videos, but
had never seen one so big. "It's like a tiny penis,"
she thought and then took it between her lips. Within
minutes Molly was having another orgasm.

They lay entwined afterwards, kissing and whispering
together. "You look so beautiful like that." Molly said
"Naked and with a glow from inside."

"I've never done anything like this before." Elle said
shyly. "You got me so hot with your story and watching
you play with yourself!"

"I've never done it with a girl either," Molly said.
"You're just so hot!" Thinking out loud she mused "My
mom looked so hot today, I wonder what it would be like
to lick her?"

"Ummm, I'd like to try that too. Maybe I'll hit on her
tomorrow after the race!" Elle said jokingly.

"You can go for her, I'd like to get some of dad's big
cock," Molly replied only half joking. Her mind was
working and she looked at her friend. "Would you really
like to try?"

"Oh, I could never do that!" Elle was shocked.

"Oh, I think you could." Molly laughed and started to
play with the younger girl's pussy again. "We just need
a plan."

Chapter 8

On Saturday Jennifer and Tom Kelly took Molly and Elle
to a road race in Craftsbury, VT. Jennifer was the
coach of the local running club and Elle and Molly had
been running in races for the past two years. Tom
didn't run, but came along to lend moral support and
because they would be spending the night at a friend's
cabin nearby.

Tom watched the three of them take off on the 5K run.
They were wearing tight fitting running suits and
provided a striking contrast. Jennifer wore a red suit
and Tom knew that all she wore underneath were a pair
of brief athletic panties. The cool morning (Or was it
the thought of the hot sex she had with her son
yesterday?) made her incredible nipples push out the
front of the top.

Jennifer had told Tom all about her session with Sean
yesterday. Tom was amazed and turned on by her story
and had fucked her hard and fast as she told him about
it. When she reached the part about Sean taking her
doggy style and cumming on her back, they both came in
shuddering orgasms.

He looked over to his thirteen year old daughter. She
was turning into a beautiful young woman. She wore
tight yellow shorts and a short top. He could tell she
had a sports bra on underneath. Although not much
taller then her mother, Molly had started to develop
some curves and already had bigger boobs then Jennifer.

Tom's mind wandered back to the hot threesome with Meg
and Siobhan yesterday and he remembered Meg's cries for
her father as Tom fucked her. He felt a stirring in his
cock and readjusted himself. He looked Molly again and
she smiled coyly at him.

Elle was dressed in a very brief pair of black shorts
and her boyish chest was covered by a tee shirt. Tom
knew she didn't need a sports bra and found himself
wondering what she would look like running in just the
shorts. "Easy Thomas, she's only twelve." he thought.
She shyly smiled over at him too.

The race started and Tom watched them take off. His
mind drifted over the sexual escapades of the past
couple of days. The mental picture of Sean taking
Jennifer in the upstairs hallway was incredibly hot.
Jen had told him about finding Molly's shoes in the
kitchen afterwards, but had not had an opportunity to
speak to her daughter privately since then. Tom
wondered if Molly had seen them. The thought of her
seeing her b*****r and mother fucking was too much, and
Tom had to find a quiet place to sit for awhile.

The race finished and the girls placed well in their
age groups. The four of them headed over to the
borrowed cabin a few miles away. The girls wanted to
clean up and then they would all go into town for
dinner. The cabin had two big bedrooms and the girls
took one while Tom and Jennifer took the other.

Jennifer stripped out of her running clothes to take a
shower. Tom was so hot from thinking about her and
Sean, he came up behind her, bent her over the nearest
chair and slid into her wet pussy.

"Tom, the girls are in the next room!" she hissed as he
started to slide in and out of her.

"Then you'll just have to scream quietly." he answered
as he started to pound into her.

Jennifer was sweaty from the run and her nipples poked
out from her almost flat chest as her husband started
to make her shake with his cock. She tried to be quiet
and buried her face in the towel she was going to use
for the shower. Still, some of her low moans slipped

"Does this feel good? Is this as good as your son's
cock? Does it feel good in your slutty little pussy?"
Tom was fucking her hard and there was a loud slapping
every time he bottomed out in her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me like your big-dicked son did
yesterday. Does that turn you on, the thought of our
son screwing me?" The answer was obvious as Tom started
to breathe raggedly on the edge of orgasm. Jennifer
decided to push him a little further.

"How about Molly? Do you think she saw Sean and I
yesterday? Do you think she saw her b*****r fucking me
like a cheap slut? She probably watched when his big
cock shot cum all over me. UGGGH!" Jennifer came with a
grunt and that set Tom off too.

In the other bedroom, Molly and Elle were getting ready
to hit the hot tub out back when they heard the noises
from the other room. The moans and whispers and the
steady slap of bodies joining together came through the
thin walls. The girls smiled at each other.

After their tryst yesterday by the brook, the girls had
gone into town and went clothes shopping with their
baby-sitting money. Excited by watching Sean and her
mother yesterday, Molly had talked Elle into seeing how
far they could get Jennifer and Tom to go. Their plan
centered around some bathing suits and sexy underwear
they had bought yesterday, but they weren't sure they
could make it work until they heard Molly's parents in
the next room.

"This might be easy." Molly thought and then turned to
Elle and said "Let's get into the bathing suits."

Elle was still hesitant, but she had fantasized about
Jennifer for months and lusted after her in her shy
way. She really wanted to see if she could turn Mrs.
Kelly on and Molly was crazy for cock after seeing
Sean's yesterday, so this would satisfy both their
needs. She started to strip to put on the bathing suit
they had bought yesterday. She felt a hand on her

"Let me give you a hand." The sounds of her parents
love making had aroused Molly and she slid her hand
down her best friend's chest and reached for Elle's
little black shorts and slid her hand inside. Two of
Molly's small fingers slipped inside Elle's bald pussy
and started to massage the inner walls.

Elle started to pant and reached over and started
playing with Molly's big clit as they heard Jennifer
grunt in orgasm. The girls started to kiss passionately
to cover their own moans as they rubbed each other off.
After they calmed down for a few minutes, the girls
changed into their suits and headed outside.

In the other bedroom, after their hot, quick fuck,
Jennifer finally headed off for a quick shower as Tom
caught his breath. His wife's hot talk about the son
and daughter had aroused him to a fever pitch and he
lay against the headboard of the big bed and thought of
Sean pounding into his wife and his cute daughter
spying on them and started to get hard again. A vision
of his thirteen year old daughter in just her running
shorts danced across his mind. He heard voices outside
on the deck where the hot tub was and got up to look
out the window.

Molly was wearing the smallest bathing suit he had ever
seen. Two tiny triangles just covered her nipples and a
small thong barely covered her pussy. His cock sprang
to full erection again. He looked over at Elle McColl
and groaned. She was wearing a small cocoa colored
bikini bottom that looked as if it had been painted on.

As he watched, she slipped off the tee shirt she was
wearing. She wasn't wearing the top to the suit and was
nude from the waist up. He saw her flat chest with her
two tiny pink nipple, standing out straight. He thought
for a moment of Elle's mother and her big boobs swaying
back and forth as he fucked into her. The girls slipped
into the hot tub.

Elle cast a quick glance at the window. "I think he's
up there watching us."

"I hope so. I hope he enjoys the show." Molly said and
slid next to Elle. Elle gave her a quick smile, her
braces glinting in the afternoon sun. They sat and
chatted, their backs resting against the wall of the
tub, the water just below their breasts.

Tom almost came when he saw Elle's braces and stared as
the girls hugged in the tub. He never heard Jennifer
come up behind him and jumped when she reached around
him and grabbed his hard-on.

"That was quick. What are you thinking about?" Jennifer
looked out the window and saw the two girls as they
hugged and shared a quick kiss. "Oh my god! They're
beautiful. They look so hot!" She looked at the tiny
bikini Molly had on and wondered when she got it, she
hadn't seen it before. She looked at Elle and asked
"Does she have anything on?"

"No top, just tiny little bottoms," Tom whispered as
Jennifer rubbed his big cock.

She looked at the girls, the water lapping at their
breasts. "Molly has a nice set." she thought. She
looked over at Elle and her heart melted. The cute
blonde twelve year old was laughing, her braces clearly
visible. Jennifer found herself excited by the tight,
runners body that in many ways reminded her of her own.

"God they're gorgeous. I bet you'd like to slide this
big babymaker into their hot cunts. I wonder if they're
virgins? Would you like to shoot a hot load into a
tight, virgin cunt you had just deflowered?" Tom
groaned as she beat him off.

"Molly has turned into a sexy young thing. She's got
bigger tits then I do. Would you like to rub your big
cock all over her and shoot a load on her chest" It was
too much for Tom, he started to shoot a big load from
the tip of his dick. "Oh, don't waste it!" His wife was
on her knees in a flash and gobbled the hot white sperm
as it shot out.

Down in the hot tub, the girls had no idea of just how
successful their show had been. They were hot and came
out of the tub to dry off and go inside. In the
upstairs bedroom, Jennifer let the last few shots of
cum spatter on her nipples and chest. Tom looked down
at his cum glazed wife and said "If you don't watch
out, I'll have to teach Molly and Elle all about sex!"

Jennifer smiled up at him "That might be fun, if I can
help. That tight little body of Elle's has really got
me going and little Molly isn't so little any more.
Elle's only twelve though, I wonder if Siobhan has her
on the Pill yet? You might just have to settle for
Molly for now."

Chapter 9

The girls were in their bedroom changing into the other
clothes they had bought yesterday. Molly was wearing a
small, tight pair of red boy-shorts and Elle had on an
equally small pair of pale yellow ones. The looked like
sexy little goddesses, nude except for the tiny
underwear that clung to their hips like a second skin.
Molly put on a matching transparent red pushup bra.
Through the thin material her tight pink nipples were
plainly visible.

They helped each other apply make up. Eye shadow,
mascara and shiny lip gloss made them look older and
sexier. Elle was still nervous about what they were
about to do, but she really wanted a good look at Tom's
cock and the thought of repeating the sexy things she
had done with Molly to Jennifer had her wet between the
legs. She knew Tom and her mother were lovers, she had
even caught them once, but she didn't see much. She
slipped on a small matching top and with a final kiss
for luck they padded down the hall barefoot and in just
their underwear.

Jennifer and Tom were laying nude on the big king size
bed recovering from their recent session when the girls
knocked on the door and walked in without waiting. The
adults gasped at the vision of the girls in their sexy
underwear and the girls frankly stared at Tom's big
penis and Jennifer's tiny toned body.

"Mommy, can we come in and talk?" Molly asked.

"Sure honey, but we're not dressed." Jennifer stated
the obvious. "Why don't you let us get dressed and then
we can talk."

"No, this is fine. Elle and I have something to ask. I
saw you yesterday with Sean and I told Elle about it.
It got us both very excited and we wondered if you
would like to play with us too," Molly said brazenly.

Jennifer looked at both girls standing at the foot of
the bed. They were beautiful barefoot and in sexy
panties and bras. Her pussy started to get very wet.

"Baby, you're only thirteen and Elle's only twelve. We
could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out,"
Jennifer said acknowledging that they wanted to fool
around but were still a little cautious.

"Mommy, I want to learn from you and Daddy. You're both
so sexy and cool. And you've known Elle's mom forever,
do you think she'll have a problem with it? Elle
doesn't want to have full sex yet, but she would like
to watch and maybe make out with you."

Jennifer's mouth watered at the thought of the tight
twelve year old in her arms. Her husband finally said,
"Don't I get a say in this?"

"Of course Daddy." Molly looked at him with pleading
eyes and Tom laughed.

"You both look good enough to eat, so to speak. If you
can agree to keep it just between us, I'd love to,"
Molly and Elle squealed as they both bounced into the

Elle blushed as she looked shyly at Jennifer. "I don't
have any experience except what Molly and I have tried,
but I think you're way hot Mrs. Kelly and hope you like
me too."

"Oh, honey." Jennifer leaned down to give Elle a quick
peck and was surprised when the girl slid her tongue
into her mouth in a heated kiss.

Molly kissed her father and reached down to grab his
rapidly hardening cock. "OOOOH Daddy, is this for me?"

Tom looked down at his hot daughter. The bra and
panties clung to her like a second skin and the crotch
of the panties was already soaked through. He saw her
pert breasts and tight nipples through the semi-
transparent bra and reached around back to loosen it
and free her boobs. He fumbled with the clasp and
finally impatiently reached up and tore it from her
body with a mighty tug. Molly was startled with his
sudden passion and screamed.

"Oh Daddy, now you've ruined it. You are a very bad
man!" she moaned into his mouth as he descended for
another kiss.

In the other bed, Jennifer had stripped Elle's little
top off and they were gently rubbing each others
nipples. Elle looked down with lust hooded eyes and
watched the older woman's nipples start to grow. "Gee
Mrs. Kelly, your nipples are so long!" Elle bent down
to suck one into her mouth and flicked her tongue
across it.

"Oh Elle! That feels so good." Jennifer brushed her
fingers up and down the girl's flat chest and found the
pink bumps of her nipples. "And honey, you can call me

Elle looked up and smiled at Jennifer. Her braces made
her look younger then her twelve years but the flush of
her face revealed the lust of an adult. "Oh Mrs. Kelly,
I have to show respect to adults, and I respect you
very much." Elle went back to sucking licking
Jennifer's nipples.

Molly kissed her father and slowly jacked his big cock
as she had done so many times for her boyfriend. "Holy
cow, this is huge! What if I can't take it all? I'm
glad I busted my cherry with one of mom's vibrators,
this would really hurt." she thought as she bent down
and started running her glossy lips up and down the
outside of the shaft before taking the big head in her

Tom groaned and looked down at his daughter giving him
a credible blow job. "She's been practicing," he
thought. "Oh Molly, that's great," he said out loud.
"suck your Daddy's big hard cock! It's all for you."

On the other bed, Jennifer was almost delirious with
lust. Listening to her husband and daughter's sex play
while making out with a hot twelve year old had her

"Oh, Elle honey, you're making feel so good. You look
so sexy in just your little panties and your lips
wrapped around my hard nipple. Lay back now so I can
play with you."

Elle laid back and Jennifer started to kiss and suck
down her body. She reached the pale pink bumps on
Elle's flat chest and took one into her mouth and the
girl started to moan and slipped off her soaked boy-
shorts to expose her wet hairless pussy. Jennifer
growled as she worked down to the girl's crotch.

Molly had also removed her underwear and her father was
finger-fucking her lightly haired cunt. Tom was amazed
at the size of her engorged clit, he had never seen one
so long. He slid his fingers up and down both sides,
like he was jacking off a cock. Molly started to whine
and grunt as she approached orgasm.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh oh Daddy! Oh, Daddy! Oh my gawd, oh
my gawwwwwd!" She came all over his hand, her girl
juices pouring out of her spasming pussy.

Jennifer's head shot up as she heard her daughter start
to come. She looked and watched her c***d's quivering
body being fingered by her husband and the slick
coating of girl cum on his fingers. She came violently
without even touching herself, her pussy flooding all
over the bed and on Elle's legs.

Elle was startled. She had never heard of another woman
ejaculating and the sudden wetness on her legs and the
bed was a surprise. She watched Jennifer lay back,
exhausted from the intense orgasm. Her nipples stuck
far out from her chest and her cunt was dripping. Elle
moved over next to the gasping older woman and took her
right nipple back into her mouth as her hand worked
down to Jennifer's sodden crotch.

Jennifer was overwhelmed with sensations. Watching her
daughter cum was the most erotic thing she had ever
witnessed and no the little girl licking and sucking
her aroused nipples started to set off another spasming
orgasm. Elle moved her fingers against Jennifer's
opening and slipped two fingers inside.

"Oh, give me some more!" the older woman groaned. Elle
slipped two more fingers into the hot, wet cunt.

Jennifer bucked her slim hips up off the bed to help
the c***d drive her fingers further into her pussy and
her upward motion, combined with Elle's thrusting
fingers caused the young girl's whole hand to slip into
her sopping pussy. Both of them froze; Elle from
surprise and fear she was hurting Mrs. Kelly, Jennifer
from the most intense erotic sensations. It was too
much for her and she screamed at the top of her lungs
and passed out, her cum running down Elle's slender

Molly and Tom looked over at the sound of the piercing
scream. They looked at Jennifer, face scarlet and
sweaty, convulse on the bed and go limp. They looked
down and saw Elle, wide eyed and breathing hard, with
her right arm buried to the wrist in Jennifer's cunt.
It was too much for Tom, and he started to shoot ropes
of sperm all over Molly's face and body. Shot after
shot covered her chest and freckled face. He finally
fell back as exhausted as his wife.

"I think we wore them out," Molly giggled, "at least
for a minute!"

"Jeez Molly, you look so hot coated in cum like that.
He emptied his balls all over you." Elle eased her hand
out of Jennifer's pussy.

"Why don't you come over here and clean me off?" Molly
said. Her hooded eyes and quick breaths betrayed how
excited she was. Elle climbed up onto the bed and
started to lick and suck the come off her friend's

Chapter 10

Back at The Farm, Siobhan and Meg were just getting
back from an afternoon of shopping. After their
lunchtime tryst yesterday, Siobhan had offered to take
Meg out and help her select a couple of outfits for
work and the younger woman happily agreed. They had hit
the shops in town and were stopping at Siobhan's for
dinner and a drink.

Siobhan's bright red Saab convertible pulled into the
yard and both women got out and went into the converted
barn. Meg looked around at the light flooding into the
large open living room from the windows on three sides
that offered panoramic views of the Connecticut River
and the mountains in Vermont. The interior of the old
barn had been transformed into a warm inviting space by
Siobhan's late husband, an architect. Siobhan got a
bottle of wine from the cooler and offered Meg a glass.

"What a beautiful house, Siobhan. Is it just you and
your daughter here?"

"Yes, after David died I never really started dating
again. As you discovered yesterday, Tom keeps me, umm,
pretty satisfied, so I really haven't had an impetuous
to look around much," Siobhan smiled.

"How does Tom's wife feel about that?"

"Oh, Jen and Tom and I go way back. We used to have
sort of a commune here and were all very open with each
other. Now it's just Jen, Tom and me. She joins us for
sex sometimes and sometimes just watches us and
masturbates. She's cool about it. We all love each
other. Once in awhile she'll bring someone new home and
we'll all share."

"Sounds. um, ideal. And sexy," Meg giggled. The wine
had started to go to her head.

"It's nice. I have Elle and the Kellys, so I'm not
lonely. But sometimes I like to have a guest over, so
it's nice that they're all away tonight," Siobhan
smiled and leaned in to kiss the pretty blond. The
invitation to stay the night was unstated, but obvious.

The two women, the big breasted redhead and the young
horny blond, made out on the couch for a few minutes.
Siobhan got up and headed upstairs.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable, I'll be back
in a couple minutes," Siobhan swayed upstairs also
under the influence of the wine.

Meg had worn a short black skirt and a blouse for their
shopping trip. She had on a pair of high cut panties,
but no bra. Her heavy breasts hung loose in the top and
she undid a couple of buttons and thought "What the
hell?" and slipped off her underwear too.

Siobhan came back downstairs wearing a white silk
kimono that set off her red hair. She wasn't wearing a
bra and her big boobs swayed as she walked. A pair of
high heels completed her wardrobe and she sat down next
to Meg.

The two women started to make out again. Siobhan's hand
slipped into Meg's blouse and started to tease her
nipples. She slid a hand down and into her short skirt
and found the girl's bare pussy already leaking.

"You little slut, you took off your underpants!"
Siobhan's voice was a low husky whisper. "You're
absolutely soaking!"

She fingered Meg for a few minutes until the girl was
moaning and leaking all over her hand. Siobhan stood up
and reached for the sash on her kimono.

"I hope you like them big." She loosened the sash and
Meg gasped. Siobhan had put on a strap-on dildo and
harness. The large black phallus was at least nine
inches long.

"Ohhh baby, I love 'em huge!" Meg squealed. "How big is
that fucker?"

"Ten inches. Think you can take it all?"

Meg's only answer was to get down on her knees and take
the big dildo into her mouth. As she lubricated it with
her spit, she reached behind the harness and fingered
Siobhan's pussy. It was sopping; the whole scene with
the pretty young intern and the wine was turning her
on. Siobhan looked down at the blonde head bobbing on
the strap-on and Meg's pretty tits bouncing as she went
up and down the cock. Siobhan was panting with desire
and her small nipples were like rocks standing out on
her big boobs. She reached down and pulled her lover to
her feet.

"Bend over the couch baby, I need to have you now!"
Siobhan reached over and ripped the tiny black skirt
from the girl's hips and suited words to action. She
glanced admiringly at Meg's tight butt and started to
wipe the head of the dildo up and down the girl's wet
slit. Grabbing Meg her by her shoulders, she thrust the
faux cock into her cunt with a single lunge.

Meg screamed. She felt like she was being split in two
by the huge cock. The only real cock she had fucked
that was almost as large had been attached to her
b*****r's football teammate and that had been a year
ago. Meg was glad that she had been loosened up
yesterday by Tom, but this bad boy made his look small.

Siobhan started to work the big phallus slowly in and
out. She reached underneath Meg and ripped her blouse
open sending the buttons flying. She reached in and
started to play with the younger woman's nipples. Her
own breasts were swaying back and forth as she thrust
more f***efully into the intern. Meg started to grunt
with each thrust.

"Other then Tom, when was the last time you had cock
honey?" Siobhan panted.

Meg thought a minute. "Last Saturday night. I went home
for a couple days and I had sex with my b*****r."

Siobhan froze. "Your b*****r! How long has that been
going on?"

"Since I was twelve. He's a couple of years older then
I am. I seduced him, but it didn't take much. We've
been fucking ever since."

"You horny little bitch!" Siobhan started the in and
out motions again. There was a ridge on the back of the
harness that was stimulating her clit as she fucked in
and out of Meg. The thought of Meg fucking her own
b*****r made her hot. She thought "She's been fucking
since she was Elle's age." The thought excited her, a
fleeting image of her daughter's nude body flew through
her mind. She started to thrust faster.

"Uh Siobhan, could you take it a little easy. This
thing is huge."

"Sorry honey, but you've made me very hot. Have you
ever done your Dad?"

Meg remembered the session yesterday. "No, that's just
a fantasy... so far. Maybe I'll have to try him out. I
bet he's got a big one. He's really built and works out
everyday. Maybe I'll come in while he's working out.
I'll be dressed in just a sports bra and tiny shorts
and start to exercise. I'd start talking to him and
make sure he gets a good look. I would get him good and
hard and then I'd start talking dirty to him."

"What would you say?" Siobhan was very turned on and
started to work the big dildo in and out faster. Her
own pussy was sopping.

Meg started speaking in a little girl voice. "Oh Daddy!
Did I do that to you? Did looking at my tight teenage
body make your cock all hard?" Meg was whispering, lost
in thought. "Would you like to see my boobies? Would
you like to see my tight teenage twat that Matt has
been fucking since I was twelve? Oh, Daddy! I think
your big cock just got even longer and harder! Let me
see it"

The thought of pulling down her father's shorts and
seeing his big cock sent Meg over the edge and she
started screaming in orgasm. Siobhan looked down at the
shaking, sobbing girl below her and lost it too. She
grunted as she came and her pussy gushed fluid all over
the big dildo. Both collapsed onto the bed.

They lay in a motionless sweaty mass for 10 minutes and
then Siobahn started to ease the big strap-on out of
the girl's still wet pussy. "Are you OK honey?" she
asked, concern in her deep sexy voice.

"Ummm, great!" Meg purred. She was still thinking of
her father and his cock and how she was going to try
and seduce him next time she was home. "Bring that big
boy here, I want to lick it clean."

Chapter 11

Jennifer and Tom Kelly slowly came back to their senses
from the sl**piness caused by the sexy encounter with
their daughter and her best friend. They looked down to
see Elle lick the last of Tom's white sperm from the
light hair around Molly's pussy. Jennifer looked at
Elle gently lapping at Molly's still sopping pussy and
started to get excited again.

"God, I'm turning into a nymphomaniac! Molly's my
little girl; but she looks so hot laying there. Look at
those beautiful boobs and perky nipples. I bet she
tastes delicious!" Jennifer's cunt was becoming very
wet again and she looked over at Tom.

Tom had been watching the same erotic display. The
sight of the two young girls entwined, nude on the bed
made his cock ache. He realized he was going to need
some help. He had had two incredibly intense orgasms
within the last hour and a half and it looked like the
girls and his wife were hot to keep going.

He reached into his overnight bag and found the small
vial with the ciallis in it. Tom did not normally need
any help, but the occasional orgy had proved to him
there was no shame in living better through chemistry.
He eyed the twelve year olds tight ass and wondered
what his cock would feel like parked in her tight,
virgin behind.

Molly looked up while moaning from the pleasure her
friend was giving her and saw her mother looking over
at her with sexy, hooded blue eyes. Two of Jennifer's
fingers were working slowly in and out of her pussy.
Molly noticed that her mother's small cunt was flowing
like a fountain. She looked so hot, her nipples
standing far off her flat chest as she panted with lust
for her thirteen year old little girl.

"Elle, why don't you go and play with Daddy for awhile,
I want to talk to Mom." Molly moved over to the other

Elle looked up, confused for a moment and then saw
Molly move over and start to kiss her mother. She
smiled and moved up Tom's chest and whispered in his

"Mr. Kelly, you're a very handsome man. And your dick
is so BIG! I'm still not sure I want to go all the way,
but I'm sure you can think of something to do with that
BIG, HARD COCK!" She growled these last words as she
started to vigorously French-kiss the older man.

Tom Kelly's hand started to slide down the tiny twelve
year olds body to her tight ass cheeks. He started to
knead her behind and slid one finger between her legs
and ran it lightly around her asshole and towards her
hot pussy. Elle groaned and reached down for his hard

"Geez, it's huge! I can't even close my fingers around
it. He seems to like my jacking it though. How does
Mrs. Kelly take it all? I'm almost as big as she is.
OOOH, that feels good on my butthole. Now he's
fingering me... Oh gawd!" Elle started to tremble with
her first orgasm induced by a man.

On the other bed, Molly was whispering in her mother's
ear. "You and Sean looked so hot yesterday when he was
fucking you. His cock is almost as big as daddy's. He
was really pounding you and he must have shot a gallon
of cum on your back!"

As she was murmuring in Jennifer's ear their fingers
were busy with each others hot cunts. Jennifer reached
down and was as stunned as her husband at Molly's huge
clit. She started to gently rub and stroke the young
teenager's clit and Molly started to moan again.

"Oh, Mommy! Frig my clit. Oh shit that feels good.
Please don't stop. Oh god Mom, that's great! OOOOHH!"

Molly was fingering Jennifer's wet pussy as she started
to spasm in orgasm. She remembered the hot scene a few
moments before with Elle's fist buried in her mother's
cunt and decided to try the same thing. She started to
slide all of he fingers in and out of Jennifer's
sopping pussy and then folded her thumb in and slid her
fist deep into her mother.

Jennifer screamed again and started to squirt down her
daughter's arm. Molly had her forearm buried halfway up
Jennifer's pussy and could fells the walls contracting.
She started to slide her arm gently back and forth.

"Oh. Molly! Oh, babygirl! That feels so fucking good!

Elle and Tom looked over to see Molly's arm half buried
and sliding in and out of Jennifer's wet pussy. Tom
reached down and spread some of Elle's juices around
her tight, virgin asshole and said "Roll over, honey."

In a daze, Elle rolled over and got up on her hands and
knees. Tom shuffled up to her and started to slide his
big cock up and down her behind. Elle knew what he
wanted to do and was afraid because he was so big.

"Mr. Kelly, you have to be really gentle, I've never
done this before."

"Do you want me to stop honey?"

"NO! Don't stop, just be gentle."

Tom didn't know how gentle he could be, trying to slide
his big cock up her tiny little ass, but he decided to
see how it went. With his big dick well lubricated from
her flowing juices he lodged the head of his penis at
the entrance to her tight behind and nudged it forward

Elle's hooded eyes shot open and let out a loud grunt.
The head of his cock slid into the entrance of her ass
and he stopped and let her get used to it. After a few
seconds he tried sliding some more in and another few
inches were lodged in her tight butt. Elle felt like a
real woman now and reached down between her legs and
started to rub her wet clit.

"Please Mr. Kelly, can I have some more?" she

Tom Kelly started to slowly work his big cock in and
out of the tightest space it had ever been in. Little
Elle was much tighter then Jennifer. She started to
pant and moan as the big tool went in deeper.

From the other bed Molly looked at her friend being
butt fucked by her father and got a little jealous.
Molly slid her forearm out of her dazed mother and slid
over to the other bed.

"Jeez Elle, how are you taking all that cock? You OK?"

"Oh, Molly, I feel so full. It feels so good. Your
Daddy's cock is buried deep inside my tight ass.
Ohhhhh!" Elle started to orgasm.

Molly felt like she was being left out and slid down
under Elle to watch the big penis slide in and out. She
could see her friends finger sliding around her tiny
clit and leaned in to help her. Molly's mouth and
tongue started licking Elle's pussy and her father's

It was all too much for the twelve year old. Elle
started to scream and shake, her orgasm making her weak
and quivering. Her small, tight body was overcome with
sensations and she slumped and passed out in a
shivering sweaty heap. Molly crawled out from
underneath her as Tom pulled his cock out with an
audible pop.

"Daddy, I can't wait one second longer. I need you to
fuck me now, I need you to bury that big cock in my
tight little teenage twat and fuck my ass off, like
Sean fucked Mommy yesterday!"

As she was saying this, Molly laid on her back next to
her dazed girlfriend and spread her tanned muscular
legs. The sight of her juicy peach made Tom gasp and he
notched his big cock into her wet slot.

"Are you sure about this Molly? It's awful big for your
tiny pussy."

TEENAGE TWAT!!" These last sentences were screamed at
her father as she hunched her hips up towards his big

Tom eased his cock into his daughter. He was surprised
how easily it went in. He started to work his hips back
and forth and more and more of his cock slid into the
panting teenager.

"Does that feel OK honey? Does Daddy's cock feel good
fucking your hot wet pussy? Do you want Daddy to keep
fucking your cunt? Tell me, tell me what you want."

Molly looked up with hooded eyes." FUCK ME! Give it to
me harder, I won't break! Fuck my tight cunt. I want
your hot sperm deep in my pussy. I just had my period,
so I won't get pregnant. I want your cum deep in my
twat the first time you fuck me. Is this making you
hot? Does fucking your slutty little girl make you want
to cum?"

Tom started to groan. His sperm shot out the end of his
dick into his teenage daughter. Even after all the sex
he had had today, he shot three strong ropes of sperm
up into Molly's pussy.

Molly felt the first spurt of cum and started to cry
and tremble. Her sweaty red face shook back and forth.
she knew she wouldn't get pregnant, she thought this
would excite her father. And she was right.

Tom pulled out and the last shot of cum went up Molly's
chest and landed between her small boobs. She reached
down and scooped some of it into her mouth.

"Holy shit, Molly. What a dirty little mouth you have!"
Tom was panting.

"I learned it all from you and Mommy" Molly looked over
at the other bed to her mother. Jennifer was laying
there stunned by what she had just witnessed. Stunned
and horny. She slid over to the other bed and all four
of them cuddled together.

"Just think of all the fun we're going to have when we
get home and Siobahn and Sean can join us." Jennifer
shivered at the thought. It was going to be a fun

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