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Becommming Alanna - Part 4

There I was. On my knees. My lipstick smudged, my chin glazed, my belly full of semen. I didn’t know what to do. Mike just sat there and smoked, staring at me with his evil eyes… some time passed. I stayed on my knees. The silence was deafening but I was still loaded with d**gs and my spirit was limp, my will was flaccid. I fell from my knees onto the cold floor and just lay there. My face still only slightly glazed with the semen of the two 18 year old boys who had just ****d my mouth. My tongue was covered in a film, spit, ball sweat, and cum. My mouth tingled with the slightly electric taste of their seed as the rest of it gurgled in my belly. I heard noises as mike moved around but I couldn’t see him. I drifted in and out of awareness, not fully in touch with reality. All of a sudden I felt a jerk and I was in the air. Mike had picked me up. “oh good” I thought “he is gonna take me back up stairs, oh thank god I think it’s over”. I was wrong as he spun around and placed me into the stirruped chair. My legs were spread and my feet fit into the guided leg clamps. He moved some nobs and a few levers and I was tiled back and my legs spread open more. He lifted my skirt up laid it on my belly, pulling out a knife and cutting a slit in my panties, from the bottom of my sack down past the pucker of my quivering little anus. Thank god he didn’t cut me though I wasn’t sure he would have cared if he had. My hands were strapped down as were my legs. I squirmed a little and he just laughed. Reaching down to a tray of tools he took what I now knew to be a speculum and scr****g some phlegm off the back of his throat aimed a wad of spit directly onto my asshole. The speculum descended out of view and I felt the stark cold press of its rounded edges start to sink into my asshole. But then he stopped. In the dark I guess it was hard for him to see and I had just forgotten about it. “What the fuck is this” he said with an angry almost half laugh. He tugged the string and out slid the fully soaked tampon. The left-over juices, slime, and water that had not dribbled out of me during my cleansing weighed it down heavily. He held it up in the air. It smelled, not bad, but raw, like fresh untouched pussy. He quickly reached down and held my already open jaw down. His other hand moving swiftly he jammed the brown tinged glistening butt sponge in my mouth and shut my lower jaw, slamming a piece of duct tape over my lips. “Suck on that for a little” he said “you dirty fucking cunt”. I was panicked on the inside but the d**gs kept me nearly motionless. The hot thick juice dribbling down my throat, I had a hard time swallowing it but had no other choice, on my back with my mouth nearly glued shut. I had to gulp down the sludge just to keep from suffocating. The speculum went back into play and he jammed it in me, ratcheting it up and spreading my asshole to a good medium gape. I heard the tell tale sound of a zipper sliding down and I felt the fear. “Oh god he is gonna **** me right now” I thought to myself. I was wrong, that’s not what he had in mind at this moment. He grunted a little and I felt something hot. He was peeing. I could feel it hit the sweet spot right inside the open gape of the speculum, I heard the familiar sound of liquid filling a container. I was the container, the liquid was his piss. I moaned and grunted squirmed, chocking more on my cunt rag gag. He shouted “shut the fuck up” in an angry voice and I settle down a little. He shook off the last few drops and I could feel my guts full again. Like the enema but worse. Reaching down he ripped the tape off my mouth. He pulled the tampon out and inspected it. “Good enough” he said tossing the now nearly drained clot on the floor. He pulled a long hose off the tray of tools and unraveled it. Pressing one side deep into my guts he put the other in my mouth. “Drink” he said. I was motionless. “Drink” he said holding his knife up to my throat. I did as I was told, sucking quickly and bringing the first tastes of his piss and my sloppy guts to my tongue. It moved slow and thick, almost chunky with little bits of mucus and slime. I gulped it down as his knife pressed into me. Gagging hard, trying to keep it inside I choked down as much as I could. Finally I heard the gurgling bubbling sound, the sound of a straw at the bottom of an empty soda, sucking for those last drips of juice. I coughed and the tube fell out of my mouth. My eyes were tearing, my makeup was running. Big globs or mascara and liner bled down my cheeks as I silently sobbed, and lay there pinned down by my restraints.

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