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My Katy 5

my mouth finds hers again, my tongue probing. i look at her again; her eyes are closed. she tilts her head away, exposing the side of her face, letting me know what she wants. i kiss her cheek and lick her ear. Katy moans softly and i feel her legs open a little below me. i raise up to look at her again. i see the wetness i left on her ear, shining in the glow of the room. i look at her face some more, her black hair, her warm neck, such a special place for us. she has gone into a zone i know so well. her hands return to her breasts and she pulls on her nipples some more, roughly, tugging, making them hard again. this time she means it, and lets out a soft, ‘ohh…’ i watch as she pleasures herself, seemingly in her own private world, as if i wasn’t there at all.

but this is her show-and-tell. i watch and my left hand goes to my mound, my middle finger lightly touching my wet clit. i stroke softly, just a tease, becoming more aroused as i watch katy cup her breasts and squeeze them. her head turns the other way on the pillow; she is excited and her whole body is responding. i let my finger move in small circles over my wet bud, letting my own pleasure take me over.

i slide down towards the towards the foot of the bed, straddling katy’s ankles, and grab the top of the comforter, peeling it down slowly. katy wants to open her legs some more in an almost involuntary response, but she is pinned by me. the top of the comforter is mid-thigh on her and my gaze takes in more of her body…her flat stomach with her beautiful belly button and her vulva, which looks recently shaved. i can’t stop looking; i long to taste her there, that gorgeous flower, unfolding for my tongue…but not yet. i will tease her, and in doing so, tease myself.

she raises her hips off the bed, humping up towards me, her pussy wanting my attention. her mound is moving up and down, while her arms stretch above her, towards the head of the bed; more show-and-tell. i lean over to the mahogany nightstand and pull some handcuffs out of the drawer. my katy hears the sound and shifts, moaning beneath me. i cuff her right hand, pass the chain around the wood rail of the headboard and cuff her left hand. a small smile appears on her face, her eyes relax, and i grab her chin in my hand roughly, and put my tongue into her mouth deeply, swirling around and sucking her tongue. she opens her mouth wide and lets out a soft wail. i kiss her face all over, planting wet kisses and licks everywhere.

i put two fingers into my wet slit, gathering some moisture and bring them to her mouth. she licks me, sucking my taste off me. i reach down again, caressing myself, opening myself up, fingering my slit a little harder now. i give myself a taste, slowly sucking my fingers, then put them into katy’s mouth deeply. she sucks hungrily. i kiss her mouth and my fingers together, sucking and licking, letting my saliva drool out, making her face wet and glistening. i raise up to look at her, my fingers deep in her mouth. she opens her eyes slowly and i hear a soft moan and feel it vibrating on my fingers. her eyes smile at me momentarily, squinting, then relax and close again. her face also relaxes, and breathes out letting her body rest. i pull my fingers slowly out of her mouth, teasing her by going in and out a little, then out altogether. Her eyes open.
katy smiles, looking up at me. we stare at each other, our communication so deep, so silent.

she breaks the quiet, whispering...

‘more, please…’


‘rae, please…?’

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