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Group sex with her best friend

One day Mary came over to visit jean and me, we were sitting in the living room down stairs watching TV. Nobody but us was home. Mary came down and had a seat on the couch with us. As soon as she got comfy, I started kissing jean’s neck and rubbing her body all over, Mary looked shocked at first then, after a couple of minutes she looked like she was enjoying watching us. Her best friend getting groped like a common whore. Then I took jean’s shirt off exposing her black and lacy bra she was wearing. Jean didn’t resist I guess it was turning her on do it in front of her best friend Mary.

Little by little Mary seemed to be getting into it. Mary’s pussy began to bother her she began to rub her pussy through her jeans she enjoyed watching me fiddle my wife, and her best friend. Jean’s pussy was already to revive my rock-hard cock inside her wet cunt.

Anybody could tell that by the way she was moaning while I was rubbing her nipples through her bra and moaning louder with each touch. I undid jean’s bra and threw on the floor. Now with her breasts exposed and her nipples rock hard. We got up and move to a blanket laid on the floor then I began to pull her sweat pant off. Exposing Mary and myself a view of her black panties she was wearing. By then Mary was looking quite hot and bothered, and asked us do yall want me to leave? So you two

Can have some fun. No I replied. Why don’t you sit there and enjoy the show.

So she sat back, and was looking more turned on. She was trying not to look like she wasn’t bothered at all. While she was watching us. I already had my hand in jean’s panties rubbing her pussy and fingering her wet cunt. After a few minutes of teasing her wet cunt, I pulled her panties off revealing a clear view at her wet juicy pussy. I moved down and began to I moved my tongue .licking her creamy wet pussy, up and down enjoying every drop of her wet cum. I could tell she was getting into by the way she grabbed my head and was shoving deeper into her wet vagina. Meanwhile Mary stared at us like she was enjoying it, but looked a little bored. So I said why we don’t go sit back on the couch with Mary, so we did. I sat right beside Mary, jean sat against the couch arm I started kissing Mary’s neck she was entertaining the idea by the way she was getting into it, trying to act shy about, but not very well while, I was busy with Mary her best friend, jean was laid back fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples, getting turned on more and more by the second. The thought of her husband having sex actives with her best friend right in front of her, was making her pussy wetter and wetter. Mary was wearing a tar heels t shirt, a pair of blue jeans with some white sneakers, Jean and I was totally naked. I was kissing Mary’s neck and fondling her big breasts through her shirt feeling her nipples getting harder and harder she looked over at jean and said, my shirt not coming off .but that was a lie, about five minutes later her shirt was off and lying on the top the couch my tongue was in her mouth and my hands were rubbing her breasts trough her bra, meanwhile jean was playing with her pussy and enjoying the show. I was kissing the top of Mary’s breasts working my way to her swollen nipples playing peekaboo out of the top of her bra. then again she told jean the bra not coming off that’s as far he gets , couple minutes later I had pulled her boobs pulled out her red bra, and I was in front of her sitting on my knee, s sucking on her juicy nipples, she was laid back moaning as I pinched and sucked her ripe swollen nipples, I undid her bra and tossed it on top of her shirt laying on top of the couch my hands began to wonder down to the front of her jeans ,rubbing her juicy pussy through her tight blue jeans . My wife already had her fingers in her own pussy fucking herself by the time I turned head to see if she was enjoying the event. After I turned my attention back to Mary’s wet pussy in her blue jeans. I undid her jeans and unzipped them while they were unzipped I took the incentive of feeling how wet was her pussy. She looked at my wife and said the pants aren’t coming off; I started rubbing her pussy while my hand was in the front of her jeans. Her tone changed after I found her clit through her panties. Then I suggested moving the action to our bedroom, jean had no complaints. Neither did Mary, so I, Mary and jean walked into the bedroom. my wife laid down on the bed first , Mary sat on the foot of the bed I slowly crawled on top jeans naked body, kissing her with my tongue deep in her trough and then lower my attention to her perky tits i started groping her nice breasts pinching and sucking each one of her swollen nipples. Hearing her low moans of pleasure I took my erect cock stroking it, watching jean rubbing her clit, then I drove my hard cock into her hot vagina. As soon as I entered she let out a loud moan of I was pumping her pussy full of cock ,her pussy kept getting wetter and wetter as it penetrated it harder and harder. Then I turn in the middle of fucking jeans pussy, I said to Mary why don’t you take off the rest and show us your goodies Mary got up to take off her tight jeans, put left her panties they were matched her bra she had on earlier. Then all of a sudden she had to get something out of car. It was a condom, she walked back in the room took all her clothes off put her red panties I took my cock out of jean hot cunt , walked over to Mary pushed her on the bed. And went straight for her ripe nipples were already hard from earlier groping her giant tits. They had to be size double d. I sucked and pinched them between my fingers the harder I sucked the louder her breathing and moans got. I move slowly to her pussy smelling it. i grabbed her panties and pulled them to side. But before I could, she stood up slowly sliding them past her nice round ass put before she could get them halfway down I got on my knees behind her , grabbed her legs spread them open wide. I stuck out my tongue in her pussy I licked her wet cunt like a hungry dog, she lean forward spreading her leg more open than before. I drove my mouth deeper into it. licking up every drop of cum she had. She had to lie back down. She was so wore out after me eating her juicy wet pussy and her Cumming two or three time In my mouth .put when laid down I opened her legs as wide as they open, and stuck my hungry mouth in her beat red pussy again she moaned and groaned as I ate her cunt of out. Licking every drop of sweet cum she had. I decide I’d fuck jean hole again I drove it back in her dripping wet pussy, she had cum a couple more times watching me face fucking her best friends pussy . As I was tearing her a new one Mary turns around so I could eat her juicy cunt again as I sled my hard cock in jean, I sled my tongue back into her friend pussy leaping every sweet drop of creamy cum juice once more. Jean had cum, Mary was worn out and I’d still have not had my dick in Mary’s sweet little pussy yet. I pulled my dick out of jean, asked Mary to open her legs so could give her a treat .she sat back opened her legs I crawled between milky white legs ,and penetrated her beat red pussy of hers sliding it in and out felt like heaven each stroke making me closer to cum. Each series of trusts bringing her closer to squirt her juices all over my hard throbbing tool. I pulled out, told her bend over doggy style she got up. Got back on the bed and on her knees and leaned over. She spoke up told me hurry i want to cum before you do. i jammed my hard tool back into the comfy warm pussy. Slamming it in and out so hard and fast our skin was slapping together till I was about explode she was keeping her pleasure in, not showing her best friend that was the best fucking that ever had . I knew she’d already cum because she was lying on the bed face first, without her knees supporting I continued slamming my hard cock deep in wet cunt until I finished with a nice hot load of cum in her so much it was running from her beat red twat and out into the bed. She looked like she’d almost passed out. my wife had finished herself off while I was fucking the shit out of Mary doggy style. She was laying legs spread eagle passed out herself I poked jean to see if she was asl**p ,she said no more enough and ended the conversation with a moan of happiness. Mary rested for a few minutes got dressed thanked jean and myself for a good hard fucking and the show , she French kissed me and told me to tell jean she see her later then she left. She was walking a little funny for a while i thought. That was the best threesome I ever had

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