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How the kinky slut wishes her date will go...

you text me the room number, hide a key or leave the door open a
little. I walk in and you're hiding. the room is totally dark. i walk
to the desk to put my things down and take my coat off and just as i
take my pants off you grab me by my neck and throw me face first on
the bed where you have the ropes waiting for me. you quickly jump on
top of me and tie the blindfold and gag securely in place and then
greedily take my remaining clothes off. you then f***efully position
me to tie me with the ropes face down... legs spread wide... after the
ropes are secure, you slide a single finger inside my pussy to see
just how wet and ready i am for you. you add a second finger then a
third, showing no mercy as you shove your fingers in and out in and
out, and just as i'm about to cum you stop, move up to where my head
is, remove the gag and shove your cock in my mouth. you proceed to
fuck my mouth for a bit occasionally reaching to smack my ass hard or
pull on my hair and whisper in my ear what a good little slut i am.
when you're good and hard you pull your cock out of my mouth, leaving
the gag out so you can hear me beg and moan. you move between my legs
and without warning slam your thick cock deep inside my pussy. as you
continue to pound my pussy hard and fast,you slide first one and then
two fingers into my asshole fucking my pussy and finger fucking my ass
until i loose control and cum all over your hard cock. using all that
hot juiciness you then begin to slide your cock into my ass, slowly at
first then mercilessly fucking my tight asshole. then as i'm about to
lose control again, without warning you pull out of my ass and slam
back into my pussy then back into my ass and into my pussy again.
after a few minutes of this you finally remain in my ass pumping hard
and fast until you find your release and explode deep inside my ass.
but you aren't done yet, you lean over and whisper in my ear what a
good whore i'm being for you and that you're gonna untie me and flip
me over so you can treat me like the dirty slut i really am. after i'm
flipped and retied, you begin to work your fingers into my pussy first
one, then two, then three stretching and stretching... then four until
finally all five of your fingers are inside me. you continue to work
and stretch my pussy til you have your fist inside me and then show no
mercy as you fist fuck me hard and fast while rubbing or licking my
clit til i completely lose it and cum and squirt everywhere. i'm spent
and can't handle much more but you aren't done. you slide up and shove
your cock back into my ass with your fist still inside me and fuck me
relentlessly again until you blow another load deep in my ass.
satisfied, you untie me, and order me to shower. i obey and ass i'm
lathering my aching pussy and ass you enter the shower push me to my
knees and make me swallow every inch and every drop of your final
load. :)

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