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Night two of threesomes with my GF and best friend

This story is a continuation of my first story about my threesomes with my girlfriend Katie (21) my best friend John (22) and myself (22).

The night after our first threesome, Katie was very aroused by this new experience and wanted asked me if we could do it again. It turned me on very much knowing she wanted more of it. So I told her that we should do something fun, so I told her to dress up in some sexy lingerie with stockings, because John had told me how much he loved lingerie and stockings on a girl. When she dressed up all sexy, I took some pics of her. Some pics were straight on, some of her bending over and laying on the bed. I told her to send them to John via text and tell him you wanted him again. He couldn't believe it the pictures, he responded very quickly and said he really wanted Katie again also.

So about an hour later, John showed up. Katie was in pajamas pants and a long shirt with a bra on underneath. We all had some wine and started watching a movie, while we watched the movie Katie was holding both of our hands and cuddling a bit with John. It was very sexy watching my girlfriend give him so much attention while keeping me close as well. Then I went to the bathroom and when I came back I noticed that they placed a blanket over them. I sat down next to Katie and she grabbed my hand and it was then that I noticed her other hand was moving underneath the sheets. She had put her hand in John's pants and was playing with his dick. Then she let go of my hand and put her hand into my pants. So she had both me and John's cocks in her hands under the blanket while we were watching tv. I noticed this was turning on Katie and John very much, and knowing that John felt more comfortable doings things alone with her, I said I had to go to the bathroom again. This time when I finished I kind of crept up and peaked in on them, John was making out with my girlfriend, with his hand on her breast over the shirt and Katie was jacking John off. I made a noise telling them I was coming back and John stopped. When I sat down, Katie said lets go to the bedroom, and we all agreed.

Once we got into the bedroom Katie said I have an idea, So she went to in the other room and grabbed two bandanas, and came back and told us she would blindfold us. This was a huge turn on because I knew that John would open up a bit more with her if I wasn't watching. She started with John I could hear her kissing him and undoing his pants. I then heard her as she took John's cock into her mouth. John let out a moan and I could tell her was loving it. Then she came over to me and started kissing me, and I noticed that under her pajamas she was wearing the lingerie from earlier. This turned me on so much because I knew John was going to be all over her in that. So I grabbed her boobs and she pulled my hands away whispering in my ear, “no touching for you yet.” I loved being controlled and I put my hands back down on the bed. Then she went back to John and I could hear her kissing and jacking him off. I looked up a bit underneath the bandana and was able to see Johns hands all over her, on her boobs and her ass, feeling her up and she let him willingly. Then she came back to me and took out my dick, which she started sucking vigorously, and I when I looked up under my bandana again I noticed her ass was pointed toward John, who was fingering her wet pussy. I could hear his fingers going in and out of her.

She then took off both of our blindfolds and let us see her sexy body in her lingerie. I could tell John was very turned on by it. Katie continued making out with John and playing with his dick and then switched over to me. As she took my dick in her mouth I looked over and John began eating her out. This was a shock to me, because I had been with Katie for years and she has only let me eat her out on rare occasions because it makes her feel uncomfortable. However she let John go to town on her, she was moaning and groaning as she sucked my dick. After a couple of minutes of John eating her out, he got up and pulled her ass up to him and started putting his cock into my girlfriend. She took my dick out her mouth and told him he needed a condom and that she had a few on the nightstand, we had agreed upon only letting me have her bare beforehand. So John put on his jacket and entered Katie from behind while she was sucking my dick. I had always fantasized about Katie sucking my dick and moaning while she got fucked. It was very hot except John was fucking her so good that I she could barely suck my dick because she was screaming so much. I then looked at John and noticed that as he was fucking her from behind he started to put his finger in her ass. This made her orgasm instantly, all while my dick was in her mouth, it was so arousing. John came shortly after Katie, And when he did Katie stopped sucking my dick and turned around to rip off John's condom and start sucking his dick gently.

It was now my turn to fuck her used pussy, I was so aroused. I took her from behind while she was trying to get John hard again and started fucking her pussy good and hard. I was so horny that I came after only making her orgasm once, which I usually maker her orgasm at least 2-3 times before I do. But once I cum in her pussy, she begs John to fuck her again and make me watch. John agreed and put on another condom, and started spooning Katie. He displayed her to me while I sat at the end of the bed and jacked off a bit. He was fucking her really fast because that's how Katie likes it, and while he was fucking her his hands were all over her body, from her face to her big boobs and down to her clit. It was very arousing watching my best friend going to town on my girlfriend. Ill never forget watching John playing with Katie's nipples and boobs as he fucked her as hard as he could and Katie's face rocking back as she screamed from her last orgasm. I loved just watching John have his way with her and see how sexy she is getting fucked by someone else. After we went out for a couple joints and had a great nights sl**p.

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