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Best Night ... with my cousins (ex)

So I've wanted to write a story for a while ... and well why not write about the best sex I've ever had. and the awkwardness surrounding it ...

So my cousin had been dating this guy for couple years off and on. I am not the type to take any ones guy though I have been accused of it many of times. My cousin is a skinny twig who is an exhibitionist and I’m the polar opposite a girl with curves who at this point is a bit insecure about herself. It was not unusual for her to walk around the house naked for no reason. He and I always had eyes on each other, very attractive totally out of my league. He was older than me too, about 10 years. We often shared long hugs but that was as far as that went especially since he was with my cousin.

After months of this ongoing torturing ourselves with our wanting eyes. It was about 3am relaxing with some music she turns to me and says "You look like you need to get laid, you can take him in the bedroom and you two can fuck, I'll just sit here with my crossword". If you could've seen the look him and I shared, it’s never to be recreated. A million things went through my mind but first was assuring myself that this was in fact real and not a dream. His stair was deep in my eyes at this point waiting to see what my reaction would be to this offer as I was frozen in time. Once the paralysis cleared I was able to react, in my typical NO! shy way "are you crazy" I could never take such an offer, even though I was dying inside to say "Yes take me now!" We moved onto another subject but he and I continued with those lustful looks the rest of the night, as well as my panties were quite wet thinking about him, she had confided in me before he had a big cock.

We will fast forward another year as they continued with their unstable relationship they eventually broke up for good. Him and I remained friends and continued to hang out at times; often the goodbye hug lasted for hours. His head resting on my shoulders, hands roaming my back, caressing my ass, across my stomach, crossing my breasts but always resting back to my hips. Long passionate kisses, as he held me tight to his rock hard body. He just loved to have me in his arms, never wanting to let me go. Which I have to admit I loved being in his embrace, but it never went any further than that. I felt wrong lusting after someone’s boyfriend but now he's an ex, and available but is he still off limits because it was my cousins ex? No guy that wants a random hookup or rebound would go to such lengths I said to myself. Even if it was just to find some sort of reassurance in what I was doing. That all changed one night ...

We were on the couch watching some TV one night, took me in his arms started kissing me, caressing my entire body, but this time resting on my pussy. I gasped as I wasn’t expecting this, and my immediate thought was do I stop this? but all I could manage to say was "Should we be doing this?" at which time he stopped looked deep in my eyes "I've always wanted you, ever since I first met you, and I've desired you ever since that night you were offered to me, I was hoping you would've said yes but I know why you didn’t, I wanted to hear you moan for me."

I had to admit right then my desire for him was so strong my pussy was soaked, I tried to remain calm. His hand pressed against my pussy our lips kissing passionately. Before I could say or do anything his hand was in my jeans and feeling my wetness, my shirt was up and he was biting my nipples, all I could do was let out some soft moans. Our lips met once again and he whispered "I want you!"

My panties were soaked as he led me to his room where he slowly stripped me. Layer by layer he removed each article of clothing and he would step back to admire my body, He said "I’m soaking up your curves" standing there both naked still in his embrace feeling his hard cock pressed against my leg. Our lips still locked he lowers me to the bed guiding me to the pillow. The feeling of him on top of me his cock pressed against my waiting pussy, I was dripping wet, and his lips left mine and kissed their way down to my breast.

Kissing around, softly playing with my hard nipples he saw how my eyes closed in pleasure, he increased the pressure I could barely breathe it felt so good. I begged him to bite them and he did, throwing my head back MMmm I just couldn’t get enough. He soon left my breast and kissed his way down to my waiting wetness, soaked from his teasing embrace. Parted my lips and began to nibble my little clit and my world stopped felt so good ... my legs wrapped around his head has his tongue explored my pussy, licking up my sweet juices. Feeling myself ready to cum he increased the pace and I came hard on his face. Bringing his soaked lips to my own I tasted myself as he pressed his cock against my dripping pussy.

I gasped as he slowly started to slip that big 9.5" cock into my tight pussy; it barely fit looking him deep in his eyes teeth clenched. He let out a loud grunt feeling my tightness engulf his member all I managed were some breathy moans. He started to thrust slowly as I moaned hard feeling his big cock fill me, leaning in he started to bite my nipples. I threw my head back, eyes closed in complete ecstasy in a breathy voice I demanded more. I couldn’t take it anymore I looked him deep in his eyes with such lust "FUCK ME"! ...He's never seen this side of me; he was so turned on by my sudden dirty side he began to fuck me hard loving my newly discovered dirty side... I Demanded he fuck that tight little pussy hard, I want to cum hard on that big cock. That big cock reaching deep into my tight hole hitting every good spot possible, I began to claw his back as I felt another wave heading my way, in a deep passionate kiss that ended with me biting his hip and slowly letting go.

He put me on my knees and took my pussy hard from behind continued to fuck me, I was so worked up at this point. “MMmm Fuck me harder “I begged, demanding he cover me with his hot cum. Thrusting so hard into my pussy I was just about screaming it felt so fucking good, biting the pillow him holding onto my shoulders just thrusting hard and deep into my stretched hole. I came hard on his cock just about collapsed as my entire body hit with that big wave. Flipped me on my back covered my stomach and tits with a huge load giving me his cock to lick clean. Looking at him still with such lust as I playfully used my fingers to lick up the cum from my stomach and tits, seeing his cock still hard jumping at the site of me being so dirty.

He collapsed next to me in bed, out of breath and speechless. He was shocked at my dirty side; he admitted he did not expect that from me. Thought I was shy and innocent and possibly a quiet fuck, and realized he was very wrong. I think everyone in the house knew how good it was hahaha, we had a few more hot sessions before we parted ways but this was by far one of the best nights I ever had.

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