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The butterfly and the button-the misadventures of

Friday nights had now become special since there s*n Jack had finished his exams and discovered clubs. A regular night in to themselves for Wendy and her husband George. The end of the week, some quality time alone together.Some times it was a romantic meal ,sometimes just quiet holding each other, other times well lets just leave it as thiei sex life had reignited.
They both where dressing better,taking more time and care over how they looked. Friday was the high point of this. After Jack left or while he was readying himself they would shower and preen and change. The expectation and anticipation of what was to come almost as exciting as the sex which regularly occured.
They had agreed to try a few new things and enjoyed the confidence that age had brought them. George had brought Wendy a few presents from his buisness trips abroad, some wonderful new dresses and lingerie that she loved to wear and wore to work and some that where saved for friday, for tonight. These stayed very
very firmly hidden at the back of her wardrobe with the new sex toys he had bought. Definatley only for friday!
On a recent buisness trip he returned hugley excited with his finds, he loved gadgets! The house was full of them, remote control lights, dishwasher, curtains, heating, music ..garage doors.. Technology it was his thing he always had to have the latest phone. Anyway his discovery, remote wireless sex toys. She already had a vibrator but this was designed to be descretely inside you and triggered by your partner and as for the buterfly apparently also know as a dolphin that was new, a clitoral only wearable toy complete with harness. My my, George had some kinky ideas too,his fantasy for them to go out , her in one of the newer friday dresses with her toys inside her and naughtest lingerie, to sit in a pub or bar, he at another table, let her be chatted up and then press the button, try to make her cum as she spoke to some stranger..
However one step a time, this friday was the night for them to come out from the wardrobe and be worn around the house with her red silk thong and matching bra and a very tight friday special dress. He could fantasise all he liked and maybe they might role play it but for real way!

Jack called out he was leaving while she was in the shower, as usual she was excited, an evening alone with George, her new outfit and toys. She could tell that already she was perhaps more aroused than normal, her breasts seem to ache and her nipples where stiff and hard. She dried herself, and laid the toys and clothes out on the bed. The early evening sunlight seemed to spotlight silver egg shaped vibe and when she tried the remote, it was very powerful, she tried it on her hand and had to stiffle a giggle as it nearly bounced out, wow what was in it? It was more powerful than any of her vibrators and the irregular pulses where novel. She released the remote, short press short pulse long press long pulse..ok looks straight forward she thought. It was only when she brought the toy near her lips and moved her other hand to open her self she became aware of how wet she was..Wow she thought this could be fun.. But lets just see what it feels like when i move around before i suprise George and hand him the remote!
Now lets look at this buttefly she thought. She lay it on her open palm and pressed the button. Different presses , different intensity and rhythms, far more gentle! almost tickling. She looked at the harness, so its warn like a thong she mused as she sliped it up over her hips. It snuggled closely against her lips and already swollen clit. She closed her eyes. Wow and thats before anything is pressed she mused.
She donned the lingerie and dress enjoying the soft feel of the fabric on her skin and as a final treat some black strappy very high heels. Walking in the house was the limit of these. She paused by the mirror, no sign of the toys! but god did she look slutty, just like someone off one of the porn films they had been watching. A secret wave of thrilling excitement pulsed through her she looked like a slut , felt like one and alone with George loved it, she would be his secret slut.For his eyes only he was a lucky man! She smoothed the dress down admiring the way it highlighted her flat belly and clung to her toned ass, all that gym work wasn't wasted! No obvious vpl,her bare legs exposed at mid thigh loking glowering in the reflected sunlight. Her bra pushing her small breast forward to highlight her cleavage. The top held in place with two small spaghetti straps and cut low to tease and clearly reveal the edges of her lacey red silk bra.

She came downstairs, each step she felt her clit jostled and the vib move, each step a wave of pleasure. Oh my god! This was mindblowing. She had to pause at the bottom of the stairs to get her breathe! She had nearly come just walking down stairs. George was in the lounge, the curtains could get closed when it was dark, secretly she knew that part of fridays thrill was dressing in these clothes and walkng by the windows! Yes they where set back from the road and their garden wasn't too overlooked but the point was maybe some one could.George was putting a dvd on, another new thing, yes she had discovered she enjoyed porn, they often watched it now on fridays before it all got too much. It was the passion and lust it brought out she loved. His cock was always bigger, his hands more eager ,her body more responsive and her orgasms so much stronger.George settled on the sofa," I've got the wine glasses darling "he cried," can you get the wine its cooling in the fridge".

She slowly moved to the fridge, putting the remotes on the side as she came in. Each step a bolt of extasy,her thong already very damp,was rapidly becoming soaked, a gentle but tangiable scent of desire emminating from it.By the time she stood up wine in hand she was breathless..each movement had caused the vibe to move and the dolphin to press in differnet ways, this was extasy! Although what would happen when the remotes where pressed...

Suddenly the door slammed , "hi mum, dad"...jack was back..other voices "hi George, hi Wendy",adults a man and a woman but muffled as they where in the lounge with George. Wendy froze in the kitchen , no one was supposed to see her like this!

"Forgot that dvd for craig" called Jack "his parents gave me a lift back , they' re off out to c***d minders with colin, so could drop me back here" ( their youngest, who was always fiddling with something).
OK wendy thought if i stay here it will be ok. But no, in sauntered Jack, Colin in tow.
"I mentioned we had strawberries , Colin won't shut up till i give him one"

Wendy stepped aside from the fridge, a shudder of delight as she moved, but her son was in the room, this was weird. She looked around the room embarressed and then noticed Colin, or more precisely where he was and what he was fiddling with.

Jacks voice brought her attention back." wow mum you look stunning! you and dad off out? Not planning on clubbing are you?"

Wendy laughed a nervous giggle. "noooo" she said "don't want to cramp you". She felt herself blush,this outfit was for George, she looked like a slut, certainly not for her s*n to see. All she could think was thank god he can't see what else i have on, but very aware that Jacks eyes where going from her cleavage to her bra to her calves and feet and back with a new glean in theem.

Suddenly she gasped loudly and her knees buckled.Jack caught her as she dropped , his arm round her waist. A tidal wave of pleasure had wracked her body, both the toys had pulsed. It was like an electric shock , a deep violent orgasm had assauted her. Jack looked confused. Wendy was breatheless but standing, Jacks arm round her waist , his hand on her belly supporting her. Her eyes slightly on focused the last tremours of the orgasm subsiding and she was in her s*ns arms.

"You ok m*m" he asked she looked at him smiled and said yes...before another violent spasm of pleasure convulsed her body..She bit her lip to stiffle her scream of pleasure.

He called out .."D*D, mums ill!"

Jack was confused his m*ms belly had vibrated...George, dashed into the kitchen with Sue and Bob. Wendy was shaking , perspiration dotted her skin she was breatheless as wave upon wave of orgasm kept crashing over her. Her son was holding her , her friends staring as she came and came and she realised that she was loving it.George helped Wendy to a chair, Jack got her a glass of water..the pleasure subsided..She mustered her wits, "i am fine sorry just womans pains" she muttered, hoping that would cover it.But all to aware of how flushed ,how wild eyed she looked. She could feel her own juices oozing between her thighs,her thong totally soaked.

Her eyes pleaded with George flicking from his face to Colin and the remotes. But George had no idea! He was concerned but confused, she didn't look ill,infact she only came out in these flushed patches when she came..

Jack left to get the dvd as did Bob. Sue looked on concerned, she was about to take the remotes off Colin when he pressed them again . Wendy bucked in her seat and gasped, starring pleadingly at George.She had never come like this let alone this often, it was intense it was electric it was so strong it hurt. Her pussy had begun to spasm on its own and she was in heaven. She could see George lookng in to her eyes and Sue, that made it better made it worse, she was coming as she looked into her friends eyes, she was orgasming as her friend watched,she couldn't stop her self panting and letting out low moans of pleasure.
It felt like waves of delight and electricity mangnified the sensatiivty of every piece of her skin. Her breasts where aching her nipples throbbed , her clit felt huge and swollen and more senstive than it had ever been, she knew her thong was soaked and could feel the moisture trickling on to her dress. The slight scent from earlier was now a palpable odour of womanly desire.

She saw Georges cock strain in his trousers.. he could smell it too! He was turned on, concerned she was ill but sexually excited.It must be obvious she thought through a brian fogged with orgasms and extasy.Sue took the remotes from Colin, sayin " i'll have these!", before smilng at George and Wendy..did she know?
George stood up ..dvd ..Jack oh god! he thought and dashed in to the lounge . Jack was just about to eject the dvd from the drive, Georges heart was in his mouth, when Jack noticed the one he was after . "Here you go Bob " he said.
"Thanks we really had better go ", " i hope Wendys" ok he said " i will just say good bye"

Jack vanished to his room. The men went in to the kitchen. Wendy was more composed now , "your looking better " Bob said and went to kiss her, she flinched and gasped as he did . Another bolt of pure electricity had gone threw her. Sue grinned mischeviously to herself , thought so she mused, naughty naughty. She looked at Wendy smiling. Then sue said her good byes , a kiss on the lips as usual to George which was meet with another spasm arching threw Wendy, another gasp, another tidal wave of pleasure. Then lookng into Wendys eyes,Sue smiled and said "i hope you get comfy soon". Sue put her hand Wendys belly,low on her belly,her little finger hidden to the mens eyes pressing on the top of Wendys thong. Wendy was wide eyed in shock, she knew! Then Sue pressed first one then the other button then held them both down. Wendy could feel Sues hand moving in time to her orgasms, she knew , she was makng her cum, her finger was on her damp dress..and worst of all Wendy loved it.Sues goodbye peck was given to the yearning lips ofher quivering orgasm wracked friend. "Thanks" mummbled Wendy weakly.
They turned to leave , as Jack reappeared, they handed him the remotes, "put these somewhere safe "Sue said " they ' re probably very useful !"
"oh and Wendy you look stunning , we both like your new look!"
And they left. Noone but George was supposed to see this outfit ,now her son and two of their friends had. She had orgasmed while kissing another man and a woman,she had orgasmed in front of people, and you know what she had loved that fact!
Jack stuffed the remotes into his jeans pocket unthinkng and left the kitchen.
Wendy stood shaking placing her hand on the table, then ripped the butterfly and her thong down and let them fall on the floor , before removing a dripping vib..
George starred open jawed, realisation dawning on him.
The vib stood oozing on the table as she collapsed back on to a wet chair the dress clearly soaked sticking to her the scent of woman now prominant. George starred at the vib , he had never seen one so wet not even in films. He picked up the thong and butterfly,they where dripping. He turned grinning at his wife.

They heard the car go, then the door go as Jack left again.
Like a woman possessed she tore at Georges pants , a fire burnt in her belly .
"Fuck me now!"
She shouted and pulling his cock free , perching herself on the kitchen table. Normally both where quiet and restrained in their love making saving penetration for the bedroom. George tore his clothes off and her dress was thrown across the room. A wild passion like never before coursed through them. It was brief it was intense , george was bigger than he had ever been she was wetter and cam louder and longer than ever before. She gripped his ass dragging ana encouraging deeper and harder thrusts. she flung her head back and screaming obscentities like a banshee. "fuck me you big cocked stud, ride me , fill my cunt , deeper , harder yes yesss yess!"
Her hands clawed his back , her hips pounding in return against his oversized member. Her feet and legs sky ward. She grabbed his head , starred in to his eyes ..
"get on the table i want to ride your cock like a porn star"
Bewildered , excited and too aroused to think, he removed a very hard cock from her very very wet pussy. He lay on the table as she stood on it , head crushed against ceiling then squatted on his cock. She began to bounce on is cock geting as much as she could in her , soon very soon he could take no more and his hot cum exploded in her, she threw her head back screaming in delight as one last orgasm ripped threw her. After she lay sheepishly on the table cum dribblng from her pussy George confused and pleased..
What just happened he asked?
" come to bed and i will explain"..she smiled

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