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Nipples are a gurls best friend

One night I happened upon a website that sold nipples clamps and thought to myself that must feel pretty sexy. Then I saw it... nipple pumps! My curiosity got the better of me and soon I had the mighty credit card out and had ordered some. It was a long 2 weeks before their arrival, and as soon as I was home I had the box open.

I put one pump on, then the second one and pulled on the bulb to create some suction on my nipples. OMG! these things work! My nipples immediately felt like they were being pinched, and pulled on, which I must admit felt really sexy.

Over the course of the week I would pump my nipples every day, at first for 15 minutes. Then longer, and longer! Soon my nipples were starting to get thicker and longer every time I used the nipple pumps on them.

After a pumping session, I'd remove the pumps and put some cream on my nipples and rub them.... it sent shocks to my penis and made me so hard. My nipples now without the pump were a delicious 1.5 inches long and thick. It kind of looked like I had a small A cup breast, which made me so very happy.

Over the course of weeks and into months I kept on pumping my nipples and they are now permanently thick and about 1 inch long.

I knew I had to have more, so I found a site that sold not nipple pumps, but breast pumps! Again waving the credit card in the air and waiting two long weeks, my breast pumps finally arrived.

Could I do this? go from thick nipples to pumping my entire breasts? I sure hope no one notices at the gym! (or do I want someone to notice?)

As soon as I got home I had the box rippled open and put the cylinders on my breasts and started to pump.... O.M.G. what an intense feeling!!! I could see and feel the flesh in my breast get sucked into the cylinder forming these two small breasts... my nipples puffing up and becoming sensitive as well.

These things were great!!

I really started to abuse the breast pumps and would wear them everyday when I'd come home from work... and it wasn't long till my small breasts started to feel like a small A cup breast!!! How am I going to hide these now? and how I can stop playing with them!

But maybe they should be bigger? Just a little bit bigger...

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