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Vacation Special

By any man’s standard, Nancy is a strikingly attractive brunette. At five foot seven, a creamy, flawless complexion, beautiful smile, brown eyes, a full, 36c cup and shoulder-length brown hair, she is a twenty-eight year old dream.. She is a part-time aerobics instructor and, in her exercise tights, turns many heads because of her luscious figure. To say she’s been hit on both at work and her exercise club, is an understatement.
I’m a little older than Nancy but not by much. We met in college where she was a scholar and basketball cheerleader and I, a tutor and local high school teacher. I was nuts about her and her beauty and surprisingly, not the jealous type. Our communication ability was the strength of our relationship.
“So, how was your day today, my dear husband?” she chirped, as I entered our beautiful home late, one Friday afternoon.
“Same, same,” I drawled. “And, did you sell any real estate to any multimillionaires today?” I smiled.
She giggled. “No, just wrapped up a couple of homes, ready to close within the next two weeks,” she said. We sat down for our customary wine and stretched out. In her gray business suit with skirt and matching jacket, I still found my self trying to sneak a peek up her skirt. At times, I knew she was aware because she often sat unladylike as a great tease.
We made small talk and, as it happens so often, we eventually got around to sex.
“So, my dear, gorgeous wife,” I started, a lecherous smile across my face, “how many guys flirted today?” Nancy laughed.
“You really want to know?” she smirked.
“Yes, and don’t leave anything out,” I answered, feigning seriousness.
“Well, this young, handsome guy wanted to know if I came with the house and I said, “no, the house comes by itself but only if you get it very excited,” she laughed. I laughed along with her.
“Honey,” I said, “ you never seem to be impressed by these guys who hit on you, which is ok with me but it makes me curious...what does excite you when I’m not around? It’s normal, you know.”
“Oh, you’re terrible,” she smiled. “I don’t know, but these guys my age, just bore me and besides, I am a married woman, aren’t I?”
“Yea,” I answered slowly, “you are, and you are one gorgeous woman, too.”
Nancy smiled broadly. “Thank you,” she whispered. Then, in a surprise to me, she asked, “and what turns my husband on, that I don’t know?” I felt a slight excitement twinge.
“I don’t know if it’s the wine” I answered, ,” but I have to admit, seeing some guy all over you for some reason, just turns me on.” Nancy laughed.
“No jealousy?” she asked.
“I can see where you’d think there would be, but I don’t think you’d leave me for someone else and the taboo part of it, just drives me crazy.” Nancy smiled and paused a few moments.
“Well, hubby dear, since we’re being honest, I’ll make an admission but don’t ask me why ‘cause I don’t really know, myself. The young, confident stud, does nothing for me, but for some reason, an elderly, lecherous man, with gray hair, maybe balding and a little ugly, for some reason, the thought of a guy like that forcing me to have sex with gosh, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!”
I was flabbergasted. “I’m amazed! That’s the kind of guy who turns you on?”
Nancy sat up, obviously into the conversation. “Not the kind of guy I would date and certainly not the kind of guy I’d marry,” she smiled, “ but if a circumstance ever occurred where I’d consider a fling, a one-night stand, that would be the kind of guy and only if I were single.”
I hoped she couldn’t notice my erection.
“You ever acted on that fantasy?” I asked, my heart racing.
She smiled her usual, beautiful, flawless smile. “No, haven’t quite acted on it.”
“You mean,” I continued, “there’s never been a situation where you’ve been afforded an opportunity to at least flirt or tease some older guy?”
She laughed out, “well, I’ve been a little tease on occasion.”
I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. “How?” I answered.
She thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. “There have been opportunities where older guys would be ogling me in public. It was so obvious. So...on occasion, when I would be sitting somewhere, like those nice leather, stuffed chairs in the middle of the mall, I would sit a little carelessly and give them a peek up my skirt.” My cock throbbed.
“You liked that?” I smiled.
“Yes,” she whispered. “Last week, I was at the oil change station over on Broadmoor, and the manager there is a balding, overweight black man. When he leaned over the hood to clean the windshield, I opened my legs and I know he got a good view because I saw the bulge in his pants. I loved it!”
“Well, honey,” I said, “your secret is safe with me.” Nancy smiled her usual, broad smile and we later made passionate love. She was as wet as I’d ever experienced.
Eight months later, it was vacation time. We chose an island location off the Florida coast and booked into a five-star hotel. Nancy had purchased three bikinis and, as usual, turned numerous heads much to the dissatisfaction of wives and girlfriends. In a couple of days we had a shell collection and spent sightseeing time on the island and the Florida mainland. It was relaxing and enjoyable for both of us.
One evening, as we sat on our hotel balcony, I decided to go out for a bottle of wine. Nancy relaxed in a lounge chair, wearing white cotton shorts and a light-yellow pullover, She looked radiant, as usual. I drove about a mile to a small, bar-restaurant where I went inside and entered a package store. The gentleman behind the cash register was an elderly, black man, who I would estimate to be in his mid to late 50's. I instantly thought of the conversation Nancy and I had eight months earlier.
“What can I get you, sir?” the black man asked. I gave him the wine order and he retrieved a bottle. As I stood there, two other black men entered, close to the same age as the cashier. They all knew each other.
“Yo, Calvin,, give me some of that brandy,” one said. The cashier smiled and acknowledged. The two who entered gave the appearance of laborers who probably toiled in the heat, somewhere on the island. Both were tall and one, named Jamal, was particularly heavy-set. His friend, Dwight, ordered a bottle of whiskey.
“Hey, man,” Dwight said, to Calvin, “we can’t play poker at Jamal’s tonight. His old lady came back early.”
“Aw man,” Calvin answered, “I was gonna take you for some big money tonight.” The three of them laughed.
“Check it out, man,” Jamal said, “maybe we can slide over to Penny’s place. Give him a call and tell him to get his fat ass outa bed, we gonna play some cards.” More laughter.
Calvin shot back. “Nah, man, Penny’s down and out, got no money even for what we play for. We can’t go to Jamal’s, may as well forget about it. Can’t go to my place, damn landlady is a bitch about that shit.”
I could not help myself.
“Excuse me, gentlemen,” I interrupted, much to their surprise. “If you’re looking for a poker game, I love to play and wife and I are at a hotel just down the street. We could probably play a couple of hours if you wanted.” My heart was pounding.
“Yo old lady don’t mind that? Bringing home strangers to play cards?” Dwight asked.
I took out my cell phone. “Look, I’ll call her right now, see if she cares. Just a couple of hours, right?” They all nodded, taken back by my unexpected invitation.
Nancy answered right away and, as I expected, said she didn’t mind, thinking I had met other, male tourists. I had no idea how she’d react and realized, I may have set myself up for a real argument later that night. Or...maybe not. I didn’t know but I was incredibly excited even at the possibilities.
“So,” I said, “what time do you want to get started?” Jamal, Dwight and Calvin all looked at each other. It was clear none of the three were well educated or socially sophisticated. Jamal answered.
“We be there at ten, when Calvin get off work.” I gave them the address and room number as well as my cell number. I had doubts they would show because I knew they didn’t face this situation very often...if ever. I returned to our hotel room and surprisingly, Nancy had few questions about the poker players who were about to show. I dismissed it as “just a couple of guys I met at the package store. I enjoy poker, they do, too and I thought, what the heck?” I didn’t volunteer any details and she didn’t ask for any, probably thinking they were tourists, also. It was shortly after ten when a knock was heard. Nancy sat in the living room area reading a book. As I opened the door and she heard the tell-tale voices that indicated they weren’t tourists, she got up and moved into the f****y room area. I knew that because all three locked onto her immediately and the small talk subsided. I could see Jamal mouth the word, “damn.” I invited the three inside and a quick glance at Nancy showed her amazement at their appearance. She was obviously very puzzled and certainly didn’t know what to make of it. We took our seats at a prepared dining table and Dwight produced a container of red, white and blue poker chips along with a worn, deck of cards. Jamal could hardly take his eyes off Nancy. It would be her decision on what would or would not happen. Drinks were poured, along with Nancy’s glass of wine and I could sense she wanted to make eye contact. I avoided it. We began the game and played a low-level nickel, dime, quarter poker game. After a couple of drinks all around, things loosened up as far as conversation and Nancy remained seated on a bar stool, a few feet away.
“Jamal,” Dwight began, “why you deal me this muffukkin’ shit, man. I can’t win shit wid dis hand.” All three laughed, Nancy turned a little crimson, but did not leave.
Dwight continued and looked at Calvin. “Hey man, your old lady still gone see her mother?”
Calvin took a gulp of whiskey and answered, “yea man, that bitch still visiting her momma. Nice having peace and quiet for a change, know what I mean?”
Jamal answered, “yea, man....but you ain’t gettin no piece wif her gone.” All three laughed and I smiled. Nancy remained seated, her smile never faded. A half-hour passed and I looked up to see the bar stool empty and our bedroom door closed. “Well,” I thought, “she’s turned in for the night.” I debated how to bring the card game to a close when the door opened and Nancy entered. She stood next to the bar stool, her smile ever present...and, she had changed clothes. A year earlier, for fun, I bought her a denim mini-skirt that was intentionally very short. It wasn’t for public wear but for us, inside our home. I didn’t even know she had packed it. She now wore that skirt, a white pullover and no bra. Her nipples were erect and clearly visible. The bottom of the skirt barely covered her panties. All three black men stared, their mouths open. Her smile still in place, Nancy sat on the bar stool, her yellow panties visible and Jamal opened up with “muffuck, that girl wearing “fuck me” clothes.” Nancy just smiled with no reaction to the language she usually found offensive. Jamal pushed back his chair from the card table.
“Girl, them’s some fine looking legs and booty you gots there,” he said. “Why don’t you open up them legs a little, let us see them panties you gots on.” To my overwhelming shock and surprise she did just that. She parted her knees enough to give everyone a good look at her yellow, thong panties. Her smile never faded.
“Damn,” Dwight added, “make my muffuckin’ dick hard, for sure.” Nancy gave a quick glance toward Dwight’s crotch. She never once looked at me.
Calvin jumped in, next. “Dwight, Jamal...this beautiful white bitch lookin’ for some black cock, I think. How ‘bout that, girl? You looking for a good fuckin’?” Nancy’s face was no longer a bright red, but one of confidence.
“I don’t know,” she whispered. “I’ve never done anything like this, before.”
“Done what, girl? Try to get some black cock stuffed in your pussy?” Jamal asked. No blush, this time as she answered, “maybe.”
“Maybe? Yea...this ho wants her pussy stretched real good. That what you want, girl? You want your pussy stretched?” Jamal asked.
Nancy glanced at all three. “Maybe, I do,” she smiled.
Dwight asked, “yo like to fuck, baby? You like a hard dick in yo pussy?” Nancy seemed to enjoy the moment immensely.
“Yes, I do,” she said. “You do, what?” Calvin asked.
No shyness at this point. “I like a hard dick,” she said, with confidence.
Jamal asked, “yo like a hard dick in your pussy or your mouth? Which one you likes best, baby?”
“Either one,” she answered.
“Oh, shit, man,” Jamal said, “my dick so hard right now, you gonna have to give up that pussy, for real. You hear what I’m sayin’ baby?”
“Yes,” she whispered.
“Girl, bring that fine looking booty over here and have a seat,” Jamal said, as he patted his left thigh.. She moved over and sat on Jamal’s left thigh, her knees apart, her yellow panties visible. Dwight and Calvin moved next to her with their chairs and my erection throbbed.
“Thems some fine looking titties you got there, girl,” Jamal said and without hesitation, reached up grabbed Nancy’s right breast. No one even gave me a glance. Nancy closed her eyes and smiled. Calvin reached over, grabbed the other breast and both men squeezed and kneeded the luscious mounds as if they were bread dough.
“You likes your titties squeezed, baby?” Jamal asked.
“Yes,” she answered.
“What else you likes?” Jamal asked. This, I waited for with excitement.
Her eyes locked onto Jamal’s, she answered without hesitation. “I like to fuck, a lot.”
“You ever fuck a black man?” Dwight asked.
“Not yet,” she smiled.
Dwight reached down and slid Nancy’s skirt up so her yellow panties were clearly visible. Still, she continued her smile. Dwight took hold of her crotch as Jamal lifted her shirt to expose her ample breasts. Still, no one looked at me and Nancy softly moaned.
“Motherfuck, this bitch’s pussy is wet, man, I mean wet,” Dwight declared, as he had slid his hand inside Nancy’s panties.
“This muffuckin’ bitch wants to get fucked, man,” Jamal announced and stood, took Nancy by the arm and lead her into the bedroom with Dwight and Calvin alongside. I followed and was amazed at her willingness and total lack of hesitation.
As they stood at the foot of the bed, Nancy still had her ever-present smile.
“Pull yo skirt up so I can see that pussy,” Jamal demanded. Nancy slowly flipped up the front of her skirt, then pulled it up so her beautiful ass could be squeezed and fondled. Dwight put his massive hands on Nancy’s ass and gently massaged it.
Calvin undid her jeans skirt, let it slip to her ankles and quickly lowered her yellow panties. Her pubic area was neatly trimmed and her pussy lips swollen in anticipation. Jamal pulled her shirt over her head and my gorgeous, innocent wife stood there, completely nude as three, elderly black men, undressed. Jamal ran his fingers in between Nancy’s pussy lips and again declared how wet she was.
“This some wet pussy,” Jamal declared. “Yo waiting for some dick for this pussy, baby?”
“Yes,” she giggled. “Then, tell me what you want,” Jamal demanded.
“Fuck me,” Nancy stated.
Calvin put his hand on her breast and gave her a firm push back where she fell onto the bed. He then knelt between her legs and placed his mouth on her pussy.
“You gonna eat some pussy?” Jamal asked. “Muffuck yea, man, white bitches love their pussy eaten. Make ‘em crazy and they want to fuck,” he said.
“Yo, man, “ Dwight responded, “this bitch don’t need her pussy licked, she ready now!” It was then I noticed, with incredible amazement, how hung these three were. Their cocks were long and thick, probably ten to eleven inches, and as big around as my wrist. I wondered if Nancy could take it but she appeared in a state of sheer ecstasy.
Calvin then spread Nancy’s legs apart and I could see the glistening wetness. His cock was gigantic and erect. He leaned forward, his arms underneath her legs, lifting them up, and began a slow insertion into her pussy. Nancy arched her back immediately and moaned as I’ve never heard her moan. Each time Calvin pulled back his cock, it was glistening wet. Her facial contortions clearly indicated her pussy was being stretched and she enjoyed it.
“Damn, man, this bitch is hot and wet,” he declared.
“Hey man,” Jamal said, “we want to fuck her now so don’t be hoggin’ the pussy to yourself.” All three laughed. Jamal took a position to Calvin’s left, waited his turn, and I estimated his cock to be close to twelve inches and several inches around. Nancy’s face was contorted and her head moved side to side. She was in sheer, sexual heaven. Jamal squeezed Nancy’s breasts and pinched her nipples as she whispered the words, “oh, God.”
Calvin grunted and fucked her hard. Nancy’s legs were straight up and I was simply amazed at his cock size. As he fucked her, she cried out each time his massive cock entered. Dwight grabbed her breasts a little roughly but she seemed to enjoy. After several minutes, Calvin pulled out and shot an incredible load onto her stomach. He stepped away and Jamal took his place. As he slid his enormous cock into her dilated pussy, she arched her back and let out a loud moan. She almost appeared in pain and I asked her if she wanted to stop. She yelled, “no!”
Jamal thrust his gigantic cock into her and Nancy again let out a loud groan. The elderly black man grabbed a breast and fucked her hard enough to make slapping sounds. Again, she continued to move her head back and forth in a “no” gesture but it was lust.
“That’s some nice, tight pussy, man. Damn, man! Tight pussy!” he announced.
Then, for the first time ever, she spoke as I never heard her speak. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she all but screamed, and Jamal obliged her. His cock became shiny in her wetness. Calvin knelt next to Nancy’s head and f***ed his cock into her mouth. Finally, Jamal withdrew and unloaded an enormous pool of cum on her stomach. Dwight quickly stepped into his place. His cock, erect and also enormous, was a little thicker than the other two. He slid his cock into Nancy’s stretched open pussy and she appeared even more turned on. As Dwight steadily fucked her, Nancy suddenly let out a deep grunt and a stream of wetness squirted out over Dwight’s cock.
“Holy shit, man, this bitch done cum all over my dick!” he said, and fucked her harder. Nancy again surprised me when she opened her eyes, looked at Dwight and growled, “fuck me, goddammit, fuck me!!” She then squirted again!
“Bitch, tell me what you wants,” he demanded. Nancy grunted in unison as Dwight steadily fucked her. “I want your black cock,” she stuttered, all the while, Dwight’s huge cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. With Calvin and Jamal’s hands on her breasts, Dwight pulled out and shot an enormous load.
It was over, after an hour or hour and a half. Nancy lay there, exhausted as the three black men dressed and left. I could hear them laugh in the hallway as it was clear, they enjoyed my wife. Nancy slept that night for almost ten hours and the next morning, over breakfast, informed me she would like at least one more poker night before we left the island. I agreed.

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