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The Day before Thanksgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving with me, daddy and Scotty cleaning the house in our naked bodies. Daddy is cleaning the kitchen, I'm dusting and vacuuming all the floors and Scotty is cleaning the bathrooms and doing up the laundry. Music blaring from the stereo has all of us dancing and singing along.

There was a few times that I caught daddy and Scotty watching me as I danced, with my tits flopping around. At one time during them watching me, I caught their dicks standing at attention. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Scotty followed me, to make sure I didn't mess it up in any way. It's not like I'm going to piss on the floor like they do.

I'm sitting on the pot, taking a piss, when the door opened. In walks Scotty, I grab his dick and begin to suck on him. I sucked him so fast that he came quickly. I drank his hot cream and made sure not to leave any lingering on his head. Scotty kissed me and licked my chin, he said I had missed a drop of his cum. Scotty left me washing my hands and looking in the mirror.

Daddy asked what I was doing and walked in next. Daddy just smiled as he could see how erect my nipples were. I told him I just got done sucking Scotty off. Daddy said he wasn't going to let me suck him off, but he was going to slide his dick deep into my pussy.

Daddy rubbed my ass, working his fingers to my hot pussy. I spread my legs for easier access. I could feel myself quiver as his fingers slid in and out of me. I began to ask him to fuck me, when his dick slid in hard. I bent over the sink as he pounded into me. Ohhh, he made me cum again. Daddy pulled me up, lifted me so I had to wrap my legs around his waist. His cock slid in my wet pussy with ease.

Scotty walked in on us. His dick was hard from seeing me in the vunerable position for his dick to be in my ass. Scotty reached into the medicine cabinet for a bottle of lube. First his dick got slick, then his fingers went into my ass with lube. Next thing I knew, his dick was inside me. He had me lubed up that I didn't feel much. Here I am, with both of them inside me and I'm helpless. But, I'm enjoying the feeling.

I came a few more times, then daddy came soon after. Scotty had me bent over as he finished with my ass. His cum filled my ass so much, that it oozed out. Daddy licked up every drop of the cum from my ass. Daddy smiled and took off for the mopping of the kitchen floor.

I stepped in the shower for a quick clean up. When I got done cleaning my holes, I wrapped my towel around me and headed for my bedroom. I needed to get dressed, so I could go invite mom to dinner tomorrow, then go to work..I close tonight. I put on a fitted white tank, no bra, a white thong, skin tight jeans and a pair of pumps. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and spritzed on some cologne.

When I got to mom's place, the front door was cracked open. I yelled for her, but no answer. I saw her clothes all strung all over the place. As I walked towards her room, I heard the shower running and a lot of moaning. I walked in to see my mom getting fucked by some big black man with a very large dick. I stepped out and told mom that I was sorry for walking in.

Mom and the guy finished quickly. Mom came out dripping wet and just barely covered in a towel. The guy, well let's put it this way, mom's towel weren't big enough for him to cover up with. I smirked at him and told him that I'd like to have some of him sometime. Mom grabbed my arm and told me, that he was hers and to keep my slutty assed pussy off of him. I looked at her, told her she's the one who's been the fucking whore lately.

Mom slapped my face hard, I told her she can go fuck herself. I walked out of her place crying. I can't believe she acted like that, she's never had a problem with sharing her men with me. I called daddy and told him of mom's doings and that I didn't even ask her to dinner.

I got to work, to see a large group of people shopping. Some by the movies, others by the clothing. Karen, said that she was glad that I finally got there. She said the place has been busy and I had a few guys looking for me. Karen, got her things together and left. One guy followed her to her car and gave her a kiss. I watched as she stroked his cock through his jeans. The two of them both left in the direction of her apartment.

I was busy at the register, when mom and her guy friend walked in. The guy went to the condom center to find the ones that fit him. Mom asked to speak to me. I told her I can talk after the store slows down. She went to the video area and watched a new flick that resembled the new book series that everyone was buzzing about.

Pretty much everyone had left, before I walked over to see mom giving her friend a blowjob. I asked if she was having fun, when she showed me her mouth of cum. She swallowed and smiled. I asked her what she wanted. She said she was sorry for slapping me and asked if I wanted to have dinner with her tomorrow. I told her I came over to invite her for dinner. Daddy is getting up early to put the bird in the oven.

Mom said yes she would join us and her friend was coming, too. I told her what time to be at the house and to bring a few bottles of wine. Her friend followed me to the counter to check out. He told me, that I had a nice tight ass. Tight enough to crack his balls in, I told him. He chuckled and motioned for mom to get a move on.

The hours had passed, with me cleaning up after our crowd. I locked the doors, counted my drawer and made the deposit in the safe. I walked to my car, when I seen this little black Mazda parked next to me. As I was getting into my car, mom's friend said hi. I jumped at first and said hi right back. I asked what he was doing away from mom. He told me, he dropped her off at the grocery store to finish with her shopping.

We sat there talking for a few minutes, when he asked if we could fuck real quickly. I told him to bring his dick to me and I will suck on him, before that giant dick went into me. He walked over, unzipped his pants and let me suck his dick. OMG it was huge. He had a condom in his hand, he said he will only fuck with a condom.

He took the condom out of the wrapper and slid it over his shaft. I stood and pulled my my pants down, when he slid a couple of fingers in my pussy folds. I let out a loud moan and came into his hand. He slid his dick in his hand, then into my tight pussy. He let out a loud moan and said that I was much tighter than my mom. I just enjoyed his dick so much that I must have came three times more.

Each time he pulled out, a quick thrust back in he did. His phone rang, it was my mom, she was ready to be picked up. Her guy pumped me hard and came. Shen he pulled from me, his condom had a lot of cum in the tip. His pants were up, he through the condom in the trashcan and took off. What a fucked up thing that was, but I got to do mom's man, without her knowing.

I called mom to throw her off, while she waited for him to get back to her. I told her daddy was happy that she agreed to come over for dinner. She told me she didn't know where Jackson was. I asked who that was, when she said that's who I walked in on today. I giggled and said that he was a big man. She said that the first time they fucked, they fucked for two days and she could barely get up to walk.

I got home to see daddy and Scotty watching a movie. I told them I was exhausted and was going to bed. I said good night and down the steps I went. I was shocked to see Brian in my bed, when I thought he was going to his granny's house. I lay down next to him, curl into his arms and fall fast asl**p.
The next morning, I wake to the smell of the turkey in the oven and Brian trying to put his wood into my oven.

I looked Brian in the eye and told him to make love to me. He slid into me slow, caressing my nipples and kissing me gently. I begged for me to suck his cock as he slid in and out making me cum over and over. right before he came, His cummy dick was in my mouth. I sucked him as he gently fucked my face, til he came, oozing his hot cum down my throat.

Brian kissed me,down my chest to my pussy. He spread me wide and licked me to my next orgasm. This time he licked and sucked my nub hard, fingered my pussy until I began to squirt in his face. I was shaking from the intense feelings. Brian got up, once he finished cleaning me up. I just lay in bed for a bit longer, before stripping my bed for clean sheets.

to be continued....

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