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How I want my date with the kinky slut

I text you the number for the room, I wait for you to knock on the door. When I open the door you step in quickly and confidently. As the door shuts behind you, you get down on your knees and undo my belt so that you can access and undo my jeans. You gently pry my jeans and underwear down and tak my cock in you hands an gently but firmly stroke it just before you take all of my cock in your mouth. After a few minutes of your skillful oral talents my knees are weakening so we head to the bed where there are two ropes lying to be used. You lay back on the bed after we strip each other down and I tie you up to the bed spread eagle for my own hedonistic use. First i kiss you and nibble on your succulent nipples and the proceed down your body kissing and nibbling as i get nearer to your sweet honey pot. I eat and lick and nibble you until you cum on my face 1 time, 2 times, 3 times.... until you beg me to stick my cock in your drenching wet cunt and treat you like a street whore. After you cum multiple more times and i finally cum its time to give my cock a small break and i lower myself back down so i can reach your welll used cunt and start to fist you bringing you to an orgasm almost instantly again. As i am fisting you I am also sucking that fantastic clit of yours bring you to yet another earth shattering orgasm. When i feel you are at your wettest i beging to stretch you even further and eventually get my other hand in you for the extreme fullness you yearn for. After you have succumbed to another set of orgasms I am now rock hard again and I untie you and instruct you to get on your knees and elbows so i can take what i havent so far. I use your wet pussy juices to get my cock wet and i use my cock like a brush spreading your cunt juices over your ass and slide into your ass inch by stretching inch. Eventually my balls reach your pussy and i let you get comfortable as i slowly assfuck you. When you start to push back i start thrusting harder while holding onto you hips for maximum control over you so i can pull you back onto my cock as hard as our bodies can stand. You cum several more times and i finally start to build myself and cant hold on any longer and i cum deep in your ass, both of us spent, sweaty, panting and secretly hoping we get the chance to have another hot time again.

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