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Unexpected library milking

This morning I jerk off a stranger in the library. I happen to be there to book a theater seat, when I decided to have a look which dirty old man was peeking into the sex education books. Turns out it was a fairly attractive university student, with full concentration in a sex self help. I stepped forward without any preparation nor hesitation, because I know exactly how this was going to work out. I frankly asked him if I could help him. He started to blush, started to stammer and lost his last defense by putting the book back on the shelf. I was right, this was going to be easy. I didn't listen to what he said, his eyes trying to look away were too precious to get lost in the meaning of his words. After a sentence he stopped, I stayed quiet, kept on looking at him straight in the eyes, with My hands on My hips and he continued, trying to ignore he got busted. I am sure he started to feel very small and insecure and excited. After he finished again, I just told him to follow Me and walked away. I didn't look back, since I just know he was put in a spell by My voice, My presence, the ticking of My heels on the stone floor.

I walked around looking for a quiet spot, and he followed Me like a lost puppy around in the library. We didn't say a word. A moment later, I unzipped his pants, took his half-hard cock out and started to wank him to a real man sized cock. He could only whisper 'please' and 'thank you'. A minute later, I f***ed him to cum inside a random book, closed it and put it back on shelf. I am sure My smile had to be a evil grin, because his face was full of admiration, thankfulness and awe. Since I had My ticket for the theater, I had no reason to stay any more and I left.

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