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My wife and I were traveling cross-country to visit
f****y with my mother-in-law, s****r-in-law and b*****r-
in-law in 2 cars. Half way through the trip my s****r-in-
law joined my wife and I in our car. My wife took over
driving and I was in the passenger seat and my s****r-in-
law was in the back seat. I was tired so I reclined and
dozed off to sl**p. When I awoke I listened to my wife
and her s****r talking about sex. This interested me
because my s****r-in-law is only 17 years old and from
what I understood is still a virgin.

The conversation continued as I pretended to be asl**p.
My s****r-in-law was asking about my wife and I and our
sex life. My wife was telling her how often we have sex
and the type of things we like to do to each other. Her
s****r told my wife that her boyfriend wanted to have sex
with her but she wasn't ready and that she was happy
blowing him and giving him hand jobs but he has yet to
give her an orgasm, because he stops touching her when he
cums. My wife told her to just finger herself to get off
and he should be turned on by that.

My s****r-in-law then said that all this sex talk was
getting her horny and she asked my wife if it was ok that
she masturbate as they talked. My wife reminded her that
I was in the car and that I may wake up. Her s****r then
said, I just need to get off and I will just stop if he
wakes up. My wife said, ok and they continued their

The conversation turned to details about what I like when
we are having sex and what I like to do to my wife. As my
wife described what she likes to do to me I started to
hear my s****r-in-law move and I heard her start to
finger herself. I could hear her moistness as she slid
fingers into her pussy and she continued to talk to my
wife but her voice changed and became more sultry and

My wife was explaining how she likes to cup my balls as
she sucks and strokes me until I cum on her tits and face
and I could hear my s****r-in-law speeding up as she
fingered herself. It was here that I moved a little
hoping I would be able to see my s****r-in-law
masturbating. She stopped when I moved my head and I was
still for about 3 minutes before she assumed I was still
asl**p and put her hand back in her pants.

I looked with my eyes half closed and saw movement in her
pants as she slid her fingers in her pussy. I also saw
her free hand under her shirt as she played with her
nipples. Her bra was on the floor of the car. My s****r-
in-law started telling my wife what she likes her
boyfriend to do to her and what she likes to do to her
boyfriend. She explained that she loved when she was
blowing him to squeeze his balls to make him jump and
that when he cums she likes to keep his cum in her mouth
and let it drip down her chin onto her tits and she loves
to rub his cum all over her tits.

As she continued talking she slid her pants down to just
below her hips and I could just make out a neatly trimmed
pussy and 3 fingers working in and out of her pussy. She
then told my wife that she and her friend once both gave
her boyfriend a blowjob and her friend fingered her
pussy. It was as she was telling my wife how wonderful
her friend's fingers felt that she focused on her clit
and came in a shudder. She removed her fingers from her
pussy and licked them clean and put her pants and bra
back on.

I pretended to wake up about 10 minutes after that. We
were nearly at our destination and my s****r-in-law asked
if she could share a hotel room with us. My wife said yes
without even asking me, not that I would have said no.

When we reached our destination we found a nice hotel
that had a living room area separate from the bedroom.
The couch had a pull out bed and my s****r-in-law was
happy to sl**p on it. The only problem was that the
bathroom was near the bed and my s****r-in-law had to go
through the bedroom and right by our bed to use the
bathroom. The first night went by without any situations,
I think we were too tired to do anything. But the second
night was more eventful.

We had spent the day visiting f****y and ate dinner out.
We returned to the hotel around 8 PM and relaxed and
watched TV. Around 9:30 my wife yawned and said she was
tired and was heading to bed. She asked me if I was
joining her with a sexy smile. I knew what she had
planned and did indeed join her. Her s****r was laying on
the sofa-bed and said goodnight.

We laid in bed until my s****r-in-law turned out the
light in the other part of the hotel room and turned off
the TV. When my wife was sure her s****r, Brooke, was
asl**p she turned over to me and kissed me. After she
kissed me she told me that during the car ride and when I
was asl**p her s****r asked her all about our sex life
and told her about her sex life.

My wife continued, "She told me that she has never had
sex, but has given blowjobs and loves cum on her tits and
face, I guess it runs in the f****y," and she giggled.
She went on to say, "She also told me about she and a
girl friend of hers had a 3some with her boyfriend, can
you believe that? But it gets better, while she was
telling me this, she was masturbating in the back seat of
our car. I heard her juices and her fingers swishing away
in her twat. It got me so horny, but I was driving,
otherwise I would have fucked you right there with her

I acted surprised even though I wasn't surprised at all.
While my wife was telling me what happened her hand had
moved to my dick and was stroking it through my pants. My
wife went on and asked if I would mind if she told Brooke
about how we swing and maybe she would like to join our
swing group. I told her I wasn't sure that was a good
idea, I mean how would she like it if I ended up fucking
her s****r?

My wife said that she wouldn't mind and that just the
idea of it was making her wet, with that she slid her
pants off and slid 2 fingers into her pussy and brought
those fingers to my mouth to show me how wet she was. I
sucked her fingers dry and slid my pants off. My wife was
now totally nude and had her legs spread wide and was
fingering herself while she watched me get undressed. I
told her that her s****r was in the same hotel room and
that she could walk in on us anytime. To which my wife
replied, " good then you can fuck her tonight."

Hearing her say that made my dick jump and she grabbed me
by my dick and pulled me to her. Her mouth opened and
took me deep into her throat. She sucked my dick for a
bit then sat up on her hands and knees and told me to
fuck her. I moved around behind her and slid my cock up
and down her pussy to get it nice and wet. When I was
convinced she and I were wet enough, I rammed forward
into her pussy. The f***e of it knocked her head first
into the bed's head board. There was a loud thud and as
she regained her position she said, "Yes baby, fuck me
hard, make me cum."

I was fucking her pretty hard, my balls slapping her and
I guess we didn't realize that the sound of our bodies
pounding against each other was loud, or we knew it but
didn't want to stop, but Brooke must have woken up. She
burst through the door and said, "What the fuck are you
doing?" Then she saw us and realized, she started to
apologize and said, "sorry, I thought you were hitting
her, it sounded like it and oh geez, sorry." As she
started to leave my wife told her to stop. Brooke stopped
in the doorway.

My wife stood up and took her s****r's hand and brought
her to a chair by the bed. My wife said, "You asked me
about sex the other day and I told you some of the things
that he likes and that I like, but what I didn't tell you
is that we like people to watch us have sex, and to tell
us what to do to each other. Would you like to do that
for us tonight. You don't have to take your clothes off,
but I am sure that he wouldn't mind if you wanted too. If
you don't want to do any of this you don't have to but we
get so turned on when we know someone is watching us. So,
the choice is yours."

With that my wife came back to the bed and took my dick
in her mouth and took me deep, her nose hit my body. She
went down 2 times then with just the head of my dick in
her mouth she looked at her s****r, who just nodded her
head that she was going to stay.

As my wife began sucking my dick again Brooke spoke and
asked if we would show her how my wife gives me a hand
job. My wife repositioned herself on the bed sitting
Indian-style and I put my legs on either side of her and
my wife told Brooke to come closer so she can see exactly
what my wife was doing to me. She explained how she puts
her palm under my balls and cups my balls as she uses her
other hand to stroke me. My wife also explained how easy
it is to lean over and suck my cock as she strokes me.

Brooke just watched as my wife stroked my cock and
intermittently sucked me. I looked at her and she was
watching intently and licking her lips. She looked at me
and blushed a little. She looked so sweet sitting there
completely dressed as she watched her s****r give me a
hand job. Brooke then told us to show her how we
masturbate for each other. My wife just laid back and
spread her legs as I took over stroking my cock. My wife
used both hands to spread her pussy open and rubbed her
clit and slid 2 fingers right into her pussy.

Brooke sat on the bed in on the side of us but in-between
us and watched as my wife fingered her clit and as I
stroked my cock. My wife then spoke and told Brooke that
we were swingers. Brooked looked confused but didn't say
anything. My wife then asked her if she knew what a
swinger was, Brooke just shook her head no. My wife
explained to her that we get together with other couples
and have sex with anyone we wanted, other couples, other
singles etc...

Brooke looked surprised and my wife told her that she
wouldn't mind if she touched me or her and that Brooke
should strip if she felt comfortable and join our fun.
Brooke said that she just wanted to watch for now and
asked me to eat my wife's pussy.

I moved between my wife's legs as my wife spread her
pussy wide open and I assaulted her clit and pussy with
my mouth, tongue and fingers. I sucked and nibbled her
clit as I fingered her pussy with 3 fingers. I was
concentrating on my wife when my wife pulled my head from
her pussy to show me her s****r sitting in the chair
fingering her pussy as she watched us. Her body was much
nicer than I thought. She hid her body well in the
clothes she wore. She is about 5-6, maybe 110 lbs but she
looked much heavier in the baggy clothes she wore. She
has small titties maybe the size of tennis balls but with
hard pointy nipples. As she fingered her pussy she used
her other hand to pinch and pull her nipples.

I told my wife to get on her hands and knees again and I
slid my cock into her pussy as I watched Brooke
masturbate as we fucked. Brooke watched as I pounded my
wife from behind, Brooke was sliding 2 fingers into her
pussy then looked right at me as she raised the fingers
to her lips and sucked them like a small dick.

This sent me over the edge and I pulled out of my wife's
pussy, moved her to her back and jerked my cum all over
her tits and face. I rubbed my cum on her tits as Brooke
fiercely rubbed her clit and started to shudder and moan.
My wife watched as her s****r had an orgasm and
masturbated to an orgasm as she watched.

Brooke, my wife and I were all naked in the bedroom and
were all sweaty and hot. I turned on the air conditioner
and told them I was going to refresh in the shower.

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