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Dominating my girlfriend

We were in the mood for great sex- but then again, when are we not- so we started kissing intensively. I realized I haven’t explored her submissive and masochistic side in a while, so I got up and unzipped my pants, telling her to suck my cock. She helped my cock out of the pants and started sucking on it, enjoying it. But that time it wasn’t about simple pleasure. So slowly, I started pushing her head down and started controlling things, moving my cock back and forth. I was basically fucking her mouth and I knew she enjoyed it. I was really hard already and I knew she was horny, so I stopped and helped her take her clothes off. Once she was completely naked, I pulled her nipples up while twisting and said “you are my sex toy an my slave and you will do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. I am the only reason you can be satisfied. Understood?”. She bit her lower lip in pleasure, smiled and said “yes”. I spanked her ass hard, leaving my hand mark on it. “yes what?”. “Yes, I understand”, she answered. This time, she got spanked twice, even harder, once on each butt cheek. “yes WHAT?” I said again. “YES, MASTER” said her. “Much better, sex toy. Now remember, you are not allowed to cum until I say so. If you do before that, I will stop. Understood?” ”yes, my master” answered her.
“ok, take this vibrator and play with it on your clit. You are not allowed to sit or lay down, nor are you allowed to touch your pussy in any other way. Got it?” “yes, master”, came the answer. I watcher her put the vibrating toy on her clit, softly, while moaning, then went and gathered the other toys and things needed to pleasure my girl.
When I came back, she had just paused; I spanked her twice again and asked her if anyone told her to stop. “NO, master” came the answer. “Its just that I was about to cum”. “I don’t care what you do not to cum, but you’re not allowed to break my instructions. Come here.” I grabbed her nipples and while pulling them I made her follow me. Once I got in our play room I tied her arms opened wide and then her ankles so that her legs were spread apart. We were both naked so I walked behind her and started rubbing my hard cock against her ass, licking her neck and whispering in her ear, asking if she wants to be fucked hard. “yes, master, please master, give me your cock” came the begging answer. “not just yet” I whispered in response and started running my nails on her back up and down for a few minutes. Afterwards, I moved in front of her and started pulling her nipples up again, while twisting, then I spanked her pussy hard a few times. “whose pussy is that? “ “yours, master”. “and what can I do with it? “ “whatever you want, master”. I spanked her pussy two more times, pretty hard then blindfold her. I then pulled one of her nipples up and while twisting it in my hand I smack her boobs with my other hand forcing the nipple out of my hands. Her moan reflected both pain and pleasure so I moved to the other boob and did the same thing, then alternated from one to another. When her boobs were getting red, I stopped and grabbed the ice cube set on the table next to us and started slowly drip water all over her boobs licking it after and sucking on her nipples. I was feeling her very horny and close to cum, so I stopped and in a sudden move I placed the ice cube at the top of her pussy allowing the water to drip all over the pussy. After about ten seconds I stopped and walked away. I got the candle and lit it, then without saying a word I dripped wax on her left boob. She moaned, and once again bit her lower lip. I continued to walk around her, dripping hot wax in random places, without saying any word. It was time to make her cum, so I grabbed the Magic Wand and turned it on. As soon as I placed it on her pussy, her entire body started to shake and she asked moaning “can I please cum now, master?”. “not yet”, I responded and continued to push the head of the wand against her clit. “please master, I NEED to cum” moaned her. “not yet” I answered again and moved behind her. I soaked my index in lube and slid it in her ass, then put the wand back on her clit. I could see cum on its head, and I knew she was very horny and ready to cum, but wasn’t quite there yet. I slid my finger out of her ass, and put more lube on it then got the vibrator and turned it on then slowly started to push it in her ass, listening to her loud moaning and screaming. Once its head was in, I placed the Magic Wand back on her clit. Her whole body was now shaking, and she yelled “master, I need to cum now, please”. I took a few seconds to answer, then said “you may cum now”. That sent her whole body into an explosion, and cum started to run down her leg. Her knees were shaking and she was moaning, a long, continuous moan.

-to be continued-

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