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Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Ev

Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Eve Party
(i****t - whole f****y, les, oral, teen, anal, group (MFmmf / (MFFmmff), double/triple pen)

It had been a week since a very memorable Christmas for f******n year old Jack. Tall and slim, Jack had been putting his nine-inch cock to good use since Christmas morning. Instead of masturbating constantly like he'd done for the previous two years he'd been fucking his mum and two s****rs.
His mother, Virginia, was a beautiful blonde who was divorced and sexually frustrated, the middle-aged lady had been delighted when she was seduced by her two daughters, Chloe and Gemma. Jack's older s****rs had fucked together and soon got their mum involved a few days before Christmas. Chloe was bisexual, as were Gemma and her mother, though they didn't know this until Chloe had seduced and fucked them! Realizing it would be unfair on themselves and Jack to hide their rampant, newly-discovered hobbies from the horny teenage boy in the same house as them, they had turned up in Jack's room on the morning of December 25th. They'd seduced him, had him fuck them, wringing three delightful ejaculations from the boy before lunch!
All day, all night, and for the next week, Jack had fucked his horny mum and s****rs, a big free-for-all i****tuous orgy.

Jack slowly woke up on December 31st in his double-bed. He felt the warmth of another person next to him and he pondered for a moment, in the light of the dawn streaming through the window, as to who it was. This last week he'd slept with his mum and two s****rs on a seemingly random rota. He nudged his foot out and felt a leg next to him. That didn't offer much of a clue. His mum had let him have some wine last night so he'd been a little giddy when he'd trudged off to bed and fell to sl**p straight away whilst someone or other had climbed in next to him whilst he'd been asl**p.
Eventually he opened his eyes and turned his head. Laying next to him was Gemma, the younger of his two big s****rs, laying on her back and sl**ping peacefully.
Gemma was aged eighteen but looked a bit younger as she was very slender and fragile, with a pretty and delicate face. She had long blonde hair, splayed out on the white pillow. Her tits were small but pert and firm and she had a gorgeous arse and neatly trimmed cunt. Jack's long cock was laying erectly across his belly, his morning wood increasing in strength thanks to the proximity of his s****r under the covers who, like him, was naked. He felt like waking Gemma up for a fuck but he decided that might be rude. Instead Jack just lay there, stroking his cock gently whilst thinking of the interesting thing's he'd gotten up to this last week. They'd had a big orgy in the living room yesterday, all four of them. It closed with Jack spurting his thick cum all over his mum's face, and he sat back with a big glass of wine whilst his s****rs licked his mum's beslimed face clean.
After a little while Gemma stirred and woke up, her big blue eyes flicking open.
"Morning s*s," Jack smiled.
"Morning Jack," Gemma replied, flashing him her lovely youthful smile, "Hungover?"
"Only a bit. Slight headache. I feel even hornier than normal though!"
"That's amazing, given last night! I think you blew four loads yesterday evening."
"One of the benefits of being f******n s*s!"
"Well, why not put those benefits of youth to good work Jack? Fancy fucking me?
"Of course, Gemma!"
Jack propped himself up on an elbow and leaned over his s****r, kissing her deeply on the mouth, frenching her whilst his hand reached under the covers and stroked Gemma's tits, then her flat belly. Finally he reached her cunt, Gemma parting her legs so her b*****r could stroke her moistening lips. Jack was soon fingering Gemma's cunt, working first one finger, then two, into her hot snatch and drinking down her muffled sighs of pleasure.
Gemma soon had her b*****r lay back so that she could explore his body, kissing him whilst her hand stroked down his firm, adolescent torso before reaching his cock. She could barely encircle the thick shaft in her delicate fist.
"Mount me Gemma," Jack asked her, "I want to fuck you! Impale yourself on my dick!"
"That's what I had in mind dear b*****r," Gemma replied, and she moved up and onto her b*****r. She reached down and guided the head of Jack's cock into her snatch before lowering herself until the pole was buried to the root in her.
"That feels so good," Jack said, reaching round behind his s****r and stroking her arse-cheeks.
"There's no better way to start the day than a fuck!" Gemma sighed, the covers sliding down her back so that most of her's and Jack's bodies were exposed, and she began to ride the prick gently.
Jack fucked his hips upwards, his cock thrusting up deep into Gemma's cunt. Meanwhile his hands roved over her, cupping her small tits before moving down to grip her tender thighs. Gemma increased her pace, gasping lightly with lust, then leaned down to kiss her b*****r. Once again their tongues slid around in each other's mouths, the pace accelerating further. Jack was driving his prick up hard into Gemma's cunt and he was delighted when he sensed she was approaching orgasm.
Gemma pulled her lips from her b*****rs, crying out "I'm cumming Jack, fuck me, oh fuck me fuck! Yeah! Oh fuck! Oh yeah!"
The sight of his s****r climaxing triggered Jack's critical point, and his prick launched out a thick spray of sperm.
"Me too s*s," he grunted, "I'm cumming too...uh...fuck!"
Gemma bent down and kissed her b*****r once more throughout their orgasms, drinking up each other's sighs of pleasure as they climaxed in unison, Jack's prick spending a good moment or two firing out it's sticky load into the depths of Gemma's womb.
When they finally finished, Gemma dismounted her b*****r, pushing the covers off the bed and onto the floor now that they were warmed up and sweaty. Gemma moved down the bed and took her b*****r's semi-hard prick into her mouth and slurped deeply on it, tasting sperm and cunt-juice on that lovely tool.
In no time at all it was hard once more, Gemma so pleased at her b*****r's powers of recovery.
"Get on all fours s*s," Jack said, sitting up, "I'll lick you out from behind."
This was an offer Gemma couldn't refuse. She got onto her knees and elbows with her cute pale arse thrust up into the air. Her b*****r knelt behind her and bent down, licking at his s****r's wet cunt from behind, driving his tongue up there.
"That's good Jack," she moaned, "Mmmm! Eat me out, lick my cunt. Oh yeah! You're fucking good at this...mmmmm!"
Jack was encouraged by this and licked harder and deeper, reaching between his s****r's legs to frig her clit whilst his tongue slid in and out of her slit. He lapped away until Gemma climaxed once again, after which he moved up and licked her arsehole. Gemma relaxed her sphincter so Jack could push his tongue up into her arse, the boy all the while frigging her clit throughout this.
Jack's dick was straining to be put back into use and the boy shortly granted his weapon it's wish. He knelt up and guided the head of his cock into his s****r's dripping cunt, pushing forth and planting himself in her twat once again.
"Fuck me," Gemma gasped, "Fuck me hard Jack, shove it into me! God yeah!"
"I love fucking you s*s," Jack said as he thrust in and out of her cunt, "You're so hot! You're cunt is so hot! Fuck yeah!"
He humped hard, Gemma pushed up the bed under the f***e of her b*****r's thrusting. His dick felt so big and hard in her cunt. However, after a few minutes she began to feel as if something was missing. Then she realized it was that her other hole was eager for some attention from her b*****r's meat.
"Fuck my arse now Jack," she said over her shoulder, "I want you to pull out of my twat and stick your prick up my bum!"
Jack grinned and slid his rod from Gemma's slit. He liked taking charge of sex-sessions sometimes but he loved it in particular when his mum or s****rs ordered him to do something particularly hot, like fuck their arses.
Jack put the head of his prick, which was slippery with Gemma's juices, to his s****r's arsehole and began to push. The girl relaxed her anus and soon her b*****r's erection was easing up into her. Jack squeezed three-inches into Gemma's arsehole before taking a breather and letting the anus he was penetrating get used to being stretched like this and then, with a single stroke, he planted the remaining six-inches into Gemma's beautiful behind.
They were both in ecstasy at this, Jack quickly buggering Gemma's tight shitter hard whilst his s****r frigged her clit and urged her b*****r to fuck her arse hard with obsceneties.
"Fuck me Jack, oh fuck me. I love it. Yeah! Yeah! Fuck my arse! Oh God yeah!"
She climaxed after a few minutes, her arsehole burning with pleasure whilst it was solidly fucked by her b*****r.
Jack began to orgasm then, driving his pole up into his s****r's arse to the root and letting rip, shooting out his sperm into her bowels. His cock felt like it was going to explode it was pumping so hard, the shaft clenched tightly in Gemma's arsehole whilst the semen sprayed out.
Finally Jack's orgasm subsided and he slid his prick from Gemma's arsehole. The girl turned round and quickly sucked her b*****r's soiled meat, desperate to get the last of his cum into her mouth to swallow and savouring her own arse-juices on the softening cock.
Gemma was right. This was the best way to start the day!

It was one o'clock in the afternoon. Virginia was in her bedroom with her son Jack. They were naked, on the bed, fucking.
For a fifty year old mother-of-three, Virginia was very beautiful and sexy, slim with a slightly plump arse and round tits still firm and mouthwatering. Her hair was short and light blonde, her body tanned bronze. At the moment she was on her hands and knees, gripping the duvet and panting lustily.
"Fuck me Jack, God yeah! Ram that big fucker in mummy's cunt, fuck me. Yeah, yeah. Mommy likes that, uuuh!"
Jack was kneeling behind his mum, ramming his thick nine-incher up into her cunt whilst gripping her hips.
"You love it don't you mum," the adolescent stud grinned, thrusting hard, "You love my big dick in your cunt don't you? I bet you wish you had more sons so that they could fuck you too!"
"Your big cock is good enough for me," Virginia cried, "That long pole does the job of three! Yeah, yeah! Uuuuh, fuck mummy!"
Jack thrust harder, plunging deep.
"I'm gonna cum," his mother wailed, "Yeah, uuuuuuh....GOD! Fuck me Jack, fuck mummy! I'm cumming. Yeah, God....God! Fuck!"
"I love watch you cum mummy, you look even hotter than normal!"
Virgina's shuddering climax came to an end after a moment, Jack finally slowing down his thrusting. He'd shot his load three times early that morning during a pre-breakfast fuck-fest in the living room with his two s****rs, but his young age obviously gave him excellent recovery skills that his female relatives were all very happy with.
Jack slid his cock out of his mum's twitching quim, still very erect. He masturbated for a moment so that the head of his prick nudged his mum's arsehole.
"You want it up your arse now I bet mum," he said.
"Oh yeah," Virginia said, excitedly, "You know how much mummy likes being fucked in the arse! Fucked in the cunt is just foreplay, it's anal I love best. Honey, be a darling son and fuck mummy in the arse, that's what I love best!"
"I will mum! My cock is nice and greased with you cunt juice so I think it'll go in easy."
He pushed the swollen purple tip of his prick against his mother's hairless pink arsehole and slowly watched as he entered her. Virginia purred with delight as her sphincter gently parted so that her son's cock-head could enter her arse. Jack had been a virgin up until a week ago but now he was very skilled in the arts of fucking, thanks to his mum and his sexually experienced big s****rs. Steadily he worked his thick rod up into his mum's shitter until it was buried to the hilt, his pubic hair bristling her taut anus.
"That's so good mum," Jack panted, remaining still for a moment with his prick lodged right up his mother's rectum, "Your arse is gorgeous, it's so tight!"
"It's heaven," Virginia gasped, "I love it, I love your big dick in my arsehole. Fuck me now Jack, fuck mummy's arse."
Jack did so, quite energetically. He held his mother's hips and tugged half of his sizable member from her clutching anus, then drove in to the hilt, giving his mum a real thrill. He repeated this, slowly, just watching his cock alternately slide almost free from his mother's arse then dissapear up there when he humped back in to the hilt. Virginia was ecstatic. She'd been anally deflowered on Christmas morning by her son and had now lost count of how many times she'd been fucked in the arse by him, and also by her daughter's wearing strap-on dildos. She had great k**s!
Jack drove repeatedly into his mum's clasping rectum. He loved fucking her in the arse and his mum loved being fucked in the arse too, humping her bum back, her sphincter clasping her young son's thick shaft in a tight grip. For a good ten-minutes Jack buggered his horny, middle-aged mother until his sperm finally rose up.
"I'm cumming mum," he announced, fucking her arse even faster, "Right up your arse mum...uuuh.. fuck! FUCK!"
"Shoot it up me!" Virginia wailed into the pillow, "Up my arse! Shoot it right up my fucking bum!"
"UUUUUH, mum! Fuck!"
His sperm squirted out in thick wads, blasting up into his mum's shitter. He held her close to his pelvis, driving his prick in to the hilt so that his salty load was ejected out right in the far depths of his mother's rectum.
"Aaah, I can feel it," Virginia grinned as her son's thrusting slowed down, "I can feel it sloshing up into my bum! Mmmm! Unload it all up my fucking arse!"
Jack sighed with deep satisfaction, his prick leaking out the last of his discharge into his mum's bowels. Finally he withdrew, his mighty prick - still fairly erect - from Virginia's bowels.
Just then Chloe came into the room.
"Hi all," she smirked.
"Hi Chloe," Jack said, sitting back on the bed, "What you up to?"
"Nuthin'," his s****r shrugged, "Mmmm! Mum's arsehole is leaking cum! My favorite. Stay in position mum I'll suck your arse clean."
Virginia loved this idea and she remained on her knees and elbows whilst her daughter got on the bed behind her and sealed her lips to her arsehole. She sucked deeply, her tongue flicking into Virginia's rectum, withdrawing Jack's salty cum and drinking it down.
Jack stroked his re-hardening prick as he watched this delightful sight.
Chloe was a very pretty twenty-one year old, her hair short and brown, her tits big and heavy. She was slim but like her mum her arse was slightly plump, two nice round globes that were currently held in a pair of tight yellow shorts. Above the waist she had on just a lacy white bra, cupping her large tits and emphasising her deep cleavage. Jack stroked his eldest sibling's arse through her shorts, running his hands down to her toned thighs and feeling her nice warm flesh. Then he reached round and undid her shorts, sliding them and her white panties to her knees as she remained kneeling and felching her mother's arse. Chloe sighed with delight into her mum's bum as she continued sucking the sperm from there whilst behind her Jack fingered her cunt with one hand and lightly fingered her arsehole with the other. Chloe enjoyed this attention, thrusting her lovely round bum out to enable her little b*****r to have better access to her holes. Jack worked two fingers into Chloe's moistening cunt whilst sliding his other forefinger into her hairless pink anus to the knuckle. Virginia was all the while purring delightedly as her daughter's tongue worked deeping into her arsehole. Chloe slurping out Jack's spunk and swallowing it. She was primarily a lesbian - it was a break-up with a girlfriend that lead her to seducing her s****r Gemma - but she still enjoyed cock, especially her b*****r's as it was so big and tireless.
Fully erect once more, Jack took his digits from out of his s****r and he knelt up behind her. Chloe was now on her hands and knees, still behind her mum and licking her arsehole, whilst Jack's prick nudged at her cunt that hung wetly below her arsehole. He slid his cock-head in between Chloe's lips and began to enter her. Chloe moaned between her mum's bum-cheeks whilst Jack's heavy dick began to enter her. Soon he was in to the hilt and he quickly began fucking her from behind. All the while he fingered Chloe's arsehole, this being one of the many tricks his sexually-experienced s****r had taught him. His other s****r, Gemma, was sexually-experienced too, but it was Chloe, who'd fucked many men and women during her wild adolescence, who took charge. She'd taught her mum and s****r in the ways of girl-on-girl fucking and taken the lead in showing Jack all the many ways to please girls whilst fucking them.
As he fucked Chloe's cunt from behind, Jack then pushed two fingers into her arsehole, the sphincter loosening as she became used to this backdoor invasion, her hot slit all the while accommodating Jack's thrusting cock.
Having fully sucked her b*****r's sperm from her mum's arse, Chloe took her face from Virginia's buttocks. Virginia moved aside, kneeling up and frigging her cunt with her right hand whilst reaching under Chloe to frig her clit with her left hand. Chloe was in heaven, with her arse fingered, her cunt fucked and her clit rubbed.
"That's it mum," she panted, "Frig me, rub my clit. That's good. Jack? Jack, dear b*****r, keeping fucking my cunt, your cock feels so good in my cunt. Finger my arsehole too! Mmmm!"
Her mother and b*****r worked away, fucking, frigging and fingering Chloe until she shortly hit a climax, wracked with pleasure.
Jack then slid his unspent prick from Chloe's cunt and removed his two fingers from her anus.
"That was good," Chloe grinned, laying on her back and wiping her sweaty forehead with a hand.
"Where's Gemma?" asked Virginia, "It's not like her to miss out on a good fuck."
"She's getting ready to go into town," Chloe replied, "She wants to buy a new dress or something. She's still wondering whether to go out tonight partying."
"Are you going out?" asked Jack.
"I might," his s****r shrugged, "I'll see how I feel."
"Don't worry Jack," Virginia said, sitting up and stroking her son's cock whilst lightly kissing his lips, "If your big s****rs desert you tonight, I'll still be here. Mum's cunt and arsehole are always ready and willing."
"My cock is always ready too mum," Jack replied, kissing his sexy mother back and slipping a tongue into her mouth.
"Let's get fucking then," said Chloe, removing the remainder of her clothes, "Mum? Let's sixty-nine. We can eat out each other's pussies. You go on top so Jack can fuck your arse. Then we'll switch places so I'll be on top so Jack can fuck me up the arse."
Virginia liked this idea. She got on top of her daughter, inverted, so that they had each other's wet cunts at their mouths. They proceeded to lick and slurp away, sucking noises filling the room. Jack got behind his mum, her anus yawning open, beneath which was her cunt being licked out from beneath by Chloe. Jack placed the head of his cock to the entrance to his mum's arse and pushed in, using just a single, elegant stroke to bury his prick into his mum's rectum. He fucked her fairly gently at first, slowly working his prick back and forth in his mother's arse. Virginia and Chloe sucked each other's pussies throughout, the three of them forming a fairly compact mass of sweaty naked flesh.
As promised, the ladies switched places after a few minutes. Virginia lay below with Chloe on top of her, Jack working his cock up into his s****r's arsehole. He sodomized Chloe at the same moderate pace whilst he watched her and his mum exchange oral delights beneath. The boy had good staying power, and good control, and he was still erect and unspent when he withdrew from Chloe's bowels. Her and her mum mum moved apart, cunt juice dripping from their chins.
"Where shall I cum ladies?" Jack asked, stroking his menacingly stiff prick, "Anyone have any requests?"
"All over my face," Chloe grinned, laying on her back, "Come on Jack honey, whack off all over my face, give me a sperm shower!"
"Okay s*s! I'll fuck you first though."
"Just be careful not to shoot early though, I want a facial! I love facials."
Jack mounted Chloe, driving his prick into her tight snatch to the hilt. He fucked her fairly fast, thrusting powerfully, Virginia leaning in to kiss the siblings, one moment frenching Jack and sliding her tongue into his throat, and the next moment doing the same to Chloe.
Jack eventually pulled his prick from Chloe's cunt. He was ready to blow and he got astride Chloe's chest, kneeling over her with his balls jangling over her heavy breasts. Virginia took charge of directing the flow of sperm, gripping her son's prick and pumping it in her fist, pointing it down so that the purple cock-head was thrust down at Chloe's pretty, expectant face.
"Here it is mum," Jack announced, "Holy shit! That's it mum, jerk me off! Get it all over Chloe's face."
There was an explosion of sperm, the sticky white fluid erupting from Jack's prick. Virginia masturbated her son at a fast and strong pace, watching his sperm splatter out all over Chloe's face. The girl had her eyes shut and her smiling mouth open, catching some of the plentiful wads of sperm that shot over her. Finally the flow ended and Virginia let go of Jack's prick. The boy got off of Chloe, sitting to one side and catching his breath.
Meanwhile Virginia kissed Chloe on the mouth before licking her face clean of spunk, kissing Chloe once again, both of them swapping saliva and cum back and forth before swallowing. Jack made himself useful by reach out with both hands and frigging his mum and s****r's cunts as they shared his sperm.

A short while later, Jack had showered and dressed in jeans and a black jumper. His mother had been in the bath whilst he'd showered and she was still up there, soaking and drinking a glass of wine and humming to herself, the bathroom door open, there being no need for modesty in this household anymore.
Jack entered the living room. Chloe was there, dressed and ready to go out. Also there was Gemma.
Gemma was also dressed to go out.
"We're off shopping," Gemma said to Jack.
"Want a lift into town?" Chloe asked him.
"Nah," Jack shrugged, "I'm off round to Kevin's."
"Okay, well have fun," Gemma said.
Jack kissed his s****r's goodbye then left the house, them two following behind and going to the car on the driveway whilst their b*****r walked up the road.
Kevin was Jack's cousin. He was thirteen years old. His father, Donald, was Virginia's younger b*****r.
Donald's other c***d was Sarah. She was f******n, the same age as Jack, and in his class at school. She was a very pretty girl, blonde and blue-eyed like Gemma. They could almost pass for s****rs. Jack had fancied the hell out of Sarah for years but being cousins he didn't think it would be 'right' to ask her out. Now, of course, he had no such inhibitions and whilst he was mainly going to see Kevin for the day he hoped Sarah would be around so he could make some plans on asking her out. And fucking her of course! His mum and two older s****rs were certainly more than enough for Jack's appettite, but his libido was inifinite in it's capacity and he wondered if there was any chance of putting his newly-found sexual techniques to use on his cousin!
Jack rang the doorbell of the big white suburban house down the end of the street. His Uncle Donald opened the door.
"Hey Jack," he said, "Come on in k**."
Donald was forty-two, eight years younger than his s****r Virginia. He was tall and handsome, tanned from a recent winter holiday to Australia and he wore neat round-rimmed glasses. He was divorced from the mother of Sarah and Kevin.
"Thanks Donald," Jack said, stepping into the house, "Is Kevin in?"
"Sure, he's upstairs with his s****r, he got a new computer for Christmas. Just like you."
"How was your Christmas Jack?"
"Fine thanks. Very fine!"
"How's my s****r?"
"She's fine. Gemma and Chloe have gone off shopping today, hunting for dresses or something."
"Typical girls! Anyway, go on upstairs Jack."
Jack went up the stairs and to the door to Kevin's room. He knocked and strolled in.
In one corner of the room was a large desk, on which sat Kevin's brand-new PC. Sitting at it was Kevin. He was fairly small for a thirteen year old, a good six-inches shorter than Jack. He was slim with bright blonde hair and green eyes and wore a pair of white jeans and a black Slipknot T-shirt. Sitting on a chair next to him was his older s****r, Sarah, that charming girl making Jack's heart flutter. She was five-foot-two and her golden hair reached almost to her waist. She was slender and wore a tight pink T-shirt that showed off her fairly well developed titties, and she also had on a pair of white shorts that showed off her lovely smooth legs.
Kevin turned, alarmed.
"Shit, I thought you were dad," he smirked.
"Nah, just me," Jack said, closing the door and stepping up to his cousins, "Watcha doing?"
"Looking up stuff on the 'net," Sarah grinned with mischief in her lovely azure eyes.
On the monitor was a web-site advertising 'hot lesbian videos'. Jack sniggered.
"We've been looking up porn," Sarah giggled, "Well, I say 'we', it was Kevin's idea."
"Yeah, yeah," sighed her b*****r, "You sat and encouraged me. I keep getting stupid pop-ups though, asking me if I want a bigger penis and offering shady fucking pills to 'add three inches'."
"Well, that's the hazard of looking up porn," Jack said, "You get all sorts of pop-ups advertising stupid shit."
"Expert are you?" Kevin grinned.
"Maybe you should get some pills," Sarah taunted her b*****r, "To er...'add three inches'."
They all giggled.
"I'm happy with my size," Kevin said, soberly, "So were you Sarah."
"Kevin!" cried Sarah.
"What do you mean?" Jack asked.
"It's our secret," Sarah said.
"Tell him," sniggered Kevin.
"Well," Sarah began, taking a deep breath, "Kevin and know, did 'it'."
"'It'?" queried Jack.
"Yeah," Kevin said, "Had sex."
"It was a few weeks ago and we just tried it out to see what it'd be like," Sarah encouraged, "It was kinda cool. We did it twice. We might do it again but...I dunno. Maybe it's wrong and stuff, being b*****r and s****r."
"Hey, go for it," Jack said, excited, "I fuck my s****rs!"
"What?!" his cousins gasped.
"Sure. Chloe and Gemma...even my mum!"
Jack's cousins looked at him with shock, and awe.
Just then Donald knocked on the door and stepped in, Kevin quickly minimizing the internet browser window on the PC.
"I'm off to the shop k**s," he said.
"Okay dad," replied Sarah.
"I won't be long," Donald added, "Back soon. Help yourself to food."
"Right dad."
Donald left and once he'd gone out the house Jack spilt the beans.
He told them about how his s****rs had fucked a couple of days before Christmas, and how his mum got involved. He spent a great deal of time telling his cousins about Christmas Day, when he'd lain naked in bed with a big hard-on whilst his mum and sauntered in wearing just her bra and panties and how his s****rs followed her, naked except for elaborate bows tied around their waists like life-size presents. Jack boasted of how he'd fucked them three times that morning, shooting his load into Gemma's mouth, fucking Chloe and his mum and shooting his load into his mother's cunt, then how he'd fucked Chloe in the arse before deflowering his mother's bum. His was the first cock his mum had taken anally and she'd fallen in love with the act and received her son's sperm in her bowels as a testament to how much Jack enjoyed it. He related the previous seven-days, all the orgies and fucking and various acts he'd gotten up to with his mum and two s****rs.
Sarah and Kevin blinked with astonishment as Jack came to the end of his tale.
"Whoa," Kevin smirked.
"So that's why you haven't been round here much," laughed Sarah, "You've been busy with your dear mummy and s****rs! Wow! What a story."
"Well," Kevin said, standing up and unzipping his jeans, "I've got a real stiffy from that tale. Look!"
He tugged out his cock from his flies. He may have been a fairly small lad of thirteen but his prick was a fairly impressive six-inches, slender and very hard. Sarah giggled.
"What do you intend on doing with that thing?" she asked.
"Sticking it in your cunt if you don't mind s*s," Kevin replied.
"Go for it," Sarah replied, standing up and beginning to remove her shorts, "I wasn't sure if it would be right for us two to fuck again but if Aunt Virginia indulges in all those things with Jack, Chloe and Gemma, then there's nothing wrong with it I guess! No doubt you want a go too Jack!"
"I sure would," Jack replied, unzipping his own flies and springing forth his very erect nine-incher, "I've wanted to fuck you for so long Sarah, I've had one hell of a crush on you for ages."
"I've had a crush on you too," Sarah replied, "My my, what a cock! Kevin can go first."
They all removed their clothes, Jack in love with Sarah's body. The f******n year old girl was perfectly made, her breasts a good handful each, very pert and with stiff looking red nipples. Her arse was beautiful and shapely and her cunt adorned with a small amount of light blonde hair. She got onto Kevin's bed with her legs parted.
"Come on b*****r," she said to Kevin, "Climb aboard and fuck me!"
"Lick her out first," Jack said, "Try some foreplay. You can't just rush into these things you impatient young k**s!"
"Hey," laughed Sarah, "Don't get cocky! Just cos you've spent the last week fucking non-stop with your mum and s****rs doesn't mean you're the expert on sex! Besides, what do you mean 'young k**s'? I'm five-months older than you Jack! Still, it does sound like a good idea. Try it Kevin. Lick my cunt."
"Whatever you say s*s," Kevin smirked.
The boy was naked and he got onto the bed between his s****r's spread legs. He bent down and started licking her cunt, running his tongue up and down her pink lips.
"Play with her clit," Jack advised his younger cousin, "That little thing at the top of the lips."
Kevin bought his hand up and rubbed his s****r's clit whilst he continued to slurp on her cunt. His manner was fairly crude but it did the job, Sarah loving this attention to cunt. Jack knelt on the bed, near Sarah's head, and offered her his cock. Sarah had sucked her b*****r's prick when they'd fucked the other week so she didn't hesitate to give the same treatment to her cousin. She took Jack's cock into her warm wet mouth and sucked, Jack sighing with pleasure and running his hands through Sarah's long blonde hair. He'd lusted after her for so long and he'd never have thought he'd get to even kiss her, let alone get a blow-job from her before he, and Sarah's b*****r, fucked the girl. This was great!
Jack pulled out of Sarah's mouth after a few minutes, fearful that he might shoot his load early. He got off the bed and sat on the chair at the computer desk, stroking his erect cock whilst Kevin now got up and mounted his s****r. He slid his stiff young prick into Sarah's cunt and the randy teenagers began screwing. Their bodies humped against each other, Kevin's arse rising and falling as he humped Sarah, both of them grinning at each other. They kissed, lightly at first, then passionately, all inhibitions gone as they coupled i****tuously.
Like Jack just a week ago, Kevin was not well practised in self-control. His sperm was unleashed after a few minutes and his body tensed as his shot his load deep into Sarah's cunt. They held each other for a moment, breathing hard, before Kevin got off from his s****r. His prick was still semi-erect as he got off the bed.
Jack took his place, getting up and onto the bed. Sarah looked so cute and gorgeous laying before him, naked and spread-eagled. He mounted her, easing his large cock up into her tight snatch.
"That's so good," Sarah trembled once her cousin's cock was fully lodged in her twat, "Mmmm! Just as nice as Kevin!"
"You're so hot Sarah," Jack told her, "Oh yeah...uuuh!"
He began to fuck the girl quite fast, overcome with lust. He drove his dong up into her slit, kissing her hard, both of them getting an extra kick out of Kevin sitting nearby and watching them. It was a turn on for Kevin too, and despite just ejaculating he was soon very stiff once more as he watched his older s****r being ravished by Jack.
Five-minutes of frantic humping later and Jack fired his load, his prick pumping out his thick sperm into Sarah's womb where it joined her b*****r's. Jack kissed his cousin once more and slid out of her, laying next to her on the bed.
"Sex is great," Sarah concluded, "I want to be fucked again!"
"I'm almost ready s*s," Kevin said.
"Me too," added Jack, stroking his cock, "I usually cum twice in a row! One of the benefits of youth."
"Wouldn't it be cool if dad was here to fuck me?" said Sarah.
"What? Dad?" gasped Kevin.
"Sure," his s****r shrugged, "Jack fucks his mum, so why can't I be fucked by Dad! Let's get him involved sometime!"
"That'll be cool," Kevin grinned, "He'd love it!"
Sarah sat up and bent over Jack, sucking his prick and stroking his nut-sac until the boy's prick was fully stiff. Throughout this Kevin got onto the bed and fingered his s****r's cunt.
"Shall I go first again?" asked Kevin.
"If you want," Sarah replied.
"Why don't we fuck Sarah together Kevin?" Jack interjected.
"How?" Kevin asked.
"We'll fuck both her holes at once," Jack responded, "I'll fuck your s****r's cunt and you can fuck her in the arse."
"Huh?" frowned Sarah, "Up my arse? Is that safe?"
"Sure," Jack reassured her, "It's fine. I fuck my s****r's in the arse, and my mum. My mum loves being fucked in the arse! With strap-on dildoes to hand mum and my s****r's get double-fucked. Let's try it!"
Sarah loved this idea. She got astride Jack's hips and lowered her twat onto his cock, taking him to the hilt in her adolescent snatch. Jack instructed her to lean forwards and asked Kevin to grease his dick with something. Kevin went the bathroom and returned with his erect young cock slippery with some face moisterizer. He hopped astride Jack's legs, behind Sarah, and placed his cock-head to his f******n year old s****r's virgin arsehole. It was a pink, tight looking orifice, hairless and sweet between her beautiful buttocks. Below it Sarah's cunt lips were stretched to accomdate Jack's cock.
"Just work it in carefully," Jack said with Sarah on top of him still.
"Okay Jack," Kevin said, nudging his s****r's anus with his greased prick. Sarah relaxed her sphincter instinctively as she felt Kevin's cock begin to work it's way into her. Her arsehole bloomed open and Kevin's tool sank into his s****r's rectum to a depth of three-inches.
"Whoa," she gasped, "It's up there! I didn't think it would! Fucking hell, that's nice! Mmmm!"
Kevin thrust his hips and rammed the remaining four-inches of steel hard dick into Sarah's bum. It felt nice and tight and he began sodomizing his s****r at the same pace that Jack was fucking her cunt from below.
They screwed together, Sarah fucked to a powerful climax in the sandwich, her lovely young body squirming ecstatically as the two pricks worked in her holes.
"That was so good," she gasped as Jack and Kevin fucked her uninterruptedly, "Wow! Two cocks are so much better than one!"
"You'd love a third though wouldn't you?" came a voice from the doorway.
The teenagers on the bed stopped as if someone had a hit a 'pause' button. His cock buried in his s****r's arse, Kevin turned and saw his dad in the doorway.
"Shit, dad," he stammered.
"Shit," added Sarah.
"Don't worry k**s," Donald said, the father stepping into the room, "I'm not mad. Just er...surprised at you three taking the old 'docters and nurses' game so far!"
"Well," began Sarah, "'s okay though isn't it? Jack does it. Jack has sex with his mum, Aunt Virginia, and Gemma and Chloe."
"Oh," Donald said, "Well....that's news to me."
"We only started last week," Jack stated.
Donald abruptly undid his jeans and removed them, along with his shorts. His prick was eight-inches in length and very erect.
"It seems," he began as he took off his socks and, finally, his jumper, "that my cock is as stiff as iron! All from seeing my little girl being fucked in her cunt and arse. Clearly, if such an i****tuous and sordid activity causes me such arousal, then it's only right that I act upon such desires."
Sarah grinned as her father got onto the bed. Jack began humping her cunt from beneath again whilst Kevin re-commenced fucking his cock to and fro in her arse. Now she had her father standing at the head of the bed with his big penis thrust erectly at her face. Sarah opened her mouth and placed her lips over her father's cock-head, Donald thrusting his prick into his daughter's mouth as she sucked greedily on it.
The girl was in heaven, a nice hard cock in all three orifices. She climaxed shortly, her cries of lust muffled by her father's prick, Donald holding his daughter's head in place as he fucked her mouth, sometimes exchanging knowing glances and smiles with his son Kevin who buggered Sarah's arse faster throughout her climax.
Five-minutes later, down below Jack shot his load, his hands clamped over Sarah's firm young breasts whilst he thrust his prick up into her cunt. He spewed his load, his sperm gushing out in a dozen pumps and flooding Sarah's womb. The girl had another orgasm which caused her sphincter to tighten round Kevin's cock, the boy ejaculating at that point and thrusting his six-inch dick deep into his s****r's rectum and shooting out his sperm.
Donald was close to orgasm too but he wanted to sample his daughter's cunt. He pulled his tool from her mouth and watched as the trio below moved apart. Jack and Kevin sat on chairs near the desk and watched as Donald lay Sarah down on her back. He swiftly mounted her and plunged his cock deep into her cunt.
"Fuck me dad," Sarah urged him, "Mmmm! Yeah! Your cock is so nice in me dad! Fuck me!"
"What a hot little daughter I've got," Donald grinned, and kissed Sarah, "So fucking hot! I'm gonna fuck you honey!"
He thrust repeatedly into Sarah's cunt, the girl holding him tight to her body.
"So Jack," Donald said whilst fucking his daughter, "tell me what my your mum has been up to. What charming, erotic seduction has my s****r been indulging in with you and your s****rs?"
Jack repeated the story he'd told earlier, about his mum and Chloe and Gemma screwing each other, and then him. Donald enjoyed this tale. He was close to his older s****r, Virginia, and now suddenly felt the real conscous urge to fuck her!
"I'm sure you can fuck her," Jack said to his Uncle Donald, "If she fucks me and Chloe and Gemma she'll fuck her own b*****r!"
"I wanna fuck Gemma and Chloe," Jack said, "And Aunt Virginia. You're hot Sarah, but I can't limit myself to one girl."
"Fair enough," Sarah said whilst her father fucked her cunt, "I think I'd like to fuck Gemma, Chloe and Aunt Virginia too! I fancy some girl-on-girl. Wouldn't you like to watch that daddy? Would you like to see me with, say, Chloe, fucking and sucking her?"
"That'd be great honey," Donald gasped, all this hot talk triggering his climax. He held his daughter close to him as he drove his prick up into her cunt and shot his load into her. His sperm spurted out, up into his own daughter's nice young body.
After getting his breath back, Donald dismounted his daughter and lay back, exhausted. Sarah sat up. She was sweaty and her hair wild looking, and she had four loads of cum in her cunt and one load in her arse.
"I'm still horny," she grinned, "Anyone up for another go?"
"Not me I'm afraid," Kevin said, "Not for a while."
"You definately need to get it on with my s****rs and mum," Jack laughed, his prick also soft and in need of a break, "They're insatiable, and their strap-on dildoes never tire! It's frustrating sometimes. I can shoot my load three times in a single-session before retiring and my mum and s****rs will just keep on going, fucking each other for hours whilst I sl**p."
"I think," Donald said as he sat up, "that I'll make us some lunch then we'll go over to Jack's mum's house. I think it's about time our families had a little fun together, all seven of us!

Virginia had soaked in the bath for an hour and was, at about three-thirty, sitting in the living room. She was on the sofa in a pink dressing gown, her hair still damp, watching TV. She felt very horny, having fantasized about sex in the bath, thinking of how her son had fucked her in the arse that morning, and how she'd been fucked anally again by Jack whilst in a sixty-nine with Chloe. She didn't pay attention to the TV as she began considering going upstairs and entertaining herself with a dildo. She hadn't used one in a week but with Jack, Gemma and Chloe all out she was feeling the pinch of going a few hours without sex.
She brightened up when she heard the front door opening. Hopefully it was Jack, she thought. She needed her son's nine-incher!
Virginia heard voices and then into the living room came Jack, followed by her b*****r Donald and his son and daughter. Everyone said their hellos and Virginia moved up on the sofa a little so Donald could sit next to her, then Kevin inserted himself to the other side so she was in between them. Jack and Sarah sat on armchairs on the other side of the coffee table.
"What have you lot been up to?" Virginia asked her b*****r.
"The same as you and your k**s," Donald replied, "Fucking!"
"Yeah," laughed Kevin, sitting the other side of Virginia, "Sarah and me tried it a few weeks ago, just a couple of times. Anyway, Jack told us what you and him and his s****rs have been getting up to this last week so we all fucked. Then dad walked in on us and er...well, joined in."
"You rascal," laughed Virginia, giving her b*****r a kiss on the cheek, "I never knew you were such a libertine gentleman."
"Well," Donald shrugged, "I walked in on young Sarah with your son's cock in her cunt and her b*****r's in her arse! What could I do?"
"Fuck me in the mouth," Sarah laughed, "Which is what he did."
"That was the only hole free," giggled Kevin, "We had a great time. Sarah came! Twice I think."
"It was twice, yeah," confirmed the girl, "Wow! I'd never thought sex was so much fun! Perhaps it's even better with f****y members."
"It's only natural," Virginia added, "Who better than to make love to than the people closest to you? Namely, your f****y."
"I was thinking," Donald said, "If it's i****t to have sex with a f****y member, then surely husband-wife relationships are i****t! After all, they're f****y members."
Everyone laughed at this, Virginia giving her b*****r another kiss and squeezing his thigh.
"My cock is stiff again," Kevin brazenly announced, unzipping his flies and pulling out his six-inch cock, "I wanna fuck you Aunt Virginia. Jack told me that you're hot, that you love adolescent cocks!"
"I do honey," Virginia said, reaching out and stroking her nephew's hard cock, "Very much so! I love it up the arse too, I'm sure Jack told you. Why don't you and your dad strip and I'll give your cocks a nice suck and you can fuck me together!"
Kevin immediately stood and began undressing, as did his father. Virginia took off her gown and sat back nude as she watched Donald and Kevin strip. When they were naked they stood either side of each other in front of Virginia, enabling her to sit up and stroke their pricks. She admired their hard tools, jerking them off lightly in her fists, before taking her b*****r's into her mouth. After sucking Donald's cock for a moment she turned to Kevin and sucked on his cock, alternating between them both.
Jack was busy with Sarah meanwhile. They'd both undressed and Sarah was sitting in her armchair with her legs flung apart. Jack knelt between the girl's legs and started licking her cunt, eating her out whilst jerking off his big stiff dick. He was good at licking cunt and had Sarah climaxing under his busy tongue within moments. He then got up and slid his stiff cock up into his cousin's cunt, Sarah reaching round and gripping Jack's arse to help pull him into her.
"Your dick is so good," she panted, "Ram it up my cunt Jack!"
Jack fucked Sarah's cunt with slow, deep strokes. Her cunt was tight and hot and felt fantastic to fuck and he had to keep his moderate pace to hold his climax in check.
Across the room Virginia was standing up and being fondled and kissed by Donald and Kevin. Kevin was kneeling and licking his Anut Virginia's cunt, slurping at her moist cunt and reaching round to knead her nice firm arse-cheeks. Donald stood and kissed Virginia hard on the mouth, their tongues sliding across each other whilst Donald's hands roved over her tits. His s****r had always been beautiful and was even more radiant now as a horny, i****t-loving fifty year old, and his prick was as hard as steel as it nudged against Virginia's thigh whilst they kissed. Shortly the father and son moved away.
"Get down s*s," Donald said, "We'll spit-roast you. I'll fuck your hot cunt and my son will fuck your mouth."
"Sounds good to me," Virginia smirked. She got onto her hands and knees on the floor.
Kevin knelt down in front of his Aunt and tendered her his stiff prick. He had no pubic hair, his hairless nut-sac hanging beneath his erect cock which looked bigger thanks to no hair to distract from it's slender form. Virginia took her nephew's prick into her mouth and sucked most of it down deep into her throat whilst she sensed her b*****r Donald kneel behind her. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down against Virginia's cunt-lips before plunging in, sinking right up to the hilt into his s****r's cunt. Virginia let out a long sigh of pleasure, fucked from both ends, and she bobbed her head whilst slurping on Kevin's young prick. Donald fucked Virginia's cunt hard and deep, gripping her waist to help pull her on to his pistoning prick. His cum quickly began to rise and he flooded Virginia's womb with his sperm.
"I'm cumming s*s," he gasped, "Oh fuck, oh yeah! What a hot cunt Virginia, yeah! Fuck...uuuuh!"
He shot out the last of his sperm, now realizing the great pleasure Kevin had fucking Sarah. There was just something so delightful about fucking your own s****r. Or daughter of course. Or mum! i****t was best, Donald concluded, easing his prick from Virginia's cunt. Kevin slid his cock from Virginia's mouth and went round to her other side.
"Fuck it up me," his Aunt encouraged him, "Right up my cunt! Add your sperm to your dads up there!"
"Okay Aunt Virginia," Kevin replied. He quickly slid his cock into his mum's dripping cunt and began fucking her at a the same fast pace as his dad had done moments before. His Aunt climaxed soon, groaning with pleasure as she soared through the heights of ecstasy with her thirteen year old nephew fucking her cunt hard. Soon Kevin's arse-cheeks clenched and he let out a long sigh as he sprayed his adolescent spunk into Virginia's cunt.
"Wow," Virginia concluded, "What a good fuck that was! You two studs will be stiff again soon won't you?"
"Absolutely," replied Kevin, he and his father jerking off their semi-erect cocks, "Then we'll fuck you again!"
"This time we'll make sure your arse gets some attention," Donald promised, stroking his dick.
"Good," Virginia said, "I love getting fucked in the arse! You can both have a go up there! Meanwhile, it looks as if my son is shooting his first load of cum into your daughter."
They looked over and saw Jack fucking Sarah's cunt as she sat back on the armchair. He cried out and shot his sperm deep into the girl's twat, Sarah gripping her cousin's shoulders and receiving his cum in her womb. Finally, Jack eased his prick from Sarah's cunt. She insisted on swapping places, Jack sitting in the armchair whilst Sarah knelt before him, bending over and sucking on his semi-hard prick, working hard to ressurect it. Virginia did the same meanwhile, sucking on Kevin's cock whilst jerking off her b*****r.
Soon the guys were all erect and ready for more.
"Let's fuck some more," Sarah grinned, taking Jack's big dick from her hot little mouth, "I want some more triple-penetration, that's great! I had some earlier."
"Let's go for it then," Virginia said, "I haven't had triple-penetration with three guys. Jack's fucked my mouth whilst Gemma and Chloe have taken care of my cunt and arsehole with strap-on dildoes, but it's probably not as good as three real dicks!"
Jack lay on his back on the floor with his prick gripping his fist, pointing straight up. Virginia mounted him, taking her son's member in her wet twat. She leaned forward so Donald could get in behind her. He sucked on his fingers and pushed them into Virginia's arsehole, getting her loosened up before placing the tip of his stiff cunt-juice slathered prick to her anus. He gently worked his way in, his s****r's sphincter parting to allow the invading organ to squeeze up into her arse. Soon enough, Donald's tool was wedged to the hilt in Virginia's arsehole and he began fucking his s****r's arse whilst Jack fucked her cunt from below. Finally, Kevin stood in front of Virginia and gave her his prick to suck. Virginia deep-throated the boy, enjoying the taste of sperm and her own cunt-juice on the adolescent prick. She sucked deeply whilst Jack and Donald fucked her cunt and arse hard. Sarah knelt nearby and reached out and groped Virginia's tits, pulling lightly on the nipples.
"Hey Sarah," Donald called shortly, "Fancy sucking me off a bit?"
He tugged his prick from Virginia's arsehole. Grinning wickedly, Sarah came over and sucked deeply on the soiled member. After that enjoyable interlude, Donald push his prick back up into his s****r's bum whilst his daughter resumed stroking Virginia's tits whilst the middle-aged slut was triple-fucked.
The guys screwed Virginia for ten-minutes, sandwiching her with their cocks and fucking hard. Virginia soon came, giving muffled moans of ecstasy as her body was wracked with intense pleasure.
The three cocks withdrew and Virginia crawled to oneside, exhausted. Sarah took her Aunt's place in no time at all. She took Jack's cock into her cunt whilst her father pushed his stiff member into her arsehole and, finally, she sucked on Kevin's prick. Virginia came over and stroked Sarah's tits, inserting her head in between the thrashing limbs so she could suck on her niece's nipples. Sarah loved this treatment and soon enough she came, her young body bucking with joy as she was fucked by her father, b*****r and cousin and had her tits pinched and sucked by her Aunt.
"I'm cumming," Jack announced beneath Sarah, "Fuck, I'm cumming. UUUUH!"
His cock exploded his thick semen into Sarah's cunt whilst he thrust up into her, spraying her womb with his fuck-sauce. Virginia took her mouth from her niece's tits and kissed her son, frenching him and sliding her tongue into his throat throughout the latter stages of the boy's prolonged orgasm.
"My turn," spluttered Donald, fucking his daughter's arse fast, "I'm cumming up your shitter Sarah! UUH! Fuck! Here's daddy's cum, up your arse! Fuck! Yeah!"
His throbbing prick spurted it's sticky load into the depths of Sarah's rectum, her anus tight round the base of his shaft.
On cue, Kevin began pumping his sperm into Sarah's mouth and the randy minx swallowed every drop, gulping noisily whilst Kevin held her head and fired his ejaculate into her mouth, Jack and Donald's cocks meanwhile leaking out their sperm into her cunt and arse.
When Kevin had finished he moved back, Donald withdrawing from his daughter's arse and Sarah, finally, able to dismount Jack.
"Come here Auntie," the girl said to Virginia, "I wanna fuck you too!"
Virginia was only too happy to go over to the lustful girl. She kissed her, their hands running over each other's tits and wet, cum-leaking pussies as they snogged. Donald and Kevin delighted in this sight of Sarah kissing and fingering a woman. Jack had seen girl-on-girl action a lot, of course, with his mum and two s****rs, though it was still a great sight.
"I might get stiff again soon," Donald said, "Holy shit, it's like being a teenager again!"
"Let's wait," Virginia said, Sarah having now gone down on her to suck her cunt, "Wait until Chloe and Gemma get back. Then they can join in and we'll all fuck like rabbits!"
"Sounds good," Kevin said.
"I agree," Donald added, "I can't wait to fuck Chloe and Gemma. Those are two very hot young ladies. Just as hot as Sarah!"
And with that he went over and licked out Sarah's cunt from behind whilst the girl was on her knees and elbows and eating out Virginia's cunt.
Shortly, however, they all showered and freshened up, waiting for Jack's two lovely big s****rs to return from their shopping trip.

Chloe and Gemma returned home a few hours later, and they entered the living room to find everyone naked. Virginia and Uncle Donald relaxed on the sofa in each other's arms whilst Sarah, Jack and Kevin sat nude on the floor playing with the games console that Jack got for Christmas.
"Hi k**s," Virginia grinned at her shocked daughters as they stood in the doorway.
"Holy shit," Chloe smirked, "Are you planning an orgy or something mum?"
"Yeah," Virginia laughed.
In no time at all Gemma and Chloe were sat in the armchairs and being told of the afternoon's exciting events. Jack continued playing his game but Kevin was distracted by looking at his two female cousins, admiring them whilst idly playing with his stiffening cock. As her mother and Uncle Donald told them of the recent events, Chloe and Gemma were glancing over at their cousins, admiring Kevin's youthful body and nice young cock, and also the beautiful young Sarah who's flesh aroused both Chloe and Gemma a great deal. They also cast lustful glances at their Uncle's prick, Donald half erect as he sat in the arms of his s****r, Virginia.
"Wow," Gemma smirked, "I couldn't find a dress I liked in town so I wasn't going to go out partying tonight. However, it looks as if we're going to have a great party here!"
"That's the plan," Donald said, stroking his stiffening cock, "Either of you two beautiful nieces fancy giving your Uncle Donald a hug?"
"I'll give you more than a hug," giggled Gemma, standing up and going over to Donald. She knelt on the floor and took his nice big prick in her mouth whilst Donald sat back on the sofa, watching his blonde eighteen year old niece suck him off.
"I think I'll get better acquainted with Kevin," Chloe said, standing up and beginning to undoe her jeans, "I've always thought you were a sweet little stud Kevin!"
"And you're one hot babe Chloe," the boy said, and he stood up, naked with his prick very stiff now. He went over to Chloe and began helping his cousin out of her clothes. When Chloe was naked she knelt down on the floor with Kevin doing likewise and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his throat whilst stroking his prick, Kevin reaching out and stroking Chloe's heavy tits. They were much bigger than any of the other female's tits in the room. Kevin was frenching Chloe deeply, their tongues intwining whilst he wondered just how many thirteen year old boys like him were lucky enough to be snogging and frigging with a gorgeous twenty-one year old bisexual lady! His prick was as hard as steel in Chloe's gentle grip.
Jack had forgotton about his games console. He started kissing Sarah as she sat next to him on the floor, their hands roving over each other's adolescent bodies.
Nearby Gemma had taken Donald's cock from her mouth and stood up, hurridly removing her clothes and slinging them aside. Now nude, like everyone else in the room, Gemma got astride Donald's lap, her Uncle holding his prick aloft so she could lower her cunt onto it. She took his entire prick into her slit with a deep sigh.
"Your cock feels so good in me Uncle Donald," she said, "Mmmm! Fuck my cunt hard!"
"I will you little slut," Donald said, kissing his niece, "You gorgeous young slut! I'm going to fuck your cunt, then I'll do the same to your s****r!"
Gemma began to ride Donald's prick, bouncing on his lap whilst they kissed passionately.
Virginia was sitting next to them, legs spread and fingering her cunt as she watched all the i****tuous couplings around the room. She felt so hot and horny but soon she wanted to participate! The blonde mother got up and went over to the floor where her son and niece were getting it on. Sarah was on her hands and knees with her bum in the air, Jack bent over behind her and eating out her cunt from behind. Virginia knelt beside them and was able to reach under Jack to stroke his long hard cock whilst licking Sarah's hairless little anus. Her lapping tongue wasn't far from Jack's as it slid in and out of Sarah's cunt, and sometimes mother and son would kiss each other hard before resuming eating out Sarah's orifices. The girl was loving this attention and panted lustily. "Lick me out you two! That's so good. Yeah! Eat my cunt out Jack! Lick it! Aunt Virginia, your tongue feels so good on my arsehole! Stick it up there, up my pooper!"
"I wanna fuck your arse," Jack announced, getting up, his mother letting go of his rampant prick, "I haven't sampled that delightful arsehole of yours Sarah so I'm going to fuck it. It looks as if my mum has licked it out well, it's all slick with saliva."
"Stick it up there," Sarah ordered her cousin, "Ram that big fucker up my arse! It felt good when my b*****r and father fucked my arse earlier and it'll feel good when you do!"
"I'll guide it," said Virginia, taking hold of Jack's cock once again as the boy shuffled up behind Sarah. Her son's prick was so stiff and thrusting upwards so erectly that she had to strain to point it down so it jutted out at a right-angle. The tip nudged up against Sarah's anus, which clenched briefly then relaxed.
Virginia was skillful at introducing her son's impressive member to Sarah's bum. Jack eased forward, his mum still holding the base of his nine-incher, the swollen head pushing at Sarah's anus until it flared open to allow entrance.
"Aaaah," the girl cried, "Oh fuck, your much bigger than my b*****r and dad Jack! But keep going, I want it all up there, right up my fucking arse!"
Jack continued easing forwards, Virginia letting go of her son's prick now that it was half-way up Sarah's bum. She frigged her cunt with one hand and her arsehole with another whilst she watched Jack finally buried the last of his shaft into Sarah's arse.
"What a hot arse," Jack commented, fucking Sarah slowly, "So tight and hot! Just like yours mum! Wow! I'm gonna fuck your arse Sarah, though I might have to withdraw and give the same treatment to my mum! It must be torture for mum to watch me fuck another girl in the arse whilst hers is unnattended."
"That can be dealt with," Virginia said, standing up. She went over to a cabinet and returned with a strap-on dildo, a white one eight-inches in length which she briefly paused to grease up with KY-Jelly. She had Jack slide his pole from Sarah's arse then attached the strap-on to Sarah. Then Virginia got on her hands and knees in front of the girl and backed up. Sarah had never used a strap-on before but instinctively knew what to, guiding the greased phallus up into her Aunt Virginia's willing anus. Within moments it was wedged to the hilt. Jack re-inserted his prick up into Sarah's arse and they began fucking together.
"This is so much fun," Sarah laughed, "A nice big dick in my bum whilst I'm using a strap-on to bum-fuck my Aunt! Wow! Yeah!"
Donald was still fucking Gemma on the sofa, the girl bouncing on his prick. Donald looked past Gemma and saw his s****r Virginia being sodomized with a strap-on by his daughter Sarah, who in turn was arse-fucked by his nephew Jack. Nearby his eldest niece, Chloe, was sitting on an armchair with her legs spread, Kevin kneeling in front of her and fucking his cock into her cunt whilst bent over and sucking her big tits. The room was full of moans and pantings of lust, the slapping of flesh and the sucking sounds of cocks pumping holes.
The trio on the floor shortly changed position. Virginia now wore the strap-on dildo and fucked it into Sarah's tight arsehole. Jack then got behind Virginia and worked his cock into his mother's bum, sliding it in to hilt and buggering her.
Back on the sofa Donald felt like a change of position. He suggested it to Gemma who was, in fact, getting a little tired bouncing on her Uncle's prick. She dismounted and staggered to oneside. Donald stood up and had Gemma get onto the sofa, kneeling on the edge and bent forward, gripping the back-rest. Donald had Gemma's nice pert arse thrust out at him. He guided his prick into her wet snatch and drove in hard.
"Fuck me Uncle Donald," Gemma gasped, "Fuck my cunt hard!"
"I will honey, don't worry!"
He gripped Gemma's hips and began humping her, driving his prick in and out of her tight cunt. It was a hot and moist hole and Donald had to slow down his pace to avoid losing his seed. He was desperate to cum from all this stimulation but with so many willing females around it would be a shame to unleash himself without moving around a bit.
Kevin was clearly thinking the same thing. As delighted as he was fucking Chloe, he enjoyed the sight of Gemma bent over and being fucked by his dad. He disengaged from Chloe and gave her a kiss.
"I might have to go and fuck your s****r," he told her.
"Go for it k**," Chloe said, ruffling the boy's hair, "Just get your dad over here whilst your there."
Kevin stood and went to the sofa.
"Hi son," Donald smirked, sliding his prick from Gemma's cunt, "This beauty is all hot and wet for you! I think I'll just go and see how Chloe is getting on!"
"Come on Uncle!" Chloe called from across the room, legs spread and fingering her wet cunt, "Take up where your son left off!"
Donald walked over and kissed Chloe before he knelt down and drove his meat right up her cunt. Chloe shivered with delight, wrapping her legs round her Uncle's pumping hips, climaxing within moments under his powerful fuck-thrusts, delighting in being fucked by an guy a generation older than her moments after being fucked by the same guy's u******e son! She kissed Donald hard, her big tits crushed against his chest.
Gemma was still bent over on the sofa with her arse jutting out.
"Come and fuck me Kevin," she urged her cousin, "Ram that hard young pecker up my twat!"
"That's where it going!" Kevin declared, standing behind Gemma and driving his cock into her. He began fucking Gemma hard, his legs trembling as he humped her cunt from behind.
"Fuck me Kevin," Gemma panted over her shoulder, "That feels so good! Harder! Yeah, fuck me! Uuuuh!"
She climaxed, screwing her eyes shut as her body was wracked with ecstasy. Kevin shafted away whilst his own climax began to approach. His pace of fucking increased in pace as he clenched Gemma's hips harder.
"I'm fuckin' cumming!" he grunted, "Uuuuh! Yeah!"
His cock sprayed out his thick semen, pumping out the contents of his nuts deep into Gemma's womb. The girl sighed with delight as she received the boy's spunk in her.
Donald decided to unleash his sperm at the moment too. He fucked his cock to the hilt in Chloe's twat one last time and fired out his cum, Chloe groaning with delight as she climaxed herself, her Uncle Donald's spunk shooting deep into her hot young body.
"Oh Uncle," she panted, "I love your prick in me! Spurting it's lovely seed in my twat! Uuuh, shit! I'm fucking cumming, I'm cumming with my Uncle's big dick in my cunt! It's as good as when my own b*****r fucks me! Yeah!"
Donald let out a sigh as the last of his cum oozed out into Chloe, and he kissed her deeply whilst stroking her plump tits.
Finally, on the floor across the room, Jack let go of his pent-up sperm.
"I'm about to shoot my fucking load mum," Jack cried, and he whipped out his cock from Virginia's arsehole and stood up. Sarah was still bent over on her knees and elbows whilst Virginia buggered her with the strap-on, and Jack was able to stand astride Sarah, facing the opposite direction, so his dick was thrusting out at his mum's face. "I'm gonna splatter you with sperm mum," he cried, jerking off, "Here it is...uuuuuh!"
Virginia was hit in the face my a salty explosion of white fluid, her son masturbating his long pole and gushing out his cum all over his mother's face. Virginia climaxed at that point, reaching under Sarah to frig the girl's clit whilst fucking her with the dildo, her son's sperm continueing to spray over her face until she almost thought she'd drown!
"Frig me!" Sarah panted, "That's so good Aunt Virginia! Rub my clit and fuck my arse, ram it up me! Fuck!"
"That's it, climax dear," Virginia laughed, "Climax hard with this big plastic dildo up your bum! Ooh yeah, I love the feeling of you squirming under me Sarah, it's so hot! I'm cumming too...Jack, spurt over me! Yeah! What a mess! God yeah! I'm fucking wasted!"
"What a fucking climax!" Jack concluded, finally finishing unloading on his mother's face, which was dripping with a huge amount of sperm, and sitting down on the floor breathing hard. Virginia also collapsed after she tugged the strap-on from Sarah's arsehole, Sarah turning round to lick her Aunt Virginia's face clean of semen, both of them kissing and swapping the cum between their mouths and swallowing about half the load each. Across the room, Gemma and Kevin were sitting in each other's arms on the sofa, and Donald was sitting on the floor at Chloe's feet, the young woman still with her legs spread and lightly stroking her wet, sperm-leaking cunt.
Virginia staggered to her feet and went to the drinks cabinet near the TV. She made a glass of wine for everyone and they all relaxed for a little while.
"I hope," Virginia began shortly, finishing off her glass with a final gulp, "you lovely gentlemen aren't thinking of retiring! It's only eight-thirty! There's three-and-a-half hours left of 2002 to go, I want to be being dicked as we enter 2003!"
"Well," stated Jack, stroking his stiff member, "I'm ready to go again! Let's all fuck once more. Then we can relax and start once more approaching midnight and see in the new year fucking!"
"Right on k**!" Donald declared. He was also stiff once more.
"I'm going to fuck my s****r again," Kevin said, "that is, if she doesn't mind."
"Of course I don't mind," laughed Sarah, "I want your dick in me Kevin. Come and fuck me!"
Kevin went over to her on the floor, kissing her before Sarah lay on her back with her legs parted. Kevin mounted her, easing his cock into her cunt and beginning to fuck her.
"Bend over s*s," Donald said to Virginia, "let's see if I can satisfy that anal-addiction you evidently have!"
Virginia got onto her hands and knees on the floor with her lovely bare arse thrust out obscenely. Donald got up and mounted her, easing his thick member deep into her arsehole.
"That's good," purred Virginia, "Your dick is lovely in my arsehole! I want Kevin to fuck my arse at one point this evening so I have all you guys up my bum at sometime today!"
"I'll fuck your arse, don't worry," her nephew declared, cunt-fucking his s****r meanwhile. Sarah was squirming delightfully under Kevin's thrusts, reaching round and clenching her younger b*****r's arse-cheeks as he humped her.
Jack was meanwhile sitting up on an armchair with his s****r's around him. Gemma was kneeling before him and sucking deeply and wetly on his stiff long cock whilst Chloe stood and bent over her b*****r from the side, alternately kissing him on the mouth or dipping her tits down for him to suck on. He nibbled lightly on Chloe's tits, enjoying the weight of those big globes swinging above his upturned face. Gemma was deep-throating Jack, taking a whole five of his nine-inches into her throat whilst she frigged her cunt. Eventually the s****rs swapped positions, so that Chloe was down and sucking on Jack's dick whilst Gemma kissed the f******n year old boy, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths. Chloe then decided she wanted her b*****rs big meat in her cunt. She encouraged Jack to come onto the floor, not far from where their Uncle Donald was sodomizing their mother.
Jack followed Chloe's instructions to lay on the floor and his older s****r then mounted him, impaling her tight cunt onto his prick. Gemma didn't need to be told what to do. Knowing her s****r's love of double-penetration she fitted a strap-on to her groin and got behind Chloe, working the plastic prick into her arse.
"Shove it all up me," Chloe panted, "That's it Gemma, squeeze it right up my shitter."
"You got it s*s," said Gemma, and drove the entire length of the eight-inch dildo into Chloe's arsehole.
"I can feel the dildo in your arse," Jack commented, fucking Chloe from below, "I can feel it through your cunt, the dildo travelling up your other hole next to it! It's great, your twat is even tighter!"
"Fuck it," Chloe commanded him, "Drive up into me, drive that big dick into my cunt you lovely little b*****r you! Gemma! Fuck my arse with that strap-on. Oh fuck, this is so good....aaah, I'm gonna...fucking cum!"
She bent down, her tits pressed to Jack's chest, and she kissed her b*****r lustily, thrusting their tongues into each other's mouths, Jack continuing to fuck his cock into Chloe's twat whilst Gemma fucked her arse with the strap-on.
During this, Kevin was fucking Sarah's cunt whilst on top of her. He was enjoying himself but he remembered his Aunt Virginia declaring that she wanted Kevin's cock in her arse at some point that evening and it occured to the boy that he hadn't fucked her arse yet. He kissed Sarah then dismounted her.
"Want to swap dad?" he said.
"Okay son," Donald replied, easing his prick from Virginia's anus.
Father and son switched positions, so that Donald now mounted Sarah and pushing his thick cock into her twat whilst Kevin got behind Virginia and slid his cock into her arse.
"Your arse is great Auntie," he said, sodomizing her, "Nice and tight! Yeah!"
"Fuck me Kevin," panted Virginia, "Fuck my arse! Uuuuh! Yeah, fuck! That's gooooood!"
"I'm cumming dad!" Sarah abruptly cried, "I'm cumming! AAAAH! Fuck me, fuck me uuuh!"
Donald thrust even faster, ramming his cock into his daughter's cunt whilst she shuddered with joy beneath him, her twat feeling so hot and tight as she climaxed.
Feeling his daughter cum underneath him triggered Donald's second orgasm of the evening. He drove into Sarah's cunt and unleashed his sperm, feeling it flood out and fill up his little girl's womb. Sarah kissed her father, hugging him close whilst his nuts emptied into her twat.
Across the room Chloe was having a second climax under the attentions of her b*****r and s****r. Jack's sperm began to flow as his s****r thrashed climactically on top of him.
"Uuuuh, I'm cumming in your cunt s*s," he grunted, "Fuck! Yeah! Uuuuh!"
His prick, buried to the root in Chloe's cunt, fountained sperm in a series of thick gushes. Chloe kissed her b*****r throughout their mutual climax, feeling his cum spurting into her womb whilst Gemma energetically sodomized her with the dildo.
They moved apart, as did Donald and Sarah.
Just because the other guys had cum didn't mean Kevin was in any rush. He fucked his Aunt Virginia's arse at a leisurely pace, enjoying himself, Virginia frigging her clit and soon reaching a climax under the sodomistical attacks from her young nephew.
Five-minutes later, with an audience watching, Kevin fired his sperm. He drove his prick deep into Virginia's bowels and unloaded himself, his sticky sperm shooting out into the mature woman's intestines. The boy finally slowed down and slid out, sitting back and grinning. Content and now with two loads of teenage boy's sperm in her bum, Virginia turned and kissed her nephew lewdly, their tongues slipping in and out of each other's mouths.
Fatigue was encroaching on the seven of them. Virginia poured more wine but only the girls partook of it. Kevin, Donald and Jack declined and instead had Pepsis, wanting to recruit their strength for a final session later. Virginia turned the TV on and they all lounged around on the floor or d****d themselves over chairs to watch various televised festivities as the evening progressed and midnight approached.
It was ten-to-midnight when Virginia - not d***k, but a little lightheaded from four glasses of wine - got up.
"Well, who wants to fuck me?" she declared.
"Me," Jack grinned.
"Okay honey," said Virginia, "You can fuck me again. I want your nice big dick up my arsehole again, you know how much I love it up the arse son."
"I shall fuck Chloe," said Kevin, stroking the tits of the young lady in question.
"Just fuck me hard," Chloe said, kissing the boy.
"Sarah?" said Gemma, "Do you want to sixty-nine with me? We can suck each other's pussies. I'll go on top so your daddy can fuck my arse in the meantime."
"That sounds like fun!" Sarah grinned.
The cousins kissed and began to get into position. Sarah lay on her back with her legs apart. Gemma got astride her, lowering her cunt onto Sarah's face and awaiting tongue, whilst she in turn lowered her head between the f******n year old girl's thighs. They immediately began lapping each other's cunts, driving their tongues into their hot slits. Gemma's beautiful arse was spread and waiting for her Uncle. After greasing his hard cock with KY-Jelly, Donald got behind Gemma and began squeezing the head of his prick into her arsehole. Gemma's sphincter resisted at first then finally opened up, the girl moaning lustily into Sarah's cunt as she felt her Uncle's thick member drive into her bowels. Lodged to the hilt in Gemma's arse, Donald began buggering his niece whilst he had before him the sight of Gemma exchanging cunt-licking delights with his own young daughter. It was a fantastic sight and spurred him to fuck harder.
Chloe had got onto the sofa with her legs apart, Kevin getting before the girl and sliding his cock into her cunt. It was wet and slippery but still offered a good grip to the boy's young cock. He fucked her with quick, powerful thrusts.
"Don't go too fast Kevin," panted Chloe, her big tits wobbling under the f***e of her cousin's thrusts, "I want you to keep going until midnight."
"I'll be careful," grinned Kevin, "Don't worry."
He continued fucking Chloe, though he did slow a little, his hands straying over the beautiful young woman's body before him whilst he shafted her cunt.
On the floor Virginia had elected to take her son's cock in her arse whilst she was lying on her back. She lay down and pulled her legs up, hooking her hands behind the bent knees and pulling the thighs almost to her chest. Her bum was thrust out, her yawning anus winking at Jack who knelt before his mum and guided his dick into her arse. In a couple of thrusts he'd squeezed it right up there.
"Fuck me Jack," his mum urged him, "Fuck mummy's bum! I love dicks in my arse, I love cum in my arse!"
"You're an anal-slut mum," laughed Jack, enjoying the way this position allowed him to look into his mum's lust-filled blue eyes whilst he fucked her up the arse, "A true arse-lover! I love fucking your arse mum! Uuuuh! Oh yeah!"
He increased his humping, his thick glistening member sliding back and forth in his mum's sphincter which, despite it's plentiful use that evening, was still nice and tight. He held his mum by the ankles and pounded her arse, Virginia frigging her cunt in the meantime.
The time ticked away. On the TV it was showing Times Square in New York as it approached midnight. Soon enough the crowds were counting down as the last seconds of the year died away.
Finally it was midnight.
"Happy new year mum," Jack grunted, smiling, and he drove his cock one more time into the depths of his mum's rectum and, two seconds into the new year, his sperm exploded out.
"Happy new year," Virginia laughed, tipsy from the wine and d***k from lust as she felt her son's thick member spray her shit-guts with cum. She climaxed at that point, frigging her cunt whilst Jack squirted his seed into her body.
Donald ejaculated at the same time, hunched over Gemma and flooding her bowels with his sperm. Gemma and Sarah were cumming too, mashing their cunts into each other's faces, licking and slurping away whilst Donald's cock spurted it's salty load into Gemma's bowels, her taut anus stretched round the base of his dick.
Kevin was lost in ecstasy too, humping Chloe fast with his mouth fixed to hers. They kissed and stroked each other's bodies as they came together, Kevin driving his dick into Chloe's cunt to the hilt and spurting out his sperm into her womb, Chloe's body shivering with delight as she climaxed under her young cousin's fuck-thrusts.
They pulled apart eventually, as did the others.
"Holy shit I'm tired," Jack laughed, "What a fucking party!"
"I'm thirsty," Donald said, going to the drinks cabinet and fetching a bottle of beer for himself, Jack and Kevin. Virginia meanwhile made more wine for the girls, Sarah also lighthead at this point due to her young age and the three glasses she'd already had.
The big happy f****y, united in lust, sat around and got nice and giddy on beer and wine. Duvets were dragged from the beds and taken downstairs and, in the living room, they all huddled together and had a well-deserved sl**p.

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