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Hairy Women...

I have ALWAYS loved females who NEVER shave their armpits or any other body hair, in fact the hairier a female is the better, at least for me...
There is no other feeling in this world to me like cuddling a really hairy BBW and I have had relationships with females who didn't shave and also to females who did and the marriage/relationship lasted longer with the non shaving females.
I know of 3 girls; Angie, Brenda & Carol who are 20 and none of them have EVER shaved...
Their mum Lynda, who is now 35 (yes she had Angie when she was only just turned 15) and myself have always been strong believers in naturism and therefore accepted this and were never made to feel that there was ever anything wrong with being naked around each other, so when it came time for us to tell them about the Birds'n'Bees they all said 'Oh we got that at school and before you ask we have all decided that if you can be so positive when wearing mini skirts, sexy tops etc without underwear, so can we and because you both show ALL of your hairyness without embarrassment then we can too and we will never be shaving ANY body hair off either, EVER'.
Lynda often tells me that she feels very comfortable with me and she still wears high heeled open toed sandals, sleeveless strapless tops and well above knee length skirts without any underwear or tights and only rarely wears 'barely black' stockings with a proper suspender belt too or indeed even holdups on a night out @ a Dinner Party or such where Lynda will sit with her legs apart, lift the back of her skirt up so that her bare arse is on the seat (wet wipes clean up any mess left and also clean seats etc before the girls lift the backs of their skirts up to sit bare arsed on them, we do take note of hygiene issues) and as she doesn't EVER wear undies this often leaves a wet patch on her seat made worse by me telling Lynda that she must, 'NEVER, EVER 'wipe' your pussy after being at the toilet, or even after changing your Tampon' (Towels are banned and Lynda has to make sure that her Tampon string is hanging down and she must wear a large bright red bangle when she is on her period) and the stockings etc will usually be off within an hour or so anyway.
When the girls are out with us they don't worry about any body hair showing either and regularly wear their high heeled open toed sandals too with sleeveless sheer tops and micro-miniskirts or similar styles of dresses without underwear as well, then their pussy and arse hairs can be seen quite easily when they bend over, keeping their legs straight to pick up a dropped purse or what have you and their leg hairs can be seen quite easily and when wearing sleeveless strapless tops and putting their arms up to put their hair up in a ponytail then their long straight and really long armpit hairs can be seen hanging down quite easily too by anyone who bothered to look.
Lynda has told the girls that from now on, ALL the rules that apply to her should also apply to them too;
Sitting or standing, legs apart,
When sitting down skirts or dresses must be lifted up at the back so that bare arses only are on seats (wet wipes to be used, before sitting down and after standing up)
No wiping after peeing...EVER,
Tampons only to be used, with the string clearly hanging down and to always wear a red bangle to signify they are on their periods also became a rule.
We were all at the beach a year or two ago and the four of them were a sight to behold, as the bikinis that Lynda and the girls wore were very revealing and just barely legal and really showed their pubic hair spreading out from the tops of their bikini bottoms upwards to their belly buttons and out from both sides of the bikini bottoms and downwards to their thighs, and the bikinis really allowed all of their body hair to be seen easily and none of the girls ever tried to cover any of their hairy bits up.
33 year old Lynda has a typical BBW body to die for, with absolutely massive and extremely saggy/droopy tits which hang down really low and if she is sitting down her biggest tit, her left, rests fully on her lap while her right tit hangs about two inches above her thighs (like most other women her tits are not symmetrical and are quite lopsided, in fact her left tit is more than 3 inches longer and wider then her right and looks amazing when we are out shopping when she is of course bra-less under her sheer top) she has a lovely arse too (which is symmetrical) with a really nice belly and an amazing 'treasure trail' all the way from her pussy, out and over both thighs to well above her belly button, in fact that hair meets the hair growing downwards from between her tits.
She also has;
Really thick long black hairs on both legs, from her inner thighs to her feet, including her toes.
Thick long hair in her arse crack and this hair is growing from her arse up the small of her back too.
Really long black hairs growing all around aureole, on her tits and from her huge nipples too.
Really thick and almost four inch long straight hair on her armpits which hangs from her pits.
Lynda has NEVER shaved ANYWHERE and still works full time in a local shop and NEVER wears underwear and ALWAYS wears sleeveless and strapless tops, whatever the weather!
Angie has;
The body of an amazing BBW with a treasure trail which relatively covers about half the area of her belly which her mums does but still with really thick long hair all over her pussy and outwards on to her inner and outer thighs, up her arse crack & also downwards to the middle of the tops of her thighs.
She also has thick long black hair on her legs from thigh to toe, with a few hairs on her toes.
Shorter thick black hairs around her aureole and a few really long, straight hairs on her large droopy tits and big thick nipples.
Thick and dark straggly but really long straight hair on her armpits.
Angie has NEVER shaved ANYWHERE either...even though she works full time in a large department store and also NEVER wears underwear even when she wears her favourite micro mini skirts and sleeveless and strapless tops, ALWAYS whatever the weather!
Brenda has;
Quite a chubby body with very nice big saggy tits and a really nice arse too.
She has really thick hair on her pussy and up her arse crack too with a barely noticeable treasure trail but there is hair there if you look closely.
There are only a few hairs on her aureole and nipples but there are lots of really long thick black hairs on and all round her huge tits too.
Brenda has also NEVER shaved ANYWHERE...and she NEVER wears underwear at her work under her favourite micro-mini dress either and still goes to the gym and does other games activities as well, indoors or outdoors and whatever the weather.
Carol has;
Really huge, and starting to get very saggy tits for a girl of 18 years of age.
Quite a lot of hair on her tits and her pussy and that hair is really black and extremely long too.
There is a lot of hair on her legs too, she looks gorgeous and is a beautiful girl with a lovely growth of hair which is now getting to be quite noticeable on her pits, long nipples, belly, pussy, arse crack, thighs, legs and toes.
Carol is still at an all girls college and ALWAYS wears lovely mini skirts and mini dresses, and all her teachers have asked her if she wanted to sit out any gym or games lessons or if she wanted to avoid out door classes in case of inclement weather and Carol said 'No, why should I, am I being asked this because I am hairy and don't wear underwear?' and the teachers said 'If being hairy and not wearing underwear doesn't bother you it doesn't bother us either'.

Hairy Females Rock...

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