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Hampsted Village (Part 2)

Chapter 5

As she sped home with a million conflicting thoughts ping ponging in her brain, Katie was in a near panic. What if the tape got out? He wouldn’t turn her in after what he just did would he? How big was that old man’s penis? What if Jackson found out about this? Why can’t Jackson ever stay inside her long enough for her to climax? That guard’s penis was twice as big as Jackson’s at least! Are all black men that big? Was Marcus that big? How do women handle something that big? The thoughts ranged on for most of the ride home before Katie heard the navigation system say “Approaching State Route 58.” She recalled Marcus’ recommendation of a restaurant there. Having been ushered away before she could eat, Katie was starving and quickly changed lanes and began searching for Cassie’s Kitchen on her GPS.

She pulled her Range Rover off the highway into the gravel parking lot of a small building with a few neon beer signs in the windows. The kitchen took up the entirety of the building, leaving the patrons strewn about on picnic tables or at the small bar. As she pulled her $75,000 SUV into the parking lot of pickups and beaters, she instantly felt out of place. She didn’t see one white face in the crowd, and every pair of eyes was on her. Being a progressive northern girl, she felt instantly guilty for the fear and discomfort she felt being among only black people. A car behind her blocked her backing onto the highway and heading back toward the world she knew. She could only pull forward into the lot and hope that she could find another way out. She muttered to herself, repeating a mantra of “Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.” She heard a woman’s voice call out “You lost white girl?” and a loud laugh from the table around her. The parking lot was narrow with cars on either side, and the people hanging out among them made it barely wide enough for her suv. She was f***ed to creep slowly through the lot, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Finally at the back she was able to maneuver her car around, but she faced another long trip through the corridor of people. More voices hollered jokes about the lost white girl and some even called attention to her physical attributes. She was almost back to the entrance when a group of men blocked her way, pretending not to notice the headlights beaming on them.

Katie was stuck. Put on display by the reflective glare of other headlights. Disheveled and half undressed, she was quite a spectacle. Men gathered around the car silently and fiercely staring at the young white woman. Katie trembled, unsure of what to do. She just wanted to get away, to get someplace safe.

“You come here for some dark meat bitch?”

“Get out the car white lady we aint gonna hurt you.”

“Look at them big ole titties boy. God damn girl let me see those titties!”

The verbal abuse continued for long panic inducing seconds as they circled her car.

“Leave da young lady alone now ya’ll. Don’t you know who that is?” The voice was unfamiliar to Katie, but its deep gravelly tone seemed to have the desired effect, as the looming group slowly cleared a path. Katie could see a large figure approaching her side of the car from the rear, blocking out the lights of the car behind her. “I’m sorry Mrs. Frasier, these young folks these days aint got no manners” came the voice before the face was clear. How did this person know her name? Who the hell was walking up on her?

She stared at the broad face outside her window for a few seconds before she was able to place it. It was the man in the beat up truck from across the street! “I’m Jericho Tucker Mrs. Frasier; I help out a lotta folks over there where you just moved in. Mrs. Winthrop told me to keep an eye out for you. I wadn’t spectin to find you all the way out here though.” Boss Tucker smiled a broad friendly smile as he ogled the buxom pale damsel in distress. Katie rolled down the window.
“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Tucker! You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. I heard they had really good food out here, but I’m not quite sure I wouldn’t be better off trying it out another time.” Katie smiled weakly.

“It’s the best in the county Mrs. Frasier, but you right. It aint safe for a lady such as yourself to be out here une****ted. If you still hungry I’d be happy to be see you get a taste of whatever it is you looking for.” His sincere smile and old weathered face comforted Katie, and obscured the evil thoughts running through his predatory brain. “Just park right over yonder and I will bring you some food right out.”

Jericho lumbered off towards the kitchen. Katie watched as the people parted and the other folks waiting for food stepped aside for the old man. He walked right up and grabbed the next sack of food to come out of the kitchen. He looked inside, barked a few orders to the staff and shortly returned with a heavy sack of delicious smelling food. “Here you go sweetheart. Cassie’s finest. Once you had it, you won’t never be the same.” Katie set the bag on the floor of the backseat.

“Mr. Tucker I can’t thank you enough for rescuing me, and on top of that giving me all this food! It has been a long and crazy crazy day. I am just going to go home and put on my pajamas and dive into this bag.”

Jericho laughed at the cute little woman in the big truck. “Well you think of old Boss Tucker when you suckin the bones cuz that meat taste so good. And next time you wanna come out here you just let me or my son Marcus know and we be more than happy to come with ya.”

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize Marcus was your son! Well I certainly owe the Tucker men a deep debt of gratitude. I hope I can repay it someday.” Katie smiled up at the kindly old man who only hours before had been violently degrading her next door neighbor.

“I’m sure you will Mrs. Frasier. The Frasier f****y always pays its debts. Now you bess get going back to Hampsted before that gets cold.” He slapped her roof twice and placed his rough hand on her bare shoulder. “Be good now Miss Katie!”

“I will Jericho. Thank you.” Warmed by the old man’s comfort Katie drove off into the night. He and Marcus couldn’t be more different in manner, but she could see the f****y resemblance. She fought against the impure thoughts that Marcus had inspired earlier when she masturbated in the shower, but she lost the struggle more than a few times on the long ride home. Even the old security guard and Boss Tucker were beginning to creep into the parade of sexual imagery trailing through her mind’s eye. As she lay in their bed devouring the delicious comfort foods, she found herself practically fellating a chicken bone. She thought of Boss Tucker and she smiled.

Full and tired she laid back on the cool sheets and gently ran her French manicure along her soft pale skin. After all the danger and excitement of the evening, young Katie was anxiously awaiting another interlude with her handsome husband. Her pristine little pussy barely showed any signs of activity after Jackson’s few feeble thrusts. There wasn’t even any evidence of his seed inside her. Her clitoris was swollen beyond anything she’d seen and it begged to be touched. Her nipples had remained swollen for hours and ached intensely. Much like a sore tooth that feels better when you bite it, the one remedy to the throbbing nipples was pressure. Her hands struggled to meet the needs screaming from her most sensitive places. One hand working feverishly on her engorged clitoris while the other moved back and forth pinching and tugging her thick crimson nipples. Her body convulsing in pleasure, her girlish moans echoing through the vaulted ceilings and out the French doors into the night. She imagined her husband; at first he was virile and powerful, the dashing prince that carried her over the threshold on their wedding night. Then in her mind’s eye she saw him with her at Cassie’s, just as powerless and afraid as she had been. Watching as the men dragged his wife out of the car and stripped her naked; watching as they f***ed themselves upon her. As her pussy flooded, a stain spread across the sheets, another first for her. Katie was discovering many things about herself, and many of them frightened her. She lifted one nipple then the other to her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth, releasing it only to let out a final shrill scream during an earth shattering orgasm. She noticed her phone flashing showing a new message. As she lay there panting, her body covered in a cool sheen of sweat she read that he was not going to make it home at all tonight. She tossed the phone to the side, still basking in the afterglow of a tremendous sexual experience. At the same time the guilt over her own thoughts consumed her. What was wrong with her? What is happening to her?

Across the street and in earshot of Katie’s not so discreet performance, Margaret Winthrop smiled. Between her legs, her husband eagerly lapped up the leavings of Boss Tucker and a few other men from Marcus’ crew. It sounded like the new girl was going to fit right in.

Chapter 6

Katie’s dreams were a parade of filth and debauchery, and left her writhing naked on their large bed. She tossed and turned whimpered and moaned, enjoying whatever newly unlocked subconscious fantasies she was living through in her mind. She woke with a smile and a hollowness inside her. She ached for gratification, and she heard it only steps away in the shower.

Jackson had come home in the middle of the night and found his wife naked and doing her best to take up their entire king size. He stood over her admiring her amazing body splayed out before him. Her pussy showed the pink puffiness of his rough treatment on his desk from the night before. There was even a stain on the sheets where his cum had oozed from her. Jackson’s pink penis grew in his dress slacks. She was playing with herself in her sl**p and moaning, she was muttering things as well but Jackson couldn’t make any sense of it. He took out a thin 5 inches and began feverishly stroking. He quickly climaxed but was surprised that only a few tiny drops of cloudy fluid dribbled from his purple head. He crept off to sl**p on the couch, sure that his beautiful wife was dreaming of him.

She snuck in behind her thin but wiry husband, mentally comparing him to what she imagined the proportions of Marcus or Jericho would be. She shook the two stars of her scandalous nocturnal behavior from her mind and opened the door to the large granite and glass shower stall. She let herself be known by quickly wrapping her arms around his waist and grasping his tiny limp penis and balls in one hand. Her huge breasts mashed against his lower back and flat butt. “Whatcha got there for me, oh husband of mine?” She felt his cock begin to grow in her hand, as the throbbing in her pussy grew stronger and stronger.

“Katie-bug, I don’t have a lot of time this mornin.” Jackson continued to wash and rinse, ignoring her two fingers stroking his now stiff penis. “You are just gonna have to wait till tonight to get another piece of this.”

“Awwww come on baby, it won’t take that long.” Katie really didn’t mean it as an insult, but she did have to stifle a laugh behind his back.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I’m under a lot of stress alright?” His hips began moving, fucking her slippery fingers.

“Noooo sweetie I didn’t mean it that way. You know you rock my world! I just really want you to fuck me baby.” She moved around him and stood under the water. “Please will you fuck your wife?”

He smiled down at her, still humping her fist. “What’s gotten into you Katie-Bug? You never talk like that!” While he talked she bent at the waist and captured the angry purple head of his cock between her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth, taking it all in one gulp. This new amazing sensation sending poor Jackson over the edge immediately and he moaned loudly and humped her mouth as he came. “Oh my god, oh my god! What the hell?”

Katie looked up confused. She recognized the twitching and shaking as her husband’s orgasm ritual, but she tasted nothing and felt nothing in her mouth. “Did you cum baby?” Her tone sweet and inquisitive, but not well received.

“What do you mean? Yes I came alright? What do you want me to say?” His penis now limp and retreating into itself despite Katie still trying to get it back in her mouth. “Look just get out and let me get ready for work. I need to get back to the office!” Embarassed, immasculated and confused Jackson roughly pulled his wife up to her feet and moved her to the side of the stall.

“What the hell did I do Jackson? What’s wrong with you? I just wanted to have sex with my husband! I don’t care if you already came, can’t we just wait a minute and go again?” Her sexual needs consuming her. She stepped out of the shower and walked dripping to the bed and quickly began fingering her burning pussy. The more she tried to please herself, the worse her need became. Jackson stepped out of the shower and saw his wife spread wide abusing herself violently and felt his penis springing back to life. He strode across the granite floor and stood beside the bed, proud as a peacock. She opened her eyes and smiled widely, eagerly scooting to the edge and lifting her legs up on his shoulders. She quickly reached down and guided him inside her. She watched as he quickly disappeared in her molten pussy moaning loudly with the satisfaction of finally being entered. She held him inside her, grinding her still swollen clit against his blonde pubic patch. “Oh god Jackson fuck me hard! Fuck me please fuck me hard baby!”

Jackson pulled back and thrust in with all his might. Before his tiny balls could slap against her he was once again shaking in the grip of another premature climax. “Fffffuuck! Ohhhh Shit! What the fuck?!?!”
Jackson buried his head in her cleavage, to ashamed to look her in the eye. The empathetic taps on his back only made his shame worse.

“It’s ok baby, I love making you feel good. You can make it up to me tonight.” She laughed trying not to show her disappointement. “I mean it Jackson it’s no big deal.”

“Jesus Katie tonight? Is that all you think about it? Maybe you need to be more of a lady and less of a sorority slut! It’s time to grow up!” His cock having already retreated from the warm softness of Katie’s pussy dribbled as he stomped off in a huff. He dressed quickly and left Katie still on the bed still hopelessly chasing another climax.

Chapter 7

Jackson couldn’t get the vision of his wife masturbating out of his head. His little cock was rock hard again as he drove through rush hour traffic into downtown. He thought of her huge breasts, her beautiful pink pussy and the amazing sensation of her swallowing his whole penis. Katie always had to be begged for a blow job and she never took more than the head in her mouth. This morning she deepthroated him in one fell swoop. The fact that she didn’t even gag a little was another arrow in Jackson’s battered pride. He imagined himself fucking her, watching her boobs bounce in circles as he drove into her over and over. He ignored the recent evidence that he was incapable of such a performance as he drove along fucking his wife in his mind like a porn star. As he reached the stop and go portion of his commute, his cock begged for attention. He tried to get Katie out of his mind but he couldn’t. He began stroking through his pants, slowly at first then frantically until he came. He was instantly regretful thinking of the mess he’d just made in his pants, but when he felt his leg it was completely dry. He panted in the form fitting seat of his sports car, his head back with a big smile. He heard a horn from a car nearby and looked over to see a convertible full of teenage girls laughing and pointing. Some of them holding up their pinky to simulate the small bulge he’d been stroking.

One of the girls recognized Jackson, her name was Scarlett Winthrop-Miles and she was the youngest daughter of Margaret. She and her friends had just graduated high school and were heading into town to pick out dresses for the formal party Margaret was hosting. It was kind of a coming out party for Scarlett and her friends. It was something she had done for Scarlett’s s****rs, although Scarlett wasn’t able to attend since her Mother said it was only for the Winthrop-Miles women, and Scarlett wasn’t a woman yet. Scarlett always hated when her mom said that, she hated being the baby of the f****y. Scarlett looked every bit of a woman though. She had a strawberry blonde mix of her mom and dad’s hair, and all of her mom’s tits and ass. She was always beating herself up about her weight, but there was hardly any fat to her at all. Scarlett was an athlete and just missed being valedictorian. She was sad to be leaving the friendly confines of Hampsted Village in the fall when she went of to UGA, but the University of Georgia was a tradition in the f****y. Scarlett had no idea that her f****y and the entire village was steeped in traditions. Some traditions that were far too dark and sinister to reveal to a young innocent girl like Scarlett.

When he finally made it to work Jackson was embarrassed, scared and confused. His world was perfect 24 hours ago and now everything had changed. “Good mornin Mr. Frasier! How are you and that lovely wife of you getting along in yo new home?” asked Buford James the security guard. Buford had spent the night posting the video of young Katie m*****ing herself on every porn site he could think of and enjoyed watching the comments roll in. He’d done her the courtesy of blocking out her face though, since he didn’t want to lose his pension.

“Everything is great Buford. Thanks for asking.” Jackson barely looked at the old man as he rushed by and into the elevator. Buford laughed to himself and walked back towards the staff area. The day shift was here and it was time for him to go to the diner and get some food, then back to his tiny apartment to sl**p until the graveyard shift rolled around again. He grabbed the memory stick that held the video of sweet Katie’s indiscretion and shoved it in his pocket.

He replayed it in his mind as he ate his bacon and eggs at the counter of the same diner he’d been coming to for 40 years. For the first few he wasn’t allowed to sit at this counter, but how times have changed. Buford would never forget his c***dhood though, and the frightening times he’d endured at the hands of some of the same old white men that walk by him everyday with a smile. Men like Jackson’s father. Buford had been nearly hung once by a group of young crackers for saying hello to a white lady. That was the climate of the south in his youth. Nowadays, white girls and black men are everywhere together. Buford watched video after video of white women losing control with black men on the internet. He watched white women degrading themselves in front of their husbands. He particularly noticed the way the young generation of white girls were so openminded when it came to dating black men. He had to laugh when he thought of their fathers and grandfathers who had killed black men for doing far less than what was being done to their lily white princesses. Buford married as a young man and remained faithful the entire 40 years of his marriage, until his wife passed away a few months ago. After she passed he sold the house and moved into the city to be closer to work. The two of them had amassed a nice nest egg for their golden years, but now he had nobody to spend it on. He had always wanted to experience a white woman, but he would never cheat on the mother of his c***dren. Now he was feeling too old and too tired for the chase. In his mind and on his computer though, he had invented a million ways to get the white man back for what he had done to him. Having a white girl like Katie drop into his lap seemed like a sign though, and he could swear she liked watching him cum last night.

He paid the waitress and walked back outside to the morning sunshine. Maybe he could afford to lose some sl**p today. Maybe he would take a ride out to Hampsted Village and check in on Miss Katie. He started his old beat up Lincoln and came to a crossroads. Turn right and go home to the same old life, or turn left and start a whole new life where Buford James takes what he wants.

Chapter 8

Katie’s pussy was still throbbing as she showered off the sweat and frustration from her marathon of masturbation. Her fingers were simply not enough to satisfy her, she needed to be penetrated. She needed the man she married. Poor Jackson had tried, and she felt awful for her beloved. She would gladly fuck him all night and let him cum 1,000 times if he could just stay hard, but he was just not giving her what she needed. The only thing worse than not being able to get what you need from your husband is not wanting what he can give you, and Katie was coming to the shattering conclusion that she wanted a black man. It didn’t seem to matter which black man either! Every black man she met since moving in has appeared in her fantasies. Jericho, Marcus, the guard, random faces burned into her brain from the parking lot. All of them had taken her, done things to her she couldn’t even speak of and in her mind she always wanted more. She had to make a conscious effort not to dwell too long while soaping herself, lest she lose too much time. She was going to find a way to quench this desire, she only hoped she could do it quietly and discretely. She put her long blonde hair in a ponytail and pulled it through a baseball hat she pulled low on her head. She wore a baggy sweatshirt and jeans, and didn’t waste time putting on makeup. Her hair was still a little wet when she hopped into her car and drove off after a cure.

Buford’s Lincoln slowed as it turned off the highway onto Center Street which was a sort of main drag for the village. His car stuck out like a sore thumb among the sparkling hulking suvs and sports cars. He could feel the eyes on him at the stop lights as he made his way down toward Winthrop Lane where Katie lived. He was going to have to thank Mr. Frasier for giving him his son’s new address for forwarding the other day. He was leading him straight to his new daughter-in-law. He liked staring down the pretty white trophy wives as they jogged along or the young nannies pushing the strollers with the next generation of silver spoon k**s. Everywhere he looked there were beautiful white women. Even the white girl at the counter in the gas station was built like a brick shithouse. Buford made a special note to come back to that station sometime and check on her. He could have sworn she was giving him the eye when he bought his beer.

Buford opened up another can and threw an empty on the floor, just as he passed a cop parked along the road. Buford froze with the fresh one at his lips, watching the cops eyes follow him as he rolled past. The cop quickly pulled in behind him and gave a few quick squawks of his siren with his lights on. Buford put the beer in the cup holder and slowly pulled over. He wasn’t going to try and hide the beer after the cop just saw him drinking and driving. His heart was pounding. He could lose his job, his pension, everything.

The cop took his sweet time approaching. “Hey there old timer don’t you know you can’t be drinkin while yer drivin anymore? I mean come on man, ya did it right in front of me! I know Boss has you old men in town doing whatever and I know I’m supposed to let you all alone, but don’t push yer luck boy! Next time I’ll haul yer black ass into jail! I don’t give a good god damn who says yer allowed to be here! Now get going and put the beer away!” With that the policeman turned and practically marched back to his car, leaving Buford stunned. What the fuck had just happened? Why did he let him go? Who the hell was Boss?

He didn’t waste any time pulling away and quickly and discovering Winthrop Lane at the next intersection. He turned and entered the white man’s ultimate sanctuary. Landscaping trailers, work vans and trucks lined the streets and Buford had to park his Lincoln down the block from Katie’s house. He wanted to finish the last of the six pack to calm his nerves and took in the serenity of Katie’s world. He envisioned her response when she saw him in her home unannounced. He envisioned the struggle, he imagined the victory and the spoils. As he stepped out of the car tipping the last can back to drain it he saw yet another beautiful white girl jogging past. Her little girl pigtails bouncing behind her and some big tan titties bouncing in front of her. Buford tried to stare her down like the others, but he couldn’t. Kat Mitchell wasn’t about to turn away. Buford’s eyes quickly traveled up and down her body, drinking in every inch.
She smiled at him, before looking back down and jogging past. She glanced back with a giggle after he’d had a few seconds to get a good view of her back side as well. Buford made another special note in his head for her, as he watched her jog up the driveway of the house next door to his destination.

Even though Buford was well into his 60’s he was in good shape for a man half his age. He walked along the stone wall which separated Katie’s home from the sidewalk, past the first entrance of the circular drive along the length of the home so he could check out points of entry and see if anyone was moving around. He checked the surrounding houses or what he could see of them through the trees, for nosy neighbors or workers. He saw no one and abruptly turned and made a beeline through the open gate of the circular drive’s exit and around to the side of the house. He leaned against the bricks catching his breath and trying to regulate his racing heart. He looked up and discovered his place of concealment offered a nice view of the brunette jogger’s kitchen. He watched as she chopped fruit and blended up a smoothie. He watched when she wiggled out of the sports bra, turning her back just before her beautiful boobs spilled free. Kat disappeared from view, and allowed Buford to turn his attention back on his target. He slipped around back to an unlocked window and was removing the screen when he saw her leaving through the large windows on the opposite side of the house. He threw down the screen and was about to rush around front when he heard her car start and her tires squeal as she sped down the driveway. Buford’s heart dropped. He’d missed her! If it wasn’t for that fucking cop or that little bitch next door he would have Katie! He would have his prize!

Kat trotted up the stairs, leaving her clothes downstairs for the maid who should have already been there. Her breasts were almost too perfect. Almost too big and perky to be real, but that bounce was unmistakably the work of God. She was running behind and was at risk of being late for one of Margaret’s precious tea parties! Kat laid out a pale yellow sundress with white polka dots and a white hat and white gloves. She turned on the water on her antique claw foot tub and opened the French doors that were separating her bathroom from the glorious Georgia summer. She didn’t care that it also separated her nakedness from the golfer’s on the course behind her and Katie’s homes. She had to change her routine last summer because some of the caddies had figured it out and were congregating on the hill behind her house. It got so bad the golfers didn’t have anyone to carry their clubs.

She looked out and didn’t notice anyone out there as she slipped into the warm water. She lathered and shaved her legs as well as her “lil peach” as her husband calls it. Her body was deeply tanned all over with the pale exceptions of the narrow white triangles around her deep pink nipples and the sexy triangle and line of her thong bikini going over her hips around to her round brown ass. The white soap bubbles a stark contrast to her tan skin.

As she dressed she heard her maid arrive and the opening and shutting of cabinet doors. She hated dressing like all the old bags from the stuffy club, but Margaret told her it was very important to keep up appearances. Margaret was all about appearances. Kat liked to push Margaret’s buttons from time to time, but she also knew how to play the game. “I still look good in this crap!” she said to her reflection. Buford couldn’t have agreed more.

Chapter 9

It was 1962 when Buford Jones got his first job as a stockboy at the grocery store in a dusty corner of rural Georgia. He liked the boss well enough, he treated Buford decently and even let him take home food to his b*****rs and s****rs at the end of each week. Buford worked hard and even got a promotion to work out front stocking shelves, which was rare to be among white customers. One particular woman, the wife of the local sheriff always gave Buford a thrill when she came into the store. Buford heard rumors among the old black men in his neighborhood that she would come down when the sheriff was at work and visit a boarding house down the street from Buford’s house. Buford used to imagine what some lucky brotha was doing to that fine white woman. He would always look out for her car around the boarding house, but it was months before he saw her pull up and walk quickly up the sidewalk to the house.

Buford quickly sprang into action and restrained the newly bathed and freshly oiled Kat Mitchell. She saw him only a split second behind her reflection in the mirror, his hand was over her mouth before she could scream. In his hand was a knife from her own kitchen and he quickly held it to her throat. Kat’s scream was swallowed by the rough hand covering her mouth and nose. “You keep quiet and do what the fuck I tell you to do, and this will go real easy for you. You understand me bitch?”

Kat nodded, trying to suck enough air to live through the smoke and beer smelling hand of her attacker. His face was behind the stupid hat that Margaret made her wear so she couldn’t see her attacker’s eyes. “Fucking Margaret!” she thought to herself. Kat could see the hand was black and voice sounded black too. She wanted to see his face.

“I’m gonna take my hand off your mouth now, and you aint gonna make a fucking sound right?”

Kat nodded. Gasping in deeply but quietly Kat obeyed his first command. The hand on her mouth moved quickly to the front of her dress, just as she had anticipated. Buford fumbled with the four large buttons that held the dress closed, but he got them open and through the parted yellow polka dotted curtains he could see a hint of her amazing breasts jammed into a stark white bra and also the fact that she had no panties on. Buford watched her face in the mirror, she was scared but not crying. This white girl had a strong heart. Buford pulled the dress off her shoulders and tossed it over the chair. He admired her tanned toned legs all the way up from the short white open toed heels to the round tanned ass jutting out proudly. His cock grew hard in his pants, begging to be set free. He set the knife down on the counter, confident that his victim was sufficiently scared and compliant. “Bend over bitch and stick that ass out.”

Kat silently complied and leaned forward onto the marble slab countertop. She felt him fumbling with her 4 clasp bra and then the release as her heavy boobs spilled free. She heard him whistle at the spectacle of her doubled over, her ass up high and her titties hanging down low. She felt his hands spreading her tanned ass cheeks exposing her freshly shaved pussy and her tender pink asshole. “God damn sweety you got some beautiful fuck holes.” Her attacker’s voice sounded almost sweet and certainly sincere. She felt his fingers spreading her lips and then one then two sliding inside her.

“Mmmmmmm pretty white pussy.” Buford was taking his time soaking everything in. The pale skin of her pussy, the pink puffy inner lips, the smell of her lotion, the smell of her pussy on his skin, it was almost overwhelming him. He was in his own world watching himself finger some strange frightened woman. He snapped to, realizing that his business required a certain degree of speed. He slid his fingers out and gave them a good long smell before one hand disappeared around her to fondle her hanging tits and the other tugged at the zipper of his uniform pants.

“You ever had a black dick before bitch? You gonna be my first white girl baby. You should feel honored slut! I was gonna give it to the bitch next door but now you get it first.” Kat stayed silent and passive, sensing that his questions if any were merely rhetorical. Wondering how this was going to end. She heard the telltale sound of a zipper being opened and the rustle of clothes, then she felt the hot weight of Buford’s cock laying in the cleft between her firm cheeks and up onto her back. It felt heavy and it felt big.

Buford slid his cock back and forth between her cheeks while he cupped and squeezed her tits. This was the same position he saw the sheriff’s wife that night. She was bent over and had her arms braced against the kitchen counter. Behind her a no good pimp who once tried to turn out Buford’s little s****r was slapping a big white ass and fucking her and laughing, in front of her seated on the counter was Buford’s father. He was slapping her face with a huge black dick and laughing, then ramming his dick in and out of her mouth. The sheriff’s wife looked like she was in pain but when she could talk she was begging them not to stop.

He hated his father for cheating on his mother. He hated the sheriff’s wife for being such a whore. He hated himself for not being man enough to walk in there and join them. Buford imagined himself as that strong young black stallion, his cock every bit as big and thick as it was back then. It was hard enough to hunt with as his daddy used to say. He grabbed the base and began teasing the woman’s beautiful pink hole with the head of his cock. Watching as his black helmet f***ed her lips apart and feeling the bump of her clit as he slid it back down her pussy. He teased her clit over and over, savoring the sight of a white woman under his control. He slowly pushed inside, hearing the moist hole squelch as the tender flesh parted to allow his cock inside. He stared in disbelief feeling the pure pleasure of a woman for the first time in years, seeing his familiar cock stretching a strange and beautiful white pussy. The woman cried out as he fed her pussy slowly. It wasn’t a scream for help, Buford could almost mistake it for pleasure but he slapped her ass as hard as he could and grabbed her by her hair. Leaning forward he hissed his beer breath through the hat and into her ear “I told you not to make a fucking sound didn’t I bitch? You better start listening or this…” he lurched forward shoving another few inches of his cock inside her causing her to swallow another yelp “is going in here.” He circled a finger shining with his victim’s juices around her tiny asshole. Buford watched Kat nod in the mirror.
Spurred on by adrenaline and a little numbed by the beer, Buford subjected Kat’s poor tender pussy to a 20 minute onslaught of continual pounding. By now she was on the floor, her legs having given out; with her head pressed against the cool tile and her ass up high in the air. Frustrated at not cumming Buford went back on his word, and even though poor Kat had been relatively quiet the whole time she was being impaled; he pulled his cock from her battered pussy and pressed it against the tight ring of her asshole. He had already cheated a little by slipping his thumb in there a few times but he was surprised at how easily it went in. His shiny cock was sinking slowly but without much resistance into her tight asshole. It was the tightest grip Buford had ever experienced. Her asshole was practically pulling his cock inside her. He slipped three fingers in her still gaping pussy and felt his balls resting on his palm. Kat breathed heavily but quietly biting on fingers and even her bra to keep from making noise.

Buford slowly humped his huge cock in and out of her asshole. Gaining confidence and speed with each downward thrust. He was standing now and using all his weight to push inside her. Eventually pounding into her, grunting, sweating, cussing. Kat was unable to contain it anymore and screamed loudly when she felt him tense and then grow inside her before he emptied his elderly neglected balls inside her. Buford gripped her ass and practically sat on top of her with his cock in her bowels, still spewing his cum. They both panted and groaned as they recovered. Buford slowly rose off her and extracted his still hard and now cream covered cock from her gaping ass. The head of his cock was quickly followed by a flood of cum that oozed from her ass and over swollen pussy. Her asshole winking as it slowly shrank and tried to return to what it once was, and the thick clumps and clear ooze of Buford’s seed kept draining. Dripping into her open vagina or running over the lips and her pink clit and puddling on the tile.

Buford soaked in the view of his handywork, doubled over on the floor whimpering and showing the signs of his abuse. His cock now limp but still dripping sticky ooze from underneath his foreskin. Feeling the call of the six pack in his bladder, he turned to walk to the water closet and leave Kat there to marinate. He took a step and froze realizing that now was as good a time as any to p#ss on a white girl the way those cracker k**s had p#ssed on his s****r. Only they just through a cup from a car, and he was about to give it back to them fresh from the source. He peeled back the wrinkled foreskin and took aim at the perfect targets below him. He guided his torrential stream back and forth between her stretched and battered holes, and running down her back and up her neck into her hair and onto her face. Buford laughed and grunted “Ohhhhh shit baby this feels almost as good as cummin in your asshole!” He watched as the steady stream tapered into short blasts then a drip onto her sweaty welted ass. “mmmmmm Fuck baby you a fuckin mess!” Buford’s laugh was unmistakable to his friends and Kat was hearing it loud and clear as she lay there bathed in cum and p#ss and sweat. She heard clothes rustling again and footsteps as her attacker apparently prepared to leave.

She expected her torture to continue much longer, but he could hear his shoes clicking on the tile heading for the back doors out to the golf course. “Don’t you want the money?” Came a weak voice from under the hat. The voice stopped Buford in his tracks.

“What the fuck you sayin? You tryin to trick me or something bitch?” Buford stomped over to the shivering, goosebumped body of poor Kat. “What the fuck are you talkin about?”

Kat coiled up into an even tighter ball expecting another attack but none came. She could feel him standing over her. “It’s just that…” the once hot p#ss had now turned cold and the combination with the cold tile had Kat’s teeth chattering, “Boss’ men usually collect once they’re done. I know you’re new, and I don’t want you to get into trouble with Boss. I want you to be able to come back.” Her voice was sweet and sincere, and her words were utterly baffling.

Who the fuck is Boss? That’s twice now that Buford heard his name and this time was even more confusing. He had just tortured this woman and she was asking him to take money, and come back again? Buford was confused but he wasn’t stupid. “Give me the fuckin money bitch and if you lucky I will be back in a few days to give you some more dick!”

She stood up and was face to face with Buford for the first time. She was a little shocked by his age after the savagery he had just inflicted on her. It never ceased to amaze her how virile and powerful black men were. No matter how old they are, black men just know how to fuck she thought to herself. She didn’t speak, but simply counted out $500 from her purse and set it on the counter. He quickly scooped it off and walked out the front door. He passed an older Mexican lady downstairs making lunch for two c***dren, and she didn’t even look up.

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