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Truth or dare?:))

It was a typical weekend but my girlfriend were so bored so we decided to go shopping, another reason is I was out of cash and my card is empty... So I told them that and they said they'll treat me, but I'm kinda shy so I just said "what If we just play a game?" so they agreed and then we played a game. It was truth or dare it pointed right infront of me so that was a sign that I'm going first. They asked me "truth or dare" I said "dare of course.. I like dares" so then my girlfriends said ok they were talking as If I was not there.. So lassy said " you need to hook up with Derek".. Derek was courting me and he said he still likes me he gives me chocolates and bears, so I saw him in school, I went beside him and slowly I put my left hand on his lap. He was kind of laughing and I know he's enjoying what I'm doing to him. Derek in the other hand put his chair nearer to me and put his arms around me. The students saw both of us flirting. So, the teacher said "if u guys wanna flirt u can after my class" so I pushed him and winked at him I wrote "see you later on the fountain" so he smiled and listens to the teacher. The teacher was mentioning something about a guy and a girl. Its about "sex" and if a woman gets pregnant would she keep it or not.. So the teacher passed a basket over the students which is a basket full of condoms.. Derek got I think 4 condoms and he showed it to me. I said "what will you do with that Derek?" Derek smiled and whispered "we got 4 times to do it" so I laughed and continue with my lesson. Lassy an karissa texted me since we aren't classmates, they texted me that if I don't get to hookup with Derek I need to kiss this super nerd guy infront of them. So, I chose Derek. As soon as the bell rang I went outside saw lassy and Derek was following me so I walked faster and talked to lassy and karissa "hey G's I'm doing it now" I'll tell u when were done" so both of them said "goodluck hope u can handle him hahaha!" so I stopped near my locker and dropped the condom I got, Derek was there and he pickled it up he held me on my hips and he went closer. We both kissed passionately we were exploring each others mouth. This time was the greatest kissed I've ever did my whole life. So I pulled him over the fountain and I took of his varsity jacket and kissed him on his neck and his lips. Derek was the hottest guy and I didn't see it before he was 5'11 he ha brown hair and he is white. He play soccer he's so fit and he's so cute! Now I really want to get fuck by this guy... He said that we can go to his apartment since he's alone in there.. So he drove very fast like he's eager to get inside me. I told him I'm a virgin and he laughed and touched my lap "no worries hun"... We arrived at his apartment and I saw his room full of my pictures. "you're really a stalker huh?" I laughed so was he. I was looking around his room and he got me on my back he kissed me. He then took of his shirt showing his hot abs. "don't you think it's unfair for me?" so I said "what's wrong?" he took of his pants, "what's wrong is you haven't took of your clothes yet" and so I took my clothes of he cupped my breasts and took of the strap. He was sucking it, showing how much he loves me. I took of his boxers. Now he was in the middle of my legs, he took of my undies and while he licked me he knew that I like what he did. "yeah Derek, don't stop" and he smiled at me "you're so tight Elle.. I wanna fuck you hard!" I kept on grabbing his back neck pushing him tirades my pussy. I was soaking wet! "now I need to fill u up" I looked over if I have a condom. He said he has condoms he asked me if he needs to use one.. I said "no Derek cum inside me" so as he thrust his cock inside my virgin tight little pussy he then heard me scream so he went more gentle while kissing me.. I was trying to talk but I can't cuz his cock feels really good inside my pussy. I want to suck him first so I asked him "Derek, can I suck your cock?" so he said "sure baby I would love to get suck by you!" and I sucked him and I was enjoying him and I keep on making him moan. He was moaning and he keeps saying I was the best cocksucker ever. I can't tell Derek was about to cum so what I did is I took his cock of my mouth I rode him fast and hard cuz I want him to cum in me. Derek said "yeah, I'm gonna cum! Yes I wanna cum inside you baby. You're the best elle I wanna fuck you all over again" he wA about to cum so I said "Derek cum inside me I need your cum so badly" so he did cum inside me and we both laid on our backs hugging each other. I got a text from lassie saying " guessing u haven't hook up with Derek eh?" Derek saw the text of lassy he got mad and said "you girls had a bet about me?" he was kinda mad so what i did was I talked to him and suck his cock. "Derek, it's true we had a bet on you.. But I love you now and I want you to be my bf and fuck me everyone you want" Derek kissed me and said "you're mine Elle. It's true u had a bet then but I know u liked the way I fucked you hard." I was sucking him and massaging his balls when his friend came in and saw me sucking him.. I was shocked so was he. I grabbed the blanket and sat on the bed. Dereks friend said "ok I'll let u 2 do your thing I'm going out now" so as he went out Derek locked the door. And I sucked him again till he's Cumming for the second time. This time I let him cum inside my mouth and my tits. I asked him if he ever tried titjob, he hasn't so I said we got to try it. So he was fucking my tits so hard that I wanna make him cum but I stopped and said to myself I won't let Derek cum again. So that next time he s gonna want me more.

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