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Fantasy Fulfilled - A True Story

I finished typing and moved my mouse over the “send” word. The small hand appeared and my finger hesitated above the left click button. All my fears went through my head again and I almost moved the mouse to the red X in the top corner. Then I realised that in one or two hours or maybe tomorrow I’d be wanking myself stupid again, fantasising about having a cock in my hand and then my mouth. Taking a deep breath I clicked “send”.

My e-mail was short and to the point. It was to a Professional man, so to speak, who advertised on a website and lived in my area. His profile contained photos, field reports from satisfied clients as well as a list of all the services he provided. What mainly drew me to him was the comment that he specialised in first timers. His experience and age were such that he knew and understood what people like me went through; plucking up the courage to fulfil a fantasy. The pictures of his cock were also a plus; he was shaved and his cock looked at least 7 inches long. I explained I was a total novice, gave him a probable meeting date and explained again that it was something I’d never done. The last line, which was fuelled by drink, said I loved his pictures and would love his cock to be the first I ever tasted. Reading it back afterwards I realised how badly it read but seeing it on screen in my “Sent” folder, sent a tingle down my spine.

I sent the e-mail last thing at night and he replied the following morning. As expected he said he understood my nervousness and it wouldn’t be a problem, we could chat, watch some porn, mutually masturbate each other before moving on to oral. As I said the first bit was expected but I was taken aback by the matter of fact way, in one line he’d gone from chat to oral. Not mutual oral like the masturbate bit…..just oral…….me sucking his cock. I could feel my own cock getting hard as I read and re-read his short reply. I looked back at his profile again and again and at one picture in particular that really showed his cock off. A week today I thought that beauty could be in my mouth.
I quickly sent him a reply thanking him for the swift response saying I was looking forward to him telling me what to do and did he have any toys. Yet again when I read it back after I’d sent it, I realised what it must read like to him; on the one hand I’m a total novice yet I want to use toys. Hopefully he’d be used to nervous ramblings. I had my laptop on all day, constantly checking for his next reply. I had to wait until half past six at night and when it came it was short and sweet, simply stating that he loved oral and to use the online booking form to confirm the meeting. No mention of toys, just oral again. Not surprising, I realised, given the final line of my first e-mail.

I made the booking for 11:00am the following Monday and had to provide a contact number. I put my old mobile number down and completed the drop down boxes with a suitable time, which had to be the morning of the meet as I was looking after my son all weekend. I checked the e-mail section of the site and sure enough Matt (From the field reports I’d discovered his name) had replied with the address and his mobile number rather than just accepting the booking.

I was in turmoil all day Sunday, part of me wanted to cancel or not turn up but part of me realised it was something I needed to do. You only live once I told myself; if I can’t do it at least I need to prove it to myself. I didn’t sl**p very well on the Sunday night and after dropping my son off at school I returned home to prepare. I shaved my balls and thinned out the rest of my pubic hair so it was short and stubbly then got showered. The window I’d given him to ring or text was 09:00 – 10:00 and at 09:02 I got a text asking me if I had got the address and was I ok. I thanked him for the details and told him I was fine. He replied again telling me to relax – he wouldn’t be offended if I lost my nerve to which I replied I would be ok, I’d just take things slowly.
I’d estimated the journey would be around 45 minutes to one hour but ended up sat two streets away with twenty minutes to spare. Again I nearly drove off but something made me put the car back into gear and drive round the corner. Matt had mentioned in one of the texts that the house number was 5 and there was a black Astra on the drive. I’d not even noticed, that in his acceptance e-mail he hadn’t said what the house number was, such was the turmoil my head was in.
He lived on a quiet cul-de-sac and I parked behind the Astra. It was a ground floor flat and I noticed the blinds were shut. I pressed the bell and for what seemed like an eternity there was no movement or sound from within. My nerve almost failed me again but suddenly I heard the lock turn and then the door opened, just enough for me to slide in. Matt looked younger than his photos and I was surprised to discover he was only wearing a polo shirt and white trunk briefs. He ushered me into the lounge and flicked the DVD player on – the film showed a man chained to a post with duct tape over his mouth. I stood there frozen to the spot with nerves but he smiled, dropped the remote on the chair and walked up to me asking me what I wanted. Before I had chance to answer, he put his hands between my legs and groped me before dropping to his knees , unbuckling my belt and dragging my jeans and boxers down. So much for him not giving me oral I thought as he took my limp cock into his mouth. My gaze alternated from the TV to his head and my mind was swirling; why was there a bondage film playing and I had my cock in another man’s mouth. I had a decision to make; stay or flee?

I decided to stay, the movie was tame but my cock was rapidly hardening. I shrugged my coat off as Matt stood up commenting with a grin, on how my nerves hadn’t stopped me getting hard. I looked down and his erection was straining against his briefs. Without a word he simply dropped his trunks and smiled at me. I was stunned; he was tanned all over, totally shaved and wearing a cock ring. His cock wasn’t just long, it was thick as well and without hesitation I reached down and took hold of it, slowly wanking his foreskin back and forth. “Shall we sit down” he said motioning over at the sofa. I could only nod; I was still shocked at how easy I’d gone from being fully dressed and in control to half undressed with a cock in my hand. “Take your jeans off” Matt said sitting down. I stripped down to just my own polo type shirt and sat on the sofa beside him. Without waiting to be told I took hold of his gorgeous thick tanned cock and started wanking him, still marvelling at the fact that I was doing it. “Do you want it in your mouth” he asked suddenly. “I’m not sure” I replied sheepishly. I still wasn’t sure if I could do it. Matt simply got up and knelt on the floor between my legs and started sucking my cock again. “Why is there a bondage film on” I asked him. He stopped sucking me and replied with a smile “That’s your fantasy isn’t it? Having your hands tied and sucking a cock”. He could see the surprise on my face. “That’s what it says on your profile”. The penny dropped; when I joined the site I’d filled in a profile and had been quite explicit in what my fantasy was. At the time I didn’t think I’d ever have the guts to fulfil my fantasy and actually contact someone and I’d completely forgotten what I’d put. “Don’t worry” he said “I’m not going to chain you up”.
With that Matt stood up and suddenly his cock was level with my face. He paused clearly waiting to see if I would react. I realised it was crunch time; I leaned forward and cupped his smooth heavy balls with my left hand and took hold of his cock again with my right, gently stroking it, before leaning closer and taking the end of his cock into my mouth. I surprised myself; not an ounce of hesitation. I started to move my head back and forth up and down his cock, trying my best to emulate a porn star (since my first e-mail I’d watched nothing but blowjob porn, looking for tips). Most of it went out of my mind as I moved my head up and down occasionally running my tongue round the head. I’d had some notion that I wouldn’t know what to do but the reality was totally different and I was loving it. Matt never uttered a word or even a sound of pleasure, but I didn’t care; I was sucking cock, after years of fantasising I was finally doing it – whether I was any good didn’t matter at that moment. Matt let me have my head, if you’ll pardon the pun, for a couple of minutes then said “Let’s go in the bedroom”. I followed him across the hallway and again he flicked a DVD on, this time on a small portable TV. Taking his shirt off he climbed on the bed and lay on his back gently stroking his cock; the intention was clear – this is what you’ve come for so take it. I took my own shirt off, dropped it on the floor and climbed on the bed beside him realising my nerves had totally gone. I reached across and took hold of his cock before sinking my mouth back over the end and slurping my way up and down. I wanted as much of it as possible in my mouth and for first time caused myself to gag. I eased my head back and concentrated on licking the head again, this time I got a reaction, albeit just a low moan. I was holding his cock as I sucked it and it occurred to me to try it without. Initially I laid my hand on his thigh then slowly moved it round behind my back. Matt was very quick to realise and said “Do you want your hands tying?” I was that turned on that any thought of whether I could trust him or not, never entered my head. I let his cock slip from my mouth before answering “Do you have anything?” “I’ve got a tie” he said motioning to a tie rack hung on the wardrobe door.

Matt climbed off the bed and walked around to the wardrobe, his gorgeous thick cock jutting out. I sat up and put my arms behind my back and Matt quickly and expertly tied my wrists together. I lay back on my side and waited for him to get back into position. I couldn’t reach his cock so he guided himself back towards my mouth and I greedily moved my head up and down again repeating what I’d done earlier. For his part Matt alternated between sucking my cock and wanking me but now his hips were thrusting back and forth making me gag a lot more frequently. Fortunately I had enough leeway to move my head back and relieve the pressure, before starting again. A couple of times I moved too far back and lost his cock but he simply re inserted himself and started fucking my willing mouth again.

Matt’s initial demeanour, in the lounge and when we first went into the bedroom had been very focused around my nervousness, since being tied up however he had changed to become more dominant; sitting up level with my head and pushing his cock deep into my throat. Apart from the occasional gag I was loving being treated this way – never did I dare to imagine that today I would completely fulfil my fantasy of having my hands tied behind my back and a cock f***ed into my mouth. Matt’s experience obviously told him I was getting near to coming so he moved away from my mouth and knelt between my legs. I thought he was going to make me come with his hands but instead he pushed our two cocks together and massaged them which had the effect of removing my urge to come. That done he returned to his original position, this time making me stretch to get my mouth onto his cock. Matt repeated this procedure twice more before finally laying down so we were side by side, in a 69 position, sucking each other’s cocks.
This time it didn’t take long for me to come and Matt swallowed every drop. I laid my head on the inside of his thigh, his cock still in my mouth as wave after wave of pleasure swept over me. It the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. Part of me expected Matt to carry on fucking my mouth once I’d come but instead he pulled out of my mouth and stood up before untying my hands and I realised that what we had just done was business, fucking pleasurable business but business all the same. However Matt lay back on the bed and we talked for five minutes or so, he was clearly in no rush to get rid of me. He complimented me on my physique (he liked Rugby players) and admitted my oral skills were unbelievable for my first time (I’d been convinced my teeth would have rubbed against him but he assured me they hadn’t). He talked about his life and how he came to be on the website. We stood up together and as I went to leave the room he grabbed my cock and started wanking me again before dropping back to his knees, in the doorway, and sucking me again. I felt some stirrings of life but not enough to get hard again and after a minute or so he stood up “God I loved how hard your cock was………… I think you ought to suck me again”. I’d always felt guilty after wanking whilst imagining sucking cock, which had the effect of killing my libido but now I had no hesitation in dropping to my knees to suck his cock, which was rock hard again. I sucked on his cock again for a couple of minutes before he thrust himself firmly into the back of my throat making me gag. I took his cock out of my mouth and stood up “How do you manage not to gag?” I asked. He smiled “You’ll learn”.

Matt made me a coffee while I freshened up and again seemed in no rush to get his “client” out of the door. Giving him the fee felt foolish and he also seemed slightly off put by the fact. We continued chatting over the coffee and he asked me to complete a feedback into the booking on the website. I left on a high promising to be back.

By the time I got home and logged on Matt had left me some positive feedback “ wow great guy RUGBY BUILD fit great cocksucker. His cock rock hard. ACE”
Maybe it was just words but despite the fact that I hadn’t made him come I sensed he’d enjoyed it. I left him positive feedback in return then sent him an e-mail as the feedback was limited to so many characters. In it I thanked him for putting me at ease and said next time I’ll bring my handcuffs for some role play…………

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