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Lisa Summers, the babysitter

Sandra Dunlop was rushing around the house, frantically trying
to get herself ready to go out before the cab arrived. It really
pissed her off that Richard, her husband of 14 years, had been
ready for about an hour and was relaxing in the living room,
watching the television, with a large glass of malt whisky.
He just seemed to step out of the shower and get dried before
throwing on some clothes. His hair dried naturally and
perfectly, he didn't have to spend time putting on make-up,
and he knew exactly what he was going to wear. Sandra on the
other hand, had tried on just about every outfit in her
wardrobe and was still undecided.

She was still in her housecoat looking in exasperation at the
heap of clothes lying on the bed and looked at her watch for
the third time in as many minutes.

"Okay," she said to herself. "This is stupid. Just go and put on
your make-up and by the time you're finished, you'll have decided
what to wear."

It sounded good, but she knew deep down that it wouldn't happen.
She sighed and went downstairs for some cosmetics that she'd
left in her clutch bag.

As she passed the front door, having retrieved her lipstick
and mascara, the bell chimed and Sandra snapped the locks off
and opened the door.

"Hi Mrs. Dunlop," Lisa said as she came through the door like
a whirlwind and threw her bag onto the floor.

"Sorry I'm late," the girl continued, "But we were learning a
new routine tonight and I was late leaving the school."

Lisa Summers was the Dunlop's babysitter and she used to be a
neighbour. A couple of years ago, her f****y had moved across
town so her father could be nearer his new job, but Sandra and
Richard still called on her whenever they went out. Earlier
this year, Lisa had made it onto the cheerleader team and Sandra
couldn't help but admire the 17-year-olds firm body, as she stood
before her in her white top and red mini skirt. Not for the
first time, her eyes undressed the young girl and she could feel
her freshly washed sex tingle at the image her brain was

"I didn't have time to change," Lisa explained when she saw
Sandra's eyes on her body, "But I've got a change of clothes
in my bag."

"That's okay Lisa," Sandra replied, giving herself a mental
shake. "My husbands in the TV room. Make yourself at home
while I finish dressing."

"Okay Mrs. Dunlop. Thank you." Lisa said coyly as she turned
and went towards the TV room.

"What a lovely girl," Sandra thought as she went back up the
stairs. "So well mannered and so nice."

If she had seen her when she entered the TV room however, she
would have quickly changed her opinion of the teenager.

Richard was sitting on the sofa, with his back to the door as he
watched the television. He didn't hear Lisa enter the room but
suddenly felt her firm tits press into the back of his neck as
she bent over the back of the sofa and whispered, "Hi
Richard," into his ear.

Before he could respond, her fingers slid under his nose and he
could smell the scent of aroused cunt.

"Jesus!" he said quietly, as he jerked his head to look over his
shoulder to make sure that his wife wasn't about.

"Relax Richard," Lisa said with a giggle. "She's upstairs. We're
all alone."

His quick glance assured him that she was right, and without
another word, he pulled her mouth onto his and she greedily
sucked his tongue into her throat.

One night, about two years ago, Richard had been driving Lisa
back to her parent's house after babysitting for them. He had
been drinking and shouldn't have been driving, but he figured
that it was only a few miles, so what the hell.

They had just started off when Lisa complained about feeling
sick. She suggested that he stopped in the deserted car park
at the shopping mall and let her get out for some fresh air.
As soon as the car stopped however, Lisa launched herself at
him, sucking his tongue into her mouth and deftly unzipping
his pants. Before his brain could think about reacting, his
cock was in her hand and rapidly hardening to her touch.
When she pulled her mouth away from his, he tried to say that
they shouldn't be doing this, but the teenager paid no attention
to him and lowered her head into his lap to swallow his prick
into her throat. As soon as her hot mouth wrapped around his
shaft, all his protests vanished, and he groaned loudly as he
settled back in his seat and watched the young slut work on him.
By the time Lisa actually got home, she had a load of Richard's
spunk in her stomach and another load trapped deep in her tight
cunt. Ever since that night, the two of them had been fucking
every chance they got, and whilst Sandra looked forward to
going out, Richard looked forward to coming home and then
driving Lisa to some secluded spot and fucking her brains
out before dropping her at her house.

Sandra couldn't get the image of Lisa's tight body out of
her head and she idly wondered if the girl was sexually active,
as she picked up her clean panties from the bed and pulled
them up her legs. As she pulled the waistband over her hips,
her fingers lightly brushed against her cunt and she was
surprised at how wet she was.

"Shit," she muttered. "I think I'm turning into a lesbian."

Her hole was almost completely shaven with a small patch of
brown hair just above her opening and her fingers became
more insistent and slid easily into her fuck tube as she
pictured Lisa spread-eagled on her bed begging Sandra to
lick her out.

Sandra's breathing was becoming quicker as she slid two
fingers in and out of her cunt, but she suddenly pulled her
fingers out and snapped to herself, "Enough! You're becoming
a dirty pervert."

She firmly pulled her panties over her dripping sex, licked
her fingers clean and turned her attention to the pile of
dresses on the bed.

She and Richard were only going out to a local restaurant for a
quiet meal and Sandra would normally have chosen one of the many
comfortable dresses that she owned that were smart but did
little to show of her very desirable body. As her eyes moved
over the clothes, she absentmindedly rubbed at her panty covered
crotch to try and soothe the insistent tingling of her sex.
Making up her mind, she ignored all the dresses on the bed and
strode purposely to her wardrobe. She knew exactly what she
wanted and she reached inside to pull a short black dress from
the hanger.

She smiled as she held up the dress and remembered when Richard
had bought it for her. It looked nothing on the hanger, but was
devastating on her body. It clung tightly to every curve, making
her slim waist look even smaller and then flaring out as the
material strained to hold her 34C tits. She decided not to wear
a bra under the dress and studied herself approvingly in the
mirror as she smoothed the material over her hips. The dress
was at least four years old, and although it wasn't worn very
often, it still fitted like a glove, and it made her feel even
more aroused that she already was. The low cut front exposed
her deep cleavage and her hard nipples were clearly visible
beneath the thin material.

While Sandra was busy getting dressed upstairs, her husband was
equally busy downstairs, making the babysitter comfortable.
When they stopped kissing, Richard grabbed Lisa's hand and
crammed the first two fingers into his mouth. He could taste
her juices and he moaned as he licked them clean.

"You're a dirty little bitch," he hissed quietly as he removed
her now clean fingers.

"I know," Lisa said with a smile. "And I can be really dirty
when I'm horny."

As Richard looked at her pretty face, she finished, "And right
now, I'm very horny."

He moaned as she reached out with her hand and softly squeezed
the bulge that was in his pants. As she stroked him, he said
lustfully, "Tell me how dirty you want to be."

Bringing her lips close to his ear she seemed to change the
subject when she asked, "Where's Max?"

"Max?" he replied in confusion. "He's outside in the yard. Why?"

"Because once you have gone out," she breathed in his ear. "I'm
going to bring him inside and take of my panties. I'm going to
let him lick my cunt until I cum and then I'll get down on my
hands and knees and take his hot cock up my hole."

Richard's prick was rock hard as it strained to burst through
his pants and he moaned loudly as the image of Max, his 3 year
old German Shepherd, flooded his brain, pumping his cock in and
out of Lisa's cunt.
The teenager grinned at the effect her obscene descriptions were
having on him and she continued, "I'll let him fuck me until
he sprays his hot spunk up me and once he's finished I'm going
to spread his slime all over my asshole so it'll be lubed up
when you run me home. I want you to fuck me up my dirty back
hole tonight and take me home to my mom and dad with both
holes full of cum."
Her dirty talk was proving too much for him and he was f***ed
to pull her hand away from his cock before he came in his pants.

"Fuck," he gasped quietly. "I need to take another shower. A
cold one."

Lisa laughed as she straightened up and walked around the sofa
and sat in the armchair in front of him. The teenager's fingers
were under her short skirt and Richard took another quick glance
out of the room to make sure that Sandra was still upstairs,
and then looked back at the young slut and hissed, "Let me
see your cunt."

She giggled and slid down in the seat before raising both legs
and dr****g them over the arms of the chair. Her cheerleaders
panties were white to match her top and she rubbed at the wet
stain in the crotch while looking over at Richard.

"You wanna see it?" she teased, as her hand slipped inside one
of the leg holes and he could see the outline of her fingers
disappearing into her slit.

"Yea," he breathed, scarcely able to contain himself. "Let me
see how wet that tight little cunt of yours is."

He desperately wanted to rip the panties from the slut's body
and slam his cock up her fuck hole and he cursed the fact
that his wife was upstairs and could appear at any moment.

"Show me," he hissed. "Show me. Show me."

Lisa pulled her fingers out of her hole and teased him further
by smelling her fingers and then licking her own slime before
she gripped the crotch and slowly pulled it to the side.
Richard leaned forward as her teenage sex was revealed, and
even although he'd seen it many times before, he couldn't help
but gasp. Her wet, luscious cunt looked delicious and the
outer lips were swollen and glistening with her juice. In
all the years that he'd been fucking her, he had never seen
the slightest trace of pubic hair on her mound and it was
always baby soft to his touch. As he lent forward, her cunt
smell invaded his nostrils and the shorts he was wearing
beneath his pants became wet and stained with the pre-cum
that was running out of his rock hard prick.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed softly, and he them moaned with pure lust
as Lisa hooked the fingers of both hands into her cunt and
pulled the walls apart to let him see all the way inside her
pink fuck tube.
As she held herself open, she moved the first finger of her
right hand upwards until it rested on her hard clit and began
stimulating herself by moving it round in small, tight circles.
Richard's mouth was dry and he lounged back on the sofa and
pushed his hand inside the waistband of his pants to grip
his cock. He could feel his slime oozing out of his piss
hole as he began jacking himself off and he watched as Lisa's
butt came up from her cushion of the chair as she applied
more and more pressure to her clit. Her breath came in short
gasps and her eyes were glued to the outline of Richard's
hand as it worked inside his trousers. They were both
rapidly approaching their orgasm when Sandra's voice
suddenly echoed down the stairs.

"Richard," she cried. "I'm ready."

The effect of Sandra's voice was instantaneous. Lisa's
fingers flew out of her sex and she pulled her knees sharply
together and sat up in the chair. Her panties were still
bunched at the side of her cunt and she was sure that her
wetness was soaking into the material of the chair but that
couldn't be helped. She pulled down the front of her skirt
as Richard pulled his hand out of his pants and listened to
the sound of Sandra's feet as she came downstairs.
Lisa's fingers were covered with her creamy cunt sauce and
she licked them frantically as Richard looked anxiously at
the pre-cum that was coating his fingers. He had no choice
and grimaced slightly as he licked them clean.

By the time Sandra came into the room, Richard was taking
a long drink from his whisky glass and Lisa was sitting
demurely in the chair reading a paper. Her eyes were
unfocused on the print and the only reason she had picked
it up was to try and hide the clear outline of her long,
hard nipples that were threatening to rip through her
cheerleaders top.

Sandra looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and Richard
whistled appreciatively at the sight. Her tits rippled
provocatively beneath the black silk of the dress that
tapered into her narrow little waist and a firm rounded
ass that jiggled delightfully as she moved across the room.
The dress was short and very, very tight, and every time
she took a step, both Lisa and Richard could see her pert
little butt cheeks bobbing just above the hemline.
Sandra knew that she looked hot and there was a spring in
her step as she crossed to the sofa and sat down beside her
husband. As Lisa watched her, she crossed her legs and
smiled as she gave the teenager a flash of her white silk

Although Lisa was trying not to show any expression on her
face, her brain was screaming, "Fucking bitch! You better not
drain his balls before he's fucked me!"

"Emily's asl**p Lisa," Sandra began, "And I don't think you
should have any problems. If you need us for anything, I've
left the number of the restaurant on the notepad beside the

"Thanks Mrs. Dunlop," Lisa replied. "I'm sure I'll be fine."

"Sandra," she replied softly. "I think its time you called me

As she made the final arrangements with the teenager, Richard
excused himself and went upstairs. He returned a few minutes later
just as Sandra stood up and smoothed down her dress.

"Ready?" he asked, and then let her walk in front of him when she
nodded her head.

Unseen by his wife, Richard quickly turned and pressed something
small and metallic into Lisa's hands and whispered in her ear, "I
want proof of you fucking Max."

When both Sandra and Richard had left the room, Lisa looked down
to find a small digital camera in her hand, and she smiled at the
wicked thoughts running through her mind.

She knew exactly what was going to happen next and she sat back
down in the chair and waited. She heard Richard's car start up
and back out of the drive and within a few seconds, she heard
the sound of small feet running down the stairs.

"Hi Lisa," Emily said as she burst into the room. "I thought
they'd never leave."

Emily Dunlop was twelve years old and dressed in a baggy night-shirt.
She had blonde curly hair, green eyes and a wide mouth that
always seemed to be grinning. Before Lisa could return the
c***d's greeting, she flew across the room and launched herself
into Lisa's arms.

Lisa laughed as Emily snuggled her body against her own and she
suddenly sniffed the air and said, "Why can I smell cunt?"

"Maybe its yours," Emily replied, giggling loudly.

"I don't think so," Lisa said as she grabbed the c***d's wrist
and pulled her hand towards her face. Not only did Emily's finger
smell of cunt, but there were still fresh streaks of slime on them.

Lisa's relationship with the Dunlop f****y was even more complicated
than it first appeared. Sandra had no idea that the teenager was
fucking her husband, but neither Sandra nor Richard knew that
Lisa had also seduced their little girl. Emily had come to look
forward to Lisa's visits just as much as her father did, but
for very different reasons.

"I knew it," Lisa cried in mock severity. "You've been playing
with your little cunt again, haven't you?"

Emily giggled louder as she nodded her head and got off Lisa's
knee. She slowly lifted up the front of her night-dress and
opened her legs to the teenagers gaze. The c***d's bald cunt
was red and swollen and her crotch was covered with glistening
juices. The slit was slightly parted so that Lisa could glimpse
her pink tube, and she shook her head and said, "Dirty little

Emily laughed and with the suppleness of her age, she threw
herself onto her back on the sofa and spread her chubby little
legs. Looking over at Lisa, she said, "You can use your tongue
to clean me up if you want."

Normally, that is exactly what Lisa would have done, but this
time she got to her feet and shook her head.
"I think we'll do something different this time baby," she said,
holding out her hand to the c***d. When Emily gripped it, Lisa
pulled her to her feet and the teenager's cunt tingled as she
looked down at the c***d and asked, "Where's Max."

"Max!" the c***d repeated. "Why do you want Max?"

"Because I need some cock honey," Lisa replied. "And its about
time you got some cock inside you as well!"

"But, but, Max is a dog," the c***d finally blurted out. "You
can't fuck a dog can you?"

"Oh yes you can," Lisa enthused. "And it feels great."

Emily's eyes had grown as big a saucers as she looked up at the
teenager and she eventually said, "Really? You've fucked with
a dog before?"

"Lots of times," Lisa lied.

In actual fact, Lisa had fucked a dog twice last summer when she
stayed on a ranch with a cousin. She remembered with fondness
and lust how the farm dog had pounded her like a bitch and then
plugged her with his knot as he filled her with spunk. She had
loved the depravity of it all and was determined to repeat the

Patting her on the head, Lisa said, "You go and get Max, and I'll
get the place ready for him."

When the c***d left the room, Lisa looked at the camera that was
lying on the chair and then at the large mirror that hung over
the fire. With a smile, she lifted the mirror down and propped
it against the sofa. When she got down onto her hands and knees
in the fucking position, she had a perfect view of herself in
the mirror and she pulled her skirt up to her waist to reveal
her panties and then lifted up the camera and aimed it at the
mirror before clicking the shutter.
She got to her feet and turned the camera over to study the
image it had captured on the small screen.

"That will be one of the tamer ones," she said to herself, and
then turned towards the door at the sound of footsteps.

Emily was holding Max by his collar as she led him into the
room and Lisa realised that the dog was larger than she had
expected. Because Max wasn't normally allowed in the house,
Lisa had only seen him a couple of times and from a distance.
Up close, the German Shepherd was massive and much larger that
the farm dog. She didn't want to look or sound unsure in front
of Emily, so, when the c***d asked, "How do we get him to
fuck?" she replied, "We've got to get him hot first. Let him
smell your fingers and see what he does."

When she waved her fingers in front of the a****ls nose, it
twitched and began to sniff interestedly. After a few seconds,
his long tongue flopped out and he licked at her dried juices.
"He likes my taste," the c***d said excitedly.

"He sure does," Lisa replied happily, as she dropped to her
knees. "Feed him some more."

Emily pushed her hand under her night-dress and swiped her
fingers over her wet cunt before offering them to the dog
again. Max noticed the difference immediately. This slime
was fresh and he lapped it eagerly as Lisa reached under
his hairy belly and rubbed at his sheath. When she bent her
head down, she could see that a couple of inches of red cock
was already visible and as her hand wrapped around the sheath,
more of the red shaft slid out.

Emily was curious about what Lisa was doing and she got onto
her knees on the other side of the dog and looked underneath. It
was her first sight of an erect cock and she gasped at the
sight of the shaft that got longer every time Lisa jacked on
it. Soon, there was nine inches of dark red dog cock hanging
down between the a****l's back legs and the German Shepherd
whimpered and his hips starting to buck.

"Let me feel it now," Emily pleaded. "Can I jack him off like
the women do in Dad's porno videos?"

"Yea baby," Lisa said as her heart hammered in her chest from
pure lust. "Jack his cock and get him really hard for me."

Instead of grabbing the sheath, Emily, her eyes as big as
saucers, spat on her right hand and closed it around the
inch thick shaft.

"Oooohhhh, it's hot, Lisa!" the little girl said as she watched
the teenager get to her feet and drag her panties down to her
ankles. Pulling one leg free, Lisa opened her legs and waddled
forward until her dripping cunt was pressed against the dogs
As Max humped Emily's hand, his long tongue swiped over Lisa's
cunt, making her cry out loudly.

"He's licking me," she gasped. "Shit, his tongue's up my cunt."

Emily was still jacking on the a****l's cock but she
cried, "Let me see. Let me see him licking you."

Lisa's trembling fingers pulled the front of her cheerleader's
skirt up to her waist and Emily watched as her pet's tongue
disappeared up the teenager's hole.
Lisa shuffled forward a few inches and opened her thighs
wider, lowering her cunt. Her eyes flew open again, as the
long tongue speared further up her young hole, and she
groaned. "Fuck, he's got all of his tongue inside me!"

Emily tore her eyes from Max's tongue and pushed her other hand
between her spread thighs to find her horny cunt. Her breath
came in heavy rasps as the smells of cunt and dog pre-cum made
her dizzy and more dog slime spurted from the dog's prick onto
her fingers.

The p*****n could see Lisa's clear juices flowing out of her
well-licked hole and she knew that the teenager must be close
to climax. No sooner had the thought formed in her brain, that
Lisa cried out loudly and the muscles of her thighs began to

"Fuck, I'm cumming," Lisa gasped as she pushed her cunt down
hard on the dogs snout and ground her throbbing clit against
his nose.

Her body convulsed and shook as she orgasmed and she stood it
for as long as she could before she dragged her cunt away
from Max's slurping tongue and slumped to the floor.

Emily's hands were busy. One of them was jerking on the dog's
cock whilst the other one was jammed up her fuck hole as she
masturbated. When Lisa moved her cunt out of Max's reach, the
dog swung its head around to where Emily was squatting on the
floor and his twitching nose quickly found her soaking hole.
Pulling her fingers clear, Emily spread her legs further apart
and gasped as the a****l started to lick her out. Her eyes
closed as she savoured the intense feelings radiating out
from her p*****n sex and she didn't see that Lisa's eyes had
fluttered open and she slowly climbed to her feet.
The teenager watched Emily getting licked for a few moments
before she pulled the remaining clothes from her body and
hissed, "I need fucked."

Emily's eyes snapped open when she heard Lisa speak and she
let Max continue to lick her cunt as she watched Lisa get
down onto her hands and knees.

Griping the a****l by the collar, Emily pulled with all her
strength to get his mouth away from her sex, and dragged his
snout back towards Lisa's butt. Smelling her aroused cunt
again, Max took a step forward and swiped his tongue over her
slit and all the way around to her asshole.
Emily sprang to her feet and pulled her night-dress over her
head as she stepped up to Lisa's face and pushed her little girl
cunt into her mouth. As Lisa began to lick Emily's slit, tasting
dog saliva mixed with cunt juice, Emily bent over Lisa's body
and pulled her ass cheeks open to give Max easier access.
She watched in total fascination as Max licked Lisa's ass with
his long tongue and then lowered his head to reach the nectar
flowing out of her cunt.
The teenagers body shook as she felt his rough tongue brush her
aroused cunt and then push inside and she swivelled her hips and
moved her knees further apart.
Suddenly, the dog pulled his face away and Lisa moaned in
disappointment as she felt the cold air blow over her now empty
fuck hole. Before she could even look around to see why Max had
stopped stimulating her however, she felt his full weight land
on her back and his front paws wrap tightly around her waist.

"YES!" she gasped, as she remembered the farm dog doing exactly
the same thing just seconds before penetrating her.
Max began humping immediately but his hot prick was either
stabbing her thighs or sliding up her ass crack. Almost
crying in frustration, she looked up at Emily and
pleaded, "Put it in me. Put his cock into my cunt."

The p*****n practically ran around to the dog and dropped to her
knees. Reaching out to tightly grip the thrusting shaft, Emily
guided the tip to Lisa's flooded cunt
As soon as Max felt his cock press between her tight cunt lips,
he surged forward and buried three inches of his hot cock up her
fuck tube.

From her kneeling position, Emily could see all the way to where
Lisa's cunt was being filled by dog cock. She raised the digital
camera and framed the fantastic sight on the screen before
pressing the button. Her eyes were locked on the horny sight
and electric jolts were being sent by her brain to her cunt.
The smell of the powerful a****l was pungent and very masculine.
Emily could feel his body heat even although she wasn't touching
him and she gazed in wonder as Lisa's shaved cunt being stretched
and pounded by the a****l's shaft.
Even through the incredible musk of the rutting dog, the sweet
scent of Lisa's cunt was carried into Emily's nose and drew her
closer. She wanted to suck on the girls dripping cunt and lick
Max's long shaft, but there wasn't enough room.

Max's stiffened for a moment with less that half of his shaft
inside the teenagers body and then his huge paws wrapped tighter
around her upper torso. He let out a whimper and then rammed
his huge bulging cock into her wet cunt, burying it up to the

"AAAAAaaaahhh!" Lisa cried as her eyes shot open and she moved
her hands forward to brace her body against the thrust.

The dog hesitated, either because of her cry, or just from the
pleasure of having her tight cunt wrapped around his cock and
Lisa took a couple of deep breaths and lowered her head to the
floor to look underneath her body. All she could see of Max were
his two hind legs straddling her own and his golf ball sized
balls that hung heavy below her dripping slit.
The a****l's hesitation only lasted for a few seconds before he
began pounding her as fast as he could and every time he lunged
forward, has balls would swing up in an arc and slap against
her burning clit.
Her cunt juice was running down the inside of her thighs as the
dog fucked her wildly and she began shaking and shuddering as
an orgasm ripped through her body. She moaned and her head
thrashed from side to side as Emily moved back slightly and
took more photographs.
Max's thrusts became faster and faster and Lisa could feel the
dog's enormous shaft expanding thicker and thicker at the base
as it slammed against her swollen cunt lips.
Lisa's climax was becoming unbearable as the continued
stimulation of her clit made her keep cumming and her cunt
was spasming rapidly around the dog's invading cock. Max's
saliva began dripping out of his mouth and onto her bare back
as he panted faster and faster and tightened his grip around
her waist until she felt like he was squeezing the air out of
her lungs.
Her tits swung back and forth as her body was rocked with the
a****l's thrusts and he suddenly gave a massive lunge forward
and she cried out as this knot was driven into her hole. Her
ass rippled with his powerful thrusts and her stomach bulged
out with each inward push of Max's thick cock and then the dog
began to snort heavily as he approached his release.
His prick expanded even bigger to seal her fuck tube and then
he stiffened and began to shoot his hot cum into Lisa's battered
cunt. Lisa's orgasm lifted her even higher as she felt the hot
jets hit her cervix and the massive amount of sticky dog spunk
quickly filled her hole, and she could feel the pressure
increase inside her cunt as the knot tightly sealed her
As Lisa's cum began to fade, she rubbed one of her hands
over stomach and she couldn't believe how swollen it was. She
felt like she was six months pregnant and the tremors that
she could feel were Max's cock as it continued to spurt out
its spunk.

It took about 10 minutes for Max's knot to start to deflate
and Lisa used the time to lower her head onto the floor and
steady her breathing as her young body recovered from her
climax. Emily snapped off a few more photographs before
placing the camera carefully on the sofa and getting herself
ready to suck the dog cum out of Lisa's cunt.

When Lisa felt the knot start to reduce in size, she raised
her head and said, "He's ready to pull out. I can feel him

Max could feel his grip slackening as well and he began to
pull back with short tugs as Emily got onto her back and
squirmed below Lisa's body.
The p*****n had watched all of her father's porno films, that
weren't very well hidden beneath his bed. She remembered that
one of then had showed internal cum shots and had a close up
of the freshly fucked girl on her hands and knees while thick
spunk oozed out of her hole. The little girl had never tasted
spunk before and she was impatiently waiting for the dog to
withdraw his cock so she could get at the cum.
As she lay with her open mouth only inches away from Lisa's
bulging cunt, she was completely unprepared for the deluge of
watery dog spunk that poured out of the teenagers fuck hole
when Max eventually managed to pull free. The c***d
automatically closed her mouth and her eyes as the torrent
splashed over her face and soaked into her hair.
Lisa didn't care what was happening to the c***d and when she
felt Max's cock pull out of her hole with a loud plop, she
lowered her cunt onto Emily's face and ground it over her
mouth until the p*****ns stiffened tongue slid easily into
her open fuck tube. Emily lapped at Lisa's cunt, enjoying
the taste of the dog slime that flowed into her mouth. She
could also taste the thicker slime that was Lisa's own cum
and the combination was delicious.
Emily's eyes were still closed because there was a pool of
spunk in both of her eye sockets and she had to wipe it away
repeatedly with her fingers before she could open her eyes
again and focus on Lisa's swollen hole that was pressed into
her face.
The teenager could feel Emily's tongue pull the dog cum out of
her sex and she suddenly remembered what she had promised
Richard. Reluctantly she raised her cunt away from Emily's
face and looked around at the c***d.

"Scoop the cum out with your fingers and rub it into my asshole
baby," she instructed. "That always makes me feel good."

If Emily thought it was a strange request, she didn't show it
and she immediately reached up and pushed two fingers into
Lisa's cunt. Despite the river of spunk that had already flowed
out of the teenagers hole, her tube was still full of cum and
Emily had no trouble in pulling out fingerfulls of the slime
and rubbing it over Lisa's back hole. As she added more and
more of the slime, she was able to get her fingers into the
teenager's shitter and really lube her up.
Lisa moaned and groaned as the c***d's fingers went in and out
of her asshole and she tried to imagine how it would feel to
have Richard's prick in her shit tube. It wouldn't be long now
before she would know, and the thought gave her a small orgasm
and she shuddered and pulled her body away from Emily's fingers.

When Lisa had fully recovered, she and Emily snuggled their naked
bodies together on the sofa and slowly scrolled through the
photographs that Emily had taken. The camera may have been small
but it was an expensive model with automatic focus and exposure.
Every image therefore was pin sharp and perfectly exposed. Even
the close-up shots of Lisa's cunt bulging out as it was filled
with dog cock were very clear and she was sure that Richard
would be impressed.
Looking at the photographs was arousing Emily further and once
they had scrolled back to the beginning of the images, she looked
at Lisa and said, "I want to get fucked now."

"You sure?" Lisa asked as she looked down at the p*****ns tight
little cunt and remembered the size of Max's cock."

"Uh huh," Emily said, nodding her head enthusiastically. "I can
take it. Honestly."

"Okay baby," Lisa agreed. "Let's go upstairs and be
comfortable. I want to open a window down here or your
parents are going to know what we've been up to."

As they entered the bedroom, with Max padding happily behind,
Emily sat down in the centre of her double bed with Lisa
beside her.
Lisa called Max over to the bed and patted the mattress.
Understanding her command, the dog jumped onto the bed and
stood panting with his tongue lolling out of the side of
his mouth.

"Lie down on your back," Lisa instructed, "And open your

Emily did as she was told and spread herself on the bed as
Lisa slid her finger in Emily's wet cunt and brought it up
for Max to sniff.
The dog licked her finger clean of Emily 's cream and then
followed the finger back to the c***d's slit. The a****l
knew exactly what to do now and Emily raised her butt off
the bed as Max's tongue pushed inside her hole.

"Oh god Lisa, that's soooo good," Emily groaned as she
humped her hips harder into the dog's mouth.

"I know baby," the teenager said, with a touch of
jealousy. "I know how good it feels."

Emily spread her legs wider apart, giving Max better access
to her hole and she could feel her climax begin. The tingling
deep in her pink slit suddenly intensified a hundred fold
and her body stiffened as her orgasm exploded inside her.
Her mouth opened in a silent scream and her back arched off
the bed until her body was only supported by the back of her
head and her heels. As Max's snout followed her rising hips,
his tongue thrashed about inside her cunt pulling her sweet
girl cum into his drooling mouth.
Emily could hardly breathe as she was held rigid and she
screamed when her back crashed back down onto the bed. She
had never experienced such a massive cum in her young life
and she shuddered and convulsed, pushing more of her slime
into the a****l's mouth.

Lisa sat back and played with herself as she watched Emily body
thrash about on the bed and she frantically looked around the
room for something to cram into her burning cunt. Her eyes fell
on a long handled hairbrush on the bedside table and she picked
it up, and on impulse, brought it to her nose. The smell of
Emily's cunt immediately wafted into her nose and she knew
that she'd found the c***d's favourite dildo. She licked the
handle for only a few seconds before her cunt demanded
attention and she crammed the tubular handle into her fuck
hole and drove it in and out furiously.

Emily eventually had to push Max away from her spasming cunt and
the a****l stood back and watched her intently as she recovered
from her climax.
When her eyes opened, she watched Lisa masturbate for a few
seconds before the teenager groaned loudly and her thick girl
cum flowed out of her hole, ran down the handle of the
hairbrush and trickled through the bristles.

The bedsprings moved and Emily's eyes swivelled around to look
at Max who was standing at the foot of the bed and watching her.
Her eyes raked over his large head, across his furry, muscled
body and finally between his legs. His red pointed cock was
poking out of his sheath and getting longer in front of her
He stepped closer and bent his head forward to sniff and then
lick at the girl's cunt and Emily kept her eyes locked on the
a****ls prick

It had grown to five inches, but Emily knew there was more
where that came from, and as she watched, the other four inches
came snaking out and her young body trembled with lust.
Squirming around to the side, she reached out and gently
gripped the hot shaft and jacked it slowly. Her fingers and
palm were soon covered with slime and she brought her hand
up to her nose and sniffed it. She found the smell exhilarating
and stuck her tongue out, licking the pre- cum. The first
tangy taste of the dog's slime was every bit as delicious as
licking cunt juice out of Lisa's hole and the c***d turned
herself around, pulling her cunt away from Max's licking
tongue, and got under her pet. Just a few inches above her
head raged his nine-inch cock and she could see droplets
of more pre-cum building at its tip.
Max was disappointed that the little girl had moved her cunt
away from his tongue but he quickly readjusted his position
until his back paws were straddling Emily's head and his front
paws straddled her hips. From this position he was able to
lower his head and once again push his tongue into her body.

With her eyes focused on the pre-cum oozing out of the a****ls
piss hole, Emily raised her head and licked the drops before
slurping the hot dog prick into her mouth.

"That a girl Emily," she heard Lisa say and then felt a cushion
being pushed under her raised head to make it easier to suck on
Max's cock.

Lisa had never seen anything so perverted as the naked c***d's
body under the huge dog, sucking on his cock and taking his
tongue up her cunt. She rubbed at her cunt as she stood up
and raised the camera to capture the image.

The first scalding contact of his throbbing cock on her tongue
was all she needed to know that she wanted to taste him some
more but Emily had never had a cock in her mouth before and she
wasn't sure what to do with it. Lisa could see her hesitation
and she put down the camera and gently pulled the girl's head
up on Max's cock, allowing more to enter her sucking mouth.
Then she pulled gently on her hair so that she was pulling
away from the cock, then pushed back up again

After only a few seconds, Emily understood what was expected of
her and she began bobbing her head on Max's rigid cock without
any further assistance.

"That's it Emily," Lisa encouraged. "Now you've got it."

The handle of the hairbrush was still inside Lisa's cunt and
she settled back on the bed and masturbated slowly as she
watched Emily give head for the first time.
The p*****n was totally engrossed in sucking on Max's cock
and she kept bobbing her head at a steady rhythm on the dog's
slimy cock. She was amazed that all the while she was sucking
on his prick, a steady stream of pre-cum was flowing out of
Max's piss hole and the c***d was having to swallow rapidly
as she sucked. At first she'd thought the dog was cumming but
she remembered the massive amounts of spunk that he spurted
when that happened, and this was much less.

While watching Emily deep throat Max, Lisa pushed the hairbrush
deeper and faster into her cunt whilst she admired Emily's
technique. She had never expected the p*****n to be so
talented but she took to giving head like an experienced
street whore and the a****l was obviously enjoying it. This
was like nothing Max had ever experienced before and he was
slightly startled at first when Emily's mouth pulled his cock
into her throat and although the position was all wrong
according to his dog brain, the feeling in his cock was
every bit as intense as a normal fucking and his haunches
began to thrust back and forth.

"Yea, suck him off Emily," Lisa gasped as her cunt began to
tingle. "Suck the spunk out of his balls."

The c***d now held her head still and led Max move his prick
in and out of her mouth. As she watched the red cock drive in
and out of her throat, she could see the knot at the base of
the shaft begin to form. The c***d knew that she couldn't
possibly take the knot in her mouth and she gripped the
thrusting cock tightly, just above the swelling and let the
a****l fuck her throat with the remaining five inches of his
Max was becoming very agitated and began prancing on his back
legs as Emily's mouth and tongue brought him close to release.
Lisa was gripping the camera tightly and trying to take
photographs on the c***d and masturbate at the same time.
She didn't think it was necessary to warn Emily that Max
was about to cum because it was obvious to anyone and the
a****l suddenly stopped thrusting and Lisa could see from
the rapid rising and falling of Emily's throat that she
was swallowing as fast as she could.

Lisa could see droplets of the dog's cum escape at the corner
of the p*****ns mouth but considering the massive mount of
spunk that Max normally sprayed, the c***d was managing to
swallow most of the load.

Finally the a****l's balls were empty and Emily pulled away
from Max with cum dripping down her chin. She looked such a
slut that Lisa couldn't suppress a moan as she crawled over
to the young girl to kiss her lovingly on the lips.
Emily eagerly opened her mouth and let Lisa's tongue search
for any dog cum that hadn't slid down her throat yet, and
from the corner of her eye, she watched Max jump down from
the bed and lay down to lick his prick clean.
As she savoured the taste of cock from Emily's mouth, Lisa
reached up and caressed the p*****ns tits that were just
beginning to bud. There was just the slightest hint of swelling
but Emily jumped and then giggled into Lisa's mouth as the
teenager pinched her hard nipples.
Moving her hand down between Emily's legs, Lisa found that
the p*****n was soaking wet and not just with dog saliva.
When she wriggled two fingers into the c***d's tight cunt,
Emily pulled her mouth away and gasped, "I want him to fuck
me. Please let him fuck me."

Lisa looked over in the corner and saw that Max was watching
them closely and his red cock was still hard and dangling
invitingly between his legs.

"I think he wants that too baby," Lisa replied huskily and them
gave the c***d one last chance to back out by asking, "Are you

By way of an answer, Lisa felt Emily tighten up her cunt muscles
and squeeze the two fingers that were still up her hole and Lisa
laughed and pulled them out and licked them clean.

"Okay Emily," Lisa said dramatically. "You're about to loose
your cherry to a dog!"

"Cool," the p*****n responded with her eyes shining. "How do I
do it?"

"Lets get him interested in cunt again," Lisa replied as she
sat on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling over the edge.

"Here Max," Lisa called out.

The large dog trotted over to the two girls on the bed with
his nose twitching and aimed for the first cunt he could find.
Lisa squealed delightfully as the a****ls snout pushed into
her dripping cunt, but she only let him lick for a few seconds
before pushing him away.

"No Max," she said regretfully. "Not this time."

She patted the bed and the dog immediately jumped up and made
straight for Emily who was lying back with her legs open. As
his long tongue swiped over her slit, the p*****n jumped and
then sighed in satisfaction.
Lisa rubbed her cunt with her fingers as she watched her young
friend prepare herself for her first fuck and she reached under
the dog with her other hand and gripped Max's prick. It was
as hard as an iron bar and very hot. He was more that ready to
fuck and Lisa looked down at Emily and whispered, "He's ready."

The p*****n smiled and rolled over onto her stomach and raised
her butt in the air until she was on her hands and knees.
This was the position that Max knew so well, and even if Lisa
had wanted to stop the large dog fucking the young girl, she
would never have been able to restrain him. With an excited
yelp, the dog jumped onto Emily's back and wrapped his forelegs
around her slim waist.

"Oh God" Emily exclaimed. "He's gonna do it! He's really gonna
do it!"

Emily tensed as she waited for Max's cock and her breath caught
in her throat when she felt the hot shaft brush against her
soaking cunt. The dog's thrust missed spearing her hole the
fist time but the second thrust was perfectly aimed and his
hot shaft drove up her fuck hole.

Emily's piercing scream seemed bounce off the walls and
reverberate through the room. The twelve year old had stuffed every
conceivable object up her cunt at sometime in the past, but
the f***e and size of Max's prick took her breath away.
Lisa looked at the young girl in alarm and jumped to her feet
and prepared to try and pull the dog off the c***d but Max had
started fucking her as soon as his cock was inside her body.
There was no way that Lisa's puny strength was going to be a
match of the rutting dog and Emily's scream had just died away
when Max gripped her waist tighter and humped the rest of his
prick into the p*****ns immature cunt. Emily screamed again
and despite the fact that the c***d was actually being ****d in
front of her, Lisa was completely aroused and almost trembling
with lust.

She snatched up the camera and fired off a few side on shots
before she knelt down on the floor behind the dog and held up
its tail. She could see that Emily's cunt lips had been stretched
into very thin lines as the thick cock filled her like nothing
else had done before. Lisa took a few more pictures and then went
up the other end to photograph Emily's face.

The tears were running down the c***d's cheeks but her eyes were
also shining and she managed a weak smile as she
whispered, "He's stretching me wide open. I feel like my cunt's
going to split."

"Its okay baby," Lisa reassured her as she continued taking
photographs. "You'll stretch."

Lisa went back down behind the thrusting dog and she was totally
mesmerised at seeing the p*****ns tight young cunt lips get
pulled in and out along with the dog's thick cock. Max increased
his humping tempo was fucking her fiercely like only an a****l
could as Emily fought to catch her breath. The stinging pain
deep in her hole was starting to fade as her tissue stretched
as much as it had to, to accommodate the thick shaft, and the
pleasure of having a cock inside her for the first time in her
life was delicious.

Max pounded her twelve year old cunt at an amazing rate and the
little girl began to feel the tingling inside her hole. The
more Max thrust in and out, the stronger the tingling became
and she cried breathlessly, "I'm going to cum. He's going to
make me cream."

The dog didn't take any notice of what Emily had said and kept
pounding her and making her squirm around his shaft as the
tingling became almost unbearable.
The c***d's shining eyes suddenly glazed over and her mouth
hung open as her climax consumed her. She was so overwhelmed
by her orgasm that she didn't even have time to cry out and
Lisa was surprised as the p*****n's body started to convulse
and shudder. Her eyes were glued to the red cock driving in
and out of Emily's hole and she noticed the change. The slime
dripping out of Emily's cunt had been the thin, clear pre-cum
that Max produced so much of, but now the a****ls cock became
coated with a thick white slime that Lisa knew was the c***d's
cum. Reaching out, she dragged her finger over Max's cock,
scooping up Emily's cum and savoured the taste as it slid down
her throat.
Emily's arms became too weak to hold herself up and her upper
body crashed down onto the bed as the cum raced through her
body. She had never experienced such a powerful climax before
and her entire body tingled and her cunt muscles spasmed
around the shaft inside her body. It took many minutes for
her to recover and when her senses returned enough for her to
haul her body back up and lock her arms in position. Lisa
could see the beginning of a swelling at the base of the
a****l's cock.

It took another few seconds before Emily felt the mass slapping
against her stretched cunt lips and she looked down beneath her
body and could clearly see the swelling. She nervously chewed
her bottom lip at the sight and wondered if she would be able
to take it. She remembered that even Lisa had cried out when
the knot grew inside her but before the c***d could make a
decision, Max decided for her.
In one final lunge, Max shoved his knot past Emily's tightly
clenching cunt lips and the p*****n's stretched hole was f***ed
to stretch further..

"ARGHH!" Emily cried painfully. "Oh god that hurts Lisa. Pull
it out. Please, pull it out."

"Sorry honey, I can't," Lisa told her apologetically. "Once his
knot is in, he can't pull it out until he's finished. Just try
to relax and the pain will get better."

Before Emily could reply, Max turned his head to ceiling and
howled loudly. At the same time Emily noticed that Max had
stopped fucking her and just stood there with his knot tied
inside of her hole. The fact that the prick had stopped
thrusting in and out of her body reduced the pain in her cunt
and she jumped when the dog's hot spunk began spraying inside
her clenching cunt
"He's cumming," she gasped. "He's cumming inside me."

The boiling hot slime triggered another orgasm that was every
bit as powerful as the first and the feeling of her cunt
getting filled by her pet's cum and her own climax was too
much for the c***d and Emily collapsed, u*********s on the
bed with her butt still in the air, impaled by Max's cock
and knot.

When Emily's eyes fluttered open, she found Lisa sitting on the
bed beside her, holding the digital camera and scrolling through
the pictures that had been taken, both here in the bedroom and
downstairs. Looking down between her legs, there was a huge
puddle of dog cum that was gradually seeping into the bedcovers.

When she became aware that the c***d had recovered her senses,
Lisa looked down and said, "God, these photographs are so
fucking dirty. We look like complete sluts in them."

"We are complete sluts," Emily replied with a laugh as she
scrambled onto her knees and leaned over so that she could
see the images. As she looked at them, Emily asked, "Do you
want me to print you a copy?"

"Sure," Lisa replied. "Are you sure you know how?"

Instead of replying, the little girl took the camera,
switched it off and pulled out the memory stick.

"Won't be long," she shouted over her shoulder as she went
out of the room and into her parent's bedroom to switch on
the computer.
Lisa smiled to herself as she watched the p*****n waddle out
of the room with her legs apart due to her gaping open cunt
that would take hours to shrink back to its pre-fucked size.

When Emily came back into the room clutching a thick pile of
freshly printed photographs, Lisa was lying on the bed sound
asl**p and the little girl realised how tired she was as
well. Putting the photographs on her bedside table, she
snuggled up beside Lisa's naked body and within seconds,
her eyes closed and her breathing indicated that she was

Lisa had no idea how long they had slept and she yawned
as she sat up and her eyes travelled around the bedroom,
noting Emily's naked body on the bed beside her and Max
curled up on the floor with his eyes closed.
She smiled at the sight and was in the middle of a stretch
when an icy fear gripped her and her head snapped around
to stare at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

"Shit!" she exclaimed, as she nudged Emily in the ribs
and jumped to her feet.

The p*****n girl yawned and stretched as Lisa ran over
to the window and opened it wide.

"What are you doing?" Emily asked as she dropped here hand
to rub at the dull ache coming from her pubic bone. Her
fingers immediately became covered in the slime that clung
around her open cunt and she sniffed them before popping
them in her mouth.

"Stop that!" Lisa snapped as she turned around. "We fell
asl**p and your parents will be home anytime. Jesus, this
room stinks of sex."

Emily glanced at her clock before leaping off the bed. "God,
what do we do?"

"Right," Lisa said taking charge. "You take Max and put him
back out in the yard and then get back up here and shower.
Just a quick one baby, but make sure that you really clean
your cunt out and wash the dog spunk out of your hair. Once
you're dry, get into bed and pretend to be asl**p when your
mother comes in to check on you. I'll clean up downstairs and
put on fresh clothes."

Just before she left the room, Lisa saw the photographs on the
bedside table and hissed, "Shit. You better have a good place
to hide those photographs."

"Don't worry," the c***d replied. "I have lots of places that no
one knows about." She lifted the bundle and split them in half
before handing a pile to Lisa. "I printed out two sets," she
explained. "These are yours."

They just managed to get everything organised in time. Lisa
was just fastening the belt of her denims when she heard the
soft crunch of Richards's car as it came up the drive, and
she took a last look around the room before she turned on the
television set and threw herself into a chair. She had packed
her cheerleaders outfit in her bag and was now wearing a white
Nike top with denim trousers and a pair of untied sneakers on
her feet.

"Hi Lisa, " Sandra said as she came into the room.

"Oh hi Mrs Dunlop. I didn't hear the car," the teenager
lied in response.

"Sandra," the woman said with a smile. "Please call me
Sandra. Mrs. Dunlop makes be feel so old."

The teenager smiled as she nodded her head and she moved her
head around to look at Richard who had just come into the
living room behind his wife.

"Are you ready to go home Lisa?" he asked.

Before the girl could reply, Sandra said, "Jesus Richard,
give her a break. You're just in the door. Let her finish
watching the television programme before you whisk her off."

"That's okay, Sandra," Lisa replied. "I really wasn't watching
much. I'll just get my bag and I'll be ready."

Richard backed the car out of the drive and he and Lisa sat
in silence for a few seconds before he nervously cleared his
throat and said, "Well? What did you get up to when we were

Lisa chuckled as she looked at her watch and replied, "I
wondered how long it would be before you asked. I make that
about 15 seconds!"

Richard laughed with her and then urged, "Come on you little
minx. Tell me what you did."

Before the teenager could reply he added, "And if you're even
going to mention Max, you better have proof or I wont believe

With a smile on her face, Lisa unzipped her sports bag and
rummaged through the photographs she stuffed inside. She made
very sure that the images she'd selected only showed her
fucking the a****l and that the photos of Emily were at the
bottom of the bag. Pulling them out with a flourish, she
dropped them into Richard's hand and he gasped at the sight.

"Fucking hell!" he exclaimed as he reached up to snap on the
interior light for a better look. As he tried to maintain
control of the car and look through the photographs, Lisa reached
back into her bag and pulled out her saturated panties. As she
pressed them into Richards's face, she said, "You can smell the
mixture of dog spunk and my cum if you want further proof."
"Oh God," he groaned. "You're a dirty little slut."

"I know," she replied happily. "And this dirty little slut has
slimy dog spunk spread all around her tight asshole so you can
fuck her."

When he turned to look at her, she continued, "Find somewhere
quiet and park up. I need fucked."

As she spoke, she reached out and caressed the solid bulge in
the front of his pants and expertly unzipped him and wrapped
her fist around his hot shaft.

Richard accelerated hard and cursed the speed limit until he
pulled into the deserted car park of the shopping mall. There
were another four cars that he could see in the car park and
hey were all widely separated and the windows were steamed up.
Choosing a dark spot at one end of the parking area, he had
just managed to pull on the emergency brake, before Lisa bent
over his lap and sucked his cock into her throat.

Back at the house, Sandra quietly opened her daughters door and
looked inside to where she lay motionless on the bed. The
p*****n was wide awake but pretending to be asl**p as she
watched her mother from the darkness with half closed eyes.
Sandra was just about to close the door again when she
noticed the open window and she silently entered the room and
closed it as quietly as she could. As she made her way back to
the bed and bent down to kiss her daughter on the forehead, her
nose twitched as the slight, but unmistakable, smell of cunt
wafted into her nose. Her eyes went to Emily's covered body
and then travelled around the room and suddenly fell on the
long handled hairbrush that was lying on the bedside table.
Her mind instantly went back to her own c***dhood. She
remembered that she had a hairbrush very similar to her
daughter, and she remembered even more vividly what she used
to do with it. Her hand was trembling as she reached out for
it and brought it to her nose.
Emily almost forgot to breathe as she watched her mother smell
the handle of the hairbrush and she realised that she hadn't
washed it.
The smell on the handle was a hundred times more powerful than
the residue of the dog fuck that still hung in the air and
Sandra's cunt moistened at the scent. She had never even
thought before that Emily was becoming sexually aware and
the realisation made her heart beat faster and her nipples
tighten. She was completely unaware that Emily was watching
her every move and although her brain was screaming for her
to put the brush back where she's found it, her tongue came
out of her mouth and licked at the dried slime.
It was understandable that Sandra would assume that it was her
daughters cunt she was tasting and Emily had to use all her
willpower not to moan as she watched her mother lick Lisa's
cunt juice from the hairbrush.

Sandra licked every inch of the plastic shaft until it was clean
and shuddered slightly as what she thought was her daughters cum
slid down her throat.
Before Sandra replaced the hairbrush on the table, she lifted
the front of her dress and pulled her panties to the side.
Emily wished that her mother had switched the light on when
she came into the room because it was too dark for the p*****n
to see what her mother was doing. With only the dim outline of
her mother's arm to guide her eyes, Emily watched as Sandra
pushed the handle of the hairbrush up her cunt and then wriggled
it around before slowly squeezing it out. The woman brought it
to her nose and smiled at the smell as she laid it back down on
the bedside table. With a final look at her motionless daughter,
Sandra went to her own bedroom to masturbate and would have
been shocked if she had known that Emily had kicked off the
bedcovers as soon as her mother shut her bedroom door and was
also rubbing herself off. Emily's fuck hole was still open
and bruised from the pounding it had received from Max's cock,
but the c***d ignored the ache as she pushed three fingers up
her cunt and lifted up the hairbrush to her open mouth.

At the same time, in the mall parking lot, Richard and Lisa had
clambered into the back seat of the car and were kissing
passionately. Lisa's denims were open at the waistband with
the zip down and she had slid down the seat so that Richard
could push his hand into the front of her panties. He could
feel the heat radiate out of her cunt before his fingers
touched it and she groaned in satisfaction as two fingers
slid easily up her wet hole.

Richard's cock was sticking out of his pants and Lisa's hand
was wrapped around the shaft that was still slippery with her
throat slime. As she jacked him, her other hand was under her
tee shirt pulling and squeezing at her tits. The nipples were
rock hard and demanding attention. Pulling her mouth away from
his, she dragged the tee shirt over her head and pulled his
face down to her breasts.

"Suck my tits," she demanded hoarsely and then stiffened when
he sucked one of her tight nipples into his mouth and thrashed
it with his tongue. While he suckled, his fingers were still
inside her cunt, moving only slightly because of the restriction
of her clothes.
Mentally cursing her stupidity for not wearing a skirt, Lisa
raised her butt off the seat and hooked her thumbs into the
waistband of her denims and panties and pushed them down to her
knees. Opening her knees as far as her panties would stretch
gave Richard much more room and he began finger fucking her

Lisa needed to cum badly and she relaxed back in the seat and let
Richard work on her body. He knew exactly what she liked and Lisa
was more than confident that he would soon bring her off. His
teeth now griped her nipple and lightly nipped her as his fingers
found that extra sensitive spot inside her cunt around her piss
hole. Concentrating his efforts, he then moved his thumb until
it pressed on her hard clit and she gasped and then hissed
through gritted teeth. He knew that he had her very close to
climax and continued to tease her until he was ready to make
her cum. Biting down hard on her nipple at the same time as he
increased the pressure on her G spot and on her clit was too
much for the teenager and she screamed loudly as a massive
orgasm exploded inside her. Coloured spots swirled in front
of her eyes as she held her breath and her body became rigid.
The scream was cut of in her throat and her butt was f***ed
off the seat as she raised her cunt to press even harder into
Richard's hand.

She remained locked in that position, with every sinew and tendon
stretched almost to breaking point until she at last collapsed
back onto the seat. The air whistled in her throat as it filled
her lungs and she shuddered uncontrollably as her lover
continued to stimulate her. Richard raised his head after
spitting out her nipple but continued rubbing her clit until
her climax began to recede and she was f***ed to push his hand

"Enough," she gasped. "Jesus, I can't take that any more."

As she recovered, Richard smiled and sniffed his fingers that
were glistening with her girl cum and then licked them clean.

When Lisa had recovered, she examined the teeth marks on her
nipple and rubbed the hard flesh between her fingers.

"Bastard," she spat at him, but she had a small smile on her face.

"You're welcome," he replied with a laugh as he eased himself
up and pulled his pants down to his ankles and then kicked
them off.

Lisa eyed his cock hungrily and her cunt tingled in
anticipation. She was soaking wet between her legs, but it
was the tight little hole buried at the bottom of her ass
cheeks that she wanted fucked.
Kicking off her denims and her panties, she got onto her knees
on the seat and wriggled her ass seductively.

"Come and get it," she said as she looked back over her
shoulder. "Pop my anal cherry and spunk up my dirty little hole."

As Richard moved between her legs, he could smell her aroused
cunt, but Lisa reached behind her with both hands and pulled
her ass cheeks apart. Her shitter was still slimy with dog cum
and although Richard's finger slid easily into her bowels, she
was very tight.

"Yea," the teenager groaned. "Finger me good before you fuck my

Richard was breathing heavily as he looked down at his finger
disappearing into Lisa's asshole. He kept stimulating her as
he shuffled forward and nudged his cock against her cunt hole.
The girls fuck tube still hadn't returned to normal from taking
Max's thick prick in her cunt and Richard was able to slide in
easily with very little resistance. He fucked her for no more
that a few seconds and nodded his head in satisfaction when he
pulled out of her front hole and saw that his cock was covered
with slime. Pulling his finger out of Lisa's asshole, he
positioned the head of his prick at her entrance and began
to push. At first the tissue surrounding her asshole was pushed
into her body and she gritted her teeth as he pushed harder and
gripped her tightly around the hips. Just when he was starting
to wonder if she was going to be able to take his cock, the
resistance of her anal ring was overcome and he popped inside.
Lisa cried out, both in relief that she had taken his shaft,
and also at the pain from her shit hole being stretched wide
open and she was glad that Richard had decided to rest and let
her get used to the feeling.
She felt like she needed to take a shit and she had to f***e
herself not to try and push it back out. Relaxing as much as
she was able, she looked over her shoulder at Richard and
nodded her head. Taking a firmer grip of her waist, that
reminded her of Max's paws, Richard pushed forward until the
entire length of his prick was inside the teenagers asshole.
She moaned and groaned as he began fucking her and he reached
around with his hand to get to her clit but she had beaten
him to it and was already rubbing herself off.

"Oh yes, fuck me," she moaned as she pushed two fingers into
her cunt and felt Richard's shaft in her back hole on the
other side of the thin membrane.

He started slowly, with easy strokes into her back hole.
Every time he was fully inside her, he would rest for a few
seconds to allow Lisa to get used to the feeling of having
her asshole stuffed full. The teenager was panting and
although the stinging pain had now gone away, the sensation
of so much pressure in her bowels was difficult to get used
to. Eventually however her asshole adjusted and Richard was
able to speed up his thrusts.
He was pulling his cock almost all the way out and then
plunging back in to the hilt and he loved the way her shit
hole stayed open as he withdrew. Lisa began to moan as the
pleasurable feelings from her asshole mixed with those
coming from her throbbing clit and she started humping
her butt back at him to encourage him to fuck her harder.
Emily must have managed to get a lot of dog cum up Lisa's
ass because it was now bubbling and making loud rasping
noised as Richard pounded her. It sounded like she was
continually farting and she loved feeling such a slut as
she furiously worked her clit.

When Richard's thrusts speeded up to a point where his
thrusting cock was just a blur, Lisa knew that he must
be very close and she looked over her shoulder and
growled, "Cum in my ass. Cum deep in my ass".

His teeth were gritted as he tried to hold back his climax but
it was no use and he have a loud groan and buried his cock all
the way up her shit tube. Lisa could feel his prick spasm in
her asshole and the warm sensation that flooded her bowels
confirmed that his thick cum was spurting inside her. The
thought of having her back hole filled with his spunk took
her over the top and the teenager's body shuddered as she
shouted her orgasm. As she growled and thrashed, her ass
muscles squeezed his cock and milked every drop of cum out
of his balls.

Pulling out of her asshole, they both collapsed onto the back
seat and sat quietly trying to recover from their exertions.
It was about 10 minutes before they made a move and struggled
back into their clothes in the confined space in the back of
the car.

The porch light was on when Richard pulled into Lisa's drive
and the girl knew that she was probably being watched either
by one of her parents or her b*****r, so she didn't lean
over to kiss Richard.

"We'll be going out next Friday, if you're free," Richard said.

"I'll check my diary," Lisa replied with a giggle, and then
said more seriously, "I'll be there."

Richard nodded his head and watched her open the door. Closing
it behind her, the teenager leaned into the car, through the
open window and said softly, "I can feel your spunk run out
of my asshole and into my panties."

Richard groaned as his cock hardened in his pants as she
continued, "I'm going straight to the toilet and after I
shit your spunk into a glass, I'm going to drink it all."

"Oh you fucking slut," was all Richard could manage to say and
Lisa looked at the hard bulge that was tenting out the front
of his trousers.

She grinned and said, "Make sure you wash that before you give
it to Sandra," as she nodded towards his cock and then turned
to go into her house.

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