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My Most Memorable Slut / Whore Experience

My Most Memorable Slut/ Whore Experience

Mine is still my first experience at a swinger party. Around 12 yrs ago, after a year of marriage to my 3rd Husband, we discussed going to a swinger party in the L.A. area. We had told each other of our slutty sexual experiences from the past which had included multiple partners at times and felt it might be fun to try the lifestyle out.
He set it up and we took a long drive to the hotel where it was to be held. Being new to the scene he was inexperienced as to what to look for in a party to be ideal for a couple. This party allowed single males.. for a fee...couples and single women were free. The walk up to the hotel door made my pussy wet...and nervous at the same time. We knocked and were greeted by a partially nude young nymphet...making me more nervous because of my age and making my Husband smile. But then as we walked in it was 10 to 1 naked men which made me smile. There were 2 bedrooms in the hotel suite and a nice living room, and kitchen...and it was packed with nice hard cock. We went to the kitchen area to ice our drinks we brought, and I was surrounded by very friendly naked men. I heard women being Fucked hard in the bedrooms and watched a couple of women sucking multiple cocks in the living room, making me incredibly horny. My Husband was kind of lost at this naked men were chatting me up...asking if they could touch, feel me up. We looked at each other, with me smiling and giggling, he with a confused look, but an approving nod to have some fun. I had dressed in my corset, fishnets, heels, and crotchless panties, all new from Fredrick's, all covered up with a long rain coat... I grabbed hold of a couple of big , hard cocks and said lets play. A guy removed my coat and hung it up for me as endless hands started stroking, groping, and feeling me up all over as I purred. My nervousness had completely left me as the guys told me how hot I was while I stroked every cock around me. I was being kissed deeply and my pussy was being penetrated by hand after hand. Soon I was on my knees with two or three cocks being shoved in my mouth to suck on. There must have been a dozen Cocks surrounding me...and I sucked on all of them as I would glance up at my Husband. He was still fully dressed and could see he was looking around for a potential friend. The nymphet he liked that opened the door for us was busy running the party with her two male counterparts and wasn't playing....and the two girls in the living room were also surrounded by cock like me. Howls of pleasure were coming from the bedrooms as the guys surrounding me asked me to go to the bedroom with them. I felt for my Husband but wanted all this cock and readily agreed trying not to look at him as I was led to a bed.My heels and panties were off in I got one side of the bed next to a girl getting DPd with two cocks alternating on her mouth. I was on my back as a mouth started eating my drenched pussy. Cock after cock alternated using my mouth...soon just throat fucking me making me gag, but wanting more. It became a blurr as I was pulled up and put on all fours....with cock after cock filling my pussy and mouth. I was asked if I would do anal but before I could pull a cock out of my mouth and say was deep in my ass. I was on fire, luving every moment of being used like a cheap whore. I started making cocks cumm in my mouth and had cumm dripping down my chin as my ass kept getting fucked by different guys who had formed a line. A guy slid under me and I slid my wet cunt down on his throbbing manmeat as another filled my ass.....I'd been DPd before a couple of times but this was different....I knew those guys....and having a cock in my mouth at the same time was so wonderful. I was like a rag doll and continued swallowing loads from cocks that had been deep in my holes. Finally I had had enough...had to use the bathroom...bad...and just needed a break...I was getting sore! All the guys were so nice and helped me up , slapping my ass as I slinked my way to the bathroom.
After I cleaned myself up and tried to get ready for more whorish behavior I came out and found my Hubby sitting on the sofa in the living room naked, next to two other guys. His cock was soft as was the two next to him. I sheepishly grinned at him as he kinda looked pissed. I asked him if he had had any fun....and he shook his head no in disappointment. There were only 4 other women being used and he just didn't know how to be aggressive in this setting he explained later. I introduced myself to the two guys on the couch next to him and sat on the guy in the middles lap with his hearty approval. His cock grew and grew as I grinded on it...and I stroked Hubby's and the other guys until they were all big and hard. I was in slut/ whore mode big time and knelt before them stroking and sucking them to moans of pleasure. Guys were filling the living room watching and pulled me up on all fours exposing my well used holes. I was real sore especially my ass....but needed more. And then I was introduced to pain and pleasure and how the mix takes me over the edge. A guy brought out a flogger and wanted to introduce me to it's erotic effects, first swatting my ass harder and harder with his I moaned in pain thru the cocks in my mouth. I wanted to taste my hubby's cumm so I really focused on him...finally getting a big load spurting down my throat as I got the hardest swat on my ass....and I began squirting after the swat with a simple touch to my clit...mmmmmm I thought as my juices emptied on the carpet. I was a crazy slut by this point...and the flogging began.... I was on the floor, buns up kneeling in my juices. Harder and harder the swats became as I screamed in pain and pleasure, fingers entered my wet pussy ....two, three, four and then all five....faster and faster, as the swats continued...I came and came, like never before...and squirted all over again. Finally I had enough and sat next to Hubby on the couch, having a smoke and a stiff drink. In between puffs on my cig and sips of my drink my flogger thrust his massive cock down my throat , as my Hubby watched. Soon it was a all out throat fucking as Hubby's and my watering eyes met....and then it exploded in my mouth with gobs of hot cumm dripping out all over my chin and cheeks. Again I was pulled up from the couch and led to a bed and fucked over and over in all my holes swallowing load after load. I had to stop after what seemed like an hour...escaping to the bathroom....looking at my beat red ass and cumm covered face and tits. My holes could take no more.....I gathered myself and found my coat...saying good by to whoever was near....and looked around for Hubby. He was gone....I was told he left a hour ago..... Oh well I thought...make the best of it and had some drinks giving blowjobs but leaving my holes off limits. I finally passed out in a bed with a couple of guys and in the morning they drove me home after buying breakfast. They took turns driving as I gave road head in the backseat and stopped off at their place so I could suck a couple of their friends off.
That was unforgettable, I hope it was vivid enough

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