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Beach--Add-on story

I like to collaborate with other writers from time to time. If you're so inclined, add your own continuation to the story in the comments. Leave it open-ended, and I'll take my favorite input, and add to it as we'll. Let's see where it leads...

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual events or persons is purely coincidental. All text is copyrighted by the author, and may not be used without permission.

You're on a beach with me. We're co-workers on a company trip, but you and I have skipped the seminars for the day, and are soaking up some rays. We're both sitting on chaise lounge chairs. We've been drinking since we arrived, and the sun and alcohol has mixed to make us both very relaxed, but to make sure things go the way I want, I've added a few drops of a Spanish-Fly that the locals here swear is the real thing into your drink. The beach is rather secluded, but it's far from deserted. I begin to tease you a bit, telling you that you're going to have some strange tan lines if you don't take off your bikini top. After a bit of coaxing, you agree and remove your top. A bit more coaxing, and you remove your bottoms too. I'm fascinated by your full bush--so many women shave it bald, and I've not seen a natural one in years.

It seems that my examination of you has begun to excite you, and I notice the top of your chest and cleavage line begin to flush red. Your breathing also intensifies a bit, and I notice as you spread your legs slightly more for my view that you're beginning to get wet. Boldly, I reach over and fondle your breast. You simply close your eyes and sigh. Squeezing and kneading your breast elicits more sighs, until I roughly pinch the nipple between my thumb and finger. Your eyes do not open, but your back arches, sending your breasts higher into the air.

Some of the sun worshipers seated near us have heard your moan, and have begun to watch us cautiously. I move my hand down between your legs, and command you to spread them open. You comply immediately, and I easily slide two of my fingers into your cunt. I tell you that I want to see your nipples fully erect, and you move your hands to your breasts and begin to pinch and pull on them to make them so.

As I finger you, you begin moaning and bucking your hips forward onto my hand. The nearby observers have given up all pretense of ignoring us, and come closer to get a better view. There are three men and two younger women with them, all dressed in trendy swimwear.

They stop a little over a yard away from your feet, looking directly into your glistening pussy. I can see that the men are sporting semi-erect cocks, and from the looks of their nipples, the girls are getting turned on as well.

I pull my fingers from you and tell you to sit up. As you do, you open your eyes to stare directly at the fivesome looking back at you. It surprises you, and you're obviously embarrassed by your wanton behavior, but you've got no ability to stop yourself, thanks to the drops I'd secreted in your drink earlier. I place my wet fingers in front of your mouth, and tell you to lick your juices clean off my fingers.

Looking over at the people who are watching, I ask if any of them would like you to suck their cocks? Two of them seem a bit nervous, but one man steps right forward and drops his swimsuit to the beach quickly. You look at me apprehensively, but I simply grab you by the hair at the back of your head and push your head toward his semi-erect penis...

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