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G/F says, It's A Bum Deal...

I have always been fascinated by the 'dirty' side of sex ie; ANAL, some of my g/f's have been really into it and others not even slightly.
My very first g/f (Angie) was, thankfully for me, REALLY into this type of sex in fact sometimes she would refuse me sex in her pussy because she wanted anal instead and it was never one of those "now do it slowly because it will be sore" times it was ALWAYS, " Just shove it up my arse as hard and as fast as you can" times and, as she was always really wet I could shove my prick in to her exceptionally hairy arse, very easily, usually dragging her really long anal hair up inside her arse too, as my prick was sliding up in to her.
I NEVER allowed her to wipe my cum off her face or tits before we went out together for a meal or whatever and sometimes I would not even allow her to have a wash, either in the shower or a bath or even at the sink so, by the end of the week or however long she hadn't washed for, both her pussy & arse would be really smelly, lovely...
We also tried butt plugs for her to use and she absolutely loved having these up her arse, the biggest we ever tried was 1 foot long and 6 inches around at it's widest part and only 1 inch round at its base and the longest time I have ever left that one up her was for a whole week, and even with that monster butt plug up her arse we continued to have amazing 'ordinary' sex although it had to be doggy style so that I also banged the butt plug harder into her arse with every stroke into her pussy with my prick, and when I removed the plug at the end of the week her bowels were totally full of shit and when she was empty I shoved a water hose up there instead and gave her an enema and when her bowels were full again (with 1 full gallon of water this time) and her belly was so swollen that she looked as if she was about to give birth, I then removed the hose and very quickly shoved the same shit covered butt plug up her arse again without cleaning it first and left it up her for the rest of the day, even when we went out for a meal at one of our very popular and
busy restaurants when she had to sit (making sure she lifted her mini kilt type of skirt up at the back so that she was sitting on her bare arse) beside me with her legs spread as far apart as possible and that huge butt plug inside her.
I would then reach down between her wide open legs and try to move the plug in and out and try turn it around too, and in the car on the way home she again sat with her legs wide open again so that I could keep playing with the plug, and when we got home and I finally removed the plug later that night, she had to sit on the loo for about ten minutes or so to empty herself and after all that she still insisted on anal sex before we went to sl**p and it was as it had always been, absolutely BRILLIANT because she was able to contract her anal sphincter so much it was as if she was an anal virgin all over again.
Angie also enjoyed showing off her beautiful big butt to everyone by always wearing a mini kilt type of skirt (made of a very summery material, pleated and flared so that the skirt would be lifted up in even the slightest gust of wind) and was always wearing see through tops also made of the same very summery material, to show off her beautiful and really MASSIVE, extremely SAGGY and exceptionally DROOPY tits & very LONG, really HUGE nipples and NEVER EVER wore any kind of underwear and she only ever wore high heeled sandals, whatever the weather and looked really good when we had been out and got caught in the rain and her hair was wet and her clothes were soaked through, making them totally see through and giving a real eyeful to anyone who paid any attention to her as her really black pubic hair bush really showed through her transparent kilt and her hairy pits and nipples showed through her thinly strapped transparent summery type of top too...

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